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Rated: E · Poetry · Drama · #2296501
A dystopian poem about a town being engulfed by a fire.
As the sun set on the town of Ashen,
A fire began to grow and spread,
Consuming everything in its path,
Leaving only ashes in its stead.

The people of Ashen, they all ran,
Trying to escape the flames so red,
But the fire was too fast and fierce,
And soon it engulfed the town they bred.

The buildings, once so grand and strong,
Now crumbled down to dust and smoke,
The streets, once bustling with life,
Were now just a fiery, chaotic choke.

The screams of people filled the air,
As they ran for their lives in fear,
But the fire was too strong for them,
And soon it swallowed them up, so near.

The town, once a thriving place,
Was now a desolate, barren land,
The fire had taken all that was,
Leaving nothing but ash in its hand.

The sky turned a deep, blood red,
As the fire raged on all night long,
The smoke and flames, they rose so high,
And the people of Ashen were gone.

No one knows how the fire started,
Or why it spread so fast and wide,
But the town of Ashen was no more,
And all that was left was the fire's pride.

The animals, they too were gone,
Fleeing from the flames and heat,
The trees, once towering and green,
Now just a memory, so bittersweet.

The town of Ashen, it was no more,
And the fire, it had won the day,
Leaving nothing but a barren wasteland,
Where once a town had lay.

The people of Ashen, they were lost,
Their homes and lives burned to the ground,
Their memories, their hopes, their dreams,
All gone, without a single sound.

And now, as the fire burns out,
Leaving nothing but smoke and ash,
We cannot help but wonder,
How quickly life can turn to trash.

For the town of Ashen was once alive,
With laughter, love, and happiness,
But now it's just a memory,
Of a town that was consumed by its distress.

So let us remember the town of Ashen,
And all those who lost their lives,
And hope that from the ashes comes anew,
A town that thrives, and forever survives.
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