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February 28, 2015
1:53am EST

by Joy
Rated: 18+ | In & Out | Writing | #1569967
Link an item to advertise or for r/r and write a short piece with the given word.

Welcome to the "Tap the Muse" In & Out.

The idea is: Write small; Think big!

All you need to do is write a couple of sentences, prose-poem, or a very short poem on the given word.
See what you can come up with in a short time.
I'll try to change the word often, depending on my time and real life. The original idea came from a website called, "one word, so little time."

Here are a couple of examples:

Glitter on the frost like the moisture in your eyes...Little did I know before I heard you crying, before I left in a haze of falling snow like a driven person who failed to see what might have been.

The prince rocked back and forth inside the huge barrel. He choked up a scream, hissing, wheezing. Cinderella was nowhere in sight, but he knew she was hiding in the bushes, waiting for the barrel to roll down the Niagara falls.

*Bullet* Keep it very short.
*Bullet* Keep the rating under or on 18+.
*Bullet* Use the word inside your entry. You may use it in its different forms. (Singular, Plural, in different tenses or adjusted to different parts of speech like beauty*Right*beautiful.)
*Bullet* You may enter an item ID that you'd like to advertise or to offer for review.

Make sure you have a copy of what you write. In and outs may change quickly and what you write may be lost.


*Idea* *Idea* *Idea* *Idea* *Heart*

The word of the day is:


*Idea* *Idea* *Idea* *Idea* *Heart*

So far, the words offered were:

ParrotJingle Bash Novel Support Wing Chain Bottle Shop Garden Spill Price China Chatter Punch Artist Salt Ten Pop Page Harbor Slump Drive Bathe Swamp Silence Shopping Snow Cloud Moon turkey Crawl Voice Seed Pine Gold Whistle Cook Game Thread Sin Knot Wander Coffee Pin Bliss Eyes Vase Poison Shriek Torch Nest Bloom Vine Tattoo Friends Signal Dawn Tune River Rush Wave Virtue

Atomic Angels Book 1: Love and Money     (Rated: 13+)
: Jed Jones - banned novel @ 09-16-14 @ 3:05pm
"I'll meet you at the fifteenth bench in the park," the girl told the boy she didn't want to date. There were only fourteen.

14 th Birthday Short Story Contest     (Rated: 13+)
: Joy @ 09-07-14 @ 1:58pm
A human's head has fourteen facial bones in addition to the eight skull bones.

Win a Power Merit Badge - Closed     (Rated: E)
: eyestar~Go Power Raiders! @ 08-07-14 @ 6:59pm
A parrot parrotted everything the crow cawed. Mimicry confused the crow crowd; the parrot's parents were awed!

Don't Speak     (Rated: 18+)
: Joy @ 07-31-14 @ 9:53am
I wonder if there is a person trapped inside a parrot, since persons exist with parrots inside them; they repeat everything they hear mindlessly.

Jingle     (Rated: 13+)
: Moarzjasac @ 04-11-14 @ 12:52am
The jingle of his spurs announces his presence. He is a specter from hell. He slams the dutch door into me when he sees me carrying the heavy brass spittoon outside to dump. Swaggering to the bar he drops a coin onto its sticky surface

Haiku Hunting     (Rated: E)
: eyestar~Go Power Raiders! @ 03-11-14 @ 3:53pm
When tinklebells jingle, with excitement we tingle as with gifts we'll soon mingle!

Readers Choice - Short Shots Poetry Round     (Rated: E)
: Joy @ 12-20-13 @ 4:53pm
In the olden days, my grandfather worked as a radio jingle producer who wrote and created musical melodies together with the session singers.

Published Books of WdC Authors Forum     (Rated: 13+)
: Joy @ 08-01-13 @ 9:14am
In one month, we'll have the thirteenth WdC Birthday Bash. Get ready!

Novel     (Rated: E)
: Blue @ 04-19-13 @ 12:01pm
New addiction, angst, suspense Oppression, boredom, inspiration Variety, imagination Elation Love in written spirit...

The 20k Contest     (Rated: 13+)
: Elisa, Bunny Stik @ 02-10-13 @ 10:04pm
I have spent too much time traversing the world to consider many things novel, and yet I find the comfort of being a jaded asshole fitting of that adjective.

