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April 16, 2014
1:14pm EDT

Rated: 13+ | Novel | Action/Adventure | #1962552
The new and improved version of my past story. Morgaine is hunted in her dreams.
I was lying in the middle of the cracked street. I looked up. It was a modern city, but completely empty. Abandoned. The street was cracked and desolate. How did I get here? I walked the streets scarce of life aimlessly. I looked down. There was a key laced around my neck. The key was a dark shade of gray. I had this strange feeling of being watched from the shadows. I glanced back. I felt like it was coming from the shadow of a small destroyed restaurant. There was nothing I could see, just darkness. I returned to my wandering. Than I heard the voice. A dark one filled with evil.
" You know what I want. It is in your possession. Surrender it, and I will not kill you. Reveal yourself to me."
" I don't know what you're talking about?! Reveal yourself to me." I demanded.
" Finally. A chance." A figure stepped out of the shadows. He was literally a shadow. The shadowy silhouette of a man. All that you could see was one red eye on the right side of his face. He was tall and muscular, but a deep fear came from somewhere within.
" You are a fool! By allowing me to see you in the realm of slumber, you have allowed me to find you in the real world! Morgaine, I will retrieve you in time." He said as he reached out to touch my face. His hands radiated a cold sense before they touched my face. But than a boy stepped out from behind him.

I woke up in a cold sweat, my hand clasped over my heart. Relax, Morgaine. Just a dream. A bad one. A few strands of my blond hair were in my line of vision. I tucked it behind my ear. I ran into the bathroom to splash cold water on my face. While I wash my face. I look into the mirror. I see a young girl. I wore the clothes I wore during the day. A thin white cotton tank top and a pair of jeans. I'm sixteen, but I've been told I'm beautiful many times. I have the curves of a women, the slender hips that men desire. I don't see it. I'm not beautiful on the inside. I've had a troubled past. I never knew my parents. I've been alone most of my life, plagued with nightmares. Nightmares where I've been stalked, hunted by an unseen evil. This was the first time I've actually seen him. I've done terrible things while I'm sleep walking. I feel that the nightmares have something to do with it. I live by myself in a hidden cabin in the woods. I'm not telling you where. I've stayed hidden for five years. But what I wonder is who the boy was in my dream.
I relax in my bed, trying to go back to sleep. I'm about to drift back into slumber when I realize I'm not alone in my room.
There's a guy leaning in my door frame. I leap out of bed and grab the nearest sharp thing I can. The knife I always keep on my nightstand. I leap in attack and bring the knife straight at his heart. He reaches out with the speed of a sticking cobra and catches my wrist. I get a good look at his face. He looks about my age, but taller and muscular. He was handsome and chiseled, like a regal prince. He wore a black T-shirt and denim jeans. He wore a black belt to which a combat dagger was strapped to. His eyes were venom green, and his pupils were slightly slitted. He was pale. A sword was strapped to his back. The hilt was black, which was all I could see at the moment. I felt like I knew him before, but I didn't remember.
" What the hell are you doing in my bedroom!?" I shouted.
" I've come to help you, Morgaine Belial." He said. His voice was deep, but it dripped with irritation. " I'm Marcus Gaunt, and I know about the one who hunts you in your dreams."
Dreams? He knew my dreams? He said he knew me and that he's been in my dreams, but the scary part was that I had seen him before. In my dreams. I'd be on the ground during a nightmare, but than he would arrive and give me a soft smile, and I'd go back into a peaceful slumber.
Before I had time to ask how, there was a roar outside.
" What is that?" I asked in fear.
" That is one of the enemy. One of the servants of the Forsaken."
" What?"
" Don't you know of the first races? The Ailbhe?" He asked.
" what?"
" We need to hide. I'll give you answers later." He said as he drew his sword. It's was beautiful, yet deadly. Like Marcus himself. Where did that come from? Anyway, it was silver, but it glowed venom green, like Marcus' eyes. I had a feeling the glow came from a core within the blade. Than I saw the object inside the blade at the blade's base. Was that a tooth? It looked like a fang, but it was dark green. I grabbed my black leather jacket and zipped it up. He led me up to my attic. He closed the door behind us, but that was when every window in the house exploded to pieces.
