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Plugger: Simon Latimer
The Plug: WIP, Feedback of any kind is appreciated.

Pluggee: PERSONA     (18+)
Genre(s): Sci-fi :: Drama
Description: A allegorical tale of despair and turning to addiction, and how it only masks the problem.

Plugger: FrankHayes
The Plug: Close your eyes and listen.

Pluggee: 6:34     (E)
Genre(s): Experience
Description: A Short Poem

Plugger: jdennis
The Plug: Chapter 2 of A Mind for Sale: a novel about an alien race who comes to our planet to bargain for our water, but finds something that interests them more--our imagination.

Pluggee: A Mind for Sale - Chapter 2     (13+)
Genre(s): Sci-fi :: Action/Adventure :: Friendship
Description: Tahlia is safe, and Michael has a plan.

Plugger: jdennis
The Plug: Chapter 1 of A Mind for Sale a SciFi novel: An alien race visits Earth to bargain for our water, but finds something about our planet that is more interesting--our imagination.

Short Story
Pluggee: A Mind For Sale Chapter 1     (13+)
Genre(s): Sci-fi :: Action/Adventure :: Friendship
Description: Aliens arrive on Earth, steal our resources, then begin to haggle over our imagination.

Plugger: Adrienne
The Plug: Be kind. It will get you everywhere.

Pluggee: Kindness Is The Key     (E)
Genre(s): Other
Description: Be kind, it will get you everywhere.

Plugger: C.N.Delo
The Plug: This is my first time uploading to writing.com. Here is the first chapter of my new project, Spin. It's a southern gothic inspired romantic mystery thriller. Told in dual perspective with "then" and "now" chapters! Any feedback appreciated!

Pluggee: Spin - Chapter One     (18+)
Genre(s): Thriller/Suspense :: Gothic :: Romance/Love
Description: A southern-gothic inspired suspense thriller with a romantic subplot.

Plugger: Mountain Drifter
The Plug: So, this is the second short story I have put up on WDC, and is also a huge step out of my comfort zone (considerably darker than anything I've written before). I would love to know what people think.

Short Story
Pluggee: When Worlds Crumble     (18+)
Genre(s): Crime/Gangster :: Dark :: Tragedy
Description: Two men meet on borrowed time. The survivor is haunted by all too familiar questions.

Plugger: Robert Edward Baker
The Plug: I've just written this short story and would love general feedback and constructive criticism. Thank you!

Short Story
Pluggee: The Novice Vampire Hunter     (18+)
Genre(s): Supernatural :: Romance/Love :: Comedy
Description: Jeremy's vampire hunting benefits from "constructive" criticism - Quotation Inspiration.

Plugger: RJLloyd
The Plug: Please review the first chapter of my Novel "The Stalker's Notebook" about a woman suffering with mental illness who is charged with Stalking her therapists.

Pluggee: The Stalker's Notebook: Chapter 1: Rev 2     (18+)
Genre(s): Drama :: Other :: Other
Description: This is the first chapter of my novel, "The Stalker's Notebook.

Plugger: Even Though I've Died
The Plug: This folder holds my most recent poetry and I'm extremely curious for feedback on the content. (There's more than 3 works in the folder but I'm not asking for everything to be reviewed. Just what's recent).

Pluggee: Low Light     (13+)
Genre(s): Dark :: Death :: Experience
Description: In the darkness I rest.

Plugger: Unpaid Bill
The Plug: My habit is especially brutal around Christmas, Halloween, Easter, and VALENTINE'S DAY. So this week will be a challenge for those of us with this problem. This is just a light-hearted poem, so if you are looking for serious writing, better pass.

Pluggee: Bad Habits Die Hard     (13+)
Genre(s): Comedy :: Food/Cooking :: Biographical
Description: Sneaking around my own house because I am embarrassed I just can't give this stuff up.

Plugger: WordHungry
The Plug: A woman, who was orphaned as a child, discovers the house she’s building looks just like the childhood home where her parents mysteriously died. She decides to keep it in honor of her parents but the home has its own intentions.

