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This is a page to request reviews for static items and books.

Looking for an honest, helpful review of your static item or book?

*Penbl* To the authors: The purpose of this item is to match those Writing.Com authors who are looking for serious critiques with those Writing.Com members looking to give them. Items should only be posted here if the author is looking for honest and helpful reviews.

*Penr* To the reviewers: Please be as helpful and honest as possible. Authors posting here want your truthful opinion of their work because they know constructive criticism helps them improve. They want your opinion... good, bad or both!

*Note* NOTE: If you post work for critique on this page, do the right thing and review a few other works that you find on this page. Interaction through reviewing leads to more feedback for your own writing. If you have a question about this page or need to have an incorrect listing removed, please visit "Plug Page Help.

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*Penbl* Author: E. J. Sway          [Jul 18, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Nature :: Activity :: Children's
*Penr* Details: I want to know if you get what I'm trying to get at, what you understand and what you do not. Thanks

 Child's Spring  (E)
This is a quick poem I wrote about a small child in the spring. Enjoy.
#2128482 by E. J. Sway

*Penbl* Author: E. J. Sway          [Jul 18, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Romance/Love :: Emotional :: Relationship
*Penr* Details: Any kind of feedback would be greatly appreciated

 Alone  (E)
Breakups hurt. Especially those that we think would have never ended.
#2128478 by E. J. Sway

*Penbl* Author: Perhaps          [Jul 17, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Relationship :: Psychology :: Philosophy
*Penr* Details: Free your mind.

 Shaman's Trance  (E)
What if you are not alone in your meditation?
#1942416 by Perhaps

*Penbl* Author: Jon Kotchinsky          [Jul 17, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Sci-fi :: Scientific :: Other
*Penr* Details: Reviews and critiques please!
  [Short Story]

The Plan! (Full Short Story)  (13+)
A short-story about the future of Civilization. Fiction that could very soon be fact!
#2128351 by Jon Kotchinsky

*Penbl* Author: Enbah Nilah          [Jul 17, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Personal :: Emotional :: Family
*Penr* Details: I wrote this poem a year back when my sister got married and moved out of our shared bedroom. I don't know why I never shared it here. But yeah, would love your thoughts, thank you. :)

The Room Knows Farewell  (E)
The room seems to be picking up after us. Your rebellion, my petty revenge.
#2128391 by Enbah Nilah

*Penbl* Author: Angus          [Jul 17, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Horror/Scary :: Dark :: Dark
*Penr* Details: My Muse finally came out of hibernation and told me to write this. First thing I've written for a while, and all comments and criticisms are welcome!
  [Short Story]

 Totality  (E)
Something strange happens one morning in the town of Leland, Wyoming
#2128289 by Angus

*Penbl* Author: John Yossarian          [Jul 16, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Emotional :: Other :: Other
*Penr* Details: Looking to polish this emotional fiction piece in order to send it out. All help appreciated.

Short read :)
  [Short Story]

Pinned Butterflies  (E)
Flash fiction. A bittersweet story about life's precious moments.
#2128339 by John Yossarian

*Penbl* Author: Epic Fail          [Jul 14, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Death :: Dark :: Emotional
*Penr* Details: I appreciate any feedback given. I know my grammar is horrible. If you notice grammar issues please do make a note of it. I am mainly interested in content stuff. Thanks
  [Short Story]

Where The Dead Go  (13+)
A transient dream-like story from the other side.
#2126650 by Epic Fail

*Penbl* Author: Medjay          [Jul 14, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Action/Adventure :: War :: Contest
*Penr* Details: Is the story engaging? What are the structural problems with it? What needs help and working?
  [Short Story]

 The Empire of Egypt, Part 1  (E)
It is the year 1450 BC
#2128120 by Medjay

*Penbl* Author: Naturerose          [Jul 13, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Paranormal :: Folklore :: Fantasy
*Penr* Details: Hello, this tale is related but independent of The Man Who Waits by Old Mother Forest. I would like an honest review of it and may expand upon it eventually

Tales of Wicked Wood  (E)
Northmen traders attempt to steal magikal timber only to be thwarted by Tembryth Trolls
#2126543 by Naturerose

*Penbl* Author: Naturerose          [Jul 13, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Folklore :: Fantasy :: Paranormal
*Penr* Details: Hello, I wrote this as a short story and expanded it with the intent to publish it as an eBook. I would like honest opinions and positive feedback to help me improve as a writer

The Man Who Waits by Old Mother Forest  (E)
A fantasy tale about a faerie forest and a walker who watches from the wood
#2126540 by Naturerose

*Penbl* Author: dizzydreamer          [Jul 13, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Emotional :: None :: None
*Penr* Details: I've just finished this poem, as somewhat of an inner message to myself. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

 Careful, careful, my tender heart  (E)
A brief letter to oneself
#2127984 by dizzydreamer

*Penbl* Author: Enbah Nilah          [Jul 12, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Dark :: Health :: Personal
*Penr* Details: I haven't been able to write anything for more than half a year. I'm trying to find my words again. Please share with me your thoughts so I can try and work on getting back to writing. Thank you.

The Spirit of Half-Truths  (18+)
I looked through the eyes of the lucid and the sane, and saw myself reflected a stranger.
#2127876 by Enbah Nilah

*Penbl* Author: Daniel Curry          [Jul 11, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Children's :: Action/Adventure :: Family
*Penr* Details: Hello,

Please review this short story I wrote for my son. It is the first in a collection I am writing for him, all about his adventures with his dog, Ollie.

