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Rated: E · In & Out · Other · #819237
This is a page to request reviews for static items and books.
Please Review
Looking for an honest, helpful review of your static item or book?

*Penbl* To the authors: The purpose of this item is to match those Writing.Com authors who are looking for serious critiques with those Writing.Com members looking to give them. Items should only be posted here if the author is looking for honest and helpful reviews.

*Penr* To the reviewers: Please be as helpful and honest as possible. Authors posting here want your truthful opinion of their work because they know constructive criticism helps them improve. They want your opinion... good, bad or both!

*Note* NOTE: If you post work for critique on this page, do the right thing and review a few other works that you find on this page. Interaction through reviewing leads to more feedback for your own writing. If you have a question about this page or need to have an incorrect listing removed, please visit "Plug Page Help.

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*Penbl* Author: Octavius          [Sep 17, 2019]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Sci-fi :: Contest Entry :: Ghost
*Penr* Details: Technical and Plot reviews welcome.
  [Short Story]

 The Fourth Child  (E)
Dana encounters and unknown being.
#2200804 by Octavius

*Penbl* Author: bobturn          [Sep 17, 2019]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Fantasy :: Nature :: Mythology
*Penr* Details: Does the hook grab interest?
  [Short Story]

Invisible Friends  (E)
Alice is a 'nature child' discovering an invisible friend who happens to be an Elemental.
#2200539 by bobturn

*Penbl* Author: ImaLukewarmPizza          [Sep 16, 2019]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Nature :: Parenting :: Arts
*Penr* Details: I want advice on character and setting and how to evoke them more effectively, and also your thoughts on the piece as a whole.

The Thousand Lives of Eduardo Aguilar  (E)
From the Tales of Guatgital
#2199064 by ImaLukewarmPizza

*Penbl* Author: Mina fear mosquito          [Sep 16, 2019]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Fantasy :: Contest Entry :: Other
*Penr* Details: Please review my poem especially my grammar. It is much appreciated.

The Princess and the Dragon  (E)
The coronation day
#2200734 by Mina fear mosquito

*Penbl* Author: willy          [Sep 16, 2019]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Personal :: Psychology :: Other
*Penr* Details: The first poem, if you can call it that, I've written for some time.

 There's a hole in your bucket, dear John  (18+)
Feeling about life - this is one of the most depressing poems that I've ever written.
#2200730 by willy

*Penbl* Author: AJW          [Sep 15, 2019]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Inspirational :: Nature :: Spiritual
*Penr* Details: A Haiku about hope.

 Dawn (Haiku)  (E)
A new day can bring hope.
#2200643 by AJW

*Penbl* Author: AJW          [Sep 15, 2019]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Nature :: Philosophy :: Spiritual
*Penr* Details: A metaphor about Life.

 Life of a Flower (Haiku)  (E)
A Haiku about life.
#2200429 by AJW

*Penbl* Author: Steven          [Sep 14, 2019]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Emotional :: Personal :: None
*Penr* Details: Does it make sense?

 Erase  (ASR)
Poem about wanting to delete aspects
#2200582 by Steven

*Penbl* Author: John Yossarian          [Sep 13, 2019]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Drama :: Paranormal :: Spiritual
*Penr* Details: All reviews welcome, grammar, storyline, any and all comment welcome!

Night Walk  (E)
After a friend's funeral, Mike takes his dogs for a walk.
#2200551 by John Yossarian

*Penbl* Author: Slam          [Sep 11, 2019]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Occult :: Travel :: None
*Penr* Details: I wrote this when I had a terrible headache. It's likely that it has a couple mistakes or shortcomings. I'd like an honest review of it.
  [Short Story]

Caffadel's Cure  (13+)
A traveler visits a town with an odd cure for headaches.
#2200131 by Slam

*Penbl* Author: Xiea          [Sep 11, 2019]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Other :: None :: None
*Penr* Details: I need to give this speech and really need a frank review on it asap. Suggestions for improvement and criticism is very welcome!

 My teacher's day speech  (E)
Have to give the students talk on teacher's day... could really use some reviews for this.
#2200371 by Xiea

*Penbl* Author: m.m. morris          [Sep 10, 2019]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Emotional :: Dark :: Personal
*Penr* Details: Just a review, honestly.

Like the Liquor Bottles On My Shelf  (18+)
A short book of poetry about my struggles with addictions, self-destruction, and losses.
#2200325 by m.m. morris

*Penbl* Author: AndorianIP          [Sep 10, 2019]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Fanfiction :: Drama :: Friendship
*Penr* Details: Hello I am wondering if anyone reads/reviews Transformers(1st movie) pieces as I would like some feedback on my first piece for that fanfiction genre. Thank you.

