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Rated: 13+ · 8 minutes ago
This contains entries to BCPF, BCOF, 30DBC, Christian blog, & Writing Classroom blog
Rated: 13+ · about 3 hours ago
As the first blog entry got exhausted. My second book
Rated: 18+ · about 5 hours ago
Not for the faint of art.
Rated: 13+ · about 6 hours ago
Theses are my thoughts and ramblings as I forge my way through this thing they call life.
Rated: E · about 7 hours ago
We live much of life amid unique choices. Joy is anchored in The One beyond our life.
Rated: E · about 10 hours ago
a daily journal
Rated: 18+ · about 13 hours ago
Just shooting the poop with Lori
Rated: E · about 15 hours ago
One man's journey to find the way home
Rated: E · about 17 hours ago
My thoughts and musings
Rated: 18+ · about 18 hours ago
This blog contains responses to blog prompts, & thoughts on spiritual or religious themes
Rated: 18+ · about 19 hours ago
Reading, Writing, Pondering: Big Life Themes, Literature, Contemporary/Historical Issues
Rated: 13+ · about 21 hours ago
Feeling Right Every Day!
Rated: 18+ · about 23 hours ago
Put your blog out into the world and hope that your talent will speak for itself. ~D. Cody
Rated: 13+ · a day ago
Day to day stuff....a memoir without order.
Rated: 18+ · a day ago
A blog for my assorted thoughts and rambling inner monologue.
Rated: 18+ · a day ago
My blog--I pull a card--if it doesn't speak to me...perhaps it is for you?
Rated: 13+ · a day ago
Many thoughts on how writing has influenced my life.
Rated: ASR · 2 days ago
This is a test.
Rated: E · 2 days ago
A Journal to impart knowledge and facts
Rated: E · 3 days ago
Recording the adventure of being an indie authour.
Rated: E · 3 days ago
a sad and happy one
Rated: 18+ · 3 days ago
Second blog -- answers to an ocean of prompts
Rated: 13+ · 3 days ago
Charity's views on writing, ramblings, and everything else that she decides to share.
Rated: 13+ · 4 days ago
Nothing official here; just come chill!
Rated: E · 4 days ago
The beauty in all things
Rated: E · 4 days ago
A metaphor for my take on life and how it affects me.
Rated: ASR · 4 days ago
(a Wodehouse challenge)
Rated: 13+ · 5 days ago
Grab a cuppa coffee. Join me on my journey to a more positive, more joyful life!
Rated: E · 5 days ago
This blog will be based on my life as an unapologetic gay man of color.
Rated: 18+ · 5 days ago
A log of the magnificent journey across the vast sea of my imagination.
Rated: 13+ · 5 days ago
Where I play with words. I can't promise it'll make sense.
Rated: E · 5 days ago
I travel the country on business, sometimes the world. Come see where I've been.
Rated: E · 6 days ago
The beginning of my blog space on the site.
Rated: ASR · 6 days ago
Welcome to Whatsit's Wild World.
Rated: E · 6 days ago
Blogging, to take over the world.
Rated: E · 6 days ago
Blogging about things that are positive.
Rated: E · 6 days ago
City to Aussie outback without a learner's manual - a ute and dogs blog
Rated: 13+ · 7 days ago
The world from a short person's POV - not Australia or New Zealand.
Rated: 18+ · 7 days ago
Blog started in Jan 2005: 1st entries for Write in Every Genre. Then the REAL ME begins
Rated: 13+ · 7 days ago
Resources, concepts, and ideas for use in counseling others.
Rated: 18+ · 8 days ago
Daily notes and timed freewrites but mostly my blog
Rated: 13+ · 8 days ago
a blog of a 32 year old court reporting student
Rated: 18+ · 8 days ago
Dominique's Blog
Rated: E · 9 days ago
A place to share my little poems, haiku, tanka, than bauk, etc
Rated: 13+ · 11 days ago
Musings on anything.
Rated: 18+ · 11 days ago
Reflections and ruminations from a modern day Alice - Life is Wonderland
Rated: 18+ · 15 days ago
A blog to house my musings, curiosities, and fascinations.
Rated: E · 15 days ago
Yet another blog. Been here so long I thought I ought to blog again. Besides, it is fun!
Rated: 13+ · 16 days ago
Random thoughts, inconsistent posting
Rated: 18+ · 16 days ago
This is my pulpit. I'm no preacher. ☮️
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