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by Norman
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I know I have some talent.
I know I have a talent
but haven’t found it yet.
But when I do it will be great,
I’m sure of it, you bet.

I think I could be special
and stand out from the crowd.
But even though I feel that way
I won’t say it out loud.

‘Cause I don’t know that feature
that sets me from the rest.
But it is there inside of me;
at something I am best.

I’ve tried my hand at singing
but that did not go well.
And dancing isn’t gonna fly.
It’s my idea of hell.

I took piano lessons.
The teacher shook her head.
She said I wasn’t meant for this,
try something else instead.

So maybe I’m an athlete.
Nope, not my cup of tea.
I cannot run and cannot throw;
I’m helpless as can be.

I know I have some talent,
something where I excel.
But it has not yet shown its face,
as far as I can tell.

I tried my hand at writing,
composed a simple rhyme.
But even I know it was bad,
not worth a dirty dime.

Hey, maybe I’m an actor,
a natural on the stage.
I’d win awards, you’d see my face
on every cover page.

Nah, that won’t happen either.
They won’t want me at all.
I am the furthest thing you’d find
from handsome, slim and tall.

But I’m not finished looking.
That talent’s hidden deep.
Hey, maybe it will come to me
when I am fast asleep.

I’m not too good at most things,
in fact I’m pretty poor,
I haven’t got a single skill;
I’m helpless to my core.

Then all at once it hit me.
It was there all the while.
Because I am so poor at things
it always brought a smile.

Because I am so simple,
because I am so bad,
compared to me they all look good
while it just makes me sad.

Yeah, that’s what I am good at,
the talent you can’t see.
But it is something I can share,
a gift that comes from me.

Of course my special talent
comes with a heavy price.
I wish that it could make me smile.
Yeah, that would be real nice.
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