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concrete jungles for writer's cramp

Korean Concrete Jungle Blues

39 lines

In Korea where I live
Most people live in large apartment towers
In suburban neighborhoods
And many work in concrete office towers.

This is a Pan Asian phenomenon
As old neighborhoods are taken over
Turned in soulless monster apartment
And office towers
Linked together by subways, buses
And freeways.

Now I live in one
And find it is not as bad
As I had thought.

I have a nice view
Of the city towers
In my Suburban town.

There are over 300 resturants
Within a short walk
And surprisingly people
Walk about the neighborhood.

It is not the cold soulless
Steel concrete jungle
I had imagined at all.

There are even lots of trees
In between the buildings
And new neighborhoods
Are being build
With mixed used towers
And urban sustainability concepts.

But I miss the old neighborhoods
With their alley ways
Traditional markets
And old down home feel.


Get inspired by this excerpt from this poem:

"City Sorrow" by Bandit's Mama (76)

"...The concrete and steel of this city
Shelter not the things that I love.
Buildings lean over me, weight without pity.
They stifle the breath of my soul...."

The poem, "City Sorrow" was written by one of the first Moderators on this site, Bandit's Mama .

She died in the attack on the North Tower of the World Trade Center on 9/11, 21 years ago tomorrow.

Please write a poem or short story inspired by her words. You select the title.

And please select "Tribute" as one of your genres.

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