Start of Something New  (13+)
After an intense battle, Will Lennox didnt expect 2 form a new partnership on the way home
#2199157 by AndorianIP

*Penbl* Author: Octavius          [Sep 10, 2019]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Sci-fi :: Contest :: Other
*Penr* Details: Sci fi short story involving an Admiral. Technical and Plot reviews are welcome.
  [Short Story]

 World's Fate  (18+)
Contest Entry
#2200293 by Octavius

*Penbl* Author: Masterclass student          [Sep 10, 2019]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Crime/Gangster :: Other :: Other
*Penr* Details: Just curious what questions this piece might bring and if it has some merit to expand to something bigger. Ideas or suggestions?
  [Short Story]

Detective Joe on the Case  (18+)
A detective is confronted
#2154621 by Masterclass student

*Penbl* Author: Satuawany          [Sep 10, 2019]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Fantasy :: Action/Adventure :: Other
*Penr* Details: I'm going to be making an outline for the revise of this novel, and I'd like to have some fresh thoughts on this Chapter One first. All critiques very much appreciated, especially those that focus on whether or not this works as a good starting point.

House of the Raven  (18+)
Chapter One of a fantasy novel that opens with a pair of brothers.
#2095515 by Satuawany

*Penbl* Author: writerchuck          [Sep 9, 2019]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Cultural :: Emotional :: Medical
*Penr* Details: A poem about Governor Cuomo's signing of the new abortion before a crowd of happy citizens celebrating this new bill. Truly a bad day for children.

 "Cuomo"  (13+)
a poem about Governor Cuomo signing the Abortion bill before a crowd in New York.
#2199995 by writerchuck

*Penbl* Author: Rbt618          [Sep 9, 2019]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Drama :: Family :: Other
*Penr* Details: Chapter One Review Request.
It's the mid-west during the 1930's. Hit by The Great Depression, and now by the Drought Caroline Winters must make some hard decisions.
Chapter One : it is told through the eyes of Sam Roberts, a reporter for a magazine

 Dust Bowl : Chapter One  (E)
Hardships facing a family living in mid-west during the 1930's
#2175778 by Rbt618

*Penbl* Author: writerpenman          [Sep 8, 2019]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Nature :: Animal :: Environment
*Penr* Details: The other short little poem for your reading pleasure.

Give me your thoughts.

Ocean Moon  (E)
Short poem about the ocean and...
#1859309 by writerpenman

*Penbl* Author: writerpenman          [Sep 8, 2019]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Children's :: Young Adult :: Nature
*Penr* Details: Short poem for your reading pleasure. Give me your thoughts.

Ocean Boy  (E)
A short poem about a boy, a sand castle, his friends and the Ocean.
#1848818 by writerpenman

*Penbl* Author: willy          [Sep 8, 2019]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Relationship :: Romance/Love :: Death
*Penr* Details: I've tried to get more interaction between the characters and improve the grammar of this item. Please tell me what you think.
  [Short Story]

 Call Me Jackie 3  (18+)
Jackie springs a big surprise. A short story which thinks it's a soap opera.
#2193052 by willy

*Penbl* Author: Jay L          [Sep 7, 2019]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Emotional :: Inspirational :: Spiritual
*Penr* Details: Please provide an honest review of my newest piece of writing...

 The Gestation Before The Restoration  (E)
Brand new piece of my original writing...
#2200093 by Jay L

*Penbl* Author: milkwalrus          [Sep 7, 2019]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Relationship :: None :: None
*Penr* Details: Essay for exam.

 An Unforgettable Winter Night  (E)
Essay for Preliminary Examinations : "It was surely a night to remember." Score: 25/30
#2200044 by milkwalrus

*Penbl* Author: Steven          [Sep 6, 2019]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Sci-fi :: Comedy :: Other
*Penr* Details: Just a review. That's all. Thank-you in advance.
  [Short Story]

 Big Black Thing Of Doom  (18+)
A big black thing (of doom) threatens Earth. Can it be stopped? (approx. 2700 words)
#2199959 by Steven

*Penbl* Author: BunnyXBunny          [Sep 4, 2019]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Fantasy :: Relationship :: Romance/Love
*Penr* Details: Short form poem, looking for feedback.