The girl Marcus had been sent to retrieve and protect was beautiful. She had perfect hair, perfect skin, and soft brown eyes. She looks almost angelic. She was exactly the type of girl that Marcus hated. She was seemingly too perfect. And himself? He was anything but perfect. His family curse plagued him. You see, when the universe was new, there was a separate planet before earth. It was called Ambrose. Upon it lived the Ailbhe. The Ailbhe were brave warriors who defended their world from all of the monstrous evils that dared threaten it. There were also the Durhe, the Ailbhe's brother race. The Durhe and Ailbhe's difference was in their acts. The Durhe were savage barbarians who possessed no magic. The Ailbhe possessed magic and were righteous valiant warriors. The Durhe soon became jealous of the Ailbhe and their magic, so they sought out their own magic. Than they fell into the ways of dark magic and began a war against the Ailbhe. Ambrose was in such terrible shape that a new world came into existence to replace it. Terra, or earth. The Ailbhe moved there, but the Durhe were not allowed to enter Terra. They were left in the now wasteland of Ambrose. They took a new name. The Forsaken. While the civil war was being waged in Ambrose, monsters were able to infest their world. So the Durhe were left to hopefully die out. But they didn't. They joined forces with the monsters and became lords of them. They still cannot all enter Terra. Only one may enter at a time. Every thousand years, one Durhe with special powers will rise, one capable of allowing their race entry into Terra, called the Night-Walker. There is a mythical gate between the worlds called the Chrona. It is locked for mass entering of Durhe. They can send monsters in, but no Forsaken. That is why they need the key. The key is gifted to an Ailbhe at birth. But it can only be seen in dreams. That is why a Night-Walker is so important. He can enter dreams and bring objects into reality. That is why Marcus had to defend this girl. But Marcus' curse held him back. In his family, the Gaunts, there have been many proud Ailbhe warriors. But Marcus' great great great great grandfather, Matthias, locked in combat with a basilisk. But this one was special. It was created with dark magic from the Forsaken. Its name was Elpis. It was evil beyond belief, and its venom could create evil. So during their fight, it managed to sink its fangs into Matthias' arm. He felt fate wash over him. Something was changing within him. He felt rage, a cold merciless feeling. His eyes that were once icy blue were now venom green. He struck the snake down, cutting off its head. He took one of the beast's fangs and a jar of its dark poison. But his nature started to change. He was now dark, cold and merciless. He gained some dark abilities. He was just twenty six years old. But his kind married early, and he had children. Than he disappeared for ten years. When he came again, he was killed by a dark lord. All his descendants bared the same abilities, as well as the puncture wounds in their arms where the fangs met their mark. They all have those green eyes like poison. The Gaunt family is untrusted by their own kind especially Marcus. The venom from the serpent was spilled on him when he was just a baby. He became heighteningly cold and merciless. The normal abilities of Ailbhe, power over elements and telekinesis were heightened, along with his dark traits. He was a talented warrior of his people but he was untrusted because of his ancestor. It wasn't fair. So he made a small rebellion. He took the fang from the snake and some of the remaining venom and silver and crafted a sword. He decided that it would be the Gaunt family blade. Well, if his parents were alive they would have a say. They were killed by an unseen . He had lived all alone as well. But he remembered his parents from when he was little. Their best friends were the Belials. He would play with Morgaine. But when he was nine, they took her away for six months. When she came back, she was no longer her mischievous and funny self anymore. She was paranoid and quiet. She was kind of stuck up. He knew they'd altered her personality. Than they altered her memory and she'd disappeared. Her parents died too. That was the last straw. They took his best friend and made her exactly the type of person he hated? Than they took her away. They distrusted him and disrespected his family. He was all that was left of the Gaunt family. He had seen his family die. And even worse, his ancestor was wiped from the records completely. His story was carried down by word of mouth. He needed at least one remnant of the past good times of his life. Morgaine needed to be brought back.
I hid behind the crate as the fragments of the window flew in at me. The door flew open and in walked a hooded red eyed monster. It held a sword and a jagged dagger. Marcus stepped forward. He spoke with a calm voice, but it was tinged with venom.
" You shall not take the girl." He said. Than he charged. The monster tried to defend itself, but Marcus was too fast. He dodged the slashes of the monster and flipped over it agilely. The monster scored a hit. He swung his blade back clumsily and caught Marcus down his back. He fell, blood spilling out of his back. I screamed. The monster looked at me. It lunged at me, dagger ready. I acted instinctively. I extended my hand. There was a grotesque snapping noise, and he cried out in pain and dropped the dagger. He looked at me with pure hatred. He extended his foot for another step, but that was when Marcus managed to rise and sink his sword into the monster's back. The monster fell. I examined its body. It seemed to melt to shadow. I looked at Marcus. He looked terrible. I ran to him. There was a huge slash across his back. He slipped off his bloody shredded shirt. I marveled at his abs and muscles. His back was covered with scars. With more instinct, I touched his wound. It closed up. I leaped back in shock. I stared down at my hands. How did I just do that? I looked at Marcus
" What's happening to me!" I cried.
