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Rebel Poetry hall of fame
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Rebel Poetry Contest  (18+)
next round January 2024
#2112615 by Warped Sanity

November 2023
First place: "Do You Wanna Be a Member?
Second place: "A Touch of Evil and "Diamonds and Rust
Third place: "Victim of Changes and "Victim of Changes

December 2021
"⭐ Fractures

January/February 2020
1st "Inner Child
2nd "A Woman's Value and "To Stand
3rd "Freak and "Be A Man? How?

November/December 2019
1st Place: "Invalid Entry
2nd Place: "I Am Evidence and "Invalid Entry
3rd Place: "Invalid Item

May/June 2019
1st place: " ✒️🥇 Catastrophic Calligraphy
2nd place: "Invalid Item

March/April 2019
1st Place: "Body Memory and "The Art of Presumption
2nd Place: "Band-Aids and Bullet Holes and "Elysium for the Masses
3rd Place: "✒️🥉 Venom of Truth and "Band-Aids and Bullet Holes

January/February 2019
1st- "Used Goods
2nd- "Invalid Item
3rd- "Disillusionment

September/October 2018
1st: "Mistakes
2nd: "Invalid Item
3rd: "Not A Fairytale Ending

July/August 2018
1st: "Invalid Item
2nd: "A Poem I Didn’t Write and "My Life
3rd:"Scary Love

May/June 2018
1st- "Left Exposed and "Dried Flowers
2nd- "Shedding the Masks
3rd- "Poor Little Things
HM- "Invalid Item and "Silly Boys

March/April 2018
1st - "Invalid Item
2nd- "Verbal Battery
3rd- "Hidden

January/February 2018
1st: "Invalid Item
2nd: "The Little Arsonist
Tie for 3rd: "Slow Descent and "Don't @ Me

November/December 2017
First place "Just Fine
Second place "40-oz Turrets

June/July 2017
1st "Sacrifices
2nd "A Vein Split by Rigid Metal
3rd "Sate Me

March/April 2017

1st "Rushin' Intelligence
2nd "Alice in Deadland
3rd "Invalid Item
HM "Invalid Item
HM "Little Girl

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