Pluggee: Scene from Untitled     (18+)
Genre(s): Paranormal :: Psychology :: Other
Description: Mia learns the new home she built looks like the childhood home where her parents died.

Plugger: Adrienne
The Plug: Love has no color. It's for everyone.

Pluggee: Love Has No Color     (E)
Genre(s): Inspirational
Description: Love has no color. It is for everyone..

Plugger: Mountain Drifter
The Plug: So, this is my first short story that is good enough I feel comfortable sharing it. It is also the first story in a possible series about the various Greek gods and one being's attempt to take over Olympus. So, I would love to know what people think. :)

Short Story
Pluggee: The Sisyphus Experiment     (13+)
Genre(s): Mythology :: Action/Adventure :: Other
Description: After being released from Hades, a god finds his new place in Olympus. (possible series)

Plugger: Sorji
The Plug: This is a novel that is a work in progress.

Pluggee: Honey Beaumont     (18+)
Genre(s): Action/Adventure :: Fantasy :: Other
Description: A story about a young man who didn't know he had big dreams until he met a group of heroes

Plugger: Monochrome
The Plug: This is my third story in my port. This is the story about the hunter, Isog, a young man living in an unknown time and place. He had been living dependent on the voices in his head to survive.

Pluggee: ISOG & THE VOICES IN HIS HEAD     (13+)
Genre(s): Action/Adventure :: Teen :: Psychology
Description: Chapter 1: The Cave Wall

Plugger: Monochrome
The Plug: Hi. This is my second story. This is a story about Pisces got separated from her childhood best friend for 8 years. She was devastated knowing she might never see him anymore. However, one day at work, a man with book might change her life forever.

Pluggee: SIRIUS     (ASR)
Genre(s): Romance/Love :: Mystery :: Melodrama
Description: Chapter 1: The Brightest Star

Plugger: Monochrome
The Plug: Hi. This is my first story ever. This story is about Jacob and his complicated life. He is an introvert with unstable relationships and recurring nightmares. Until one day, he meets a man and develops a strange bond with him.

Pluggee: LIGHT     (ASR)
Genre(s): Mystery :: Romance/Love :: Gay/Lesbian
Description: Chapter 1: The Dream

Plugger: Jmekirsch
The Plug: A poem I wrote a long while ago but recently reworked and decided to put up. That’s it really.

Pluggee: Dinner With The Devil     (13+)
Genre(s): Personal :: Other :: Other
Description: Poetry can hide or expose the writer. Your own interpretation bears your own truth.

Plugger: Melina
The Plug: The first wip novel of my trilogy. Prince Kyvan Andurth has the weight of the world of Etias on his shoulders, with his ever-nearing ascension to the throne of the Reaper shadowing his every waking hour.

Pluggee: Where the Black Moon Rises     (18+)
Genre(s): Fantasy :: Gothic :: Romance/Love
Description: The Reaper has ruled over Etias due to the longevity he has achieved through necromancy.

Plugger: Ravean
The Plug: Tears of Thar is a fantasy story about a very different young woman who seeks revenge for her loved ones. She will face many dangers but she has a good friend by her side. This is the first chapter of Tears of Thar, Chapter 2 is also out on writing.com

Pluggee: Tears of Thar - Chapter I     (18+)
Genre(s): Fantasy :: Action/Adventure :: Drama
Description: In the world of Araurin a very different young woman seeks revenge for her loved ones.

Plugger: Lilly Tupa
The Plug: Two people go into the woods with the hopes of relaxing and instead get a very different outcome, a preface to a fantasy story with more chapters in the near future

Pluggee: The Gilded Wood prologue     (13+)
Genre(s): Fantasy :: Comedy :: Other
Description: A beginning look into a world in which the woods are not to be trusted.

Plugger: Charity says Happy CNY!
The Plug: Due by 2/28, need feedback please! Limit is 750 words

Pluggee: Grant Application 2018     (E)
Genre(s): Biographical :: Contest Entry :: Writing
Description: Grant application - Feedback welcome!

Plugger: Charity says Happy CNY!
The Plug: A violinist suffers an unspeakable tragedy but the show must go on.

