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Rated: E · In & Out · Other · #819237
This is a page to request reviews for static items and books.

Looking for an honest, helpful review of your static item or book?

*Penbl* To the authors: The purpose of this item is to match those Writing.Com authors who are looking for serious critiques with those Writing.Com members looking to give them. Items should only be posted here if the author is looking for honest and helpful reviews.

*Penr* To the reviewers: Please be as helpful and honest as possible. Authors posting here want your truthful opinion of their work because they know constructive criticism helps them improve. They want your opinion... good, bad or both!

*Note* NOTE: If you post work for critique on this page, do the right thing and review a few other works that you find on this page. Interaction through reviewing leads to more feedback for your own writing. If you have a question about this page or need to have an incorrect listing removed, please visit "Plug Page Help.

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*Penbl* Author: M.A Gonzales          [Apr 24, 2018]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Sci-fi :: Supernatural :: Paranormal
*Penr* Details: Would love reviews on my newest book. This is different from anything I have ever done and is a fresh new take on vampires, spelled vampyers in my book. Sci Fi/ Paranormal. I will gladly return the review if requested. 3000 GP offered per review.

Dark Rising  (18+)
Elora returns to L.A to find out who is after her and whose behind dangerous activities.
#2154507 by M.A Gonzales

*Penbl* Author: M.A Gonzales          [Apr 24, 2018]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Action/Adventure :: Fantasy :: Folklore
*Penr* Details: Any reviews on this piece would be appreciated. This is a new series I am working on so please bear in mind that everything might not be perfect. Also this is an extremely rough draft, so keep that in mind as well. I will return the review as well.

The Hunter  (18+)
Eva must return travel to L.A and find out who is behind several disappearances.
#2114793 by M.A Gonzales

*Penbl* Author: Relanka          [Apr 24, 2018]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Fantasy :: None :: None
*Penr* Details: Any comments are welcome. Do you become immersed in the story? Is there enough detail? Do you want to see more of what is going on?
  [Short Story]

 The Siren's Song  (18+)
The village of Whiteshore is about to find out how dangerous Clenna really is...
#2156324 by Relanka

*Penbl* Author: Mina~          [Apr 24, 2018]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Nature :: Contest Entry :: Other
*Penr* Details: Please review my poem. As my second language is English so I need your suggestions. It is very much appreciated.

Nor'wester Storm   (E)
Summer nor'wester Storm in Dhaka city
#2155641 by Mina~

*Penbl* Author: S.z.kamoonpuri          [Apr 23, 2018]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Nature :: Cultural :: None
*Penr* Details: #2156211

Smile at my similes  (E)
I write what I see
#2156211 by S.z.kamoonpuri

*Penbl* Author: Flying Fox          [Apr 23, 2018]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Thriller/Suspense :: Dark :: Supernatural
*Penr* Details: This is the re-edited prologue and beginning chapter of my almost completed novel. I could really use some assistance in knowing anything else needed. The novel follows an FBI agent as he investigates the strange disappearance of a small town.

 Foxvalley Prologue & Chapter 1 re-edited  (18+)
After a few people vanish from a small town, a FBI agent is put on the case of solving it.
#2112498 by Flying Fox

*Penbl* Author: Myles Abroad          [Apr 23, 2018]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Drama :: Emotional :: Family
*Penr* Details: This is a story for a contest entry. I would love to hear any comments., I won't be offended. My aim is to improve.
  [Short Story]

 Encore  (E)
You never know what you'll find browsing in a pawn shop.
#2145712 by Myles Abroad

*Penbl* Author: R E Baker          [Apr 22, 2018]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Crime/Gangster :: Dark :: Contest Entry
*Penr* Details: Hello! I've just written this and would love to know what you think of it and if there's any advice you can give me to make it better. :D
  [Short Story]

Pleasure Cruise  (18+)
Tilisha visits Cancun with her best friend and meets an interesting gentleman.
#2156161 by R E Baker

*Penbl* Author: James Heyward          [Apr 21, 2018]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Contest Entry :: Sci-fi :: Action/Adventure
*Penr* Details: Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. This is a contest entry that I still have until May 5th to edit and improve.
  [Short Story]

Matilda  (18+)
While scavenging the wasteland, Max & Spell stumble into the territory of a fearsome cult.
#2155953 by James Heyward

*Penbl* Author: Meg          [Apr 18, 2018]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Dark :: Drama :: Emotional
*Penr* Details: This is pretty basic. Can I improve it or is it already good? Thank you!

 Damsel in Distress  (E)
I wrote this when I was dealing with ridiculous family problems.
#2155843 by Meg

*Penbl* Author: Meg          [Apr 18, 2018]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Religious :: Dark :: Drama
*Penr* Details: Please review this stream of consciousness. You don't need to be religious to give me feedback :) Thank you!

