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  1. Bowser is upset
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Bowser is sick of mario, he decides to try and win at any cost to himself.
Chapter 1

Bowser is upset

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Bowser was slumped on his throne, drumming his claws on the arm as he mumbles about Mario foiling his scheme again. He takes a sip from a goblet before throwing it across the room in anger.

"HEY! Wheres that koopa in the coat gone?"

He recently recruited several koopas that were smarter than most, giving them lab coats to distinguish them from the others. One walks in with several potions and stands in front of Bowser.


"What are those liquids?"

"Master...these are what you requested...possible ways to defeat Mario"

Bowser grinned, looking at the four colours with imagination as the koopa starts talking again.

"Sir...we also looked at mechanical and technological improvements to yourself" Bowser glared, not happy with being called imperfect.

"S..sir I understand your anger but what we have looked into are ways to make your body perfect!" The koopa was close to being crushed but Bowser's curiousity kept him from being so.

"Well...what do these potions do?" Bowser demanded

"Sir...one makes you grow, one improves your phisique, one causes weight to increase and one causes you to change into any living thing at will"

Bowser was VERY happy as he laughed menacingly, deciding what to try.
Where will this interactive story go?

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1.   Red (Weight Gain)

2.   Blue (Muscle Growth)

3.   Green (Transformation / Inflation)

4.   White (Height adjustment)

5.   Lets look at mechanical help

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