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October 25, 2014
3:42am EDT

by Budroe
Rated: 18+ | Book | Experience | #1183984
My journey through (and beyond) the valley with Cancer as my companion.
  Dear Friend:

This is not a Blog about writing! (I already have one of those.)

This is a blog about a journey I am taking with illness. I have recently been diagnosed with Cancer. My goal is honest therapy as I progress through, and beyond this new reality in my life. I hope that, somewhere along the way you will find some words that will help you too.

While this is, in fact, an interactive Blog, I hope that you will scroll slowly down this page. For you see, the front of this Blog IS my journey. The entries are conversations that are held along the journey.Yes, there is a lot on it--before actually getting to the Blog entries. But, I hope that by the objects and words which appear before the Blog itself, you might come to understand just a little bit about me, and my journey, and some truly amazing friends who have agreed to journey with me. I hope that you, too, will choose to accompany me on my walk--through the Valley.

I invite you to join me, and discover the wondrous truths, meet some truly amazing people, and share those "memorable" moments this journey will undoubtedly present. Come along, won't you?

In His Care,

Would you like to help me help others? I found this amazing organization, and I am proud to be a sponsor. I hope you will check it out. It's called The Network For Good.  


("Every thing is funny - Growth through humiliation - Wisdom through loss")


The hilltop hour would not be half so wonderful if there were no dark valleys to traverse.
~Helen Keller~

"If you do not tell the truth about yourself you cannot tell it about other people."
~Virginia Woolf~

"There is strength in truth."
~The Barton Family Crest~

“Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, vision cleared, ambition inspired, and success achieved.”

— Helen Keller, American social activist, public speaker and author (1880-1968)

I have moved the list of my thanks for those who have helped to make this little Blog so very special. I hope that you will take a moment to read the list, growing every day, and let these fellow travellers along this journey know that you appreciate the contributions they make to our walk together.

 ID: 1203994 (E)
My Page of Thanks, and Thanksgiving 
My list of "Thank You" to those who have made this Blog, and the journey, so very special.
by Budroe

"Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything."
James 1:2-4

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Budroe Ring Leader

I have three publications at the moment. Here is a link to purchase my latest one. Buy a great read, and help a fellow writer out, Okay? Smile

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April 14, 2014 at 5:36pm
April 14, 2014 at 5:36pm
A Song For Hate
Once again, a music moment underlines the vagarities and tragedies of life.

Yesterday, in the community of Overland Park, Kansas-a suburb of Kansas City, three people were killed by hate. The attacks took place at a Jewish Community Center, and at a Jewish Nursing Home a short distance away. The last words heard by the killer as he was ranting in a police vehicle about to deliver him to jail was "Heil Hitler!".

Two of the victims, killed at the Jewish Community Center, Dr. William Lewis Corporon (A Methodist) and his grandson, 14 year old Reat Griffin Underwood (A Methodist) were arriving for Reat's performance in a singing competition.

The third victim, killed at the Jewish Nursing Home, was Terri LaManno (A Catholic), aged 53, was visiting her mother as she did every week.

The killer is a very well known White Supremacist, former organizer and leader of the paramilitary group North Carolina Ku Klux Klan, and rising star in the Missouri and Kansas White Supremacist Movements. Identified as "a raging racist, and white supremacist who idolized Adolf Hitler by the Southern Poverty Law Center (and others), he is now incarcerated facing multiple counts of premeditated, aggravated murder. His arraignment is set for today.

Sometimes, when we hear of such tragedy, we do not connect to them in any meaningful way. A Grandpa, and his Grandson died together yesterday. A daughter lost a father; a mother lost her son. A mother lost her devoted daughter. Survivors lost their innocence. Why?

Because of hate. Nothing more.

Here's a short clip of that grandson, singing.

Last evening, Reat's mother, Mindy Corporon, spoke at a remembrance gathering in the family's home church in Leawood, Missouri. She identified herself only as "the mother of the teenager killed today at the Jewish Community Center". She thanked those who were gathering around her families, and asked for privacy for their grief. She acknowledged the other victim, as well while admitting she had no personal information about them. This is what hate was forced to confront last evening in, of all places, a church:

It never fails to amaze me how people attempt to justify their hatred for others. Or how they act out that hate with such casual arrogance as to believe it is acceptable behavior. Yesterday and last evening were hate-filled times for me that ended with my possibly making a fool of myself about it.

If there is anything to learn here, I don't know what it is. There's nothing to reveal that will be earth-shattering or paradigm shifting for anyone. The usual formula is that first, lies are generated for the purposes of hate, and fear. Then with all the casual arrogance possible, propoganda is created to not only justify the hate, but to approve it's general use. Individuals exercising their newly discovered hate then begin experimentation to see if they can get away with hateful acts against those they know, and most especially against those they do not know.

