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September 22, 2014
10:17pm EDT

Rated: GC | Other | Medical | #1732013
What happens during sex after radical prostatectomy
Introduction and Information:

I have not found any information on what sex is like after radical prostatectomy, so I felt this information had to be written.

The first part is the technical explanation, and the second part is what I have experienced and what other men have told me about their experiences... Therefore, the second part is more explicit as it covers what men feel during sex after they have had their prostate removed.

Sex after radical prostate surgery, what is it like?

No one wants to talk about sex after prostate surgery.

This article is written for both men and women, and tries to answer real sexual questions.

Technical Description and Information:

The testes will work as before the removal of the prostate they still pull up tight in anticipation of ejaculating.

Upon ejaculation, the Ductus Deferens carries the sperm away from the testes. The Ductus Deferens are cut and left inside of the body, or left connected during surgery. If cut, they are left inside of the body, and the sperm will be absorbed by the body after ejaculating. If left connected, the sperm will be ejaculated into the urine, and will flow through the lower valve during ejaculation.

Doctors warn that the female could still become pregnant if the urine containing sperm enters the vagina.


(I would have preferred the Ductus Deferens would be left connected; the doctor cut mine. I have no experience in this, but I did not understand what the doctor was talking about when he asked me about cutting them, so listen carefully or tell him to leave them connected. I think it might be better to have the sperm come out during the ejaculation process.)

The upper valve connected to the bladder is removed along with the prostate gland during prostate surgery.

The ejaculation process still works about the same, as before prostate surgery, except the ejaculation chamber is now full of urine, or urine with sperm.

When the pressure against the lower valve is correct, and the man starts his ejaculating process, he will release whatever is behind the lower valve, and squirt through the urethra tube and exit the penis as before the surgery.

Except you need to continue to stimulate the penis, or you will only get small squirts, and you have to try to hold back the fluid when you are climaxing. At least it is for the men who I have spoken to. They said the difference is before they would ejaculate having the feeling of thick fluid being forced out of the penis.

To receive the same feeling as before your prostate was removed, you now have to try to hold back the fluid, as you continue stimulating the penis, and not lose the feeling as you start to climax, then as you feel the first contraction, you have to put pressure on the bladder as if you were trying to pee.

You might or might not ejaculate a lot of fluid depending upon if you lost the feeling, as you continue to have contractions. Since the start of ejaculating, you are now trying to force the fluid out.

Since, the brain receives messages from a complex set of nerves, which senses liquid going through your Urethra tube and squirting out your penis. The brain needs these nerves to be stimulated for you to be totally satisfied. This is all part of a man's orgasm process.

The upper valve next to the bladder would normally hold back the urine in the bladder during the time a man is ejaculating. The lower valve would control the release of semen from ejaculation chamber. Since the upper valve has been removed, it will now allow the urine from the bladder to travel to the lower valve through the ejaculation chamber.

Since the lower valve is used to control the release of semen during ejaculation before the prostate surgery, and is now also controlling the release of urine from the bladder.

The bladder can hold a large amount of liquid and is now supplying liquid to the lower valve through the ejaculation chamber. This is giving an almost endless supply of liquid during the ejaculation process. This liquid is going through the lower valve, squirting through the man's Urethra tube, and exiting his penis.

Before prostate surgery, the lower valve would quickly release the seminal fluid from the ejaculation chamber, at first with large squirts of seminal fluid, and then squirting less and less seminal fluid on each contraction until there is nothing more to squirt out.

Then you have spasmodic contractions with only drips coming out of the penis. This process is to make sure the ejaculatory chamber has been evacuated of all seminal fluid, and release satisfaction hormones to end the ejaculation.

After prostate surgery, the ejaculation chamber will contain whatever amount of liquid the bladder contains. If the bladder is full of liquid, then each contraction will be a larger squirt of liquid. This liquid is under pressure and will shoot through a man's Urethra tube, out the end of the penis. Unless, the bladder has been drained before ejaculation occurs. If the bladder is empty, then upon ejaculation, a man will have what is called a "ghost of an orgasm", from his dry ejaculation, and the brain will not receive the correct messages of satisfaction from the urethra.

