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December 20, 2014
7:54am EST

by Crissy
Rated: E | Message Forum | Contest | #1523560
Poetry contest using song lyrics as prompts.

"Music is the shorthand of emotion." -Leo Tolstoy

"Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy." -Ludwig Van Beethoven

"I think music in itself is healing. It's an explosive expression of humanity. It's something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we're from, everyone loves music." -Billy Joel

Thanks to the very talented iKïyå§ama for the awesome banner!

My sincerest gratitude goes out to stacylynn71 for the ribbon that dons this page.

Don't you love the way certain songs can sway us into a particular mood with their lyrics, melody, or tempo? I feel that music taps into our emotions, and aids us in finding our innermost passions.

On the 1st, I will reveal several new prompts, (short lines from songs) using a different emotion-related theme each month. I will provide the names of the songs, the artists, and youtube links when available. You must include one, but you may include more than one, of the line prompts within the body of your poem. Please try to incorporate the THEME of the month in your poem, and not just the line prompt. This will be part of the judging process. You can find lyrics for most songs for free at:

In return, your contest entry should:

*Right* be poetry only, 32 lines or fewer.
*Right* be your only entry for this round.
*Right* have the prompt highlighted in some fashion. IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT YOU HIGHLIGHT THE PROMPT.
*Right* be newly created and stored in your portfolio.
*Right* contain the exact line prompt within the body of the poem.
*Right* not exceed a rating of 18+.
*Right* be submitted in Bitem format.
*Note5* If you are not familiar with the Bitem format, please see:
 ID: 1704538
Invalid Item 
This item number is not valid.
by Not Available.

*RibbonB* JUDGES *RibbonB*

If there are fewer than 8 entries, only First and Second Places will be awarded. If there are fewer than 5 entries, only First Place will be awarded.

Spelling and grammar WILL be judged. I encourage you to edit, but only until the deadline. Please, no editing once judging has begun. Doing so will eliminate your piece from consideration.

*Exclaim* PRIZES *Exclaim*
*Gift5* First Place: 25K Awardicon *Gift5*
*Gift5* Second Place: A Merit Badge *Gift5*
*Gift5* Third Place: 5K GPs *Gift5*
*Gift5* Honorable Mention can/will be given out at my discretion.

*Flower1* DEADLINE *Flower1*
Contest will run from the 1st-27th of each month. Entries received after 11:59pm EST (WDC time) on the 27th are ineligible for prizes. Winners will be announced on the last day of the month.

*Balloon1* ROUND 3 PROMPT *Balloon1*

Desire is defined as 'having a strong longing for, a wish or craving, sexual appetite or passion'. A desire is usually something that is attainable, like a desire for success or a certain friendship. When someone desires an object, goal or person, it brings them joy to think about that desire and they are prompted to move toward attainment of that person or thing. DESIRE will be our emotional prompt for March '13.


song: Come On Get Higher by Matt Nathanson

~"I ache to remember"

~"I miss the pull of your heart"

You can listen to the song/see the video here:

song: That's the Way Love Goes by Janet Jackson

~"You feel so good I'm gonna cry"

~"Reach out and feel my body"

You can listen to the song/see the video here:

*Balloon1* WINNERS OF ROUND 3 *Balloon1*

1st place:
ID: 1925554 (ASR)
I Dream of the Sun 
In this endless winter, all I dream of is the warmth of the suns rays......
by Jellyfish #SayNoToSnow!

*Note5* Donations are very much appreciated. Anyone donating 50K or more will receive a Music Merit Badge. A portion of all donations will benefit The WDC Angel Army, The Talent Pond and Simply Positive Group.

Please send all donations to:"Musical Sentiments Bank

(The *MushroomR*s denote multiple donations.)

*ExclaimB*No copyright infringement was intended with the use of these songs.*ExclaimB*
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There are 96 Posts. Page 1 of 4 with per page.
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