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Hungry food violence
Chapter 1:
Are violence and love supose to mix? In my opinion I don't think so but some how they always seem to come together…
Well it all started with my boyfriend, Dezimer Wither, he started out sweet as a over frosted cupcake that was so yummi. Then as we got older he became more obsessed with going farther into our intimate relationship. Thinking he was going to end up in my pants one night he had brought the most obsurde object that barely entered my thoughts unless he spoke about it.
He took it out showed me asking me what I thought about it. I being repulsed said nothing at what he was showing. No he was not showing me his manliness, he was showing me a condom.
He said again, "What do you think we should do with this?"
My reply was, "Nothing Dezimer I don't do that kind of thing!"
His horride response was, "I know you think those thoughts about us! So please just to satisfy me for a little while?"
"No, Dezimer! You can do that with any other kind of girl but, not me!"
"You know what I thought I could change the guys opiniin on you but, I guess not…"
"What do they think about me huh?"
"Well, they said that, your a lesbian and I tryed explaining to them that your too hot to be a homosexual. When they kept insisting that you are. So I told them if I could get you to have sex with me I would tell them if your good in bed and if your a lesbian or not..."
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