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A poem about a man surviving an attack.
Amidst the chaos and the fray,
A man stood strong and held at bay,
The forces that sought to bring him down,
His spirit fierce, his will unbound.

With bloodied fists and battered frame,
He fought against all odds and pain,
His heart and soul ablaze with fire,
Determined to live, to never tire.

Through gritted teeth and steely gaze,
He faced his foes with fearless grace,
And when the battle was finally won,
The man emerged, his victory done.

With scars to show for all he'd been,
He stood tall, a true warrior seen,
For in his heart, he knew the truth,
That strength and courage were his proof.

And though he'd faced the darkest hour,
He emerged with newfound power,
For in surviving the attack,
He'd gained the strength to never look back.
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