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  1. A boy and the fox
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My version is like the other two, but this person will be different from the others
Chapter 1

A boy and the fox

    by: Friendly Thinker   More by this author
A boy of 10 years named Ryan was a foster child after his parents divorced and they are fighting over him in court. He is wise for his age and he did not like his parents fighting. Rather than waiting for them to stop fighting, he gathered his things from the foster home and left in the dead of night without telling anyone. He does not like fighting or arguing and peace was what he liked after going into a forest with a clear mind. He is very smart and a hard worker, but he cries in his sleep because his parents were stupid for fighting over him.

In the same forest as ryan was a fox who was watching him since he first entered the forest and she smiled at him.

"He is young, but determined to get the job done and wise for his age." she said looking at him
"I wonder why he cries at night during the rain."

She is able to change her size at will and have a human form as well, but she has not revealed her human form to anyone.

"He could use some place better than the forest and I can help him." she said as she decided to meet with the boy
Where will this interactive story go?

You have the following choices:

1.   The meeting

2.   Something else happens

3.   Someone or something stops her *

4.   Danger! *

5.   The boy leaves

* indicates the next chapter is blank and needs to be created.
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