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when you're trying to figure the tune.
Natalie rolled her eyes as she heard Kevin whistle his little tune for the 100th time that day.
"YO! What is the problem?" Natalie said exasperated.
"What?" Kevin wondered as he continued whistling.
"What's up with the whistling?" Natalie stated.
"Someone sounds grumpy! Not enough sleep?" Jess asked.
Natalie sighed with annoyance. "Maybe."
It was silent for a moment, giving the girls a few minutes of bliss.
Then Kevin began whistling once again.
"UGH!" Both girls cried out in unison.
Kevin couldn't help but laugh. "I haven’t been able to take it out of my head since this morning. I'm trying to figure it out, the tune. What's the name of that song?"
"Figure it out before I lose it!" Natalie said.
Kevin continued to whistle while Natalie kept sighing with annoyance.
"Sounds like a song from The Offspring. ‘Why don’t you get a job!’” Jess said as she located it on YouTube and began to play it.
“Oh! That’s it!” Kevin said as he started to sing the song instead of whistling it.
“Never heard of it!” Natalie said, shaking her head, “Now, hush, before I seal your mouth for you!”
“Touchy, touchy!” Jess said humorously.
“I knew that!” Kevin said, ignoring Natalie.
“Sure you did, Kev, sure you did.” Jess responded.
They continued to banter at one another as the song played in the background.

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