 The Serpent  (E)
This is about an abusive family member.
#2155844 by Meg

*Penbl* Author: Morgan Talon          [Apr 18, 2018]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Experience :: None :: None
*Penr* Details: Please feel free to review. Good or bad, I appreciate the feedback

 An Ode to Cheese  (13+)
Memories of a Holiday weekend
#2124928 by Morgan Talon

*Penbl* Author: Suavidad          [Apr 17, 2018]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Action/Adventure :: Fantasy :: Nonsense
*Penr* Details: Halfway through this story I started to write it off as a lost cause. It couldn't even hold my interest. I have some ideas as to why, and I think I know what I should focus on in my next story, but I'd like some second opinions.

 World Audit  (ASR)
A short adventure story.
#2155655 by Suavidad

*Penbl* Author: ElectricPineappleArt          [Apr 17, 2018]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Romance/Love :: Relationship :: Emotional
*Penr* Details: This poem is in it's earliest incarnation and I'm looking for any feedback to help with forthcoming rewrites. Thank you!

"Puzzle"- Working Title  (E)
Short poem, early draft/in progress
#2155712 by ElectricPineappleArt

*Penbl* Author: Jenniferrunner          [Apr 17, 2018]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Other :: None :: None
*Penr* Details: Looking for some honest constructive criticism.

 The Haunting Laughter   (E)
Based on a prompt "They couldn't explain the laughter in the empty house."
#2155685 by Jenniferrunner

*Penbl* Author: T.L. Dolan          [Apr 16, 2018]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Action/Adventure :: Fantasy :: Other
*Penr* Details: This is an except from a larger work. Said larger work is still in progress and unedited. My intrepid heroes are currently trying to save their world. Looking for general feedback (I understand there may be mechanical/grammatical issues)

 For Paladia  (E)
From an on-going offline piece. Think D&D come to life. Very rough; hasn't been edited yet
#2155604 by T.L. Dolan

*Penbl* Author: Natechia dos Reis          [Apr 16, 2018]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Activity :: Cultural :: Community
*Penr* Details: Need reviews focused on grammar, punctuation or any other technical issues. Constructive reviews only. I will review one of your pieces in return. Thank you!

The change of guard- a new generation!  (13+)
How the term 'children' has evolved.
#2105987 by Natechia dos Reis

*Penbl* Author: Antonia          [Apr 14, 2018]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Romance/Love :: Relationship :: Experience
*Penr* Details: This is a piece I have requested reviews for previously and they have been extremely helpful, now it has been edited again I would love some fresh eyes to give me some thoughts and opinions. I would also appreciate thoughts from previous reviewers!

 The Fall  (13+)
To love is to destroy.
#2133401 by Antonia

*Penbl* Author: Mary          [Apr 14, 2018]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Nature :: Other :: Other
*Penr* Details: A short group of haiku and senryu. Tell me which is your favorite and feel free to review only one, or some, or all of them. Spring themed.

Spring Haiku and Senryu for April 9-13  (E)
A collection of Haiku or Senryu for NaPoWriMo. I love short form poems. They are tricky.
#2155413 by Mary

*Penbl* Author: Areesha Khan          [Apr 14, 2018]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): None :: None :: None
*Penr* Details: Please review this poem since I am new here and need suggestions and encouragement.

 Fate's Tyranny  (E)
This is about the condition of a drained person who has failed in most fields of life.
#2154785 by Areesha Khan

*Penbl* Author: Samberine Everose          [Apr 12, 2018]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Friendship :: Inspirational :: Children's
*Penr* Details: Any constructive review or comment is very much appreciated. Gps will be given after. Thank you.
  [Short Story]

The scarf of Adena  (E)
We have each one own purpose
#2155217 by Samberine Everose

*Penbl* Author: Anthony Sanders          [Apr 11, 2018]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Young Adult :: History :: Romance/Love
*Penr* Details: Need feedback for my query letter to a literary agent, the 2nd most important thing you have to do in order to get a book published traditionally.

 Query Letter  (E)
Query letter to be sent to literary agent for representation to publisher
#2155191 by Anthony Sanders

*Penbl* Author: Pamela Sue Gordon          [Apr 11, 2018]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Emotional :: Relationship :: Other
*Penr* Details: Please feel free to review. I appreciate all feedback, as it makes me a better writer!

 Orion Sky  (13+)
Lost in memories
#2155154 by Pamela Sue Gordon

*Penbl* Author: Clio Flemming          [Apr 8, 2018]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Fantasy :: Other :: Other
*Penr* Details: I´d love some constructive criticism on this short bit of a story I'm working on. I´d be happy to share my thoughts on some of your works as well in exchange for this favor. Thanks

 The Artisan and The Half Elf  (E)
A quick interaction between a young artisan and a half-elven lady.
#2154846 by Clio Flemming

*Penbl* Author: Solace.Bring          [Apr 8, 2018]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Emotional :: None :: None
*Penr* Details: Writer-to-writer, I'd like honest and constructive feedback. Please let me know your interpretation of this poem and how it makes you feel. Thank you for your time and impressions!