Power Fun & Fundraising - Sold Out     (Rated: E)
: Maryann @ 02-10-13 @ 9:51pm
The small child gazed around in astonishment at the amount of novels on the shelves. It was her first time in a library, and she knew it wouldn't be her last.

Beaches     (Rated: E)
: warriormom changed to mimi1214 @ 01-30-13 @ 10:11am
This novel inspired her to become a writer. At the tender age of twelve, she fell in love with words and knew her life would be forever changed.

How do you eat your chocolate?     (Rated: ASR)
: Thankful Sonali Snail Mail! @ 01-29-13 @ 2:42am
A novel a day keeps boredom at bay!

Tap the Muse     (Rated: 18+)
: wordwan @ 01-19-13 @ 5:17pm
Novel: It was very novel that she choose to write a novel about an ovel that was veiled in love.

Items on the Craft of Writing     (Rated: E)
: Joy @ 11-04-12 @ 1:11pm
She invented a novel food in which she had injected a solution to erase wrinkles.

Tap the Muse     (Rated: 18+)
: nix leavenworth @ 09-17-12 @ 1:28am
Cut a rug, I suppose, you suggest and we do/ At 9pm I am jumping up and down with you/ Where just the hour before/ Unsupported, my anger did soar/ Yet oh how you've brought about myself anew!

Copenator's Crew Auction - closed!     (Rated: 13+)
: Steve reviewing to Premium May @ 09-16-12 @ 11:26pm
Support means to uphold. As time does unfold, Life will take it's toll. Raise your voice and call. Praying for help and expecting success. The best support is found in His Son Jesus.

Merry Christmas. But why am I so hot?.     (Rated: E)
: Joy @ 09-15-12 @ 12:29am
no need for keys or codes / success waits beyond the next gate / no need for fruitless wishing / your effort will support you / just push it a bit / the gate is not locked /

Words of Legend: An Action/Adv. Contest     (Rated: 18+)
: Yera ~Twelve!~ @ 07-15-12 @ 4:21am
His wings were merely tattered remnants of what once had lifted him high above the rest, for his pride had become his downfall. Now he was nothing but a slave to gravity and to the dust beneath, cursed to wander until the end.

Yera's SciFi/Fantasy Contest     (Rated: 18+)
: Joy @ 07-05-12 @ 4:47pm
Your dream wings are uplifting things; they pull you up and make you soar, above the roar of everyday things.

Troublesome Musings     (Rated: 18+)
: Elisa, Bunny Stik @ 05-13-12 @ 12:50am
Being a wrangler is strange. You are toward the top of the talent's chain of command but fall somewhere in the middle of management's. Neither one, though, should involve a Colt .45.

Published Books of WdC Authors Forum     (Rated: 13+)
: Joy @ 05-12-12 @ 7:55pm
He apologized to his stomach for the pain he caused because he went to a chain fast-food place and ate a fish burger with jalapeno and French fries and drank some bitter-tasting soda.

Mercy! Mercy! That Dang Nabed PERCY!     (Rated: 18+)
: Joy @ 02-28-12 @ 9:46am
She picked a crushed plastic bottle out of the garbage and blew into it to make it expand back to its normal condition for later use. As she did so she thought, Life on the streets is the greatest teacher.

Sound of Music shop     (Rated: E)
: eyestar~Go Power Raiders! @ 12-16-11 @ 9:53am
Tea shops and toy shops, shops full of candy. Gift shops and Bake shops, everything handy. Shops full of shoppers who spend til they drop, wishing that Santa really had a shop! When the til rings! When the bill comes, it may be a shock! ...

Music to Their Ears     (Rated: ASR)
: Elisa, Bunny Stik @ 11-12-11 @ 2:19pm
I keep returning to this city for its shop talk: the debate on whether or not film is dead, how to create great effects on a tiny budget and which producers to not tick off. I hate so much about this place, but hearing this chatter is comforting.

Stepping Into the Dark     (Rated: 13+)
: Felicitus @ 09-01-11 @ 6:55pm
The Inner Garden - that place at the back of your mind where seeds carelessly sewn grow into maleficent weeds or sparkling blooms, left untended they intertwine until indistinguishable; when tended becomes a backdrop for all that grows outside.

Olympia 2020     (Rated: 18+)
: Elisa, Bunny Stik @ 07-31-11 @ 11:07pm
Reina tiptoed into the garden, careful to avoid the cavorting lovers dashing naked through the gladiolas. She just hoped that the person she was meeting could truly help her purge this decadence from the planet.

