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"Tell Us What You Learned About God In Your Childhood Years" was a prompt
Tell Us What You Learned About God In Your Childhood Years

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From very early on my sister (Sandy) and I knew things and discussed them. We investigated, explored then questioned our discoveries to validate and confirm they were genuine.

When we looked into the night sky, bright stars seemed almost graspable with our little hands. We knew we were looking at designed creation and it not built with human hands. We thought of the expansiveness of infinity, distance, light speeds, purpose and reasons for being. These thoughts with questions brought answers
We hadn't yet been taught doctrine. During this period of our spiritual lives we were unencumbered by preconceptions, prejudices, false doctrine, misunderstood and misinterpreted scripture or the traditions of man.

We didn't know that God promised to answer all that was asked of Him by a peculiar people that knew who to ask until we started going to Church at the ripe old age of eight and six.

We knew we weren't alone when we were hunting for Him. He was behind everything, just out of sight, but there. We could feel His presence. Bothoth of us expected Him to materialize at any time or place. We included God in our conversations as if He were with us. We both felt He was..

As adults we now know He was with us, is with us and always will be with us. That is who He is

We were the Malachi Kids. Malachi 3:16-18, 4:1-3 "We spoke often, one to another and the Lord hearkened."

We were fortunate to have our mother and our father for parents. They were spiritual, not religious. We could speak openly with them This was good as we had no one else to share the excitement and possibilities with; this most divine mystery, God?

Listed below are a few things we learned as children about; I am that I am.

At the time, Sandy and I had no idea how important and useful the seemingly random and odd shaped pieces of a Spiritual Ideology we were given would become. These original building block pieces from a much larger spiritual puzzle, became our immunity from the Church itself and it's conformity to denominational doctrine. Preaching separation from the body of Christ by faith in a tradition is outside of God's Word, Jesus.

A picture of Christ holding a lamp outside a door knocking on my first Church's Sunday Service Schedule of songs, sermons and speakers stayed in my consciousness. It is still there today. He stands at my door and knocks. I hear, open, invite Him in and we sup together in fellowship. He knocks, I don't. I answer. I do nothing but believe in Him whom He sent.
There isn't anyone anywhere that can tell me there is something I must do for His grace and my salvation other than what is written and is His Living Word.

We learned God's love for us in the simplest way possible and it stuck. We sang as children," Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so." Preachers that waste time by expounding God's wrath; fear of the Lord, He is vengeful and jealous and has hell and fire waiting for judgment of those who are still sinning to burn for all eternity, are foolish. John 3: 14-21. Focus on 17-18. "He that believes on Him is not condemned." Do I believe the pastor or Christ Jesus?

Why preach what was finished by a public, physical demonstration over two thousand years ago? God's will not mans.

Three words we Malachi kids looked up, stuck. Omnipotent, omnipresence and omniscient. All powerful, existing everywhere and is all knowledge. Does God have enemies? Is it even possible? Is there anywhere God isn't?

Sandy and I were baptized at a Church Camp in the mountains. Was the comforter there with us? Yes. This, His Spirit, Jesus gave to us after He returned alive from death to Heaven and God, our Father.

Is it possible to be baptized with water and fire at the same time? Yes. Have we seen this? Yes. When John, the baptizer, baptized Jesus. Then, Spirit descended upon Him and God spoke," This is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased." This is the former rain and the latter rain.

Were not the two, Moses and Elijah, with Messiah at the Mt. of Transfiguration? Malachi 4:4-6 fulfilled?

Jesus is our friend and brother. How do we know this and say it with confidence? Why do some mistakenly believe confidence to be arrogance, blasphemous and prideful? I know it's true because He said it is.. Do you believe His Words are true? When you do, you understand what He meant when He said," Greater love hath no man than to lay His life down for a friend. Two things: His love for me and my sister, His friendship demonstrated when He laid His life down for her and myself. God, our father loves us also. He gave His son that by our faith His son's righteousness is imputed or substituted for this faith and death is made captive. God is a God of the living not the dead.

Another thing Sandy and I watched and witnessed is our Aunt Lorraine, my Mom's sister, turn into a born again
Christian overnight. Uncle Zo, Lorraine's husband and our cousins, Larry and Linda, succumbed to her will and her beliefs
This is the first time we were in the presence of a religious spirit. We didn't know what it was but knew something was wrong and were repelled by it's works. They had an appearance of righteousness but were legalistic, judgmental, self-righteous, with a wrong focus and emphasis.

Sad that they themselves were teaching and preaching the leavening of the Pharisees.

Our two families were never as close as we had been before Lorraine's epiphany I do love her but not what she believed.

I thank God for her, though. She was and is my template for identification and recognition of that particular stronghold.
I don't open my mouth for what need is there? Their cup is full. They have no need for the water I have been given! They are all well and need no physician.

My sister after all these years, is still the one I love to read God's Living Word with. We read free course. Whatever scripture we are led to, we read as we were taught by the comforter. We were trained to read scripture as if we had never read it before. The truth is we haven't. The Word transforms. Perception is changed. You are changed. It's as if each morning God gives us a new pair of glasses improving our eyesight!. He speaks to us personally through His Word.

Allow Him to speak with you. Try free course and ask for your comforter's assistance. Find the hidden, deeper
meanings buried like a pearl on an acre of land purchased for you by the Author and Finisher.

994 words
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