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“Where are we going?” she asked elated.
“To a restaurant, it's been highly rated!”

“Something new, something you’ve never seen.
It’s been reviewed, it’s good, it’s Indonesian Cuisine!”

“Indonesian cuisine? Do they use weird spices?”
“It’ll be good, and the place looks real nice,
Oh, and try the Nasi Goreng, I hear it’s a version of fried rice.

And I was told they have vegetables galore,
To order and taste the Atjar Tjampoer,
It’s pickled, some sweet and some sour; you’ll want more.

For an entree we’ll get the grilled Sate Ajam.”
She frowned,”Is that meat? Is it ham?”
I smiled and said, “no, just grilled chicken madam.”

“I think I’ll just stick with a salad, what if it’s yuck?”
“A salad? OK, well then you can try the Kroepoek.
It’s a shrimp cracker, you’ll like it, and it’s only a buck!

Me, I’m going to try the Babi Pangang, you eat it with a fork.
Its taste and flavor were greatly praised, it’s cooked pork!”

After dinner, she looked at me, like she was going to be sick.
“It was good and I liked it, but next time…I pick!

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