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This event is now CLOSED! Thank you to everyone who helped and participated!
Birthday Image

*Giftg* *Gifto* *Giftb* *Giftp* *Gifty* *Giftt* *Giftv* *Giftg* *Gifto* *Giftb* *Giftp* *Gifty* *Giftt* *Giftv* *Giftw* *Giftg* *Gifto* *Giftb* *Giftp* *Gifty* *Giftt* *Giftv* *Giftg* *Gifto* *Giftb* *Giftp* *Gifty* *Giftt* *Giftv*


*Giftg* *Gifto* *Giftb* *Giftp* *Gifty* *Giftt* *Giftv* *Giftg* *Gifto* *Giftb* *Giftp* *Gifty* *Giftt* *Giftv* *Giftw* *Giftg* *Gifto* *Giftb* *Giftp* *Gifty* *Giftt* *Giftv* *Giftg* *Gifto* *Giftb* *Giftp* *Gifty* *Giftt* *Giftv*

Welcome to Robyn is PUBLISHED! and Cinn's exciting, insane, site-wide, prize-filled birthday event!
In this activity, you have an amazing oppertunity to dive into WdC and find new items, members, and information maybe you would have never looked into before. It's also a great chance to stumble across things you might have forgotten about.


*Down* 1. From September 1st to 7th, keep an eye out for this image *Down*

Sneaky Gifty Thing

2. When you find it, come back to this survey and leave the location in {item:######} form.


*Giftg* We've hidden it everywhere across Writing.com! In over 100 items *Right* stories, poems, contests, raffles, and much much more!
*Gifty* Will will provide clues to some of them. Others, your only hope is to stumble upon them.
*Giftb* It could be in black, yellow, blue, purple, or red cases!
*Giftp* There will also be special hints posted daily on the newsfeed - so stayed tuned everyday!
Please DO NOT post your answers in newsfeed or in emails.

*Noter* Although posting single answers (whenever you find image) is okay,
we would GREATLY PREFER if you posted several answers at one time (just to make our lives easier). This also includes newsfeed challenges

*Noter* Even our participants don't know the list. Also, to keep things fair, the items in their portfolio will not count towards their answer list.

*Noter* Please don't share your answers with others!



Overachiever badge AND 100,000 gift points - for the member who finds the most overall
Congratulations badge 75,000 points for the member who finds the second most.
Job Well Done badge 50,000 points for the member who finds the third most.
Mystery badge - for the member who finds the most "stumble upons" (items which haven't been given a hint)

Any ties will be decided by virtual dice roll.

Inquisitive badge - Day 1 newsfeed challenge
Attention to Detail badge - Day 2 newsfeed challenge
Success badge - Day 3 newsfeed challenge
Blue Special Appreciation badge - Day 4 newsfeed challenge
Food/Cooking badge - Day 5 newsfeed challenge
Yellow Special Appreciation badge - Day 6 newsfeed challenge
Contests badge - Day 7 newsfeed challenge


Anyone who finds more than 30 gifts (including newsfeed challenges)
will be put into a lucky draw for one of FIVE Birthday Merit Badges.





Please Note: A Newsfeed Challenge submission is different from a regular submission.

A NFC should only have three answers that correspond with the public note.
If you have already found the answers, please post them again.
You also need to *Boxcheck* the "Yes it's for a NFC".
If you missed one of the challenges, you can still look for the answers and post them as part of your master list.
If no one guesses correctly, the challenge will stay open until someone gets it.
If there are correct guesses, that days challenge will close when Cinn does her virtual dice roll.
If a member's item is one of the clues/answers, they are still allowed to participate.

Day One Challenge: "Note: [Image #2051665] [Image #2051665] [Image #2..."
Day Two Challenge: "Note: [Image #2051665] [Image #2051665] [Image #2..."
Day Three Challenge: "Note: [Image #2051665] [Image #2051665] [Image #2051..."
Day Four Challenge: "Note: [Image #2051665] [Image #2051665] [Image #2051..."
Day Five Challenge: "Note: [Image #2051665] [Image #2051665] [Image #2051..."


Our Wonderful Donors

Thank you so much!

*Ribbonr* Thank you lizco252 for the beautiful awardicon! *RibbonR*

And, as you're hunting, feel free to leave warm-fuzzy notebook messages, even reviews, to any of the item owners, especially our newbies!
Good luck! And Happy 15th Birthday WdC

Multiple submissions allowed | (R) denotes a required field.
1.   Add the item number {item:######} of the gift location(s) you have found.
     *REMEMBER to change "item" if it's an image, post, review, note, or other kind of item.
      If you're not sure, go to WritingML Help then test in your NOTEPAD first.
      If it's for a newsfeed challenge, please tell us which day. (Eg. Day One newsfeed challenge) (R)
2.   These answers are for one of the NEWSFEED CHALLENGES.
      Check this box to agree with the above statement.

3.   This survey allows the sending of Gift Points.
      Gift point donations are welcome, and will go towards prizes.

      You have 0 Gift Points.
      Gift Points to send:
      Confirm Gift Points:
      (Minimum: 100 / Maximum: 1,000,000)
Important: Gift Points included will be sent to Robyn is PUBLISHED! . Writing.Com will deduct a processing fee of 2.5%. Gift Points sent via this form are non-refundable.
*Note* Disclaimer: The information submitted will be sent to Robyn is PUBLISHED! . Do not submit anything private or confidential.


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