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A poem about the storied paratrooper unit from Word War II.
The attack, swift and unforeseen,
Had men angered, seeking revenge so keen,
They volunteered, thought so insane,
To fight the war falling from a plane,
Toccoa bound, they arrived at last,
Thousands strong, in groups they massed,
Two years they trained, did Company E,
Their battle cry, Currahee,
In England they waited in anticipation,
Their sole desire, to save the nations,
First target found, Sainte-Mere-Eglise,
To take it clean, and in one piece,
To Brecourt Manor, to stop the fire,
On Utah Beach, the fight so dire,
In Carentan, the road did matter,
To keep it clear, the tanks they came, amid much clatter,
Market Garden, a mission failed,
British soldiers saved, E Company hailed,
To fight the Bulge, to Bastogne they flew,
To many men, they said adieu,
Then on to Foy, and Spier’s mad dash,
To save the day, and win the clash,
Lansberg loomed, the camp they found,
Jewish prisoner’s wept, became unbound,
War hardened men, torn at the sight,
Did understand why they did fight,
To Berchtesgaden, they went for rest,
And occupied the Eagle’s Nest,
Occupation duty in Zell am See,
The war would end, all glad to see,
Near 140 strong, the company started,
74 survived, all broken-hearted.
They joined as strangers, but left as friends,
The bond they shared would never end,
Heroes all, do not ask them,
Call them that, they will condemn,
The heroes, they say, are buried there,
In the earth’s embrace, in God’s good care,
Easy’s men are gone, living only in memory,
We will not forget their place in history.

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