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Explanations and instructions of all things Writing.Com.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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What is Writing.Com?

What web browser should I use to view Writing.Com?

To what email address do I send my stories?

How do I cancel/delete my Writing.Com account?


What are the different portfolio icons and what do they mean?

What is the number in parenthesis next to my handle?

What is a Preferred Author and how do I become one?

What is a Writing.Com Moderator?

I would like a second account; how do I create an Authorized Second Account?


What are the different types of paid memberships?

What happens when my paid membership expires?

I was gifted an upgraded membership from someone (or anonymous). Will I have to pay when the gift runs out?

What happens if I move up to higher level of paid membership?

What type of payments does Writing.Com accept?

Once completed, how long does it take to process my order?

I ordered a Writing.Com product; when will it be shipped?

I have not received my order; what should I do?


What is my portfolio and where is it?

How do I get exposure for my portfolio?

Why do some portfolios have small pictures on them and how can I get one for mine?


What are items?

How do I create an item?

How do I edit an item?

How do I upload a piece of writing from my computer or a disk?

What do each of the Static Subtypes mean?

I want to add chapters to my new Interactive Story item. How do I add chapters?

I created an interactive story, but it doesn't show up in the interactive listings. Why?

I created a poll, but it doesn't show up in the poll listings. Why?

I created a message forum, but it doesn't show up in the forum listings. Why?

I've tried to find my items on the site, but can not. What's wrong?

How do I get exposure for my items?

What are 'access restrictions' and how do they work?

How does the copyright policy work? Who owns my work?


What is WritingML and how do I use it?


What are portfolio folders?

Am I required to use folders? (No.)

How do I add items to my folders that are in my portfolio?


What are 'My Favorites' and 'My Fans'?

How do I add or remove an item from 'My Favorites'?


How does the Writing.Com Content Rating System (CRS) work?

Can I filter the items I see in public listings by content ratings?

Why do I not see any work rated GC or XGC in the public listings?


How does the star rating system work?

I don't like a review I received. Can I delete it?


When I submit an item, post or entry the site logs me out! Help?

How do I know if people are reading my work?

How do I change my password?

If someone reading my work wishes to email me, what address is listed?

Where are my interactive stories listed for people to read?

I have a question that wasn't answered here. What do I do?

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