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Childrens fantasy poems/stories about Dinkerville and its inhabitants. Hope you enjoy!!!
Dinkerville was created in 1998 because my sister and I have called each other Dinks forever, which led to the thought that only Dinks could live in Dinkerville...etc. It is a place of innocence and fun. I hope you enjoy!
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    Red rabbit's curiosity gets him in trouble...
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    She had to rhyme quite all the time...
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    Let's count in Dinkerville!
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    Two hops up and one hop back is how walks the Snippensniffersmack...
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    Thanks for 2nd place Seussify-Me contest '08!
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    Welcome to Dinkerville. Dillie must learn a lesson...
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    This received Honorable Mention in the 'Seusify Me' contest '03. Thanks!
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    Welcome to Dinkervile...
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