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A blog and a collection of things gathered into one.

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A blog and a collection of things gathered into one.

Well here I am, trying to think of something interesting to write and put in this blog. Honestly, I've always wanted and liked to do a blog yet blogging doesn't seem to like me. I created Flecks of Varied Colors to showcase my works and writings of various genres. I chose this title because my proposed contents for this blog are mainly scribbles, poetry compositions, life events and happenings, and anything you might find pointless. So read at your own risk.

I don't know if it's best to include my compositions here, but I'll give it a try. Perhaps, I will use this as a daily or weekly journal of things, happenings and events that I find interesting. Well maybe just anything I can think of. By the way, English is my third language and I'll do my best to make things clear and comprehensible. If you found something off the hook, please don't hesitate to inform me. I'd really appreciate it if you do so.

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March 30, 2021 at 11:11am
March 30, 2021 at 11:11am
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Congratulations on making it to the last day of the competition!
What was your favorite prompt from the last month?
What was the most rewarding aspect of participating in the competition?

I Made It


ow, I finally made it to the thirtieth! I thought I couldn't survive a daily blogging but here I am writing my last entry for this blogging month. It has been a tedious work since I have limited time to write and respond to each day's prompt. I'm just glad that the challenge always have a new and inspiring prompt to respond to. To those who happened to read and comment on my entries, I'd like to give my sincerest gratitude. Thank you so much! I know you struggled and oftentimes got confused with how I word my entries, still you continue to read them without throwing a single criticism. Through this challenge, I have learned a lot from the experiences of my fellow bloggers. It's a great experience to share mine as well, although most of them were not that interesting.

         What I like most on the previous prompts is that of March 19th where we have to discuss something about the significant difference in our lives a decade ago. In here, I was able to look back on my past and had pondered on what I was and what I've become. I was able to point out the improvements and how I transitioned from being a demure teenager to being a responsible adult. It's amazing to think how my life had changed and how each trial and tribulation molded me to a stronger, faithful, and responsible human being.

         Writing itself is already rewarding. The thought of having inspired someone with my crafts means a lot to me. Every comment and praise I received for my writings proved to me that somehow in this little means, I touched one's life as much as how they touched my life as well. Each lesson I learned out from their entries are forever emblazoned in my mind and I'm certain that they can be of great use as I continue to battle my strife ahead.

         Thanks again and cheers!
March 29, 2021 at 9:07am
March 29, 2021 at 9:07am
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What did you like / dislike about where you grew up?
What do you like / dislike about where you live now?

Then and Now


he place I live in right now is totally different from my original hometown. With the fact that I currently live in a city while my birth place is in a hinterland located in a remote mountainous area of the province, the differences are extremely apparent. In there you can see tall trees and mountains while here are towering buildings and some skyscrapers. There you can see a clean river flowing rapidly while here you'll see streets with slow moving traffic. There you can see birds flying gracefully beneath the azure while here you will see planes. There you can hear the sweet songs of cicadas during dusk time while here you will hear the bustling sounds of motor vehicles throughout the day and night. There you have plenty of time to do exercise as walking is our only way to go to distant places while here are mostly done with cars. There, neighbors are working and helping each other while here aren't.

         With all that being said, having lived in both types of community has helped me point out some things that I like and things I don't like while I stayed on either of which. To give you a clearer picture, I'd like to enumerate them below:

MY HOME TOWN (or the place I grew up):

1. There's no better place than being close to nature. And our place offers a tranquil surrounding.
2. It's cold through out the day and night. We don't have to spend more on air conditioning and the like.
3. I can get plenty of time to relax, inhale fresh air, and drink clean mineral water coming from the spring.
4. I can think well while at my home town.
5. More vegetables (which I love most) and my mother always cooks for us.
6. I can do other things like hunting, fishing and swimming.

1. Having little to no access to the internet (which I can't live without). When at home, I have to mount the hill or go to some high altitudes to get better internet reception. I even spent most of my night atop the mountain in that little makeshift my younger sisters built as a place intended for their online classes.
2. Remote place and our way to and from downtown is always wet. Hardly accessible.
3. Distant neighborhood.
4. Distant market.

