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Things thrown together
How does it happen you ask,
It can come upon on you in the dead of night
Stab you in the heart and change your life.

Slap you in the face or come on quite slow
The wonder of it is, you just never know

It can make you happy, sad, or mad enough to fight,
Be joyful and glad or just want to make you die.

Sometimes it can leave you bitter and cold,
Crying out for comfort because you’re so alone

Making you so angry you can’t think straight
Knowing there’s more to life, this can’t be your fate

Sometimes it feels like a blanket all warm and cozy
Keeping you in smiles with your cheeks all rosy

Smiling and happy, grinning from ear to ear
Making you bold and strong and living with no fear

It can be constant or come in and go out
And if you’ve ever had it, you can’t live without

Do you wonder what it is, that I speak of above
It is the crazy, beautiful emotion of love!
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