This is an extremely complex process between the physical actions of the body and the brain, which is not fully, understood, and how exactly the role of the fluid travelling through the ejaculation chamber and out through his urethra tube plays in the physical sensation and satisfaction of a man's orgasm. It has been found that even a small amount of fluid being ejaculated will have some sort of pleasure effect on the brain.

This must be left over from when a man has had extremely little semen to ejaculate and yet he is still rewarded with the feeling of satisfaction to the brain with the normal physical ejaculation feelings. After the ejaculation process has been completed, the man's penis will go flaccid, and he will be drained of energy from all of the emotional, physical and hormonal requirements placed upon his body.

This is not a bad thing, but he must perform or he will not receive his reward of pure ecstasy, mentally and physically from the ejaculation process.

This is even more apparent after a man has had his prostate removed. I mean it is not as easy to climax, as the feelings have changed and it will take a little more work and time to orgasm, but you won't be the three minute man any longer, so your partner should like that.

By the way, like it, or not, this is what a man is designed to do. Go inside of a woman, deposit his sperm, and receive a reward for performing this task. The reward is something that is hard to describe, but it is so addictive and pleasurable that men will risk their lives not to have what they call, "having their manhood removed!"

The prostate is considered man hood to most men and having it removed is like death!!!!!!! He is so addicted to the feeling he has when having an orgasm and thinking he may never be able to achieve this feeling again if he has his prostate removed. Therefore, the removal of his prostate is not an option.

Mother Nature has made it a top priority of a normal, healthy male to search out a female to deposit his sperm into her, and receive a reward of pure excruciating ecstasy for completing this task!!!!!

This is in a man's DNA, and it has only been modern man that has tried to tame the inner id, "Primitive, instinctive impulses and drives." So, this is why it is so hard for man to make the decision to have his prostate removed...

This is what I think, and from others I have talked with and their experiences with alternate methods of treating cancer, like radiation, and drug therapy, etc.

If you are young man, and the cancer is moving fast, then I think you should have your prostate removed under these conditions because you are playing Russian roulette, it's not if the gun will fire, it's when the gun will go off!!! "Cancer going outside of the prostate."

This is probably the least talked about cancer type and is one of the most deadly to men. When the genie has escaped "cancer." There is not much that can be done to save your life. Death from prostate cancer is one of the most excruciating there is, and it is on the most part preventable if caught early.

I have to add something to the above statement; there are exceptions, and depending on how old you are, and how fast the cancer is growing in your prostate will determine your course of treatment. You have to work with your doctor and make a decision that fits your situation on the course of your treatment.

I know new treatments for treating prostate cancer are coming online, but you must ask your doctor this one question. If the treatment does not work, do I still have the option of having my prostate surgically removed?

If the answer is no, then you have to weigh the pros and cons against the treatment and prostate removal.

So keep track of your PSA numbers and if needed, have a PET CT 3D scan performed if your numbers increase. I think PET CT 3D scan is a better way than needle biopsy for testing of your prostate, but again, confer with your doctor about which procedure is the best for you.

I believe using PET CT 3D scan to verify prostate cancer is present is a better way, than needle biopsy with needles passing through the cancer and maybe spreading the cancer throughout the prostate.

Using PET CT 3D scan should give a 3D display of any cancer in the prostate, so you can decide what course of action needs to be taken, if any.

Early detection before the cancer has spread gives you more options.

You be the judge, read about prostate cancer detection.

I say, if they can track the prostate cancer using PET CT 3D scan, then why have a needle biopsy?

I quote "biochemical changes associated with prostate cancer disease progression, thereby improving prostate diagnosis, assessment and measurements of treatment response."

If they can assess the disease progression, then why not use PET CT 3D for detection of prostate cancer, and continue to see the progression until it becomes necessary to remove the prostate before the cancer escapes. You should check this out. 