Short Story
Pluggee: The Violinist     (E)
Genre(s): Music :: Emotional :: Mystery
Description: A violinist suffers an unspeakable tragedy

Plugger: Charity says Happy CNY!
The Plug: I would love some feedback on this.

Pluggee: Loving Libby     (18+)
Genre(s): Family :: Parenting :: Biographical
Description: A blog dedicated to my daughter, Libby, as she battles not to lose her mind.

Plugger: Mr. Midnight
The Plug: Dare

Pluggee: Broken Fate-Operation mountain Ruse PG13     (13+)
Genre(s): Action/Adventure :: Sci-fi :: Women's
Description: A love triangle. A nuclear missile. A fragile alliance. PG13 Version.

Plugger: Apologue
The Plug: Entry into Daily Flash Fiction, would appreciate feedback please.

Short Story
Pluggee: A Soul Unsold     (13+)
Genre(s): Contest :: Contest Entry :: Dark
Description: An orphan is tempted into committing an atrocious act, what will save her? 297 words.

Plugger: Apologue
The Plug: Short story in the Daily Flash Fiction, building up interest to transforming this into a novel.

Short Story
Pluggee: Battle-Mech Omega     (13+)
Genre(s): Contest Entry :: Contest :: Action/Adventure
Description: Omega lands in a 'Hyper Reality Simulation', Daily Flash Fiction Entry.

Plugger: Apologue
The Plug: Short story entry for the Daily Flash Fiction a week ago. Would appreciate feedback please.

Short Story
Pluggee: Where Nature Cannot Reach     (13+)
Genre(s): Contest Entry :: Contest :: Contest Entry
Description: A prisoner escapes into a divine setting, unable to thwart his path ahead.

Plugger: Supersonic-Bramble Scramble!
The Plug: Everyone loves Nintendo and their systems, but which one do you think was the best? The NES, the SNES? Maybe something more modern like the Wii or Switch? Why not vote for your pick in this poll?

User Poll
Pluggee: Best Nintendo Home Console of All Time!     (E)
Genre(s): Entertainment :: Computers :: Hobby/Craft
Description: What is the best Nintendo Home Console of all time? Vote for your pick now!

Plugger: Adrienne
The Plug: Be who you are.

Pluggee: It's Okay To Be You     (E)
Genre(s): Inspirational :: Other :: Other
Description: Be who you are.

Plugger: DarkBlade
The Plug: A very interesting, and, in my eyes, worthy of addition, Interactive. There are plenty of different ways that the plots can go, and several very good starting points as well. Everything from lone heroes to Power Ranger teams is viable!

Interactive Story
Pluggee: Superhero Interactive     (E)
Genre(s): Action/Adventure :: Entertainment :: Sci-fi
Description: People and/or animals become superheroes.

Plugger: Jmekirsch
The Plug: Hello, Hoping to have some readers out there.

Pluggee: Take a Day Trip     (E)
Genre(s): Experience :: Other :: Other
Description: The things I have learned on the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA)

Plugger: nivekstar
The Plug: Please add

Interactive Story
Pluggee: White Knight Chronicles Female W.G.     (18+)
Genre(s): Fanfiction :: Fantasy :: Other
Description: The Females of the World of WKC Start to gain weight willingly or not

Plugger: nivekstar
The Plug: Please add

Interactive Story
Pluggee: Parasite Eve weight gain     (18+)
Genre(s): Fanfiction :: Other :: Horror/Scary
Description: The Mitochondria have decided to make weight gainers out of the human females of the world

Plugger: T.L.Finch
The Plug: An older poem that fits the weather here in the north east.

Pluggee: Winter     (E)
Genre(s): Environment :: Nature :: Emotional
Description: A poem about winter

Plugger: Knight
The Plug: I'm wrote this to see where I am as a writer. Please read it and let me know what you think! Any criticism is helpful!

Pluggee: Testing my Writing     (13+)
Genre(s): Fantasy :: Entertainment :: Young Adult
Description: I wrote this to help me identify what I need to work on as a writer. What do you think?

Plugger: Ben Langhinrichs
The Plug: Just wanted to share this epic poem about an epic journey... sort of. A bit tongue-in-cheek.

