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Message Forum
Next to the Static Item, the Message Forum is one of the most used tools on Writing.Com. It's safe to say this forum is the most interactive item available. A Message Forum can be created and hosted by anyone with a Basic membership or above, although the Basic member is limited to two Message Forums. Upgraded members and above may create and host unlimited forums, and one does not need a Group to create a Message Forum, although many groups use such forums to enhance their activities. When the access restriction is set to Make PUBLIC, allow EVERYONE!, anyone, including guests, may view the forum posts, but only registered members may post a message.

You can create a Message Forum by clicking on the Create New Item link in the navigation located under the Writing.Com logo. Choose Message Forum from the variety of item types available. For a more detailed explanation about creating your own Message Forum, please see "Create/Edit a Message Forum.

For what can a Message Forum be used?
The reasons for creating a message forum are as endless as one's imagination. You may have an interest in a particular genre and wish to find like-minded folks willing to discuss that interest. Maybe you'd like to promote an activity, contest, or even a special friend. Or, you might just want to meet some new friends or have them over for "coffee and discussion", such as "Writing.Com General Discussion and "Noticing Newbies. Perhaps you're looking for a free exchange of ideas, storylines, or how-to information. Writing.Com maintains several message forums based on the exchange of information and inquiries, including "Technical Support Forum and "Non-Technical Support Forum.

Whatever your reasons, message forums are a perfect way to promote interaction among members of Writing.Com.

What kind of Message Forums are available?
While the following classifications are currently listed, selecting one forum type over another does not change the actual composition of the message forum nor the method in which the forum is advertised on Writing.Com. You should still select the appropriate genres in Section 3 of the creation/edit window to ensure your message forum is properly advertised or listed. Properly inserting one of the following types can, however, be used to narrow your search for a specific type of message forum when looking on our Message Forum   public listing page.
*Bullet* Activity
*Bullet* Contest
*Bullet* Debate
*Bullet* Discussion
*Bullet* Game
*Bullet* Promotion
*Bullet* Q & A
*Bullet* Review
*Bullet* Social

I've created a Message Forum. What are my responsibilities?
When you create a Message Forum, you become the forum moderator with total control over the written content that may be posted in your forum. You set the discussion parameters, the content rating, and the access restrictions for your forum--anyone desiring to post a message must adhere to your guidelines.

As a forum moderator you have several tools that allow you to manage your forum. Some tools are used to manage the overall forum itself--these are located at the top of your forum under the Gear icon.

Other tools are available to help you manage the individual posts. They look like this:

<< Previous · Message List · Next >>
Reply · Post New · Edit · Suspend · Delete · Lock

If you find that someone has posted outside of the content rating or topic range that you have set, you have the option to edit, suspend or delete the post from your message forum. If you decide to suspend or delete a forum post, a confirmation window will appear allowing you to add a reason before actually processing that post. You may select one of the reasons provided in a drop-down window or create one of your own or leave it blank. In any case, selection of a tool will generate a new window allowing you to confirm or preview your action before completing that action.

Why doesn't my Message Forum show up in the forum listings?
Your message forum must have at least one message posted to show up in the listings. Content rated above 18+ is not listed in public listings. Also, content not properly rated may be removed from the public listings.

As with anything, how you set your access restrictions determines who can view and access the item. A list of alternatives is available for you to choose from in the pull down menu in the message forum creation/edit window. The restrictions may be edited at any time to reflect the changes in your mood or group status. For more information, please read: "Access Restrictions1

Recommended Reading

1  Written by Wannabe and Jace

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