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March 30, 2015
10:11am EDT

Rated: 18+ | In & Out | Entertainment | #861430
A humourous list I wrote for one of my msn groups I am in just for kicks.
Its funny what a person can come up with. Share one of your wacky ideas in which you think would be a great way to torture someone.
Here are my own top 10:
10) Pull out their hair, strand by strand or go crazy and just tug and pull.
9) Pull out their fingernails and toenails one by one with a rusted pair of tweesers.
8) Rub their skin with sandpaper and then soak them in lemon juice.
7) Throw a bowling ball at their most sensitive spot or at their feet, either is fine.
6) Throw some very sharp darts at their ass, the tips being coated with acid.
5) Lay them down in a bed of starving ants naked and covered in meat juice.
4) Hold them in place and keep their eyes open and poke at them with a needle.
3) Use a very sharp knife and slowly peel off each layer of skin.
2) Cover them in blood and toss their ass into a shark infested water.
1) Tie them to a rope overhanging a tank of piranas & slowly start cutting the rope.

: van_maniac
: 06-25-04 @ 10:46am
: Use them as a speed bumb.

: van_maniac
: 08-04-04 @ 5:25pm
: Throw them in front of a passing car and then run them over again and again with your own car.

: Theday
: 08-12-04 @ 12:19am
: Strip them naked and place them in a public area, tied to a lamp post.

: Theday
: 08-12-04 @ 12:20am
: Make them eat their own hair, pubic and all.

: Theday
: 08-12-04 @ 12:21am
: Make them eat butter straight from the container.

: Theday
: 08-12-04 @ 12:21am
: Water torcher... bloat and punch.

: Theday
: 08-12-04 @ 12:22am
: Make them watch Barney, Teletubbies, and every other annoying children show.

: Theday
: 08-12-04 @ 12:23am
: Cheat with their boy or girl friend.

: Theday
: 08-12-04 @ 12:24am
: Kill their pet and stuff it.

: Theday
: 08-13-04 @ 1:11am
: Send them to be a guest on the Jerry Springer Show!

: Theday
: 08-13-04 @ 1:12am
: Dail up internet access.

: Theday
: 08-13-04 @ 1:12am
: Dail up internet access.

: Theday
: 08-13-04 @ 1:13am
: Liquid Oxygen being poured on their feet. That stuff is -300*C!

: Theday
: 08-27-04 @ 8:29pm
: Make them go swimming in a highly chorlined pool.

: Theday
: 08-27-04 @ 8:30pm
: Feed them to 500 pounds and return them to their home to let them discouver how vain their family and friends are.

: Theday
: 08-27-04 @ 8:30pm
: Pull out each tooth with a hammer and nail.

: Theday
: 08-27-04 @ 8:31pm
: Show them this list and ask them to pick the one they want the most.

: Theday
: 08-27-04 @ 8:32pm
: Tie them to a bed and have a tap drip ever so slightly.

: Theday
: 09-30-04 @ 4:06pm
: Make them preform sexual acts to sharp inanimate objects.

: Theday
: 10-02-04 @ 12:17am
: Throw them off a 10 foot drop in a striaght jacket.

: Theday
: 10-02-04 @ 12:18am
: Run a knife or fork against a glass surface, creates the same noise as nails on a chalkboard.

: shypuppie
: 10-10-04 @ 11:38pm
: let them have my six kids for a day

: Theday
: 10-17-04 @ 3:29am
: Two Words: Meat Grinder.

: Penemue
: 10-19-04 @ 2:18pm
: No matter how creative one gets, there is no more effective form of torture than the application of electricity, except psychologically. On that: follow a person at a discrete distance and murder everyone that he talks to- family, friends, passersby.

: Theday
: 10-24-04 @ 1:41am
: Make them sleep on a bed on nails.

: van_maniac
: 01-26-05 @ 10:26am
: numb them senseless and then proceed to operate on whatever part of their body with a butter knife

: Theday
: 01-30-05 @ 5:04pm
: Give them a bath in a tub full of leaches.

: HolyKnightHamster
: 01-31-05 @ 5:38pm
: Talk to them in imspeak "D00D WTF! 1M S0 F*KNG 7OR7URURURING J00 LOLOLOL"

: HolyKnightHamster
: 01-31-05 @ 5:45pm
: let them write personal soul-wrenching work that they honestly pour their heart into, then edit the sht out of it, ripping it apart, ridiculing the smallest mistakes and stomping the life out. Which reminds me, I wonder what newbies have joined today?

: HolyKnightHamster
: 01-31-05 @ 5:50pm
: Make them read poetry... I hate it so much. Poetry is the worst thing ever written!!! Unfortunately, I also write poem, I can't stop doing them. The words just come out, sometimes I doubt, if I can love, my soul flies like a dove.

