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by fyn
Rated: E · Poetry · Comedy · #2268729
Takes all kinds ...

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Three requirements for today's prompt (in addition to the usual requirements) -
1. Include "it always looked so easy" bolded somewhere in your story or poem.
2. Use Comedy as one of your genres.
3. Include an inanimate object as a central part of the storyline/subject.

It always looked so easy
to put the golf ball on the tee--
for my husband at least.
Did I tell you? Oh. But not for me!
It is inside a ball full of water.

I just can't do it--
no matter how hard I try.
Give him thirty seconds and
it sits there - (So to speak)
high and dry.

A smirk, a flash,
self-satisfied grin--
and he'll do it over
and over again.
So annoying!

So whenever
I'm in his man cave,
I make a point to knock it off.
That I can do! And he'll just put it back on -
his ego to save!

His buddies all fail
to get that ball on the tee--
so they all knock it off
when he doesn't see.
He blames me!

Since his stroke, it's gotten harder
but it is good therapy-
eye/hand coordination
takes practice, don't you see.
Five minutes now: at least he can do it.

He's still the king of the golf ball;
at least inside the water globe.
Out on the course, of course
he's just king of the water--whatever mode--
And down in the man cave, the ball sits on the tee.

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