The Jester     (Rated: E)
: Sum1 @ 06-11-11 @ 7:51am
Like ants crawling from their hill, the bubbles spilled over the bottle top. Who'd have thought Mento's would do this to Diet Coke?

Spill Is a Word.     (Rated: E)
: jblackgloves number 35. @ 05-06-11 @ 8:10pm
1774240. hope this is what you were hoping to receive. Thank you for having this part of WDC. cubby Spill is a Word. 1774240

Flight of the Fallen Sparrow     (Rated: E)
: Thankful Sonali Snail Mail! @ 04-12-11 @ 11:20am
Don't spill beans. They're impossible to gather back.

All This Useless Beauty     (Rated: GC)
: ~unicornsong @ 04-12-11 @ 3:54am
The wine spilled over the tablecloth and my yellow dress staining both a dark red. An acrid odor rose to my nostrils. It was old and ruined anyway.

Hello to crystal goblets...     (Rated: 18+)
: Joy @ 04-11-11 @ 10:38pm
Ink spills on rice paper make the dragon grin at the artist drawing it.

Let's help each other grow!-Forum-Closed     (Rated: E)
: Thankful Sonali Snail Mail! @ 03-29-11 @ 5:55pm
Consider the value, not the price.

Dew Drop Inn     (Rated: 18+)
: Joy @ 03-29-11 @ 3:39pm
He felt the texture of the new price tag between his fingers before he stuck it to the side of the showcase and snickered. What a sour trick it was going to be on his customers!

Money, Money, Money     (Rated: 13+)
: Thankful Sonali Snail Mail! @ 02-10-11 @ 11:07am
The best china is for guests, the family gets the rest!

pastoral meditation     (Rated: E)
: alfred booth, wanbli ska @ 02-07-11 @ 3:47am
translucent, the finest porcelaine / many corners of the blue planet / boast delicate human hands / molding clays to be glazed / into bowls and goblets / most of us call bone china--- / where are the skeletons?

Short Shots: Official WDC Contest     (Rated: E)
: Joy @ 02-06-11 @ 8:05pm
With morbid animosity, he yanked the tablecloth off, causing the good china crash into shards on the floor. That was when she drew her Glock.

jailhouse blues     (Rated: 18+)
: alfred booth, wanbli ska @ 01-13-11 @ 4:00pm
Only birds understand the chatter of the wind and rain; I merely doze off, dazed by the serenity bathing my ears!

The Writer's Cramp     (Rated: 13+)
: spidey observes the sky @ 01-13-11 @ 11:04am
The morning sun brought the chatter of early birds, singing songs of hope dawning upon the waking world.

15 for 15 Contest --- Closed     (Rated: 18+)
: Joy @ 01-12-11 @ 11:31pm
Among guests, party chatter, and kitchen clatter, isn't it nice to catch the admiring gaze and dewy eyes of someone you love?

NOVAcatmando's P.loggia     (Rated: 13+)
: NOVAcatmando @ 12-23-10 @ 11:04am
mysteries of Yule / how old embers reappear / and who spiked the punch

Meeple's Fun & Games Activity     (Rated: E)
: Joy @ 12-22-10 @ 11:08am
At our granny's home/ time to bring out the punch bowl/ to make Santa dance.

Yucca Sky Ballet     (Rated: E)
: Coal @ 11-22-10 @ 3:16pm
Forgive the Artist, who, unwilling to conform, splashes color with ignorance and reckless abandon, who so caustically taints the order of the land. (in other words oops on the last post)

Bringing back the Buffalo     (Rated: 13+)
: Coal @ 11-22-10 @ 3:01pm
Jeek slowly turned in the saddle and drew down a jaundiced eye. "Is that a whistle for me, my donkey or my girl?." Markey shot a glance at all three just before the tobacco wad smacked him in the forehead.

A Soul Adrift     (Rated: 13+)
: Elisa, Bunny Stik @ 10-30-10 @ 6:48pm
"So what do you think of his skills as an artist?" "He has room to grow. On an emotional level, though, I've never seen so much sadness in one place before. Who knew mourning could be expressed so deeply with a Leica?"

obsession     (Rated: 18+)
: alfred booth, wanbli ska @ 10-30-10 @ 6:53am
In the iridescent sliver of moonlight an invisible bat followed the salt as it rained over his shoulder, warding off the evil spirits of this dark Halloween. His troubles had just begun.