Then, hate and hateful acts create their own legitimacy through repetition until hate is normalized within a group, or a community or even a society. That is when the truly abominable acts begin, and people begin to die. Horrific events fully utilizing the most powerful tools of hate: Words and weapons.

Hate only wins when we, the observers of it, permit. Fear and hate are illusory, tools for those who would ursurp reason with unreasonable action. But there is some good news, too.

Hate doesn't always win. We cannot reply to hatred with hate. The only result from such response is that hate grows. That's the example of Mindy Corporon, a person with some truly powerful motivation to hate. That was not her response last night. It should not by my response today, or our response tomorrow.

May all the victims of hate find peace and rest. May we all dare to stand as witness to hate until it has no place in our societies ever, ever again. May we all remain,

In His Care,

April 12, 2014 at 10:36pm
April 12, 2014 at 10:36pm
When Music Tears The Soul
I have long said that The Holy Bible was God attempting to communicate to His Children, and that music was His Children's way of trying to communicate with their Dad.

It's not too often any more when I experience that. Today, I did. My response to it was emotional, and sublime. I hope you will respond to it, too.

In His Care.

March 18, 2014 at 12:06am
March 18, 2014 at 12:06am
Disturbing Observations
China vs Shikoku Islands. Russia vs. Ukraine (and World-At-Large). Road construction in the middle of my town.

From the Court House to the White House, and around the world, things are changing. Not necessarily for the better, by my estimation. In a very strange perspective (admittedly), there is a tendril of commonality between these, and many other possible observable changes. I do really wonder if it is only me, and my observations. Or, is it a consensus agreement of silence? Perhaps there are others who will recognize this thread of consistency which I see, yet who do not have any idea that other observers do, as well.

The thread is of the greatest concern to me, and the worst possible observation I believe I could make. Even as we consider these and many other communities, I believe we must also look at our own communities. We should begin around our own kitchen tables.

We are not caring well for each other.

There are things which can be legislated, or even settled via military means. There are things which cannot. We really do need, I believe, either a Primer or Refresher course in each. People are suffering, and dying close by us because of either our ignorance or our arrogance. It may well surprise you to learn that some of those very same people live within twelve blocks of your kitchen table. Statistically, that is true no matter where your kitchen table resides. The fact is, it appears as if that truth has little or no bearing on what we do once we learn it. We talk about failures of governments, or politics or religion. I think it's time we talked about our failure as people.

I believe it is well past time to have this discussion. I believe I believe that as a member of an amazingly small minority. (Read this sentence as it appears; it's not an error.)

Yes, there are countless examples in our communities, and especially this one, where caring for one another is apparent. Yet, even in this community, there are many who could use our help, but will not/cannot/feel uninvited to ask for it. They do not wish to hear some variation of "No!", even if it is said with best intentions. This is not a society of the fittest. If it were, I would not and could not be considered a valid member. Yet, I am the last humanoid biped to tell you this to be an uncaring community.

It doesn't take a lot to help your fellow citizen. Nothing will happen without purposeful intent. You have to both choose to do it, and you also have to move, to act according to that choice. There is an ever-growing majority who choose to act with their stillness, and their silence. They must necessarily stand witness to the catastrophe occurring around them, whether they say or do anything at all.

This is both a terrible trend, and a terrible observation. Upon those points I agree. I don't like seeing the trend, or speaking this particular truth. My reservoir of hope in my fellow humans is running quite low. I cannot come up with a call to action that will blast into action the indifferent, or self-indulgent I see around me with growing regularity.

I see these things, and I do spend a lot of time wondering what Jesus would do in these situations. He depends upon me to do those things. I am looking around, and behind me with growing concern. I don't see allies anywhere nearby. That is just wrong. Yet, I will remain,

In His Care,

March 13, 2014 at 9:42pm
March 13, 2014 at 9:42pm
A "Semi-Professional Writer"
Someone I was chatting with online today referred to herself as a "semi-professional writer". It stopped me, and we had a conversation about that.

I wasn't sure what qualifications one needs in order to be a "semi-professional writer". I'm still not sure, after hearing her explanation.

It seems such a transitory definition. Maybe that works for her, but I'm not much of a fan of the phrase. Yoda comes to mind.

I've written a lot of words in my time. I've been told that, once you get paid for having written words, you are a professional. Everything after that is relative to the pay check. Writing professionally seems much different to me than being a professional writer. I'd like to know what you think about this. I do remain,

In His Care,

March 5, 2014 at 3:24am
March 5, 2014 at 3:24am
One of "Those" Days
My sister, Anne Lawson Fields departed this life on March 4th, 1967 at 1800 EST.

