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Part 2 of the story. Read part 1 first.
[Last night was pretty eventful. But we were tired out of our minds. We had just finished moving everything into our new apartment. We decided to take a break today and rest in our new apartment.]

Tom: I’m kinda sore from last night… owww…

Sam: What? But you only massaged my prostate. How could that have made you sore?

Tom: Not that!… *Blushing* I meant because of us moving all the furniture and stuff… Did you seriously have to bring that up now?…

[Sam was enjoying seeing me all embarrassed. I could see a small smirk on her face.]

Sam: (Cute.) I’m the sore one here. You made me tense up while I was cumming. My legs are pretty sore from that.

Tom: S-sorry….

Sam: No don’t apologize.

[What happened last night was stuck in my head. I started to get hard. Great timing isn’t it?]

Tom: (Crap!) *Getting erection*

Sam: Oh? What do we have here?

Tom: I-It’s cause of last night. It’s stuck in my head.

Sam: What am I going to do with you~… *Blushes*

Sam: *Takes off pants*

[Sam took her pants off for some reason I didn’t know. I thought it was strange but I just went with the flow.]

Sam: Now. Don’t get the couch dirty. Stop once you know I’m about to cum. Alright~?

Tom: O-okay…? (Strange. Why did she suddenly guide my fingers to her ass? Oh well whatever.)

[I then put my finger into her ass. The same feeling from last night came back. It was too soft in there. I wondered what it would feel like if I were to put my dick in there.]

Sam: Mmmmh~….

Sam: Aaahh~~~…. Haaaah~~~~….

[Sam started to get an erection. I could see as her penis slowly went from limp to rock hard in just a few seconds. Her penis began twitching unconsciously as it wanted to get even harder.]

Sam: *Giggles* I got an erection just now~…

[It was so sexy how she joked about it. It turned me on. I then started to play with her nipples.]

Sam: Ngghh~~~?! (He’s playing with my nipple…)

Sam: (This feels amazing…) Mmmnnnnnhhh~~~~~~….

[Sam’s penis started to twitch violently. Juices started to leak as well. I could tell she was close.]

Sam: Oooh my~~~….!!

Sam: I… I think might cum soon~~…. Ngghh~~~~…..

[That’s when I figured out what Sam was up to.]

Sam: Y-yeah~~…. I’m-mnnggh~~~… I’m going to cum~~~!

Sam: Haaaah~~~…! C-Cumming~~~….!!

Tom: *Stops*

Sam: H-huh~? Why did you stop? I was so close to cumming~…

[Sam moved her hips desperately trying to stimulate her prostate by moving it to my fingers. It was as if she wanted to cum.]

Tom: You told me not to get the couch dirty, so I stopped.

Sam: Oh… right…. (I got to caught up in the moment I completely forgot…)

[Sam looked away embarrassed and red-faced. She was trying her hardest to avoid showing me her flustered face.]

[I then took my fingers out and she let out a small moan.]

Sam: Aah~~…

Tom: *Blushing* W-well I’m gonna get some drinks and be right back.

Sam: Aaah~… okay~…

[Sam sat there with a rock hard erection. She was breathing heavily and was sweating. I guess that’s what happened when I stopped right as she was about to cum.]

Sam: (This isn’t good… It won’t calm down… Just thinking about it makes me this hard?)

Tom: I got the drinks-

[She didn’t put her pants back on and she was still rock hard.]

Tom: S-Sam!! *Blushing*

Sam: T-Tom… It won’t go down~~… I need you to calm it down for me~~…

Tom: But you dragged yourself into this!

Sam: I couldn’t help but get an erection from seeing yours. How could I not?

[She was turning me on. Boy was she good at it.]

Tom: Alright…. *Blushing*

[I put the drinks aside and went to insert my fingers again, and that’s when Sam pulled me with her legs.]

Tom: Woah! H-hey Sam!

Sam: How about we do something better~~?..

[That’s when I realized.]

Tom: A-are you sure?…

Sam: Tom~~… my body wants you… I love you so of course you can~….

[I then decided to stop being such a wuss and decided to take the leading role. I carried Sam onto the bed and took off our clothing.]

[I saw Sam’s gigantic boobs for the first time. I got hard instantly.]

Sam: This is your first time seeing them isn’t it?

Tom: Yeah. She’s beautiful…

Sam: T-Tom….

Tom: Her face, her lips, her hair…. Everything about her is perfect….

[I had no idea I was saying everything out loud.]

Sam: Ngh~~.. T-Tom~~….

Tom: I want to have sex with her so bad….

Sam: T-T-Toooom~~~….

[I finally snapped out if it. When I saw Sam and tried to apologize, I saw her covering her mouth trying to keep her saliva in. Her cheeks were as red as a tomato and I could see her penis twitching.]

Sam: You were saying all of that stuff out loud~~……

Tom: Shit! Sorry! I didn’t-

Sam: If you say stuff like that~~… there’s no way I could hold it in anymore~~…..

[Suddenly my body moved on its own. As I went to go reach for Sam, she surprisingly grabbed my hand and guided it to her penis.]

[Since I had decided not to hold back anymore, I started playing with her penis. I placed my hands under her balls and patted them, moving her balls up and down.]

Sam: Aaah~~~…. Is this warmup~~~?…..

Tom: I guess you can say it that way.

[I stopped patting her balls and got two of my fingers to slowly glide across the raging erection she had.]

Sam: Hnnnnghh~~~…..

[Sam then pounced onto me.. She really wanted it. So I delivered.]

Sam: Don’t hold back~~….

Tom: I won’t.

[I slowly inserted my penis into her ass. It was the best feeling ever.]

Sam: (It’s so big…) Mmmmhhh~~~~~~!

