Angelica Weatherby

Angelica Weatherby


I am Angelica Weatherby- a very avid reader. I love reading Fantasy and Mystery books. In May 2012 I graduated from a community college with an Associate. In June 2009 I graduated from high school. There are many things to explore and I can't wait to dive in for some adventure. Enough about me and time to explore some of my best works.


I have quite a few poetry, especially from Creative Writing class in the year 2008-2009! There is a variety ranging from Home to Butterflies. Sometimes I will do an update on some of these poems to keep it fresh and alive.

"Home [E] "Among the Kelp [E] "Somewhere Out There [E] "Snowflakes [E] "Thanksgiving [E]
"Roses [E] "Bourbon [E] "Breeder [E] "Jumping High [E] "Special Care [E]
"The Songbird [E] "A Wave in Time [E] "The Big Catch [E] "Fiction for You [E] "Butterflies [E]
"Spinach [E] "Silent Night [E] "Poem is... [E] "Lincoln High School Marching Band [E] "Where I am From [E]
"Politics [18+] "In my dream... [E] "Perfection [E] "High Winds [E] "Dove [E] "Auto-Bio Poem [E] "My First Three Poems (2006) [E]


Along with some rhymes is plot and action. Grab a story and swallow it up! Most of these were written during my Creative Writing class.

"The Fox and the Raccoon series [ASR] "Fake Bar [18+] "The Day I Turned 16 [ASR] "Last Day of Summer [E] "Slynokio [18+]
"Trapped inside [ASR]


Last, but not least, is writing that is not a story or poem. They may have been fillers for Creative Writing class too.

"The Day of Blackout [E] "From Mother to Daughter [E] "Sunflower [E] "I spy... [E] "Beauty of Drawing [E]
"Invalid Item
Any updates about my writing will be written here.

Made by Angelica Weatherby 2012

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