Pluggee: My Epic Journey     (E)
Genre(s): Experience :: Emotional :: Comedy
Description: A 'Literary Meandering' as suggested by Gabriella to the Rising Stars

Plugger: Kevnbeck
The Plug: Parents of grown children...Parents of almost grown children...reading this could provoke a lot of feels (I am pretty sure I am too old to try to get away with saying that). Perhaps, it may tug at a heart string or two? First item for public consumption.

Pluggee: The View From The Empty Nest     (E)
Genre(s): Family :: Emotional :: Parenting
Description: While living overseas, parents experience a child's transition to college, 5000 miles away

Plugger: Judith Allen
The Plug: Where’s Nordstrom’s Tension in the car was high. Traffic was at a standstill One question,yelled from the car next to us changed everything!

Short Story
Pluggee: Where's Nordstrom's     (E)
Genre(s): Family :: Sports :: Comedy
Description: An adventure where one question defused the tension and saved the day.

Plugger: Judith Allen
The Plug: The Unopened Envelope Grandma receives an envelope she is afraid to open. Our Millie, Billy Bug and Rusty the pup help up.

Pluggee: The Unopened Envelope     (E)
Genre(s): Comedy :: Family :: Other
Description: Grandma gets a letter she doesn't want to open. Upsetting. Rusty gets involved.

Plugger: Judith Allen
The Plug: Our Millie and the Thinkin’ Tree Our Millie needs a place to go and think things over. A young girl in Appalachia who looks at life in a unique way.

Pluggee: Our Millie and the Thinkin' Tree     (E)
Genre(s): Family :: Comedy :: Children's
Description: Our Millie needs a place to go to try to figure out life and the meaning of phrases.

Plugger: Bulvai
The Plug: I wonder how Relative this poetry is?

Pluggee: Fears Doubts and Insecurities     (ASR)
Genre(s): Experience :: Family :: Philosophy
Description: metamorphosis (growing from young to older)

Plugger: Sand Castles Shopgirl 739
The Plug: Considering submitting this short story...2030 words... to a magazine for publication. They only consider unpublished writers and this will be my first time attempting to send them anything. Any and all critiques are most appreciated. Thanks!

Pluggee: Storm Damage     (13+)
Genre(s): Relationship :: Family :: History
Description: Two old pictures tell quite a story

Plugger: Youawakescreaming
The Plug: Back again! Just another story dug up from the dark corners of my mind.

Pluggee: A Generalized Story Idea     (E)
Genre(s): Experience :: Young Adult :: Teen
Description: A story of 4 guys' epic summer.

Plugger: Youawakescreaming
The Plug: Just a story I wrote.

Short Story
Pluggee: A Matter of Confusing Problems     (E)
Genre(s): Action/Adventure :: Sci-fi :: Military
Description: You awake in a room, you can't hear and you don't know who you are. With plente

Plugger: PureSciFiPlus
The Plug: This year I have done something different with my WDC entry for this month. In the past, I have sectioned it, categorized it, or listed it. This year I haven’t done any of those things. It’s written more like a Short Story than a letter to me.

Pluggee: Dear Me, 2019     (18+)
Genre(s): Contest Entry :: Writing.Com :: Writing
Description: I have tried something different for the contest this year. I hope it’s still okay.

Plugger: Sumojo
The Plug: Short story of a flight that no one wants to experience Please review and comment

Short Story
Pluggee: The flight     (E)
Genre(s): Drama :: Other :: Other
Description: A story of a flight no one wants to experience

Plugger: Nick Knight
The Plug: One of my favorite interactives. A good story for those that are into action/adventure and crime/gangster stories. PLEASE ADD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Interactive Story
Pluggee: Meet the Fast and Furious     (18+)
Genre(s): Action/Adventure :: Crime/Gangster :: Thriller/Suspense
Description: You wander into the world of street racing. What adventures await you?

Plugger: Sumojo
The Plug: First story for 2019 please read and let me know your thoughts and suggestions for improvement. Baby gets abducted, will he survive?