MY CURRENT PLACE (the place I live now):

1. The internet first and foremost.
2. A place to earn a living.
3. A chance to live with my partner (my family doesn't know about us yet).
4. Night time recreation and exhibits.
5. Can do shopping and groceries any time any day.

1. Loud and busy streets.
2. Crowded (which I dislike the most).
3. Warm.
4. Always in a hurry.
5. Unhealthy living and lifestyle.

         Well honestly, it's too hard for me to decide on which place I would prefer to stay and live. But with my status quo, I'd choose to live in the city. After all, my work place is here and so is my life's partner. Which will you choose?

         Thank you for reading this. Cheers!
March 28, 2021 at 1:45am
March 28, 2021 at 1:45am

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We need your help filling the Challenge War Chest with prompts!
In your entry today, write three of your own 30DBC prompts and then choose one to respond to.

Prompting Prompt


rilliant prompt I admit. I know it's very hard to think of good prompts even for a prompt-based contest running on monthly basis, how much more with this challenge that needs daily prompting. It might be so exhausting to think of a unique prompt considering the fact that this blogging challenge was established many years ago. You might have created a book of prompts or two already. Well, here are the prompts I can share:

1. Life is short. Write about your legacy or deeds that will make you remembered by many.
2. Write something about your incredible experience with Writing Dot Com.
3. Based on the final question on Miss Grand International 2020, “There’s only one dose of COVID-19 vaccine left. And you have to choose who to give it to either between a 15-year-old or a senior citizen of 70 years old. Who would you choose to give it to and why?”

         I'd like to respond on my last prompt. Although I'm not that huge fan of pageantry, I still try to support our country's representative for wit and beauty. Last night, I happened to watch the full episode of Miss Grand International 2020 because my partner was watching it. The part which I like most in most pageants is the Question and Answer portion and I always marvel at how our representative answered them wittingly. To note, Pia Wurtzbach and Catriona Gray's answers to their respective Miss Universe final questions were just brilliant and heartfelt.

         With the three-tie-breaking question thrown during last night's Miss Grand International, “There’s only one dose of COVID-19 vaccine left. And you have to choose who to give it to either between a 15-year-old or a senior citizen of 70 years old. Who would you choose to give it to and why?” I salute at how the three beauties (USA, Philippines and Guatemala) answered it. And I would like to congratulate Miss USA for winning the crown.

         While Miss USA's answer was chosen to be the winning one, I still love how our representative answered the question. She chose the senior citizen with the fact that seniors are the ones most vulnerable while the young has the strength and immunity to fight against covid virus. The young only needs exercise and healthy diet while the old needs the vaccine most as he/she can no longer do exercise. If I were to answer, then I will choose the same. I will prioritize our seniors the fact that they've already served, proved and done something for our country. For the remaining years of their lives, this way, we could show our appreciation and at least let them feel that they're being cared of. Our culture speaks for it as we always give more emphasis on the elders. We always want them to feel respected, cared, and let them feel our love for them. So yes, I will choose the senior citizen. Who would you choose?

         Thank you for reading this. Cheers!

         Here's the clip for Miss Grand International 2020 Top 3 Question and Answer:
March 27, 2021 at 8:13am
March 27, 2021 at 8:13am

The Original Logo.
In your entry today, write about one of the most frightening moments of your life.

The Lost Pair


iving in a place so remote from the city has lots of frightening moments one will certainly encounter. And I'm not an exception to this. I have different frightening encounters during my childhood to teenage days back in my original place. Perhaps my exposure to some horror movies we used to watch every time we visit our grandma (to watch TV/movies since we don't have one) had impacted and contributed pretty much to my being frightful. But who wouldn't be frightened when you hear noises while on your way home amidst a dark evening alone?