Anne was 2 "up the ladder" from me, and was a High School Senior, Salutatorian of her class, and off to Duke in the Fall on a full ride scholarship to study Psychology. She was a beloved sister, daughter and friend, whose entire community came to grieve with her family and share her home-going.

Anne had some issues that she could not, or would not dare discuss with anyone and most of all with our Father. Because of a difference of opinion one day, she became the victim of her Father's silence. The man of this life she truly adored would not speak with her--and would not allow her to speak with him. After three unrelenting days of this behavior, she walked into his back yard with a pistol, and ended her life.

As tragic as this truth is even today, it is really much more tragic than this telling. I have many of these days to remember: entirely too many. Yet, with this early interaction with death, a huge portion of my life, and my living were reduced to stone. To this moment, I miss her. I love her. She knew this moments before her life ended, because I told her so. It wasn't enough to alter what I knew in my soul was about to be the beginnings of a terrible and horrific journey. I love her in this moment, as I have every moment of my life.

In His Care,



If there is anybody in your universe that you love, respect, admire, like...tell them. You never know where they are in their world. Let them know how grateful you are to have them in yours. It might not make a difference, but it may.
March 2, 2014 at 2:59am
March 2, 2014 at 2:59am
Winter's Quiet Moments
This is just a short entry to let everyone know that I am still around.

I suddenly realized that I have been able to make my calendar "Blue" exactly one time since beginning this blog. The reason it is still active is because the purpose for this journey's journal is still the same.

I had to laugh as I remembered "plans and intentions" for my communicating with others. It's very strange when your communications, after these years, suddenly really is just for you. So, I don't feel so motivated? We'll see how this month goes.

The radio is another communication device I use several hours weekly. I have a lot to say, about a lot of things. Some things are personal, and it is nice having a local writing access point with a supporting community of writers to share my words, and my work with. Some things are topical, temporary current events which will most likely pass within a short time, and are much better suited to the radio.

At this moment (with the possible exception of the pain levels) I feel about as well as I have since this journey began. Given my personal history of finding some great days linked with some good days and a few really bad days, I have become superstitious about feeling good, and about feeling alive. Historically, doing so is a preamble to something really bad.

I have some serious concerns, but this is not a place to discuss those, because others are involved. Yet, my mind is strained between not forgetting what day it is and trying to plan to do something to be alive among the land of the living without feeling like an unwelcome interloper from the land of the leaving. Winter is still here, and will be for some time. I still have a distinct dislike of Winter, and the SAD is still full bore in my world.

Winter is also the time when I usually dedicate the majority of my writing to the creation of new words. That hasn't happened this Winter (so far). I hope I will find the passion and muse to create some quality new words before the Jonquils bloom. Docs are becoming more incidentally common in a nearly (but not completely) increasing regularity. After these years, I am very limited, but am thinking I would really love to experience life among the living for a bit, just to see what that is like. Doing so, I can still know that I do remain,

In His Care.
February 11, 2014 at 12:00am
February 11, 2014 at 12:00am
Unforgivable Sin
By definition, or at least one of them anyway, I am a moral ethecist. Surprised?

Some of the work I do involves teaching others. Philosophy is a very broad field of endeavor, yet is one where I find my very best self. It is not because I feel superior to anyone else; I do not. The idea of a self-centric philosopher truly IS an oxymoron. *Bigsmile* The philosophers among us will really love that joke!

Not only in the years of my past, but even my current days bring me to individuals who are at a really interesting intersection, one I know all too well. It is the intersection between the reality of the life they are living, and the faith they use, or at least try to use to live that life. While I already can tell you there is a book in this post, I would just like to plant a seed for it here. Feel free to Sit Down on a Stone with me for a bit--or not.

I have interacted, in the past year, with more individuals who consider themselves to be "atheist" than perhaps ever before in my life. Despite what most people might presume, Atheism is, in fact a religion. For many, it is a "pure" religion. Multi or poly thesim (many Gods), Monothesism (Christianity, Mohammedan, and Abrahamic religions, among others), Hinduism, Shintoism, Buddhism and Gnosticism/Agnosticism are all on the spectrum. So is atheism. The former religions find their faith in multiple dieties, or universality. Some religious identities represent those who have investigated some religion, yet have not come to a concrete conclusion as to the legitimacy of them--any of them.