[It reached all the way in. I was surprised she could take all of it.]

Sam: Oh no~~~….. it really is big~~….

Tom: You told me not to hold back.

Sam: I did say that but~~….

Tom: No buts!

Sam: Jeez~~.. since when did you become so aggressive~~….

Tom: You taught me to be honest with my feelings.

Sam: Looks like you finally figured it out. That’s right. You always asked for my permission before. My body’s all yours Tom~.

Tom: Don’t word it like that…

Sam: Sorry sorry haha…

Sam: Well lets get moving shall we~?

Tom: Alright. Here it goes!

[I then started thrusting my penis into her ass. I was slamming her prostate over and over again.]

Sam: Aaaaaaaah~~~~…….!!

Sam: Oohhh~~…. Oooooh my~~~~…..!!

Sam: (I did not expect it to be this good…)

[Sam’s penis swayed side to side as I thrusted into her ass. Precum was spilling from the tip of her penis. She was so damn sexy.]

Sam: Hooooohhh~~~~~……!! (I want it…)

[Sam then reached over and planted her lips onto mine. We started to kiss passionately as we were having sex.]

Sam: Mmmmmh~~~…. Mhhhaaah~~~… *Smooch*

Sam: *Breaks kiss* Mhhaaah~~~…!!

[I could see the mess around her lips. All covered with the mix if our saliva. She was sweating and her cheeks were bright red. It turned me on so much and I said something to express my gratitude.]

Tom: I love you Sam…

Sam: (He’s so sweet…)

[Sam then held both of my hands.. I guess that was her answer.]

Sam: (This is seriously good… I’ve never felt so good before… I’m really going to cum soon…!)

Sam: T-Tom~~~~……!! I won’t- haaah~~… last much longer~~~….. I’m… I’m~~~…!!-

Sam: C-Cumming~~~~~~~……!!!!

Sam: Nnngghhhhhhhhaah~~~~~~~….!!!


[Sam shot a massive load all over her boobs and stomach. Her head went back as she was drooling profusely. Her moans made it even better.]

Sam: Hhhoooh~~~~…. Ooooh~~~…..

[The last bits of cum came out of her penis in small drops. There was a strand connected to the tip and her stomach. A sight like that turned me on even more.]

[I was surprised at how much she shot out.]

Tom: W-wow…. All of that even though I didn’t cum yet.

Sam: Haaaah~~~……

[Sam’s erection calmed down a little. I figured she was at her limit.]

Tom: Alright.

[As I began to pull out, Sam tightened up and trapped my penis. I couldn’t pull it out even if I tried. She pulled me down onto the bed.]

Tom: H-hey! Woah!

Sam: Come on~. Give it to me~~…

[I knew what she wanted.]

Tom: Alright, you asked for it.

[I thrusted and moved my hips as fast as possible. It felt way too good in her ass. It was without a doubt the best feeling ever. I felt like cumming already.]

Sam: Hooooooh~~~…… Mmmhhooh~~~……!!

[Sam’s erection returned. She was so hard it looked as if she was going to burst any time.]

Tom: It must feel really good for you huh…. You got an erection again…

Sam: W-wow~~~….. it feels even better than before~~….

[I decided to add to her pleasure by fondling with her gigantic boobs. Her reaction itself informed me that she loved it.]

Sam: Mmmmmnnngghhhh~~~~~……..!!

[Sam gripped the bed sheets in pleasure as I simultaneously fucked her and fondled her boobs. Her penis was harder than a rock and was twitching.]

Tom: You’re rock hard Sam…

Sam: Ngghh~~~…… So~~~?….

Tom: I-its arousing….

Sam: Oooooh~~~~……!! I think I’m going to cum soon~~~….

Tom: Me too!!

Sam: Let’s cum together~~……

[We were both reaching our climax. I was going to cum any second. I was fondling Sam’s boobs as well as fucking her, and I could tell she was about to cum too.]

Tom: S-Sam!!! I’m cumming!!!

Sam: Ooooghh~~~…..!!

[And then it happened. I came into her ass for the first time. It felt so damn good. I was so lost in pleasure that I didn’t notice Sam.]

Sam: Nnnnnggghhhhhhaaahhhh~~~~~~~~……..!!!!


[As I was fondling her boobs and cumming in her ass, I could see semen bursting from the tip of her penis like a volcano. She moaned loudly and stiffened her legs in pleasure.]

Sam: Mmnnnghh~~~…… oooooh~~~~….!!

Sam: O-oh my~~~…… hnnghhh~~~…….

[Sam was covered in cum from her chest to her waist. She was breathing heavily while sweating profusely. Her boobs were leaking as well, something I had never seen.]

Tom: That was amazing Sam… I-

[As I was about to express my feelings, Sam kissed me on the cheek.]

Sam: I love you more than anything Tom. You don’t have to say it~.

[She made me so happy. But then I realized something.]

Tom: Sam?…

Sam: Yeah?

Tom: You wanted this didn’t you….

Sam: *Blushes* Oh~!….

Tom: You even stayed hard after cumming that much…

Sam: *Blushes and smiles* L-looks like you got me…. *Raises hands*

[Sam was calm despite the situation she was in. I love that about her. I’ve always wanted to do this with her, so I gave her my answer.]

Tom: *Hugs Sam*

Sam: ?…

Tom: Look Sam… I also wanted it too…. So uhmmm… *Blushes* You can do it whenever you want… I’m always available….

Sam: *Hugs back and smiles*

Tom: Let’s take a bath.

Sam: Alright.. (A bath? Things might get interesting~~…. I’m far from done~…)

[I expected our first bath together to be normal, but Sam apparently had other ideas….]


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