         I remember that moment when my mother asked me to buy cooking oil, salt and seasonings for the dish she'll be preparing for our dinner. We used to store items like these and other cooking necessities the fact that we're far but that time, mother might had forgotten to restock and refill our kitchen. So I was tasked to go downtown to secure these items. It was already late afternoon and if we will go downtown at this time of the day and considering the distance, it is expected that we will end up walking in the middle of the night. Our way home is never a cakewalk but literally a mud walk during rainy season. Luckily I was wearing my father's "rain boots" and mud wasn't much of a deal.

         After securing all the items my mother had on the list, I immediately rushed home. And of course it was already evening. I was trudging on the wet alley illuminated only with the tiny flashlight embedded on the tip of the lighter I have. Although the lighting it gave was tiny, it was enough for me to at least see where I trudge. There was no moon that time, no houses along, and the alley was in between thick sugarcane plantation thus making the path so dark. When I passed along the river, a strange sound came into my ears. It was a sound I can hardly distinguish accompanied with some scratching sounds just right atop the tree nearby. I was having goosebumps and just when I focus my flashlight on the place where the sound came from, a pair of eyes sparkled from the lighting appeared to my sight. Before I could even think of something, I quickly picked up my boots and started running as fast as I possibly could. I didn't mind the painful thorns and sharp rocks that hit my bear feet nor my several bumps on banana trees I came across.

         I finally arrived, panting and still frightened. My mother asked me what happened and I told her what I saw. She said it might be a stray cat or dog or maybe a cow then she collected the items I firmly grip with my right hand. "Where's the other boots?" she asked with scornful looks fixed on me. I might had dropped the other pair while on my way home. I said and promised to look for it first thing on the following day as I didn't have the courage to go back and search for the lost pair. She said that I must find it or my father will kill me.

         Thanks for reading my frightful experience. I still have lots of frightful experiences though, but that's for another story. Thank you and cheers!

March 26, 2021 at 9:01pm
March 26, 2021 at 9:01pm

The Original Logo.
If you asked your friends to describe you using only three words, what would they say?
And why do you think so?

Me in Three

I remember a question somehow similar to this being asked on the exam I took prior to getting my job. Although not verbatim, the question conveyed the same thought as it tackled about my strengths and weaknesses. Also, I had those moments when my colleagues (whom I considered my friends) said that I am like this and that having this and that. They said that I am creative. Well, perhaps because they'd witnessed my works and arts both physical and digital. I happened to show them my designs and image manipulations and they liked it. In addition, there was one time on one Christmas season few years back when I was tasked to decorate our office and they liked my designs. I also happened to show them photographs of my sister's wedding where I was the only one who did all the wedding decorations. They liked it.

         Second is having the initiative. I don't really like someone to dictate me with what to do and what needs to be done so I always make sure that all tasks are done or completed before one could even think of letting me do it. The other one is well organized. This maybe because I am a perfectionist in most things. I always make sure that my workplace is clean and things must be well-sorted out. I don't like to hear someone saying that I'm messy.

         That's pretty much it. Thank you for reading! Cheers!

March 25, 2021 at 9:11pm
March 25, 2021 at 9:11pm

The Original Logo.
What’s the best or worst practical joke that you’ve played on someone or that was played on you?

No Practical Jokes Please

I haven’t done any practical jokes to someone nor did they happen to throw one at me. But if you say just joke alone and not those sort of embarrassing, traumatic and unworthy pranks, I have lots and have been joked with almost every time. I’m not really that good of a joker but at least they’d laugh every time I throw a joke. We use to exchange jokes with my colleagues while we’re at work. It’s a must considering that our job is more on paper works, recording transactions and a lot of numbers, numbers and numbers. We need a good laugh amidst ubiquitous transactions we have to deal with every day.

         Well, talking about prank, there's no other best practical joker than this dog. This always give me a real good laugh.

Did you hear it saying, "Hooman, you got fooled..."?