There can be even better sex after nerve sparing radical prostatectomy has been performed, and sex can be even more fun with the right partner.

I talk about urine being ejaculated during a man's orgasm, and I want to inform you that urine is not only sterile but is also antiseptic.

Urine was used in WW1 to clean wounds when clean water was not available...

There is a lot of misinformation out there. Look this up if you do not believe me.

Have fun, life is short.

I hope this information helps someone!!!

Sexually Explicit! From men's experiences, who have had nerve sparing surgery.

When you have intercourse, and you ejaculate, you will squirt urine into your partner's vagina. This is even when you are fully erect, and I do mean hard. This will happen after a man's prostate has been removed and is a normal function.

When a man has nerve-sparing surgery, during the removal of his prostate the surgeon leaves as many nerves intact as possible, which takes a lot longer than a normal radical prostatectomy.

There are a lot of surgeon's that are not trained in nerve sparing prostate removal. So please, if you want to have a chance of having fantastic sex after Radical prostatectomy, you need to find the best surgeon that is an expert in nerve sparring surgery.

Either the nerve sparing surgery or the normal prostate surgery you will only have one vale left intact after surgery.

I have made light of the sexual part of the explanation, but it is true what I am trying to convey!!! So having only one valve is why your bladder is feeding the lower valve instead of semen when you climax. So, if a man does not empty his bladder before sex, he will squirt water when he climaxes.

Water will squirt everywhere and I do mean everywhere. The more the man is turned-on, and depending on the amount of water contained in his bladder will determine the amount of water you will releases upon ejaculation. Well almost, sometimes the muscle that controls the release of the fluid opens and closes rapidly, only allowing small amounts of liquid to pass with each contraction.

You're going to have one hell of an experience with high-pressure water squirts during your ejaculation. You see, instead of sperm and semen coming out when he ejaculates he will have water! Or water with sperm!

The valve opens and closes just like before, but he does not have a second valve at the bladder holding the urine back, and letting only seamen escape.

By the way, if he empties his bladder entirely he will not be fully satisfied after he climaxes. Part of a man reaching orgasm is the feeling of fluid shoot through his urethra tube and out of his penis. The fluid flowing through the urethra tube sends pleasure signals to the brain, so the more he squirts, the more intense his orgasm is, and he receives more pleasure!!!

So girls find a man that had his prostate removed, and you can have golden showers when you masturbate him. Or if you truly want to feel a man ejaculate during intercourse, don't let him empty his bladder, then get ready for a real experience. He will shoot water inside of you during his ejaculation, and you will probably feel the water squirt out of his penis... If you do not want to get wet,------ use a condom.

Or if you want to have some fun, lay a towel down on the bed, and she can masturbate you, and you will hit the ceiling when you ejaculate, and it will rain. You know, you have to hold back as hard as you can until you feel fluid start to escape. You know what I am talking about, you can feel the fluid about to be forced out, then fully let go, letting the valve fully open, as you now push, as if you were peeing.

You will not pee, you are only filling the sponge in the ejaculation chamber for the next squirt.  The contraction will force a lot larger volume of water out of you than normal and shoot a lot further. Don't be afraid, just let go and enjoy the new experience and keep the pressure on as your body contracts ejaculating water out of you.

I cannot explain the new feeling I have now, I can only tell you it is different from when I had my prostate, and ejaculating  a lot of water is the most satisfying feeling I have had since the removal of my prostate.

By the way, if she stops masturbating you from the surprise of the amount of fluid shooting out of you, you will not be totally satisfied, so be warned, that it will squirt out like you have never squirted before, and she needs to continue stimulating you so you can  finish ejaculating and be fully satisfied. (You need to explain this to your partner.)

If you continue to hold back, only a small amount will come out, so remember to hold back until you feel as if you are starting to leak, then fully release as if you are now peeing. The contraction will feel massive as you force the water out of you. When you have finished with your contractions, you will feel very satisfied from the amount you have ejaculated. Remember you have to have some water left in your bladder, so don't empty your bladder completely! 

