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ever wonder what the legend is?
There were a few families that were out on a camping trip as a group. They had found a nice campground with a lot of activities going on for the families, so they decided to stay there. They all got checked in towards the end of the day and got their tents and campers set up for the night, ready to explore what the campground had to offer the next day.
As the sun went down, the darkness crept in wrapping its cold hands around the area, except for the light of the full moon which hangs overhead, there was no other light that could be seen. This campground seemed especially dark and scary to the camper’s kids and they were all scared of it. They were so afraid to go outside they even refused to use the bathroom.
The parents began to get worried about this, as they didn’t realize it would have been so dark there as to scare the little ones. Of course, the subject of moving to another campground tomorrow came up.
Through the darkness of the campground, there arose a light, it was bright and shining while flickering. It was most assuredly a big campfire. Normally the adults of this group would not have paid attention to it, but the kids did see it.
The group of kids went to the adults and pointed it out to the adults and as a group, all decided to go and check out this mysterious fire, mainly for safety’s sake. The group of adults and kids gathered together quickly to ensure it wasn’t something that they needed to take care of, as they all knew time was of the essence in such things. They all went over in haste.
When they all stepped out of the wooded area into the clearing where the fire as they saw this older man sitting by the fire staring into its heart. He had a look of peace on his face. They were puzzled by this as this was something they had never seen before.
The old man looked up from his fire and over at the group that stood there watching him.
“Come my friends!” He called out to them waving his hands in a gesture to invite them to enjoy his fire with him,” Sit by the fire with me.”
The group talked briefly amongst themselves and agreed to go as it looked safe enough to enjoy it and it would be something the kids liked to do. So still erring on the side of safety, the group cautiously went over.
“Do not be afraid, my friends,” the old man said,” There is nothing to fear here.”
“Can you tell us a story,’ one of the children asked the old man by the fire.
He looked at the young child, and his heart was overcome with joy at the happiness the child showed him when he asked him the question.
“Is that what you want… a story?” he asked the little one.
“Uh-huh!” the child answered happily.
“Well ok then,” he said agreeing,” all the children can sit over here by me and I will tell them a story.”
The children were happy to do this, even though the adults were skeptical about it, but let them go any way they were staying in plain sight.
“Will this be a scary story, mister?” another young child asked.
“Do you want a scary story?” he asked them.
“No-o-o-o!” they all answered in complete unity.
Seeing this the old man smiled at them, looked up at the adults and said,” Not surprising to me at all, children don’t like to be scared when they are that young.”
The adults all grinned and smiled at the comment as they knew it was a true one.
The old man sat a second or two thinking about a story he could tell. As something came into his head, his eyes widened out, his smile brightened up as if he had found the perfect story for this group, and indeed he had.
The old man slowly stood up and walked towards the fire a step or two. Then turned around and faced the children sitting there. The look on their faces seemed to inspire him.
“Does anybody know what a blue moon is?” he asked.
Neither the adults nor the kids knew what a blue moon was, but they had heard about it. They all shook their heads that they did not know.
“well, the old man said,” the blue moon is a myth, the story had been passed down from father to child for generations. Even my own father told me about it, and such I will tell you.”
“As I was told,” the old man started,” the Sun is a woman clothed and draped in golden clothes. They were bright and shiny, so shiny that its light warmed the Earth. She was a creative, and caring woman who cared deeply for the Earth and the people that lived on it.”
“The people revered her for all that she did for them. She was also loved by many other planets and stars around her as well.”
“All this time, she was being watched by the moon. He was a passionate, dark and handsome man. He had hid and watched her from the shadows. Over time he began to love and worship her. This was the time that the moon had no light of his own and was very dark.”
“For a long time, he would just watch everything she did. He smiled and was happy that she was like she was. He never took the time, or had the courage to approach her and tell her of his feelings. All he did was watch, and over time this made him very, very sad and somber.”
“One day while she was getting dressed in her shiny clothing for the day. She felt as though she was being watched but didn’t see who it was that was watching her, but knew in her heart that she was being watched.”
“Day after day after day this feeling continued to grow, until she could no longer stand the feeling as to who it was that was watching her. She began to get very curious about it.”
“One day, actually it was when she truly wasn’t looking for her watcher, that she saw a faint face watching her from the darkness of space.”
““Why do you watch me from the darkness?” she asked the unknown being.”
““Because I have no courage to approach you,” the moon said, “As you are too beautiful and kind to like someone like me.””
““Well who are you?” she asked.”
“I am the moon,” He answered her not really sure of himself, “I have been watching you for a long time. You leave me speechless and unable to speak to you. Plus, if I touched you, I was surely dying of joy.” “
“The young woman had pity on him. And told him that he would not die if he touched her.”
“Of course, he didn’t believe her. She did nothing but reassure him that he wouldn’t and was so sure about it that she offered to kiss him to prove it.”
“He was so excited about the prospect of kissing her that he rushed forward and kissed her deeply and passionately. She returned he kissed him back. As his lips touched hers the fire caused him to start glowing brighter and brighter each night.”
“The more he kissed her the brighter he became. Then one day the Sun came out and got dressed. He came around looking to give her a kiss that day, she had to tell him that he would not be getting a kiss from her that day.”
“When he asked about why she told him that it was because he was glowing way too bright. He began to look like another sun to humans. They would get confused with two sons and that was against the natural order of things.”
“The moon became suddenly saddened that he couldn’t kiss her each day. He became depressed and started to darken once again. He began to withdraw from her once again and go back into the darkness of space as he was before.”
“The sun saw this and came to him. Although he was darker than before she told him that she did love him as much as he did her, and she always would but he just wouldn’t be getting a kiss each and every day.”
“The moons hope grew once again, and in between the kisses that she did give him he held onto the fire that she gave him. This left a few embers burning within him which made it look like he was wrapped in a blue blanket.”
“This was the legend of the blue moon, and why it exists.”
By the time the old man finished the story, the children were getting tired and understood the darkness of the woods a little bit more. Once the old man finished, the parents took their children back to their campsites for a good night’s rest, leaving the old man by the fire once again.
Once they were out of sight, the old man sat back down before the fire, staring into the heart of it. Then just as it came the old man and the big fire which burned as brightly as the sun did during the day, disappeared as though they were never there to begin with.
The next day, the children came looking for the old man in the clearing once again for another story. But in the space that he was in, even the spot that the fire was looked as though the fire had not been there for an exceptionally long time.
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