" Calm down. You have powers beyond any human, maybe beyond any Ailbhe. I needed to find you. Your mind and personality were altered. This isn't you. I knew you before it happened. I've wanted to bring you back ever since. I've searched for an incantation. And I finally found one. Calm down and relax." He said. He cautiously touched my forehead. He spoke in words I didn't understand. Memories flooded into my mind. All my birthdays, my parents, and most of all, Marcus. My best friend. But it was all too much for my brain. My vision became cloudy, and I blacked out.
When I woke up, Marcus stood over me, his concerned expression endearing and cute. When we were kids, he would be worried whenever I got hurt. One time we snuck into the council building. I painted rude words all over the place. Marcus stood guard. When a guard tried to get into the room, Marcus judo flipped the fully grown man over his shoulder. He had put on a new gray T-shirt.
" Did it work?" He asked with concern. I stood up, smiling. I wrapped my arms around him. His muscles were tensed.
" Thank you Viper." I said, knowing he would know that my memory had returned because I was the only one who called him that. Ever. His arms came around me, relaxed. We broke apart for a second. We examined each other's faces. I don't think I've ever seen him look so happy. I walked into my room and packed up my stuff for the long journey ahead of me. Marcus stood in the doorway, keeping a watchful eye over me as he did when we were kids. As if he were to protect me. Just because I'm a girl doesn't mean that I'm helpless. I turned and walked to him.
" Alright, I'm ready to-" I started. But than I stared into those beautiful green eyes. But than an emotion overwhelmed me. Love. Desire. All the pent up longing came out.

She kissed him with all her might. He opened her mouth with his lips and inserted his tongue inside. She moaned. He ran his hands down her hips. Morgaine pried her lips off of him for a moment, although she wanted him so bad. She spoke against his skin.
" We need to make up for lost time." She whispered. He grabbed the zipper of her jacket and zipped it down and ripped it off her. She was just in her tank top and jeans. He grabbed her by her waist and pulled her to him and kissed her sexy lips. She grabbed his wrist and forced his hand on her sexy round butt. He let it come off gently. He kissed her again with his hand on her shoulder. He squeezed her shoulder with such passion that her strap broke. She grabbed the hem of his shirt and pulled it off. She felt his muscles, moaning. She kissed each of his indivual abs. She linked her fingers in her belt loops and pulled him closer. He sat on the foot of the bed and put her on his lap and kissed her deeply, tasting her mouth. She smiled and stood, starting to walk away.
" We're not done yet." He Growled, hooking his fingers in the waistband of her jeans and pulling her to him, kissing her lips. She stepped away and pulled off her shirt and her pants. She wore black panties and a black bra. Her perfect breasts and smooth tan stomach made her look like a bikini model. With her mischievous smile and angelic features, she looked like a devil. He rushed to her and grabbed her covered boobs.
" They are perfect." He whispered. Marcus stroked them.
" They are the best tits. You know you love my boobs." She stepped back. " do whatever you want to me. I'm yours."
He lunged at her and pressed his body against hers. She moaned, his six-pack pressing against her slim smooth stomach. He kneeled down and kissed her stomach. Her perfect smooth skin felt perfect under his lips. She yelped in frustration
" go back to my tits. That felt good." She ordered. " they are perfect boobs." He stood and grabbed them in his grip. They were smooth, but covered by her bra. He wanted to punish her for that. He squeezed. She moaned. He put his hand on her back and let it slide down to the waistband of her panties. He casually stroked her waist, all the way around her body. She moaned and threw herself at him. She ran her hands over all of his muscles. She grabbed his belt buckle and started to undo it. He smiled, readying himself for what would be coming. But than he thought it isn't her turn yet. He grabbed her wrists and forced them down. She smiled. She was helpless in his grip. He walked forward until her back was against the wall. He examined her cup bra.
" You'd look better in white." He said.
" I'll keep that in mind. But next time it won't be on for too long." She smiled. He kissed her again, gathering her into his arms and throwing her onto the bed. He crawled on top of her, his hands beside her head. He ducked his head down to kiss her again, than he froze.
" What is it?" She whispered.
" I don't want to go too far." He whispered back.
" We won't. We'll keep it here until we're old enough." She explained. He than ducked down and kissed her more, her soft mouth under his. He could feel the fabric of her bra against his hard chest.

© Copyright 2013 Stag hunter (UN: captainpames at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
Stag hunter has granted Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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