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A home to cry for. // wc: 286
Linda stared up at the two-story house with a frown. She felt defeated. She had always wanted to live in the house on Lavender Moon Ave. Ever since she was a little girl, she would always see the house standing tall with its many French windows, double doors and a wide wooden porch. The willow trees loomed over the house making it look ethereal.
Today, however, not even the beauty of the house could bring a smile on her face.
The house had gone up for sale and Linda had begged Mitch to buy it. He had agreed but had to first save money.
After months of saving, they had put in an offer.
Sold, Linda thought with bitterness as the sign laughed at her despair. It was too late.
“It’s okay, hunny. There will be other houses,” Mitch said.
They both stood outside the house.
“Ooh! What a lovey home! Who lives in that house? You two?” a stranger wondered as they passed by with curiosity.
Linda wanted to cry. She wanted to scream and throw herself on the floor.
“Let’s go and say hi, introduce ourselves. Let's make them feel welcome," Mitch said.
Linda’s frown deepened. How could he be so nonchalant about the whole situation? Reluctantly, she followed and walked up to the door. Mitch knocked several times with no answer. He recached for the doorknob.
“What are you doing! This is not our house!”
“Yes, it is,” Mitch replied as he pulled out the keys from his pant pocket. “Surprise, hunny.”
Linda gasped as the realization hit her. She cried out with joy, embraced him tightly, and peppered him with kisses. She was overjoyed. She had gotten her dream house at last.

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