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Sometimes life pulls you apart, then later, you find each other again
For My Valentine

I asked my love to ‘Be My Valentine’,
She smiled and told me that she was mine.
I looked in her eyes and saw love so deep,
For each other we were right, and her I’d keep.

Alas we were young, we had yet to grow,
It seems our lives took different paths, you know.
But true love cannot be deadened by mankind,
Only smothered, not extinguished, awaiting its time.

The years passed as we slowly grew old,
She’d found another, or so I’d been told.
For that matter, so had I; what can I say?
I had to survive, if only day to day.

But sweet thoughts would come out of the blue,
Of what life might have been; with us one, not two.
Inside us each brewed a loving memory,
Of unbidden passion shared so briefly.

Now humbly I stand before her once again,
Expressing my love; wondering, am I still her man?
She runs to me gleefully, her face full of smiles,
Our love has won; we’ve conquered time and miles.

The rest of our days we’ll spend side by side,
Knowing we’ve missed so much, but that we can abide.
For we have each other and that’s all that counts,
Together we’re stronger, our love knows no bounds.

So Valentine my love, I need you to know,
By your side I will stay, away I’ll not go.
I give my love freely, knowing you are mine,
Just as I am yours, forever in time

Jim Dorrell
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