Short Story
Pluggee: The abduction     (13+)
Genre(s): Drama :: Other :: Other
Description: Short story about a stolen baby

Plugger: Presley
The Plug: The Immigrant Problem is a satirical short written in 2016 about an impasse over the border wall. Given current events, I could not resist the impulse to release it on writing.com for your amusement. Some of it is quite prescient. Hope you like it.

Pluggee: The Immigrant Problem     (E)
Genre(s): Political :: Satire :: Sci-fi
Description: Aliens make first contact with President Trump and offer a deal he can’t refuse.

Plugger: l'sea
The Plug: It will only take a minute to take a look if anyone cares to review for me? Appreciated.

Pluggee: What World is This?     (13+)
Genre(s): Dark :: Death :: Environment
Description: A short four line poem that questions our shared future.

Plugger: Sorji
The Plug: This is my "Dear Me" entry for the paid member contest. I would appreciate it if someone would look it over for spelling and grammar, things like that. Thank you in advance!

Pluggee: Dear Me     (E)
Genre(s): Contest Entry :: Other :: Other
Description: Dear Me letter 2019; contest entry

Plugger: Halloween the Echidna
The Plug: An essay I found that I think is very exceptional

Pluggee: Improving Learning and Attention     (E)
Genre(s): Psychology :: Research :: Reference
Description: In a technological era of schooling, it is important to adapt to new systems efficiently.

Plugger: Sumojo
The Plug: This story is a sad tale of a man who thinks his luck has changed. Sadly not to be

Short Story
Pluggee: Spare parts     (18+)
Genre(s): Drama :: Other :: Other
Description: Loser thinks his luck has changed

Plugger: l'sea
The Plug: Another shortie - where does Time go?

Pluggee: Where She Goes...     (E)
Genre(s): Other
Description: Time is Short

Plugger: l'sea
The Plug: Just a very short poem about passing that I wrote

Pluggee: Calls Upon us All     (E)
Genre(s): Death
Description: Short poem about death

Plugger: Bruce.
The Plug: An avoided chapter for some reason.

Pluggee: Red Moon. Ch 9.     (18+)
Genre(s): Romance/Love :: Sci-fi :: Other
Description: Jane and Terry meet up in the NAAFI bar.

Plugger: Beckyb
The Plug: Its a poem I wrote.Old but True.

Pluggee: Old but true     (18+)
Genre(s): Adult :: Activity :: Romance/Love
Description: It is a poem

Plugger: J Dan Francis
The Plug: Wanted to get this in before Christmas. This is a Novella 16 chapters. A Christmas story. It is called "The Wolves on Saddleback Mountain". Reviews would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Pluggee: The Wolves on Saddleback Mountain     (13+)
Genre(s): Holiday :: Action/Adventure :: Drama
Description: Elias Sandford has a deadly encounter on Christmas Eve.

Plugger: C.J. Winchester
The Plug: A fantasy story taking place in the fictional country of Beauxroux, in a Pre-French Revolution Era. Hope you enjoy!

Pluggee: True Nobility - First Chapter     (13+)
Genre(s): Fantasy :: History :: Drama
Description: The first chapter of a personal project I've been working on.

Plugger: Supersonic-Bramble Scramble!
The Plug: Two Princesses are hunted by a powerful warrior who can control ice.

Pluggee: Eternity Dawn Chapter I     (13+)
Genre(s): Fantasy :: Action/Adventure :: Dark
Description: Two Princesses are hunted by a hunter who can control ice.

Plugger: Sorji
The Plug: My What a Character entry for December 2018. Rates and reviews much appreciated!

Short Story
Pluggee: Head-case     (18+)
Genre(s): Sci-fi :: Other :: Other
Description: A government agent interviews a strange suspect; WhataCharacter 12/2018 entry (redemption)

Plugger: Robert Edward Baker
The Plug: I've recently revised this story and would love to hear your thoughts on how to improve it along with any other feedback you want to leave. Thank you! Bob :)

Short Story
Pluggee: The Repentant Bully     (18+)
Genre(s): Medical :: Inspirational :: Family
Description: Ron regrets bullying Samuel in high school - 2nd place What a Character, December 2019.

