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A conversation between two friends in the form of a free verse poem
From Dan To Miriam - Stick By Me

You stick by me
When I need you, you're there.
You take me as I am,
Yet you challenge me to be more.
You say you like me
Which I find hard to believe
But it must be true
Or you would have left long ago.
You say you understand me
Which I don't think is possible -
Even I don't always understand me.
You know my worst
You've seen me struggle
And fall, and fail miserably.
When I hit the ground you're there
When I think it's all over
You tell me it's only beginning.
In my darkest moments
You can make me laugh.
You say I help you -
I don't get that at all.
It seems like a one-way relationship.
I need you - surely you don't need me.
I drain you, empty you -
I provide you with nothing
Yet you say you like me
And you stick by me.
Thank you.
Thank heaven for you.

From Miriam To Dan - Souls

A lonely soul, yes
A troubled soul, indeed.
But by no means an evil soul
Only hurt and confused - lost.
I know the things people say about you -
I have much of it said about me as well.
We are two of a kind, believe it or not.
I know your feelings - I've been there.
The fear, the anger, the walls
Built up as a matter of protection
That we hide our true selves behind.
I know how it feels to lash out
To hate someone so close to you
And a moment later hate yourself more
Than you thought you hated them.
I know the darkest whirlwinds of the heart
Wondering if those things they say about us
Are true after all.
But I know for a fact they are not.
We are not monsters
We are not irredeemably evil.
Troubled souls, yes.
Lonely souls, indeed.
But souls, two of a kind.
It takes a soul to know a soul.
And yes, you do help me -
I reach within myself to help you
And find within me what I only hoped was there.
I love to tell you you're not as bad as you think you are
And when you smile you're the nicest person I know.
We need each other -
Each of us in finding the other has found ourselves.
Thank heaven for that.
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