: HolyKnightHamster
: 01-31-05 @ 8:25pm
: Convince them that there is no God and then show them God exists.

: Theday
: 02-02-05 @ 7:12pm
: Get their "Friends" to say what they really think about them.

: Invasion of the Insanity
: 06-03-05 @ 10:58am

: deemac
: 06-03-05 @ 11:27am
: Tie them to a chair and force them to watch non-stop Kevin Costner movies.

: Invasion of the Insanity
: 06-03-05 @ 1:00pm
: OT: Make that Gilbert Godfrey, Deemac!

: finnley
: 06-12-05 @ 11:44am
: Make them a parent, forget that, make them an nanny. (Being made a parent is an highly enjoyable pastime)

: Theday
: 06-16-05 @ 8:30pm
: Stay on the computer when others want on

: van_maniac
: 06-18-05 @ 9:22pm
: make him eat glass, rubber, and other non eatable items that have been covered with dog shit

: van_maniac
: 06-18-05 @ 9:23pm
: tap earphones to their ears and then crank up the volume and play really awful music

: Destino writing professionally
: 06-21-05 @ 11:30am
: Make them into a mock piniata then get all their exes to beat them with a club that's covered in glass, blood, and vomit.

: Destino writing professionally
: 06-21-05 @ 11:31am
: Put their old naked baby pictures on the internet.

: Destino writing professionally
: 06-21-05 @ 11:33am
: Attach them to a dart board and throw sharpened, rusty razors at them.

: Theday
: 06-25-05 @ 4:06am
: Don't use condoms or lube when you have sex with them.

: Theday
: 06-27-05 @ 7:35pm
: Put them on Jerry Springer!

: van_maniac
: 07-26-05 @ 7:57pm
: put laxitives on their food so they will be in the bathroom for over a week...

: van_maniac
: 08-19-05 @ 7:21pm
: leave them in a abandoned neighborhood and tell the gang there that he is rich

: Take apart your head
: 10-02-05 @ 11:35pm
: cut off his hands, and make him heat them...(use the blood he loses as scauce)

: Theday
: 10-13-05 @ 2:38am
: Rip off thier nipples.

: Theday
: 02-10-06 @ 5:04am
: Record their best friends and family saying nasty things about them and have it looped and cage the person in a room.

: Bic Banana
: 11-29-06 @ 5:52pm
: Put hot coals on, or in, any spot that is sensitive ( privates, armpits, buttcrack, mouth, hands, ect.) and binf it to them, replacing as cools.

: Bic Banana
: 11-30-06 @ 3:52pm
: Stuff tacos up their nostrils.

: A Preston Rover
: 12-11-06 @ 6:49am
: Tie the victim up, force them to drink huge amounts of coke and then don't let them go to the toilet.

: catty
: 04-07-07 @ 9:40pm
: force them to sit nakad in a vat filled with Habanero chilies and water

: Morgana
: 04-10-07 @ 1:23pm
: Wrap them tightly in strips of wet leather. Set them in the Nevada desert around 9 AM in July. Let sit all day.

: ace119
: 04-10-07 @ 2:54pm
: make them watch 10 hours of scary movies and dont let them go to the bathroom.they will pee them selves dry

: ace119
: 04-10-07 @ 2:59pm
: put them in a room filled with wild crazy man eating monkeys. its a beast idea

: AsclepiusJulz
: 04-10-07 @ 3:45pm
: Force them to drink cola thru their nose via a mode of sniffing.

: zephermakingchanges
: 09-29-07 @ 2:23pm
: Lock them in a room with Britney Spears music playing loud enough to rattle the walls.

: Serious Grim
: 11-12-08 @ 8:16pm
: First, grind their teeth down with a sander. Finally, you could take a small, pointy metal object and drag it across the stubbs that are left!! -Serious Grim

: Completly Normal
: 01-10-09 @ 12:24am
: Slip sleeping pills into their food or drink , strip them naked and drag them through woods, garbage, mud anything dirty make them disgusting. Then leave them at the doors of a McDonalds. =)

: Kuku - Peaceful in Ramadan
: 01-30-09 @ 4:37pm
: Tie them in a that blood test chair and suck all their blood out....very slowly...

: Kuku - Peaceful in Ramadan
: 01-30-09 @ 4:41pm
: File their teeth away...with the old-fashioned tooth file, not the electric one.

: Kuku - Peaceful in Ramadan
: 01-30-09 @ 4:43pm
: pop all the taste buds on their tongue

: Kuku - Peaceful in Ramadan
: 03-06-09 @ 2:02pm
: gently squeeze a shiny line of super glue on the inner rims of their eyes while they're sleeping to glue their eyelids shut.