The latter, however are a unique class. They have investigated the entirety of the religious spectrum, and understand that there is, in fact, a supreme source. Evolutionists fall into this category, as well. As an interesting (to me) side note, both creationists and evolutionists have a direct nexus, or connection. They both require faith in order to fulfill their religious definition.) For the Atheist, however, the definition is not inclusive of the notion that there is no God. This is a point many (including many Atheists, as it happens) get wrong. Atheists accept the presence of God, they just consider Him to be completely irrelevant. Science causes, for them, a Supreme Being to step aside. With every slip of vision they gain regarding the science of things, the less God is.

It must be said that these words are true, and accurate. They are not meant as conscription to fault at all. They are simply for the purpose of definition. If asked, I would quickly state that I have known many of many religions, including perhaps a majority percentage of them being self-identified Atheists. There is a point, but this must come first.

Over the course of my life, and my ministry, and my educational journey, I have encountered countless people at various points along a religious/faith journey. From the strongest faith-follower to the most convinced Atheist, there is a journey to be taken. The difference is the motivation to begin the journey, and what convinces them to stop at some point on their trek.

The strongest motivation that I have heard explained to me, in more than forty years of active investigation of this phenomenon comes at the intersection of life and faith. One might say that it comes with the death of an innocent child, a terrible or even horrific event, or tragedy of previously unknown proportion. Against the whole, however, these are but minor players in the overall perspective.

My research informs me that the number one reason people find themselves at this intersection of life, without any apparent ability to walk away from it unscathed, by more than ninety percentile, is that the person believes they have committed some sin, either of comission or omission, which God cannot forgive.

If that be true, they reason, then either God is not who He says He is, or He is a callous, judgmental Grand Idiot, and purveyor of lies. Aggrieved parents or loved ones, divorces, alienation of affection by various and sundry relatives, and certainly suicide all find grist from this particular mill. I know this to be true from my personal experience throughout my life. Strong believers have walked away from their faith, or their belief for any of these reasons, or lesser ones but all founded in the concept that they are, or have become unforgivable. Because they feel they are not lovable, or acceptable, or worthy, they feel that God has turned His back on them. Degenerating into anger, and even hatred, they turn, in time, their backs on God as well. To them, this is a reasonable reaction to a mutual agreement. Where they stop on the journey will be determined by time.

As a philosopher of morality and ethics, this is a very important distinction to make. It is a point that defines, in many ways my entire life. I can understand these individuals, and the steps they take. I understand the scenery at every point along the path. I can empathize with human pain and suffering in others in a genuine way because I have lived with pain, suffering and horrific tragedy. Not as an outsider, but my life has traveled this road as an active participant. I still hear new folks telling new stories of the "how", but it is always inevitably the very same "why". Whether feeling the need for God, or feeling no such need whatsoever (which IS the faith spectrum), there are many important lessons that can be learned on this journey. Sadly, not very many of them are healthy, or good--or correct.

In my business, that's where guys and girls like me come in. This territory is mine; I own it. I am most cautiously aware that I am not alone in this particular place. My adversaries and my warriors are most aware and knowledgable of each other. We are not always successful in our mission, but the track record is very good for those with whom we interact. The battle is real, and a fight to the death, or life.

A human being is not conditioned, and universally cannot suvive a life without hope. Period. Without hope, illness and death cannot come quickly enough, to the point that those without hope actively pursue death to achieve it. Drugs, alcohol, addictions of every stripe are importatnt tools to find death. Sometimes, death comes calling, and finds us regardless of our desires or intentions. One of the more potent questions I have been asked in my life has been "Is this all there is?"

I was asked this question today, in fact. My answer was the same as it has been since I first encountered it personally. I do not doubt my answer in any way. I speak it with unquestionable authority because I am "more than convinced" that this answer is true.

No! This is NOT all there is! There is NO unforgivable sin in the whole of Creation

I say that as a man, a Christian, a Minister of the Gospel. I say it as a moral ethecist, a philosopher, and educator. But I do not say it in passing, without proof, or decades of honest investigation. It is not true because or only because it is true to me. I say it because it is absolute truth. It is really, when you think about it, a very small difference. But that one little difference makes all the difference in the world. That's why I do, and forever will remain,

In HIS Care.

February 9, 2014 at 3:29am
February 9, 2014 at 3:29am
The Blogging of Challenge
We talk a lot here about the challenge of blogging. We do not talk a lot about the blogging of challenge.

One of the things I would love to see discussed more is the blogging of challenge. Let me give an example, so that maybe readers of this journey will understand better what I mean.

One of the biggest challenges bloggers have, in general, is consistency. It takes a bit of time "in the trenches" of blogging to find your voice, your "topic", and your audience. But how do you figure out the pace of your blogging work? How do you make (and keep) blogging consistency?

