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Motivate yourself to conquer your goals this week! Post on Monday; update us on Friday!

Post your goals for the world to see.
Motivate yourself to accomplish them!

*Target* *Target* *Target* MONDAYS *Target* *Target* *Target*
On Monday, post your goals for the week
and I'll send you 1,000 Gift Points.

*Thumbsup* *Thumbsup* *Thumbsup* FRIDAYS *Thumbsdown* *Thumbsdown* *Thumbsdown*
Come back on Friday, post your updates on your goals,
and I'll send you an additional 1,000 Gift Points!

*Down* *Down* *Down* *Down* *Down*
*BlockR* *BlockR* *BlockR* SUBJECT REQUIREMENT *BlockR* *BlockR* *BlockR*
In the SUBJECT line, you need to state either:


*Note* Put some thought into your goals and make them count. Get some details up there. These goals aren't for me, they are for YOU. Add some details in your outline of what you want to accomplish this week. Make a checklist and at the end of the week, actually check it off. Gift Points are awarded by my discretion. If I feel someone is not putting forth any efforts in their goals or updates and is only posting to take advantage of the Gift Point reward, I will not distribute a reward to that person.

*Note* This forum is my personal forum and an activity that I do on my own. Gift point rewards will not go out immediately and some weeks I may be a bit late sending them, but I guarantee that I will send them. Please be patient. I will always put a "Weekly rewards mailed to here." post in the forum. If you see my post AFTER your goal or update post and you have not received your Gift Points, then you can email me with a link to the post for which you have not been paid. If you do not see my post after yours, that means I haven't rewarded anyone yet and you will receive them.
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