Shelley - Your Name An Acrostic     (Rated: E)
: Steve reviewing to Premium May @ 10-30-10 @ 6:25am
Salt flavors our meat. All too often coats our arteries. Leaves us with high blood pressure. Then we have to take Lipitor! Salt, gotta love it!

Tap the Muse     (Rated: 18+)
: Ada -Lyn @ 10-05-10 @ 7:09pm
The salt of tears falling with no sound on the last breath of our dying love.

Belated B'day Excuses: 200 wd contest     (Rated: E)
: Joy @ 09-30-10 @ 6:24pm
This looking back, at times, turns me to salt.

Juice's Spooktacular Raffle     (Rated: E)
: jraf @ 09-07-10 @ 3:29am
A funny thing time is, isn't it? I spent ten years playing softball, working hard to make my father proud, but it only took ten seconds to erase all that work when I ruined my leg and my dreams of being the first woman big-leaguer.

Duckies for All Seasons Raffle - Closed     (Rated: E)
: Silva Shado @ 09-06-10 @ 7:57pm
Ten yellow duckies all in a row, swimming across the pond in moon's glow. Suddenly, they turned their heads towards the grassy park and scattered at the sounds of a mean old dog's bark.

Weathered Developments     (Rated: 13+)
: Elisa, Bunny Stik @ 09-04-10 @ 11:33am
It had been ten hours since I joined my classmates in the basement of the Primera Casa building, and my water was starting to run low. It was time to hide it.

Angel Product Reviews     (Rated: ASR)
: Joy @ 09-02-10 @ 1:47pm
Happy Tenth Birthday,! May you be around ten million years from now! Smile

Through the Eyes of a Child     (Rated: ASR)
: jraf @ 08-28-10 @ 12:57am
I smiled as he fell to one knee. For the longest time, I had wondered when he would ever pop the question. "Let's..." he murmured, lifting his head, "...go now my laces are tied!"

A Primer to Roommates     (Rated: E)
: Elisa, Bunny Stik @ 08-22-10 @ 2:35am
I sat and drew stick figures in the margins of my notebook when the page cut through the professor's lecture. "Everyone please report to Shelter A or otherwise make your way underground." I'm glad I filled my water bottle before going to class.

A Fisherman's Tale     (Rated: ASR)
: jraf @ 08-22-10 @ 2:17am
Once there was a page / Who sought to be a mage. / The problem was / He's doomed because / He certainly is no sage.

A Little Luck     (Rated: E)
: Connieann @ 08-13-10 @ 1:38pm
After getting into my car, I opened the notebook to the first page and, written there in bold printed letters, was the little girl's shocking cry for help.

Letter To Pen Browning     (Rated: 13+)
: Joy @ 08-04-10 @ 8:55pm
Just luck the old book survived with pages yellowing, a paper record of an old love affair, its memory acting like serum in his veins.

Dragon Shower     (Rated: 13+)
: BIG BAD WOLF @ 08-04-10 @ 8:11pm
The Past can Harbor some dark secrets. Sometimes the truth isn't known, until it's too late.

Take Your Son to Work     (Rated: E)
: BIG BAD WOLF @ 07-28-10 @ 2:58pm
Can a child on the harbor get into trouble for harboring a thief? I don't know.

True Grit Scene Spoof     (Rated: 13+)
: BIG BAD WOLF @ 07-28-10 @ 2:57pm
A man and his horse watch as their boat enters the harbor, so that they can get off.

A Monster Soldier's Christmas     (Rated: 13+)
: BIG BAD WOLF @ 07-28-10 @ 2:55pm
Two soldiers at the harbor watch their boat come in.

Philbis Duckworth and the Mutilated Cows     (Rated: 18+)
: ~unicornsong @ 07-24-10 @ 3:18pm
Safely docked in the harbor people gather beach blankets and sand-filled tote bags with one hand. In the other is evidence of a wild ride.

Duckies for All Seasons Raffle - Closed     (Rated: E)
: Silva Shado @ 07-24-10 @ 12:20pm
People on shore marveled at the sight rolling into the harbor. Thousands upon thousands of little yellow duckies rode the waves to shore.

Slider Exchange     (Rated: 13+)
: Elisa, Bunny Stik @ 07-23-10 @ 11:56pm
I harbor doubts that Americans (and others) truly understand the multifaceted aspects of race and racial conflict anymore. The question is, did they ever?

