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Not everything is what it seems
She'll tell you what you want to hear
creating astounding stories or,
resorting to slander when deception
doesn't get her what she wants.
She lashes out, an agitated soul
disgusted with herself and the world.
Mere shards remain of her mirrors
as she refuses to face her awful truths.
Smoke curls around her head lazily
and dissipates within the air as
she continues to run from painful reality.
She tries in vain to forget what she's done,
that which she knows is wrong.
But she has become lost
in a drug induced dream.
With her, nothing is as it seems.

Written For: "Promptly Poetry Challenge Week 11 8/16/21
Prompt: Compose a poem using all three of these words: smoke, mirrors, deception
         Line Count: 12 lines, minimum - Required Form: Poet's choice
Line Count: 16
Free Form
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