Here is my answer. I don't always "win" with this challenge, but I do consider it every single day:

There is no reason I can find to write an entry in my blog today.

Every day since the first entry within this blog, this statement is where I have begun in my mind. Every day there is a blog entry, that statement was a challenge met and overcome. There are a couple of reasons that I believe this is true.

I, like many (or most) people, do not find my daily experience worthy of writing about. Most who have found, read and followed this blog have a pretty good understanding of my challenges, and they can (and do) get painfully repititious. Of course, every day they feel repititious is a blazing success in my world.

But, I am not unique in that reality. We all have challenges in our every day that make the mundane possible, and the "usual" a success. I should probably point out, as a reminder, that this blog has always been written for only one reader: myself. It makes it easier to feel capable of worthy writing, and tends to deaden the rapier reviews a bit. But, it also is supposed to remind those reading the entries that I am not the only one facing, and overcoming challenges every day. Did you change every diaper you needed to today, or just every one you could?

I hope you see what I mean. If your challenges today are those you feel, or see, or hear, or touch, then they are more than surely worthy of your words--even if you are the only one to ever read them. If you truly doubt this, take my blogging challenge above. Just type those words into your blog, and march happily forward in the knowledge that, regardless of the challenges which today survived, there is one challenge you overcame. If nobody but you notices, it is still just as legitimate a victory.

And every day deserves a victory in your world, as well as mine. That is but one of many ways I can remain,

In His Care,

February 5, 2014 at 6:17pm
February 5, 2014 at 6:17pm
I have hit upon an understanding of my own writing that I have either never known, or never before noticed. I am not a formulaic writer of fiction--or anything else. Let me give a couple of examples that may help us both understand my meaning.

In #1 of a series, there was a bad guy. The second I met him, I knew him. His character and dialog poured out of my fingers. He was an easy villian, and easy to hate--a lot. He did his job very well in the story.

In #2, I am still waiting for the villian to make themselves known to me. The only thing I knew about them is that they really do not like my protagonist at all. I know their occupation, which has a direct impact on the story, providing much of the middle story plot. No face, no gender, no nothing.

In #1, the plot setting was immediately known to me. I know it well. Writing it, I could smell, see and hear it both day and night.
In #2, the plot setting is also known well to me. The senses are not firing for me on this setting yet. I am more familiar with this setting than the locations in #1. So far? Crickets.It is not a setting disassociated with the plot; in fact it is central to the plot. No emotional attachment, which is profoundly ridiculous.

The first novel was drafted in 17 days. This one is still a clean screen aftrer 18 months. Beyond the core cast of characters, the main issue of the novel, and the location...nothing. I've written away from it, around it, and in entirely different genres. That is a good thing, because that writing was way overdue. I have this list, you see....

I keep staring at the blank screen of #2 from time to time, trying to make contact with it. So far, nothing. I can write a couple of scenes (and have) but there is still no definition to this work. I am not saying that I will not write until there is. I am saying that I haven't found that definition yet, and I'm not going to force it.

Some might say the first novel was already waiting for me, and it truly was. Nobody was more surprised by that novel than I. It was "easy" to write, and incredibly difficult to edit. Like writing a blog post, or a static item here, the writing is usually the easy part, but the formatting can kill you. *Blush*

No boilerplate for me, evidently. No re-use, or re-hash. The main characters continue to grow and interact in a common and affable community of like-minded, dedicated team members. Their personae are intact. Their interaction in #2 is not. Yet. No formula from #1 seems to want to either fit, or work in #2. That is not necessarily a bad thing, so long as the overall effect from #1 is repeated in #2. ??

I've given #2 a working title: TNTAW (The Novel That Almost Wasn't). I am patient, but this is bordering on ridiculous. Am I alone in this difficutly? Do you have any suggestions, or usable solutions to my dilemma? Any input will be gratefully appreciated as I do remain,

In His Care,

February 1, 2014 at 6:22pm
February 1, 2014 at 6:22pm
In This Corner: The SECOND Month!
Hello, February!

Valentine's Day is on Friday, the 14th, 2014. I'm a romantic. I think this is a very cool day. I always have. My first remembrance of this celebration is from my 2nd grade year. It was the first time we got to "pass around" cards to our classmates, our Sisters and our Mother. It was, for many, the first outward expression of affection and friendship to others. Yes, a very cool day, indeed.

This month also represents the birthday of Budroesgirl on the 9th. I'm older than she, but not by a lot. *Bigsmile*. I'd like to make her day special. I don't know how.

More blogging this month, I hope. Classes are really flying by. *sigh*

In His Care,


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