Fog     (Rated: E)
: Joy @ 07-14-10 @ 11:58pm
The ocean rocks the boats, eager to touch the hands of the fishermen who still wait at the harbor.

a little bit of poetry contest     (Rated: ASR)
: ridinghhood--p. boutilier @ 07-14-10 @ 2:53pm
I have been in a slump---but slowly slumping out of it!!!

NOVAcatmando's P.loggia     (Rated: 13+)
: NOVAcatmando @ 07-05-10 @ 2:43pm
she slumped her way through the brambles and splashed through the puddles looking for the secret garden....

Get the Picture!     (Rated: ASR)
: Thankful Sonali Snail Mail! @ 07-05-10 @ 1:44am
Slump rhymes with jump and pump. But all the couplets I can think of now are corny, so I'll leave it to your imagination to create the verse! *Bigsmile*

Scattered leaves with poetic imprints     (Rated: 18+)
: alfred booth, wanbli ska @ 06-20-10 @ 9:21am
Driven by solitude or revenge, it was all the same. He could tell no one the inner secrets stored so carefully in his heart.

The Heart of October (II)     (Rated: 18+)
: Elisa, Bunny Stik @ 06-20-10 @ 12:04am
Upon my return from London, I had a new drive to help the men of the world keep their careers in tact. I was okay with this role, as being just out of the spotlight is perfect for a mastermind such as myself.

Poetry     (Rated: 18+)
: Joy @ 06-06-10 @ 2:06pm
She drives through her old street, recalling that dreadful summer they sold away her favorite home as she glances at the three crab apple trees in bloom by the mailbox.

Gathering     (Rated: 13+)
: Elisa, Bunny Stik @ 06-06-10 @ 12:35pm
After my friend's acrimonious divorce, I took a trip to London to clear my head. Someone dared me to "take a bathe in the Thames", and the brisk water was exactly what I needed to let go of the years of tension building in my muscles.

Apogalacteum     (Rated: E)
: ridinghhood--p. boutilier @ 06-06-10 @ 12:15pm
Dolphins bathed in B/P oil---MamaGaia cries oil-slicked tears.

Duckies for All Seasons Raffle - Closed     (Rated: E)
: Silva Shado @ 06-05-10 @ 5:25pm
My husband bathed me in sweet words of love and encouragement. Though the day looked bleak, my heart felt light, my mind washed clean of all negative thoughts.

Bear Drives into Tollbooth - Humor     (Rated: E)
: Wordsmitty @ 05-21-10 @ 8:44pm
May you bathe in the sunshine, dance in the rain, fly with the wind, drift with the clouds, and snore with the thunder (so no one knows!).

: Joy @ 05-21-10 @ 11:21am
Sumi-e: Ink strokes bathe on rice paper, musing on the tilted tree by the bridge.

Taking Control of Your Education     (Rated: E)
: Elisa, Bunny Stik @ 05-16-10 @ 2:13pm
It seems that no matter in which life I find myself, I always trade one swamp for another, with each instance of helping a guy getting progressively more controversial...and dangerous.

The Strand     (Rated: E)
: ridinghhood--p. boutilier @ 05-09-10 @ 11:11am
Brigid chose to live at the edge of the swamp. Those who valued her blacksmithing skills happily traveled the Tamiami Trail for her services.

Irish Verse Forms Description     (Rated: E)
: Joy @ 05-07-10 @ 1:05pm
The swamp knows no class or distinction, and it can fold its arms around those who escape from death...or life.

Forever Tormented     (Rated: 18+)
: Elisa, Bunny Stik @ 04-18-10 @ 10:50am
I soon learned never to trust the silence that emanated from the Olympian's house. If anything, it was a forewarning of his wife's fury and another failed attempt to get him to the hospital.

A Dewdrop-a-Day for April     (Rated: 18+)
: Joy @ 04-17-10 @ 11:21pm
Silence floated in the air like an autumn leaf, making him see everything for the first time.

Chew On This     (Rated: E)
: Elisa, Bunny Stik @ 03-28-10 @ 6:18pm
And then came the bombshell: Oracle Software Company had hired an Olympian. That meant he would move to my neck of the woods, and his wife would be in tow. Why do I think this is a divorce in the making?

