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by Sumojo
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The simplicity of my day to day.
This is where I write my thoughts, feelings and my daily trials, tribulations and happy things
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May 10, 2021 at 11:42pm
May 10, 2021 at 11:42pm
PROMPT May 11th

What was cool when you were young but isn’t cool now? Is there anything that has become cool in recent years that wasn’t cool in your youth?

“Cool” wasn’t a cool word when I was growing up in the 40’s. Cool meant it wasn’t warm.
I suppose all my childhood games were ‘cool’ such as collecting cards, marbles and hopscotch.
In the sixties the mini skirts were cool, beehive hairdos and full skirts with lots of petticoats. Also the most amazing thing to happen was the moon landing. I don’t know what words we used then to describe that. Probably “fabulous, amazing and awe inspiring.

Besides the words such as cool, awesome and “like,” everything that’s trendy nowadays wasn’t in my youth. In fact as there was so little technology, everything about today didn’t exist. Today’s kids have no concept how “cool” they are.
May 10, 2021 at 10:07am
May 10, 2021 at 10:07am
PROMPT May 10th

Think back to a time when you felt completely calm. What made you feel that way?

Calm to me is when I can shut out all thoughts. That is almost impossible to achieve, unless you’re in an unconscious state.
I’ve tried to meditate but that only seems to make my mind busier. I’ve tried a technique my friend told me to do when meditating and that’s to imagine each thought is a ballon and you pop them as they arrive. Or to imagine they are butterflies flitting from flower to flower!
My grandson tried going in a flotation tank, he said it was relaxing but the thought of lying in a dark box, floating in body heat water, with no sound, almost gave me a panic attack.
Deep breathing does calm and relax me, however I hardly ever get in a state of anxiety these days. Rarely can anyone upset me, except for one person who manages to know which buttons to press and I try to not let her.
I can’t actually think of a special time when I was completely relaxed except maybe slipping under anaesthesia when undergoing surgery. I actually really love that feeling. You know you have no control over whether you’ll wake up again or not. A feeling of complete calm and resignation comes over me. I know I’m weird. 🤔
May 9, 2021 at 9:08am
May 9, 2021 at 9:08am
PROMPT May 9th

Write about language - What languages do you wish you could speak? What’s the most pleasant sounding accent? What’s the funniest word in the English language (or your native language)?

I love the sound of the Italian language. You could be reading out a shopping list or a talking about dysentery and it would sound romantic.
I’ve tried several times to learn French. I started when I was at school but if you don’t use it you lose it.

There are some great words in the English language. Old words that have stood the test of time that I still use in everyday parlance. “All that Milarky” meaning goings on or happenings. And I like gubbins too. A thing of no value, or hard to describe.

Frog in a Hanging Basket

May 7, 2021 at 11:04pm
May 7, 2021 at 11:04pm
PROMPT May 8th

Write about your favorite outdoor activities to do in the summer. Are there any activities you haven’t done that you want to try?

I’m actually not a summer fan. I prefer the cooler months. Australia is sooo hot in summer, I hate to get burnt, I don’t like feeling hot.
I used to swim the summers away when I had a body that looked good in swimwear. Now at my age I wouldn’t expose others to my old body unclothed!
So outdoors I seek the shade. Picnics are nice under a tree.
I would like to hang glide if I had the chance. There are a few places but not here in Perth where you can go strapped to an expert hang glider and step off a cliff into space. You catch the thermals and fly like a bird. I suppose summer would be the best time to do it.
I love watching the birds soar in the sky, it would be so cool to fly like they do. I actually think that birds don’t really like the heat either, they love the rain when the worms and snails come out to play!
May 7, 2021 at 2:26am
May 7, 2021 at 2:26am
PROMPT May 7th

In your entry today, write about dreams. Do you dream often, or do you rarely remember your dreams? What is the strangest or most memorable dream you have ever had?

I always dream as does everyone. Some people say they never dream but that’s impossible as it’s your brain’s way of defragging so to speak. Anyway I always remember my dreams, well I do when I wake up and then most often they are like trying to catch fog as it drifts away out of reach.
Dreams are impossible to make up, I couldn’t possible come up with the crazy things I dream about.
I don’t usually relate my dreams as I think someone telling you about their dreams is possibly the most boring thing ever.
I like the dreams which involve my Mum or Dad. They both have been dead now for over thirty years so when I see them in my dreams it’s sort of comforting.
My daughter used to have night terrors. Every night she’d sit up wide eyed screaming at something only she could see. Once when I she was about three, she screamed that there were monkeys in her room. She stared at the air conditioning vent on the ceiling, pointing and shouting out “monkeys”
My husband was so sure she’d seen something, he thought it may have been rats, that he went up into the roof space to check🤣
I hate the dreams where you wake up in the middle of it and think it’s real, realise it’s only a dream,then drop back off to sleep straight back into the dream.
Anyway, it’s 10.30 pm here, I’m in bed ready to turn out the light. So sweet dreams. 💤
May 5, 2021 at 11:19pm
May 5, 2021 at 11:19pm
PROMPT May 6th

Write about a community service or volunteer experience you’ve had in your life that made an impact on you.

