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When they are attacked everything KrisTee knew is lost.


No more Zaume

We had never seen technological weapons before. When the first explosions closed off all the entrances to the caves there was now here for the Zaume to go. All the Mariahs felt only fear and chaos. We were able to deflect some of the energy blasts with our claws, but there were only a handful of us; barely five adults that could sense where the blasts were coming from. Everywhere I looked there was Zaume either dead, mortally wounded or dying. Soon they all would be dead.

Then the creatures came on their speeders. I tried to keep myself under control, but the rage consumed me. With ZaHa I threw creatures into the cliffs and forced their speeders off the ledge. The others clawed and whipped but the technology was too much. I remember the burning in my side, and the awful vibrations that went through me before I lost consciousness.

When I awoke, I could sense two other Mariahs in my range, and neither were Nezume like me. I was surrounded by bars. The cage hung from logs balanced on two speeders. I looked down. Even with ZaHa to slow my fall, I could never survive a jump from that height. Even if I could, where would I go? What would I do? I did not know where the other Mariahs were, especially not Nezume, and the Zaume were probably all dead.

My despair threatened to consume me, so I turned my mind to Nazome and the Shiloh. Would I be able to find them? Would they help? I had not sensed them in many Yada. I located the other Mariahs in my range and tried to soothe them with the ShilVas that Nazome used to sing to me. I even let myself drift with the melody.

When I awoke again my cage was slung between two trees. Two of my captors stood watch and taunted the creatures in the small cages below me. Nezume! The primitive ones we had little in common with than genetics, but they were nonetheless Nezume. Some other cages held other species from Nezoom. Tyken huddled together weeping. TorRasta and TorSlaka threw themselves against the bars and fought amongst themselves.

Another of my captor creatures came to the guards. I could sense this one was more sentient. Their language was filled with vulgarity, and I hated translating it to understand better. No matter, I would not speak it. They would learn nothing from me.

The two guards lowered my cage to the ground. I sat cross legged in the middle of it. The sentient one had ZaHa talents; I knew it and it knew I had the same. I had learned to think in Igal. They would not learn to speak Shilah from me.

He looked somewhat like a TorSilka, but he had a mane for hair and wore a blue outfit like a lab technician. He spoke aloud in Igal. "I am called Taran. I know you understand me."

The two guards spat on the ground and issued a stream of vulgarities. I chuckled. They didn't understand Igal.

I sat calmly and looked at Taran. "They don't like you speaking this way."

"They are of no importance; mere unintelligent guards."

"Why should I talk to you?"

"I understand your disdain but what has already been done cannot be undone. Only your future can be decided from here."

"What do you have in mind for me, now that you have taken everything from me?"

Taran sighed. "I wish to know you. Why are you different from them?" He indicated the primitive nezume.

"Maybe you do not have the intelligence to understand."

Taran held his paw to his temple. "Stonewalling me will not help you or the others."

"There are no others here. You must know I know that."

'Will you answer me this? You were singing to the others in a language I heard only once in my lifetime before now. Where did it come from?"

I smiled slyly. "Ask the Zaume."

I turned my mind to thoughts of my white fur and memories of the dying cries of the Zaume. Taran could no longer sense anything but that. He stumbled away with his head in his paws and the guards raised the cage back into the trees.

I could have easily opened the cage ZaHa but again the questions came. Where would I go? What would I do? There was also the thought of their technology and weapons. There was a burn-like brand on my fur and skin where the pain had begun. How far would I be able to get? I had nothing but questions without answers.

At daybreak I awoke to the cage being lowered again. Taran stood on the ground. "I would like a blood sample."

I extended my claws and whipped my thorn studded tails. "You can try."

"This doesn't have to be painful for you."

"What pain have I not endured by your hands already?"

I was answered by the pain in my side then vibrations and blackness.

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