 Titania   (E)
A change of pace and seasons
#2199866 by BunnyXBunny

*Penbl* Author: Linn Browning          [Sep 4, 2019]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Romance/Love :: Travel :: Music
*Penr* Details: Looking for opinions and reviews of this short story. 700 words on traveling, music, and love.
  [Short Story]

 Wagon Wheel  (ASR)
A wandering musician writes home about life on the road. 700 words
#2199847 by Linn Browning

*Penbl* Author: Blue Carrisole          [Sep 2, 2019]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Romance/Love :: Young Adult :: Relationship
*Penr* Details: For any poetry lovers consider giving this a look and letting me know your honest opinion, I do offer gps.

Bounding Main  (13+)
A brief poem expressing the deep affections between two people
#2199633 by Blue Carrisole

*Penbl* Author: Jordan          [Sep 2, 2019]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Dark :: Environment :: Sci-fi
*Penr* Details: My first poem in a while, comments appreciated, auto-reward enabled.

 Humanities Retribution  (13+)
The earth is dying, we flee her. The stars call us, we heed them.
#2199606 by Jordan

*Penbl* Author: EnterName5312          [Sep 1, 2019]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Horror/Scary :: Paranormal :: Other
*Penr* Details: This is my favorite of all the stories I've posted on this website
  [Short Story]

 House of a Nightmare   (13+)
Never follow a strange sound
#2190733 by EnterName5312

*Penbl* Author: Kirby Ray          [Aug 31, 2019]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Young Adult :: Fantasy :: Sci-fi
*Penr* Details: Chapter 4 of my young adult serial! Thank you so much to everyone who reviewed the last chapter--I tried applying some of the critiques and comments with this one. Please let me know what you think. Points rewarded for each review!

Ch. 4: The Primogenitor Office  (E)
Jay Scott and her friends discover an ancient secret buried beneath the town of Arboleda.
#2199514 by Kirby Ray

*Penbl* Author: Blimprider          [Aug 28, 2019]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Horror/Scary :: Supernatural :: Fantasy
*Penr* Details: As it says, work in progress. Details in the folder. Honest assessments wanted, especially with plot-holes, typos, and other structural items.

Beta-readers wanted. Apply within.  (18+)
Horror/fantasy under construction for publication. Useful critiques rewarded.
#2199275 by Blimprider

*Penbl* Author: § Roseille ♥          [Aug 28, 2019]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Other :: Other :: Other
*Penr* Details: I need brutally honest feedback on the first chapter of my New Adult fantasy novel. Is it fresh and interesting or dry and dull? Does it utterly fail to engage readers?

The Wayside - Chapter One  (18+)
By the time Tory Arknett hears the clacks and the crack of whips, it’s already too late.
#2185648 by § Roseille ♥

*Penbl* Author: somik          [Aug 27, 2019]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Activity :: Experience :: Dark
*Penr* Details: Please provide an honest review of my newest piece of poetry.

 Unknown address  (E)
Searching for our ultimate destination.
#2199167 by somik

*Penbl* Author: Sobriquet          [Aug 24, 2019]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Spiritual :: Philosophy :: Self Help
*Penr* Details: This poem hasn't had any reviews yet. Please let me know what you think.

King's Crown vs. Angel's Halo  (13+)
A simple poem.
#2178740 by Sobriquet

*Penbl* Author: Tori-Kay Hall          [Aug 22, 2019]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Friendship :: Personal :: Teen
*Penr* Details: Trying to get back in touch with this side of me. Comments appreciated :)

 Why Me?  (E)
This is supposed to be like a memoir chapter
#1758821 by Tori-Kay Hall

*Penbl* Author: Tori-Kay Hall          [Aug 22, 2019]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Other :: None :: None
*Penr* Details: Trying to get back in touch with this side of me. Comments appreciated :)
  [Short Story]

 Help. No.  (13+)
Because stubborn people like me might never really find a true outlet.
#2198792 by Tori-Kay Hall

*Penbl* Author: Candid Ishida          [Aug 20, 2019]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Fantasy :: Supernatural :: Mystery
*Penr* Details: First 2 Chapters of a Novel~ Looking for feedback on characters, suspense, readability/flow, descriptive language, and generic comments or questions! Auto Reward 900 GPs

Fox on the Run-Ch.1 Dreams+Ch. 2 Reality  (ASR)
Penelope spies a peculiar fox on her porch. Then, the nightmares begin...
#2198360 by Candid Ishida

*Penbl* Author: Agent J          [Aug 18, 2019]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Romance/Love :: Nature :: Other
*Penr* Details: Written for a contest. Would appreciate any feedback on improving characterisation and description. Thanks!
  [Short Story]