I think that everyone should put their hand up and volunteer at least once in their lives. I’ve not been a prolific volunteer, but have throughout my life tried to do a bit here and there. Depending on different stages of life I’ve volunteered at school fetes, tuck shops and school excursions.
Later there was a time I used to pick up oldies and take them to appointments.
But the one that had the most impact, and did the longest, was for the Starlight Children’s Foundation. It’s a sort of ‘make a wish come true’ for terminally ill children.
That really made an impact seeing brave kids dealing with things they should never have to deal with.
May 5, 2021 at 2:34am
May 5, 2021 at 2:34am
PROMPT May 5th

If your job gave you a surprise seven day paid break to rest and recuperate, what would you do with those seven days?

At my age and stage, a seven days paid break would make no difference. We are retired and living in Western Australia far away from the effects of Covid 19 and have no desire to go where the chances of coming across said disease is more likely.
I’m such a home bird I’d probably think of all the chores or jobs around my home this break would give me a chance to do.
When we were working and such an offer came up then we’d probably take the ski boat down to the river and water ski, barbecue and drink beer.
I’m not a fan of air travel, it’s not that I’m scared of flying, I simply hate the whole idea of it. The artificial air, food and the whole experience turns me off.
I very nearly went back to the UK in May 2020. That was the nearest I’ve got for the last twenty years to going “home.” Talked into it by my daughter who offered to “take” me. She said I’d regret not seeing my two remaining brothers and their families if I didn’t go. The only thing that was good about COVID was that it stopped me doing that horrendous flight from Perth to London.
It’s looking more likely that travel restrictions will ease and there will be no more excuses. I think I’ll play the “too old card”

May 4, 2021 at 9:50am
May 4, 2021 at 9:50am
PROMPT May 4th

May the Fourth Be With You! Write about a movie franchise or book series that you love.

I’m afraid this will have to short and sweet, it’s my bedtime.

There have been quite a few television series which I’ve felt I couldn’t wait for the next series to come out. There’s one I’m watching now on Britbox and that’s Line of Duty, a crime series. We’re watching series six at the moment. What I love about this series is the clever scriptwriting. How I wish I was clever enough to write like that.

Peaky Blinders was among the best. The characters were so believable. I loved every moment.

The last one was Breaking Bad. My husband and I refused to watch it until my daughter bought the box set and after watching the first episode we binged the whole series.

There have probably been others but at this time of night my brain doesn’t function too well.
So sleep well everyone.💤😴
May 3, 2021 at 4:01am
May 3, 2021 at 4:01am
PROMPT May 3rd

What was the best thing that happened in your life over the weekend? Looking at the week ahead, what are your goals and how will you motivate yourself to achieve them?

*Notep* *Noteo* *Notep* *Noteo* *Notep* *Noteo* *Notep* *Noteo* *Notep* *Noteo*

Well in our neck of the woods there are heaps of restrictions as to what, where or how we can do things. So consequently it was a very quiet weekend. We have just come back from a fortnight away in the caravan. The weather has been perfect and as we were with our daughter and her husband the company was great too. There was a Derby match on between our two West Australian teams and up until two hours before the kick off 45,000 people were heading to the stadium and then it was decreed by our premier there’d be no spectators. So that was very disappointing.

This week we are dog sitting our daughter’s crazy ten month old labra doodle. She keeps me on my toes. In and out, she can’t make her mind up. She brings sticks inside and makes a terrible mess. So I expect that’s what I’ll be doing, mostly, cleaning up after Gigi.
My goal is to catch up in the ‘I write 2021’ contest. I’m looking forward to Wednesday’s Writing Women’s group. We are preparing all our contributions to this year’s Anthology. The finished product is very professional.
I’m not feeling overly motivated this week, I think it’s the let down after the holiday. But I will try.
May 2, 2021 at 1:38am
May 2, 2021 at 1:38am
PROMPT May 2nd

What smell or sounds brings back great memories of your childhood?
My sense of smell is a family joke. It appears I can smell things that others can’t. I’m known as the nose that knows.
I’m useful though when trying to find the exact location of smelly things. Dead rats in the roof for example. I can pinpoint the spot. Which saves my husband time searching the whole roof space.
Sometimes it’s a curse though. Often it pays not to be able smell things.

Anyway as to childhood memories. One is the smell of freshly cut grass drying in the sun before being bailed up into haystacks. I’m immediately transported to a field behind our house when I was about seven.

Boiling soapy water. I can see my grandmother boiling sheets in a copper pot. She’d be turning them with a wooden implement, steam making her face bright red as she tussled with the washing.

Smoke from an open coal fire reminds me of my childhood homes. We always burnt coal which I used to go to the coal shed and collect buckets for the fire. There is another smell which would send me back sixty odd years if I was able to smell coal dust again. We don’t use coal for heating anymore. I think that stopped years ago in the UK in an attempt to clean the air and the buildings.

Evening in Paris perfume. It was my mother’s favourite scent. It was in a blue bottle shaped like the Eiffel Tower. I think I can remember the smell but I haven’t seen any for years.

Mothballs. They were used in every wardrobe to scare off moths. Again I’ve not seen those for years. Probably because children would eat them thinking they were sweets.

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