I should cover one more thing. The nerves of the prostate and around the prostate have been, disrupted during surgery, and causing ejaculation time to increase. Sometimes, more liquid will keep flowing during an orgasm. I am not sure if everyone that had prostate surgery will have this happen to them. I need to do more research to have more of a complete answer. As far as I can tell, the length of time of ejaculating will last longer if stimulation is continued to be applied to the penis as you are ejaculating.

It is not like before when you had your prostate; when you started ejaculating you pushed hard into your stimulation trying not to move! You would just let the body take over and once you started ejaculating you could not stop!

I have found that you need to continue the stimulation once you start ejaculating, and I need to continue to have stimulation applied to me to keep me ejaculating.

It seems the male orgasms are similar to the type of female orgasms, after you had the surgery. I mean you can take more stimulation, and you will not ejaculate as fast. I think this may be different for each man, as the amount of nerves that are disturbed during the operation would affect everyone a little different.

You should check the videos showing nerve sparing surgery. I had watched the video from Johns Hopkins Hospital, which invented this type of surgery. I went back to find the link so I could post it for your information, but I was unable to find this video.  So I have found some other nerve sparing surgery videos, but before you watch the video, You should know what information I had learned from the Johns Hopkins Hospital video.

When you watch these videos, you should pay attention to how they protect the nerve bundles. They are not supposed to use cauterizing around the nerve bundle, and try not to injure the nerve bundles; the surgeon is supposed to use rounded tools as they separate the nerve bundles to be cut away from the prostate gland...

The video I watched from Johns Hopkins talked about how they had improved this procedure, and they talked about not using any cauterization, or heat to cut with. They used blunt rounded probes to move the nerve bundle so it may be cut away from the prostate gland. They try not to disturb the nerves in anyway as they cut the prostate out.

Please find a good surgeon that specialize in nerve sparing surgery, and check out their credentials!

It is funny, the only thing I miss is, the white thick semen when I ejaculated, but as I said, you can handle this by doing what I have describe to make up for missing this.

I thought I would put up another address to a web page that I ran across even though it is in 2008. The reason is the comments, so I would like you to read the comments about ejaculating urine.

I have explained that urine is antiseptic, and there is nothing to fear when you ejaculate urine into your partner's vagina!!!

One of the comments I read said, "You must have a lover who understands and is willing to get into the fact that urine is antiseptic because post prostatectomy urine is the new semen." I had to correct a couple of words for spelling, but I have explained this before.

I want to say  more about doctors that perform this type of operation. They must have been taught this procedure from someone, and it better be traced to Dr. James Brooks, and his partner who developed this procedure at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD.  I am sorry I cannot remember his partner's name, but I was going to go to Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD. For the operation.  I made the call to  Dr. Brooks's partner that developed the nerve sparing surgery with him.

I told his partner I lived in Los Angeles, and I want him to perform the surgery. He said you are in luck because Dr. Brooks, his partner had transferred to Stanford University in Palo Alto California, and he also said that if he had prostate cancer he would go to Dr. Brooks for the operation. 

Well I am now 65 years old, and everything works!!! As a matter of fact, I wake up early in the morning with an erection, and yes, I ejaculate urine!!!

If you are working properly with no underling illness before surgery,  then you should work about the same after your surgery. Of course, if your cancer has spread beyond your prostate, then it will depend on what has to be removed.

I read through these comments, and I am appalled what I have read about the time it takes before other men have an erection and can hold their urine, if ever!!!

I was home recovering with a catheter in my penis when I got my post-surgery erection. I mean it was hard!!!

I had been worrying about getting an erection and there it was, but now what? Will I get another erection after the catheter is removed, and could I hold my urine.

I had been practicing my Kegel exercises, which everyone should do. Anyhow, everything is the same, but different. Refer back to what I have written. You should understand what I am trying to explain about the difference during your ejaculation once your prostate is removed. 

Sex is fun and it feels sooooooo good, so do it like when you were eighteen by using Viagra or any of the other drugs.

Have fun!!!!!!

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