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College student finds a black orb near his apartment and becomes a goddess of perversity.
This choice: Emily the stalker, apparently she is still into you as a girl · Go Back...
Chapter 3

Emily confronts you in the showers

    by: bobboled   More by this author
You spin around only to come face to face with the last person that you wanted to see today. Standing just a little to close to you was the woman who had been hounding you for about a year now. Emily stood in front of you, her arms crossed over her chest in a way that covered abosultely nothing. You could see her everything, and there was quite a lot to take in,

Emily might have been a nuisance, but she was by no means an ugly girl. In fact, she was quite the opposite. She had long dark brown shoulder length hair, hazel eyes, and a wonderful body. She had tomboyish curves, but those were only accentuated by her firm stomach and toned arms and legs. She worked out almost as regularly as she bugged you. Her face was nothing to snort at either, as she had very smooth slightly tanned skin a cute face with lips like a pink flower.

This is what had caught your eye when you first met her a year ago. She was pretty and attractive, and her toned body only made you want her more. It didn't take long for the two of you to hook up as you both shared a vested interest the same literature (Lovecraftian, by the way), and it was only a matter of time before the two of you became more than friends. However, that first night of sex with her was more than enough to make you never want to see her again. Suffice to say, it involved Her being the dominant, and included several toys that were not appropriate for children and definitely not appropriate for you.

You tried to stop seeing her after that, but she kept following you around and even managed to get your phone number even after you had changed it. She still wanted you, oddly enough, but you were done with her.

And so, here now in the girl's showers, as a naked girl, with another naked girl who was constantly after you, you wondered what would happen next. ...Wait a second! You are a girl now! Maybe she doesn't care anymore and you can be free of her, maybe you ca-!

Your thoughts are interrupted by an odd sensation in your groin. It feels good, like when you were touching yourself earlier, but your hands were most certainly at your sides. Glancing down, you can see that Emily has stuck her hand between your thighs and is gently rubbing your crotch.

"Wha-!," you sputter, but she covers your mouth with her hand, silencing you. She grabs you firmly, in her toned arms, and pushes you back into the shower stall. She locks the door and turns back to you, her hand still rubbing your sweet spot. It's causing your thighs to fidget, which only seems to egg Emily on. She inserts two of her fingers, which causes you to cover your mouth as you suppress a gasp. Emily smiles cruelly, obviously enjoying this.

"So, your a girl now, huh,?" she says way too casually.

"Yo-you can tell?" you ask.

"Of course, my family has always been magically inclined." she says, "I'm resistant to a lot of its effects, so it's no wonder only I can tell that you have changed." HEr fingering intensifies, her finger searching your depths for your g-spot.

"Nnnh, please stop!"

"Nu-uh, not until you tell me how you changed." She locates her target and rubs it firmly.


"Come on, who did this to you, hmm?" she coos into your ear.

"I-it was," but you stop mid sentence. Her ministrations are picking up speed and as your body tenses for orgasm you find trouble speaking,"It was a-a-aaaah!" You come hard on her hand, humping it as your body ebbs with bliss. Your hips rock against her tight stomach and arm before the strength leaves your legs and you drop to the floor. You limply lift yourself up to sit with your back against the shower wall. Emily seems to tower above you as she watches you while idly licking the hand that had only recently been inside you.

"It was a goddess," you say meekly, "She gave me her power and made me like this."

"A goddess you say? What kind?" she asks, curiositiy burning in her eyes.

"A goddess of perversion."

Her smile is so wide that for a moment it looks like her mouth was going to tear. She bends down and grabs you by the hair. "If this is all true, and this is a ll a hypothetical, then we need to see just what kind of 'power' she gave you, and the extent of it." She picks you by your shoulders and gives you an ultimatum. "Meet me at my room in an hour."

With that, she grabs her clothes and leaves you in the stall, stunned.

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