The Hottest Shore  (18+)
A walk around a sizzling shore
#2198478 by Agent J

*Penbl* Author: S.z.kamoonpuri          [Aug 13, 2019]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Children's :: Action/Adventure :: Other
*Penr* Details: 2197846

When life was actually child's play  (E)
recollections of childhood days
#2197846 by S.z.kamoonpuri

*Penbl* Author: Whitemorn          [Aug 12, 2019]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Horror/Scary :: Action/Adventure :: Ghost
*Penr* Details: Not for the squeamish! GP's offered!
  [Short Story]

Hey Gary  (13+)
Two boys go on an adventure.
#2198021 by Whitemorn

*Penbl* Author: Blue Carrisole          [Aug 12, 2019]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Romance/Love :: Dark :: Contest Entry
*Penr* Details: I'm looking for a reflective review, one where I get to know what a reader's thoughts are.
Let me know what you think and how it makes you feel
I do give rewards

Sunrises  (13+)
The lives of Perry and James take a drastic turn after she discovers his secret.
#2198002 by Blue Carrisole

*Penbl* Author: Rturner19936          [Aug 11, 2019]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Dark :: None :: None
*Penr* Details: Hello
Could I please get a review for this short piece.

 Nine Circles  (13+)
A man suspected dead returns to turn three peoples lives upside down.
#2026346 by Rturner19936

*Penbl* Author: Loreli          [Aug 10, 2019]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Supernatural :: Contest Entry :: Action/Adventure
*Penr* Details: I am interested in how it reads, if it flows well and if the glimpse at the world is interesting.

Thank you
  [Short Story]

 The amount of red tape is baffling  (13+)
Gauntlet day Nine. The character suffers an injustice at the hands of the Powers that Be
#2011071 by Loreli

*Penbl* Author: TristenKozinski          [Aug 9, 2019]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Fantasy :: Dark :: None
*Penr* Details: This is the potential first chapter of a dark fantasy short story and would love some feedback.

 The Tahkar  (13+)
In the frozen tundra, the child of monster hunters finds herself the captive of monsters.
#2197822 by TristenKozinski

*Penbl* Author: Melody Cadence Clark          [Aug 9, 2019]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Romance/Love :: Relationship :: Other
*Penr* Details: I worked on my showing not telling in this one please tell me what you think, I know it isn't perfect but I want honesty please try to ignore any spelling or grammar errors! THANKS
  [Short Story]

Gamenight Kisses  (ASR)
A short fluff scene, lots of kissing, and some self-doubt.
#2197816 by Melody Cadence Clark

*Penbl* Author: K.L Randolph          [Aug 8, 2019]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Dark :: Horror/Scary :: Other
*Penr* Details: Hi Everyone, looking for some feedback on this story.
  [Short Story]

 Alone  (ASR)
A Bump in the Night
#2197267 by K.L Randolph

*Penbl* Author: Sky          [Aug 8, 2019]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Fantasy :: Action/Adventure :: Mystery
*Penr* Details: Hi!
Rate my first chapter on a scale of 'DNF' to 'Where's Chapter Two?'
I'd like to know if the chapter is enjoyable, or if there were any confusing parts.
Any criticism is highly appreciated.

 Keepers of Fantasia: Memories Blossom  (13+)
MY WIP is a multi-POV futuristic fantasy novel rife with magic, action, and mystery.
#2197673 by Sky

*Penbl* Author: bob county          [Aug 6, 2019]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Fantasy :: Occult :: Paranormal
*Penr* Details: Be honest you don't have to read all the chapters.

What every President knows  (ASR)
The awful truth about the harvesting
#2143668 by bob county

*Penbl* Author: writerchuck          [Aug 6, 2019]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Emotional :: Writing.Com :: Crime/Gangster
*Penr* Details: "Valiant Warrior" A poem by WriterChuck Please as always be honest. Poem is about abused New York Police.

 "Valiant Warriors"  (E)
A sad poem about the abuse of police officers in New York City and other places.
#2196724 by writerchuck

*Penbl* Author: Joto-Kai          [Aug 5, 2019]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Sci-fi :: War :: Other
*Penr* Details: Just cleaned up a few things confusing people, minor (but important?) change. Wonder if people see much difference? Particularly wonder if people follow the use of names now. (Why Brannon calls Talesh "Brannon").
  [Short Story]

 In the Face of Apocalypse  (18+)
Isn't that why you did it--so we could show them what for?
#2079422 by Joto-Kai

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