The Ghost of Rowan Oak     (Rated: ASR)
: Joy @ 03-25-10 @ 4:59pm
The oracle intoned in his rich tenor voice: “You built all the traps that you fell into. Now, learn to build other things instead.”

rambling ruwth's reviews     (Rated: ASR)
: ruwth @ 03-24-10 @ 8:36pm
What am I doing here? I am shopping for someone who is shopping for a review of an article and will post a request in my forum.

The Real Versus the Ideal     (Rated: 18+)
: Elisa, Bunny Stik @ 03-20-10 @ 11:07pm
Putting his shopping out of my mind, I shifted my attention to other matters, including getting another draft of my polyamory script completed and perfecting a recipe for goat cheese ravioli.

Per Nonno, Con Amore     (Rated: 13+)
: Joy @ 03-18-10 @ 12:14am
Store windows stare at me with wide open eyes, while exposing their seductive goods. Funny! Even shopping is encouraged through flirting.

Winter Invasion Concluded     (Rated: E)
: Wordsmitty @ 02-26-10 @ 8:38pm
Sprinkle sprinkle lots of snow *Snow1* See how furious the wind does blow *Snow2* Covering all it wants to go *Snow3* Shoveling soon? No, no, no, no!

The Red Wagon     (Rated: 13+)
: ~unicornsong @ 02-26-10 @ 2:15pm
snow outside windows / in other places. I basked / under early spring sun

Sci-Fi Shenanigans     (Rated: 18+)
: Elisa, Bunny Stik @ 02-26-10 @ 12:47am
So I spent much of my spare time watching the young man snow women as he went beard shopping in an attempt to ignore his true desires. I'm starting to think he's doing this because I told him not to pursue his cast mate.

between mother and son     (Rated: 18+)
: alfred booth, wanbli ska @ 02-23-10 @ 3:01am
A cloud covers my heart, fluffy novocaine; the suffering of a starless night lessened, though dreams of a falling star have vanished like Cupid's arrow, when I, in a moment of stupor, did not feel its thwang and quickly place myself in its path....

The Blazing Cauldron     (Rated: 18+)
: Elisa, Bunny Stik @ 02-22-10 @ 10:58pm
When it came down to it, though, my mind was getting clouded by all these guys deciding I need to be their romantic sounding boards. I've yet to figure out how to tell them I'm not.

Scattered Bits     (Rated: 18+)
: Elisa, Bunny Stik @ 01-17-10 @ 8:14pm
When I gave it some more thought, though, I realized why he'd moon over his castmate. Unlike many of the actors in Hollywood today, he had a rugged masculine look that also made him look like an everyday sort of guy.

Scattered leaves with poetic imprints     (Rated: 18+)
: alfred booth, wanbli ska @ 01-17-10 @ 11:56am
Where is the silver shimmering of moonlight that guides my heart across life's labyrinth of crossed ships and unrequited love? It's shadows follow me like a timid puppy who doesn't bark when I fall over a rock waiting patiently in my path...

The Quill Awards     (Rated: ASR)
: Andrew @ 12-05-09 @ 9:08pm
Sometimes in life we bowl gutter balls, but we need to throw a few gutters to be warmed up enough to get a turkey, eh?

The Real Versus the Ideal     (Rated: 18+)
: Elisa, Bunny Stik @ 11-28-09 @ 1:13pm
I should have known his real feelings months earlier when he described the competition for the object of his affection as a turkey.

Duckies for All Seasons Raffle - Closed     (Rated: E)
: Silva Shado @ 11-28-09 @ 10:33am
The children gathered around the table, anxious to eat the turkey they had smelled cooking all day.

seventeen hours and five minutes     (Rated: 13+)
: alfred booth, wanbli ska @ 11-26-09 @ 3:43pm
I am a fowl, yet unfeathered friend, though I should hate you all for hunting my turkey brethren. Would humans like to be bred, stuffed and killed, uniquely for Zeus' whim of a festive table? That was once known as human sacrifice. It was abolished.

One Night in Margaritaville     (Rated: 18+)
: Joy @ 11-24-09 @ 7:02pm
The turkey, a happy bird -metaphysically speaking-, sees bleeding hearts and says "Look, a parade!"

in the belly of the beast     (Rated: E)
: Joy @ 11-19-09 @ 10:28pm
She crawls like an anaconda to cut a path in the fertile soil of his imagination to make him forget his hunt for monkeys.

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