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Adjectives breakdown from my Clothing/Materials (full list)
This is my Adjectives sub-list from my "Clothing/Materials Reference (Full List). The intention of this list is as a creative writing reference, but if it helps for other projects, that's ok, too.

Breaking this list out of the main list should make it easier to search for items under the identified topic only. Other clothing/materials items should be referenced from the main list or from their individual breakdown category. This list is comprehensive, but also incomplete. (Reference sites at the end.)

These are just some words I found particularly helpful in describing clothing and how it may be worn. new additions are welcome.

Adjectives (other than common descriptive words)

- Aesthetic (also esthetic or esthetic) – [circa 1815-25] cosmetically appealing
- Bedizen – [circa 1655-65] gaudy or showy adornment or dress
- Blousy – loose, frilly manner of (shirt) dressing
- Braw – [circa 1555-65] (Scot & North England) (pronounced "brah") excellent, fine-looking, dressed in a fine or gaudy manner
- Diaphanous – light filmy material, often sheer
- Delicate, Elegant, Fine, Finespun, Gauzy, Gossamer, Insubstantial
- Esthetic (also esthetic or aesthetic) – [circa 1815-25] cosmetically appealing
- Jaunty – [circa 1655-65] easy and spritely (springy) manner; smartly trimmed, as in clothing
- Habiliment – [circa 1375-1425] clothes or clothing worn in a particular profession; accouterments, trappings (i.e. wizard's garb, a nun's habit, a monk's or clerical attire, a baker's outfit with toque (chef's hat))
- Full
- Matte – a flat, non-shiny finish
- Opaque – solid, non-transparent
- Ornamented (ornamentation) – adorned, decorated
- Puffy (sometimes colloquially "poofy") – full, stuffed or filled as to provide voluminous shape or appear greater than reality
- Refined
- Regalia
- Ribboned – to decorate with ribbons; to wind around as a meandering path
- Semi-sheer – translucent fabric
- Sheer – transparent fabric
- Snug – form-fitting
- Stout – stiff
- Stuffed – full, puffy
- Turgid – [circa 1660-70] swollen, distended (as of the stomach filled with gas); tumid; inflated, overblown, pompous, bombastic; excessively ornate, grandiloquent, ostentatiously lofty in style
- Unsavory – [circa 1175-1225] tasteless, insipid, unpleasant in taste or smell; unappealing, disagreeable; socially or morally objectionable or offensive
- Veneer – [circa 1695-1705] superficially valuable or pleasing; to conceal something of lesser or common quality with a deceptively outward show
- Vitiate – [circa 1525-35] make faulty, spoil, impair the quality of, reduce the value of
- Voluminous – of great size, amply full, large in volume or bulk, having many coils (winding)


"Main References List

Basic Medieval Patterns http://www.ece.uwaterloo.ca/~arnora/arnora/costumehdbk.htm
Clothing Definitions Database for the Clothing Industry http://www.apparelsearch.com/Definitions/Definition_List_Clothes.htm
Fabric List/Definition http://phrontistery.info/fabric.html
Medieval Clothing: A Primer http://www.mercwars.com/garbglossary.shtml
Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page
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