 By Design  (E)
#2148224 by Solace.Bring

*Penbl* Author: The_Cavity has wisdom teeth!          [Apr 8, 2018]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Cultural :: Family :: None
*Penr* Details: Please review, I am looking for some feedback on this poem I just wrote. Thank you.

 Strong  (E)
A poem about being a strong black woman and its challenges.
#2154834 by The_Cavity has wisdom teeth!

*Penbl* Author: lezismore-author          [Apr 7, 2018]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Experience :: Career :: Satire
*Penr* Details: This was a poem I wrote some time ago about having to get up early and going to work. It was an attempt to write a Tritina Poem using old English. Your advice and help in improving this in any way would be most appreciated

Haste ye not   (E)
A tritina type poem written in old english about going to work.
#2154741 by lezismore-author

*Penbl* Author: Rustika          [Apr 7, 2018]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Mystery :: Supernatural :: Relationship
*Penr* Details: Trying to get out of a slump with a new (beginning of a) story. If anyone decides to sit down and read what's there so far, hearing all and any thoughts about it would be lovely.

 Utopia in the Void (ch 1-3/wip)  (18+)
A treasure hunt can make you find both new and old.
#2151805 by Rustika

*Penbl* Author: Helikma          [Apr 5, 2018]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Sci-fi :: Dark :: Fantasy
*Penr* Details: Took feedback from a previous review to try to improve. I would like to improve more! Thank you for your time :)

Echos Chapter 1- 11 **WIP**  (18+)
The first 11 chapters in my Universe of Humanity and its Allies in their Golden Age.
#2149232 by Helikma

*Penbl* Author: Silver          [Apr 4, 2018]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Mystery :: Action/Adventure :: Fantasy
*Penr* Details: Just a young novice writer looking for some honest feedback on some ideas of mine :)

 Welcome home  (E)
My third short story, continuing where "Gate to Hell" left off.
#2153434 by Silver

*Penbl* Author: FOG          [Apr 1, 2018]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Teen :: Young Adult :: Fantasy
*Penr* Details: I would love any feedback for my short story. IF REQUESTED, I will return the favor and review an item of yours! Thanks in advance.
  [Short Story]

Reverie  (E)
A vivid dream comes to life when a young girl wakes up on an average morning
#2152160 by FOG

*Penbl* Author: J. Robert Kane          [Mar 31, 2018]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Horror/Scary :: Thriller/Suspense :: Psychology
*Penr* Details: Hoping for some reviews of my new short story. Thank you!
  [Short Story]

Prey  (18+)
Michelle Stewart is snowed-in with a hungry python...
#2153506 by J. Robert Kane

*Penbl* Author: cerpas          [Mar 31, 2018]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Parenting :: Other :: Other
*Penr* Details: Thanks for the time!

 Old man thoughts  (E)
A life lesson for the girls..
#2153985 by cerpas

*Penbl* Author: TristenKozinski          [Mar 28, 2018]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Fantasy :: Sci-fi :: None
*Penr* Details: Hey, everybody, this is the first chapter of my new novel. It's a science-fiction and fantasy mix. Please give this first chapter a read and, if you like it, I'm offering 25k GPs for those interested in providing a full beta review. :)

 Jade Chapter !  (13+)
In the vastness of Aeria, of Afterlife, a new being manifests into existence.
#2153738 by TristenKozinski

*Penbl* Author: Bruce.          [Mar 28, 2018]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Romance/Love :: Other :: Other
*Penr* Details: Edited Chapter 1

Love In Cheshire 1966. Chapter 1 (1965).  (18+)
Brian gets a bit out of his comfort zone.
#2056154 by Bruce.

*Penbl* Author: A E Willcox          [Mar 27, 2018]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Fantasy :: Action/Adventure :: Drama
*Penr* Details: Epic Fantasy. Character focussed. First 3 chapters. (passkey for more chapters on application). Constructive criticism welcome.

Chyrm - Radiance Lost  (18+)
An epic fantasy novel. Book One.
#2152223 by A E Willcox

*Penbl* Author: Samberine Everose          [Mar 26, 2018]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Inspirational :: Other :: Other
*Penr* Details: Constructive review will be much appreciated.
Gift points will be given after any review.
Thank you so much for any comment you will give.
  [Short Story]

The Potter and the little teapot  (E)
The story of a little teapot - Review is very much appreciated
#2153437 by Samberine Everose

*Penbl* Author: Mary Ann MCPhedran          [Mar 26, 2018]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Other :: Other :: Other
*Penr* Details: This is a tittle I was given at my local writing group this is what I come up with, so far none has read or commented on it.

