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Rated: E · Poetry · Gothic · #2296254
A gothic poem about a possessed cat, wrecking havoc on a family.
In the dead of night, a feline’s cry
Echoes through the halls, piercing the sky
The family sleeps, unaware of the beast
That now roams freely, a dark and evil feast

Its eyes are red, its fur jet black
A demonic creature, on its back
It carries a curse, a wicked spell
A possession of sorts, straight from hell

The cat prowls the rooms, its claws sharp
Scratching at doors, leaving marks
It hisses and growls, baring its teeth
A warning to all, of what it will reap

The family awakens, to their great surprise
As they hear the cat’s haunting cries
It creeps closer, with each passing hour
A malevolent force, devoid of all power

The children huddle, under their beds
The parents stand guard, with fear and dread
But the cat is too strong, too powerful to bind
It dominates their home, their peace of mind

The clock strikes twelve, and all goes still
The cat disappears, as if by will
The family breathes a sigh, of great relief
But they do not know, of their impending grief

For the next night comes, and the cat returns
With a vengeance, and with lessons to learn
It tears apart furniture, and breaks down doors
Leaving the family, with nothing but chores

The cat is a demon, a devil in flesh
A force to be reckoned with, a curse to be blessed
It brings with it, a darkness so deep
That the family can only watch, and weep

Days turn to weeks, and the cat remains
A constant threat, that never wanes
The family is broken, their home in shambles
Their lives forever changed, by this demonic gamble

But one night, the father awakens with a start
A vision in his head, a chance to depart
He seeks out a priest, to rid them of the beast
To cleanse their home, and bring them peace

The priest arrives, with holy water in hand
He prays and chants, to make a stand
The cat hisses and growls, but the priest remains strong
A battle of wills, that will last all night long

The cat fights hard, but in the end
The priest wins, and the demon descends
Back to the depths, from where it came
Leaving the family, with nothing but shame

Their home is in ruins, their lives in tatters
But they are grateful, for what truly matters
Their souls are saved, from the demon’s grasp
And for that, they are willing to clasp

Their hands together, and pray for forgiveness
For all the times, they lived in blindness
To the evil that lurks, in the shadows of night
And to the power of faith, that brings forth light.

In the end, they are reunited
With their home, and with each other, they're delighted
They rebuild their lives, and start anew
A family reborn, with a love that is true.
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