         There are tons of pranks made available in YouTube but almost all of them are harsh and inhumane. They're not just embarrassing to those people being pranked at but also traumatic. With this, the essence of trying to make the audience laugh is forfeited. Here's one example to this:

March 24, 2021 at 12:26pm
March 24, 2021 at 12:26pm
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Write about some of your most memorable vacations.
Where did you go? Who were you with?
What was your favorite part of the trip?

There's No Place Like Home but Beach is Fun!

I can't remember a single time in my life that I went on vacation. I might have gone to other places but it’s not for vacation purposes, it was for our college field trip. I don’t have the luxury to go to some other places for leisure and relaxation. I’d rather go home and spend my precious time with my family. After all, there’s no place like home.

         If you allow me to rephrase the topic to something like “Write about some of your most memorable family events or activities. What was your favorite part of it?” Then I could give you one great response. It had been part of our family tradition to go on picnic every year either at our grandfather’s house or if my parents had saved some then we’d go to the beach. Near our grandma’s house lies a clean and huge flowing river perfect for swimming, fishing and my mother even took the opportunity to wash our laundry there. After a cold dip, my mother had our favorite food ready to feast upon. It was so much fun.

         It would be funnier and exciting when we had the chance to go to one of the beautiful beaches of the other city. But of course, this only happened when we had extra money for the trip. We still had to rent for a vehicle to go there, thus money is of great need. We would first attend a mass, then visit and pray to different patrons and we would light candles altogether to commemorate our passing love ones. Afterwards, we would enthusiastically head to the nearby beach. I always love riding on my father’s shoulder while splashing over big waves.

         Now that we’re old, I can only sigh the moment I found myself reminiscing those glorious days… I know in one great day soon, we can all be together and revisit that place we used to go back then. Thanks for reading this. Cheers!

March 23, 2021 at 8:57pm
March 23, 2021 at 8:57pm
The Original Logo.
What do you do to improve your mood when you are sad?
If you are frustrated or angry, what is your secret to feeling better?

Frustrations and How I Handled Them

I have lots of ways to cope up from sadness. Depending on the level of sadness I'm in, too much sadness will certainly take few days to quell while the minimal will eventually fade in a matter of hours. Whenever I feel frustrated and angry, one can easily detect while I'm in this mood. I tend to go on mute and don't dare to talk to me while I'm at it if you don't wish me to feel angry at you as well.

         Through the years, I've been trying to be considerate and be mature enough to handle my temper and frustrations. I don't want to inflict pain to others especially to those who are trying to help ease my exasperation. With this, I had set the following to help me manage my temper well:

1. When I'm in so much sadness, I look for a great place of succor. Getting close to nature with tranquil ambiance helps in deviating my emotion.
2. I will have my pen and paper to write my aggravations and frustrations with and then burn it afterwards.
3. If I feel so angry (to the maximum extent) at someone, I'll print a picture of him/her then scrape, pierce and dart his/her image with knife until my heart's content. This might sound brutal but I tell you, it relieves my pain.
4. While at an extreme confrontation, I would take moments to pause and look at green surrounding. This will help calm my heightened emotion.
5. Watching my favorite movies also helps in mitigating these negative emotions.
6. Writing and composing new poems is of great help as well. The resulting pieces will certainly be sad and dark genres.
7. I always try not to hold grudges to those who make me feel frustrated and angry.

         I think that's all I usually do while at my sad, frustrated and angry mood. Thank you for reading. Cheers!

March 22, 2021 at 10:27am
March 22, 2021 at 10:27am

The Original Logo.
Write about your earliest memory. Try to describe it in as much detail as possible.

My Earliest Memories

         "My Fondest Memoir is one of my earliest memories that I can remember clearly. The rest are short flashes and snippets of memories during my childhood. I have memories of me being locked up in my grandmother's room when I was five for reasons I can't remember. There was also that time when me and my sister fell on the wooden bridge when one of our friends continuously jump his way through causing the bridge to break and collapse while we're in the middle of it. Another one was when we went on fishing but went home empty handed because we were only swimming at where our fishing lines were placed.

