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March 31, 2015
6:02pm EDT

Rated: E | Short Story | Drama | #1907760
The Ryder Family notice that their christmas tree comes to life.
A Christmas Story About a Tree
Written for The Writer's Cramp 
Prompt: write a story about a Christmas tree that comes to life.

In 1978 there was a family called the Ryders. They all lived together in the same house. Lola is the one girl who always wishes for a tree to talk to her.
In December 20, the Ryders prepared their christmas tree. While decorating it, Lola said to her mom: "Can we talk to the tree? Maybe it will reply to us."
"Lola, that's silly. How could a tree talk to us?" said her mother.
"We can use our imagination. Right, Dad" asked Lola
"Lola, trees don't talk. Is all in your head." replied her father
"Yeah!" said her brother
"All done! Isn't it beautiful, Dan?"
"Yes it is"
Later, the family leaves except for Lola who is sad by the fact that the tree Isn't talking.
Lola kneels and started talking to the poor tree.
"Tree, even if you don't have arms..." eyes fill with tears. "Hug me." Lola runs to the tree and hugs it.
"I love you"
"Lola, is time to go to bed!" called her mother.
"Coming." Lola replied softly.
The next day Lola wakes up and walks to the tree.
"Morning" she said, then goes back to brush her teeth, but then, she heard a strange sound coming from the living room, where the tree is located. She stops washing her teeth and walks to the tree again. Nothing. Goes back to wash her teeth but before taking her last step a strange voice calls her: "Lola"
"Tree?" She called back. She got back to the living room and the tree wasn't on the left side of the wall, it was on the center. The tree is now a tree that walks, hugs and talks.
"Tree, you're alive!" said Lola excited.
"I have always been alive, Lola. I have heard everything you said. From now on, your wish has come true. Give me a hug!" said the tree.
Lola gives the tree a hug.
"Thank you, tree." she said.
"You're welcome." replied the tree.
"Mom! Dad!" called Lola.
The whole family run to the living room.
"Say Hello to the tree." said Lola.
"Hi." said Lola's mother
"WOW!" Said her father.
"You know what, Lola? I learned a new lesson: always believe.
"Merry Christmas, everyone" said Lola
"I guess I'll have to leave in January, right?" asked the tree.
"I think so, but you'll be always in our hearts." said Lola.

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