 An Old Rusty Key  (13+)
A fantasy poem .
#2146519 by Mary Ann MCPhedran

*Penbl* Author: LJ Hunting Space Monsters          [Mar 23, 2018]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Comedy :: Satire :: Drama
*Penr* Details: Flash Fiction, dark humor story. My questions are: was there an effective hook in the opening?Dialogue seem natural? Did the story hold your interest? Was the ending predictable? Did you find it humorous (it's dark humor)? ANY suggestions 4 improvement?

Bad Breaks  (18+)
A woman's plans for spending a night out starts and ends in a series of bad breaks. WC 553
#2142442 by LJ Hunting Space Monsters

*Penbl* Author: Bruce.          [Mar 22, 2018]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Action/Adventure :: Other :: Other
*Penr* Details: A new chapter 7.

 The Flashes, Chapter 7  (18+)
Elfwine sets out for revenge.
#2146704 by Bruce.

*Penbl* Author: Hektor Thillet          [Mar 19, 2018]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Children's :: Environment :: Fantasy
*Penr* Details: First Book in Eco-friendly children's fairy tale series about a tiny green sprout who goes round the world planting seeds and the situations it braves. Looking for proofing and editing suggestions. Read to little ones! :) Thank you.
  [Short Story]

 Bunni Boo And The Ghosts Of The Birds  (E)
Ecofriendly picturebook series about tiny sprout who goes round the world planting seeds.
#2152809 by Hektor Thillet

*Penbl* Author: Inkslinger          [Mar 19, 2018]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Action/Adventure :: Sci-fi :: Steampunk
*Penr* Details: Looking for feedback. Does the story grab your attention? Are the character's believable/likeable? Thanks for your help!

Outkast  (13+)
Kwyn is betrayed by the man she looked up to and must learn how to trust the outkast.
#2148125 by Inkslinger

*Penbl* Author: Apologizing Adolescent          [Mar 19, 2018]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Environment :: Nature :: Community

The Lakefront  (E)
How I see the lakefront
#2111669 by Apologizing Adolescent

*Penbl* Author: freedom and nature          [Mar 19, 2018]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Cultural :: Holiday :: Psychology
*Penr* Details: Any type of feedback is welcome.

 Traditions  (13+)
Poem about how too many of our nation's citizens forget the true meaning of the holidays.
#2152045 by freedom and nature

*Penbl* Author: HaliN          [Mar 19, 2018]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Psychology :: Adult :: Gay/Lesbian
*Penr* Details: This is the first 5 1/2 pages of a new story I'm writing & it's in a different genre than my usual. I'm looking for overall impressions: are the characters believable? What do you think of the plot/genre? Anything glaring I may have missed/I can improve?

 Shake   (18+)
Can you love two people at the same time without it damaging all? Harper Davis hopes so.
#2152700 by HaliN

*Penbl* Author: The_Cavity has wisdom teeth!          [Mar 18, 2018]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Cultural :: None :: None
*Penr* Details: Please review this poem. I want to know what I can improve. Please help, I have not written in awhile.

 Black Hair Don't Care   (ASR)
I love my hair, it just does what it wants.
#2152707 by The_Cavity has wisdom teeth!

*Penbl* Author: Elenawrites          [Mar 18, 2018]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Children's :: Other :: Other
*Penr* Details: First Chapter of a children's story I've been working on.Need some feedback!

 Ghosium  (E)
A brother and sister have an interesting summer
#2152657 by Elenawrites

*Penbl* Author: PureSciFiPlus          [Mar 17, 2018]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Relationship :: Mystery :: Drama
*Penr* Details: Jealousy is something that we all need to deal with every so often. It’s how we deal with it that’s important. Before it happens to you again you might want to re-read this story. It might stop you from doing it.
  [Short Story]

 A Jealous Encounter  (18+)
Jealousy is a flaw that everyone has. A flaw that can get you into big trouble.
#2152548 by PureSciFiPlus

*Penbl* Author: brom21          [Mar 15, 2018]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Fantasy :: Supernatural :: Other
*Penr* Details: Looking for honest reviews. Length is about 2,300 words.
  [Short Story]

 Realm Rangers  (13+)
Experience traveling between two dimensional worlds as different as night and day.
#2152379 by brom21

*Penbl* Author: John Yossarian          [Mar 15, 2018]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Horror/Scary :: Dark :: Paranormal
*Penr* Details: Grammar, storyline, characters. Open to all comments.
What's floatin' your boat and what ain't?
  [Short Story]

Sienna Sunset #4  (18+)
Terror at the laundromat.
#2152363 by John Yossarian

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