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A contest inspired by the serious need for more good sci-fi

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Welcome back to the Science Fiction Short Story Contest, where each month will offer a new and broad prompt for a science fiction story. Here, you can bring your hopes and fears about science and technology to life.

"You can't change the past, Charles. At least, not your past. But it doesn't mean you have to stay here. Here, humanity will the price for its shortsightedness, its hubris. You can't save us all. But you can make sure there's a world somewhere that doesn't have to, and I'll take some comfort in that."

The brown-haired young man shook his head. "Why me? I'm still in school. Shouldn't you choose someone with a little more experience to save the world?"

The middle-aged man's cheeks crinkled as he smiled. "I told you: we can't save the world, not this one. But if there's a chance that anyone could see a world with more hope, well I'm just selfish enough to want to send my son. Even if there were time to recruit someone else for my little project. But the news has been wrong - there's no time left even to talk about it. I only wish there was more time to prepare. Step in the chamber, and know that I love you."

Charles warily looked over the glass and metal capsule. It was something like a beached personal submarine and something like a steampunk mining pod. "I - when are you sending me to, Dad?"

"New York, in about 2025. That should give you a few years before it all happens. The alternate timeline should fork off immediately. Or, if some of the theories are correct, it's already there, and I'm just sending your consciousness into it. Either way, it's time to go - now!"

Charles sighed, and stepped inside. Tears had begun to streak down his father's dusty face. "I love you too."

Everything faded into a blinding white light, and then it began.

January Prompt:
Time Travel!

A staple of science fiction, time travel can be a clever way to mix the fantastic and the familiar - or it can be where plot goes to die. This month's contest theme is time travel, but with a caveat: time loops are impossible because you can't visit your own past. At best, you can travel to a parallel universe that has quite caught up to the timeline in this one. But that one you can change!

(Due to the late prompt, entries will be accepted until February 7th)

The Rules

What I'm looking for


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December 2022 Entries
So Long   (E)
it's the end of the world as we know it and we could have saved ourselves but...
#2286685 by Wash Your Sox Already!

 Extinction Time  (ASR)
A gang with a plan and a government with with a plan. Will the asteroid stay it's course?
#2287143 by Angelica- Valentine Dragon

 Wormwood  (13+)
Ten extinction-level asteroids are bound for Earth
#2287446 by LightinMind

AI Don't Want to Die!  (18+)
An AI faced with termination from an asteroid impact grasps the concept of death.
#2287441 by Grayt Expectations for 2023

 Rocks Of Ages  (ASR)
Will they survive the storm? Written for: SCIENCE FICTION SHORT STORY CONTEST
#2287512 by dogpack:saving 4 premium: DWG

 A Different Kind of Qualimn  (18+)
A SpaceRock was headed for Qualimn. What could they do to stop it from hitting them?
#2286746 by PureSciFi

November 2022 Winner!
Ships Passing in the Night  (13+)
What if humans and aliens have already met--and neither realized it...
#2285847 by WriterAngel

November 2022 Entries
"The Priests of Raji [13+]
"The Theme Park [18+]
"Ships Passing in the Night [13+]
"Let the Truth Finally Be Known [18+]

October Winner:
AI & I  (13+)
How will we deal with AI? include it in our lives - even within our own minds?
#2282235 by LightinMind

October Entries
"Contest Entries [13+]
"AI & I [13+]
"OK Computer [E]
"What About B.O.B. [13+]

Recent Prompts:

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