         There was also that time when me and my eldest sister had a fight over that one candy. She pushed me and my head got hit on that iron bar. The moment our father saw what happened, he got so angry at my sister. When she saw him coming with a wooden stick on his left hand, I was only surprised at how quick she vanished in front of me. She ran as far as her tiny feet could possibly take her while father was only few feet behind. I was crying so hard not because of the bleeding cut I had on the back of my head (which my mother had carefully bandaged) but to the sight of how my father beat my sister with that stick. I felt guilty.

         And who could not remember an event that brought a scar on one's face? I got one just above my lips. It's even visible on all of my pictures and photos. I was nine at that time and my sister was ten. We were running an errand to buy bread for the new year's eve. Although the store was quite far from where we are located, we know our way back and forth. On our way home, I didn't know what wind entered into my sister's head but she was throwing something to me. It was an asphalt grease she took from the wheels of that sugar cane wagon. Our way to the barangay is actually laid with rails where wagons are spread and left at certain points especially during sugarcane's harvest season. Of course I didn't want myself to get dirty so I ran and she was chasing me. With hopes to avoid her, I took a quick detour. It was that time when I felt something that hit my mouth. It was a barbed wire set in place as fence and it didn't appear to my sight. The wire pierced deeply into my upper lip and blood oozed from the deep laceration. If you only saw the horror and fright in her face that she almost cried. Well, I didn't cry. I didn't feel any pain at all. Perhaps because the happening was quick and I was still in my shocked state. She gave me a hand to walk but this time, we didn't pass through the correct route. We headed our way to the nearby river and she helped me wash off the blood stains in my mouth and some clots on my clothes. This was where I started crying as I started feeling the stinging pain. She tried her best to pacify me but to no avail. I was crying all the way home.

         Can you guess what my sister did to mitigate the chance of getting scolded? Well, on our way home, she started picking up some dry woods and twigs to be used as firewood in cooking our food. That's what she thought but the moment our mother saw the big wound on my upper lips, the twigs served its purpose.

         Thank you for the time reading this. Cheers!

March 21, 2021 at 12:14pm
March 21, 2021 at 12:14pm
The Original Logo.
What food or dish have you never eaten but would really like to try?

Food I Might Try

I've been very fussy when it comes to what's on my plate. If you happen to read my last post, I did mention about what type of food I love eating, and what's not. Meat other than pork, chicken and fish is a big NO. Never serve me with beef if you don't want me to puke while you're enjoying your sumptuous meal. I might take a small bite to show respect to the one who prepared the dinner but letting me finish a slice will certainly ruin the night. Honestly, I had been tricked once, no, twice. It was during my Junior-Senior High School Prom where Beef steak was one of the main course for our dinner. I didn't know that was a beef steak since it tasted so good and I found no hints of "beefiness" . It's also hard for me to distinguish due to the dim lighting of the place. It was only after the meal when my classmate said that what we ate was a steak made of beef. I did not believe her at first but she insisted so I took a small piece from the leftover, brought it to the nearby lamp stand for a closer look and it was indeed a beef steak. Good thing we have available soda or else I would have puked that night. Other instance was not with beef, but of lamb meat. It was also during my high school years. The Department of Education had this program for every school to cook and offer free meals to those malnourished students on a daily basis. And I'm one of the lucky ones. There was one time when we were served with some sort of soup (cooked with meat and cabbage). After knowing that the meat I ate was that of a lamb, I vomited.

         Now to the prompt. Perhaps I will try to eat a turkey meat - the roasted one. They said it tastes better than that of a roasted chicken so I might give it a try. My uncle once raised turkeys at his place intended for some important occasions but I had never dared to take even just a bite. If only I had an appetite similar to my brother, then I would have tasted all the food and viands I came across. Would you believe he eats exotic food like snakes, wild mountain mice, bat, bird, frog, wild lizard or alligator, and all types of animals he caught on his mountain hunting? He even eats cat's and dog's meat if cooked and prepared nicely. Man, thinking this makes me feel sick.

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