Plugger: InkSpout
The Plug: My muse and I continue to play tug of war with this story. I posted bits and pieces in the past, but they never align into a solid plot. So, another scene for the elusive story. Any input is welcomed, but read the purple for extra GP's info!

Pluggee: Witness     (13+)
Genre(s): Fantasy :: Other :: Other
Description: Even forgotten, the lesson learned remains.

Plugger: Johan Dahlberg
The Plug: Swedish backpacker Tommy arrives in Australia ready to start a new life. This is the first chapter of a novel, any feedback would be greatly appreciated :)

Pluggee: Adam & I — Chapter 1 — The Arrival     (E)
Genre(s): Drama :: Gay/Lesbian :: Romance/Love
Description: Swedish backpacker Tommy arrives in Australia ready to start a new life.

Plugger: S.z.kamoonpuri
The Plug: 2177449

Pluggee: My real life Indian Rapunzel and hairdo     (E)
Genre(s): Women's :: Family :: Fashion
Description: Poem is as long n epic as my sister's long hair ;)

Plugger: SherritheWriter
The Plug: The consequences of cyber-bullying take an unexpected turn in this futuristic story that mixes man and machine. Possibly the prologue to my next novel?

Pluggee: Domino     (13+)
Genre(s): Mystery :: Sci-fi :: Action/Adventure
Description: Cyberbullying takes an unexpected turn. Possible prologue to a bigger story.

Plugger: SherritheWriter
The Plug: Willow's great-great grandmother had a great vision for her future. Too bad she blew it and is on a penal colony in the Kupier Belt now. This is the prologue and first chapter of my novel Convergence, which will publish in April - May 2019,

Pluggee: Convergence     (13+)
Genre(s): Sci-fi :: Action/Adventure :: Scientific
Description: The introduction and first chapter of my novel in progress, coming in April - May 2019.

Plugger: Ray Scrivener
The Plug: A dark fantasy about a boy and his guardian spirit, wandering strange lands and learning valuable lessons.

Pluggee: The Deathless Boy and Other Tales     (E)
Genre(s): Horror/Scary :: Dark :: Fantasy
Description: Mikros, son of Thanatos wanders a land still haunted by the shadow of his father.

Plugger: Leigh Haggard
The Plug: This is based on my earliest memories from the best gift I was ever given as a child and miss very much. In loving memory, I couldn't even write this without crying the whole time.

Pluggee: Little Junie Leigh and Miss Cozy Mittens     (E)
Genre(s): Emotional :: Friendship :: Biographical
Description: My first memory.

Plugger: J.L. O'Dell
The Plug: Written for the Writer's Cramp. The prompt was a GIF of a banana trying to do sit ups. Hope you like it. Thanks.

Short Story
Pluggee: Barney the Banana     (13+)
Genre(s): Contest Entry :: Comedy :: Other
Description: Barney wants to get in shape for Christmas. Honorable Mention Humorous Poetry Contest

Plugger: Jack C. Hemingway
The Plug: Slightly updated writing project from 2016 with a lot of room to improve. A post-apoc journey through a land filled with malfunctioned robots clinging to protocols. Feedback would be amazing, thanks.

Pluggee: Willkommen in der Maschine Chapter 1     (13+)
Genre(s): Action/Adventure :: Sci-fi :: Other
Description: A post-apoc journey through a land filled with malfunctioned robots clinging to protocols.

Plugger: PastorJuan
The Plug: What if dreams were meant to accomplish great and wonderful things? What if those dreams were to go wrong? What would our dreams be like? Broken?

Pluggee: Broken Dreams     (13+)
Genre(s): Sci-fi :: Fantasy :: Action/Adventure
Description: What if dreams were meant to accomplish great and wonderful things? What if they brok

Plugger: DarkBlade
The Plug: I started this thingy, but nobody else has been interested... please add!

Interactive Story
Pluggee: Spellbound     (13+)
Genre(s): Fantasy :: Young Adult :: Action/Adventure
Description: 6 teenagers meet at a school for magic, when strange accidents hint at something deeper...

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