: evil_eyez
: 06-19-09 @ 1:44am
: cut small holes all over there body then every fifteen minutes pour a halfa tps of acid in a new the take leechs and let them on there eyes

: Kenny
: 09-23-09 @ 9:32pm
: Superglue penis to stomach. :D

: Dan Guest
: 11-26-09 @ 7:28pm
: Put them in a pitch-black room and make them wait for their worst fear to come out of the dark.

: Dan Guest
: 11-26-09 @ 7:47pm
: Drill through each of their teeth, with a ten minute break between each one, during which hundreds of hungry, poisonous spiders will crawl on them and bite them. Then repeatedly stab their exposed gums with a screwdriver. Pour acid on the spider bites.

: MoonStarDutchess
: 11-26-09 @ 10:22pm
: Tie them to a bed of nails, cover them with honey, send in bees, and make them watch High School Musical while a mix of the scents of sewage and sauerkraut drift into the room.

: johnnyj
: 04-23-10 @ 6:00pm
: tie them to a table pump them with adrenalin and clamp there toung and cut theyer eyelids off hover a mirror over there naked body and cunt them lime from lime with a rusty blade or any sharp object coverd with sait to burn the wonds evan more

: crazy_driver_78
: 05-24-10 @ 11:50am
: Lock his penis in his bench vise in his garage, give him a dull rusty knife, use gasoline to set his garage on fire.

: 12-02-10 @ 11:51am
: Make them listen to me sing. (The guys at Guantanamo said that it was MORE crule and inhuman than even waterboarding.)

: koolkid
: 01-19-11 @ 1:22pm
: tie them to a chair naked leave them in the busiest street you can find and put it on youtube (tie them so good they'll never get out

: bree
: 02-10-11 @ 12:31am
: tie them down and tickle them for hours

: Littlepup
: 04-09-11 @ 11:42am
: Viciously rape them in public and then tie them by a newspaper stand.

: Ida_Matilda_Wright Help
: 05-04-11 @ 11:00pm
: TTT... Tie him, poke Tacks him, Toss him down a hill

: Faizi
: 10-12-11 @ 5:49am
: put that man in the rag and fit it up with big rats and use hunters to him

: texboi100
: 12-19-11 @ 3:26am
: Find the most sensitive nerve and poke needles at the nerve

: texboi100
: 12-19-11 @ 3:27am
: Find a close loved one and brutally hurt the loved one in front of him/her

: texboi100
: 12-19-11 @ 3:28am
: Dip them in a bath of battery acid

: Darkwriter
: 02-18-12 @ 10:56pm
: Sing anything that has to do with little kids shows. I mean aren't those songs torture enough?

: van_maniac
: 03-10-12 @ 4:45pm
: Make them eat live insects and drink human or dog pee...

: KingArpod
: 04-24-12 @ 2:00pm
: make them watch "Jon Carter of Mars" keeping their eyes open with toothpicks

: spy60694
: 06-15-12 @ 9:10am
: Put a PVC pipe up the persons anus, put barbwire through the pipe, pull the pipe out so that the barbwire is still in their, and then yank it out.

: spy60694
: 06-15-12 @ 9:11am
: Put a fishing hook in the persons uvula and then pull it out so that they puke up their guts.

: Dude
: 09-28-12 @ 12:26pm
: Cover their mouth with a soaking wet rag and make them inhale. Repeat until they break.

: skatez
: 10-17-12 @ 2:21pm
: Lock them in a wooden shed and then stick their dick in a vice and remove the handle. After that give the a rusty hack saw blade that coated in lemon juice and salt. Then you light the shed on fire and walk away.

: skatez
: 10-17-12 @ 2:27pm
: Feed them laxatives then time them to a post.

: glaedr
: 01-30-13 @ 4:22pm
: The old method: Tie their four limbs to four trees, and then chop each of the trees down in a different direction!

: glaedr
: 01-30-13 @ 4:26pm
: Put them in a cage filled with at least 30 9 week old Jack Russell Terrier puppies. Those teeth can kill!

: glaedr
: 02-12-13 @ 10:13am
: Why hurt others for one person's faults? Just beat the heck out of them, not the ones they love!

: Chels
: 03-17-13 @ 1:55am
: Kick them where it's sensitive, while wearing pointe shoes! (ouch!)

: Chels
: 03-17-13 @ 1:57am
: Push them out of an aeroplane, without a parachute.

: Chels
: 03-17-13 @ 2:00am
: Make them eat carl's junior

: joey
: 04-01-13 @ 2:20pm
: Find their most loved one Tie the victim up and rape their girlfreind in front of him

: glaedr
: 04-02-13 @ 10:26am
: Give them a root canal while they are awake! (Dentists, don't get any ideas about this one!!!)

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