  [Short Story]

 Jacob and Ollie Go to the Park  (E)
A short story I wrote for my son, the first in collection about him and his dog Ollie.
#2127792 by Daniel Curry

*Penbl* Author: elizjohn          [Jul 10, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Nature :: Tragedy :: None
*Penr* Details: Free form poem that I wrote based on some observations I've remarked upon while driving. Feedback is appreciated, and I'll happily return the favor with a review of something of comparable length and type in your port. Thank you!

 Accident  (13+)
A poem based on something that I have been struck by twice now in the past six months.
#2127633 by elizjohn

*Penbl* Author: Naru          [Jul 8, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Writing :: Other :: Death
*Penr* Details: Don't mind that it's so short. It's really just a small story/prose thing I wrote after reading something. Maybe I'll make an actual story about it? Anyways, tell me what you think.

 Betrayal like a fine rose  (E)
A really short story about a girl's death + her ghost watching this from above.
#2127483 by Naru

*Penbl* Author: Cleopadera          [Jul 7, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Biographical :: Spiritual :: Psychology
*Penr* Details: If you've read chapter two, and are so inclined, feedback on Chapter Three would be greatly appreciated.

 The Illusion of Changing Tides, Chap. 3   (13+)
MLTL - Lisa escapes to college and, surprisingly, gets married after graduation.
#2127398 by Cleopadera

*Penbl* Author: Cleopadera          [Jul 7, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Psychology :: Biographical :: Spiritual
*Penr* Details: Seeking honest reviews of Chapter Two, Sliding Glass Doors, of memoir. First Chapter - Black Magic. Ratings are good too. Thanks!

 Sliding Glass Doors, Chap. 2  (13+)
A memoir tentatively entitled My Left Temporal Lobe.
#2127389 by Cleopadera

*Penbl* Author: dizzydreamer          [Jul 7, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Romance/Love :: Other :: Other
*Penr* Details: I just finished writing this poem, and I'm hoping some feedback could help me put the finishing touches to it.

 Strangers  (E)
A poem about two people, both too scared to open up their hearts.
#2127379 by dizzydreamer

*Penbl* Author: Tam - 月満ちて          [Jul 6, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Friendship :: Music :: Young Adult
*Penr* Details: This is an older short story I originally wrote because of a challenge, then redid on a whim. I'm curious if I can get any overall thoughts on it.

 See You Tomorrow  (18+)
A difficult decision made harder.
#2127169 by Tam - 月満ちて

*Penbl* Author: Joto-Kai          [Jul 5, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Romance/Love :: Emotional :: Other
*Penr* Details: This great old piece, a free-verse poem about love, deserves some attention. It is old-no capitals, etc.-but I think it has a great deal of potential. I'd welcome some thoughts.

 The Plunge  (E)
A cold night in the city with a beautiful stranger. {poetry}
#1026815 by Joto-Kai

*Penbl* Author: Lecters Protege          [Jul 5, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Writing :: Thriller/Suspense :: Dark
*Penr* Details: Hi! All. Please review my poem. Thank you!

 What’s For Dinner?  (13+)
Dinner with an interesting host.
#2040467 by Lecters Protege

*Penbl* Author: C. Foley          [Jul 4, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Fantasy :: Action/Adventure :: Gay/Lesbian
*Penr* Details: Hello, looking for feedback on my latest short story - an LGBT fantasy tale with a different take on the 'dragons kidnapping princes' tale.
  [Short Story]

Mirstone  (18+)
Yahaira wants to marry for love, not duty. It's time she took charge of her own destiny.
#2127110 by C. Foley

*Penbl* Author: Daniel Curry          [Jul 3, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Romance/Love :: Young Adult :: Drama
*Penr* Details: Hello! Looking for a review of my restructured short story. Currently 3 chapters in, and looking to get a feel for the reaction from interested readers.
The premise of the story explores reality, and feelings during life altering events. Hope you enjoy.

Viewfinder  (13+)
If you can feel it, then it's real. Does it matter if it is not?
#2127062 by Daniel Curry

*Penbl* Author: Lecters Protege          [Jul 3, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Writing :: Thriller/Suspense :: Dark
*Penr* Details: Hi! All. Please review my short story. Thank you!
  [Short Story]

 Remember When It Rained  (13+)
A story about betrayal.
#2127009 by Lecters Protege

*Penbl* Author: Whitemorn          [Jul 1, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Comedy :: Death :: Entertainment
*Penr* Details: Not only entertaining but educational as well!

The Top 14 Must Have List for Zombies  (13+)
A short comedic piece for your entertainment, (or not)?
#2111012 by Whitemorn

*Penbl* Author: Naveed~HAIL FLORENT!          [Jun 30, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Inspirational :: Comedy :: Family
*Penr* Details: After months of writing depressing stories, I've finally mustered up a story that, I believe, is inspirational—or positive to say the least. Do take a look and tell me how it is, if you get the time!
  [Short Story]

The Delayed Joke  (13+)
A young stutterer dreams of making people laugh.
#2126802 by Naveed~HAIL FLORENT!

*Penbl* Author: willy          [Jun 29, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Activity :: Inspirational :: Religious
*Penr* Details: Based on real life.
  [Short Story]

  Doing God's Work?  (E)
The difficulty of knowing what God wants us and designed to make reader think.
#2126395 by willy

*Penbl* Author: Crissy          [Jun 29, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Teen :: Biographical :: Experience
*Penr* Details: I'd like to read your thoughts on this piece. It's personal, yet it addresses a very large problem here in the U.S.

Bullied ~ A Lifetime Challenge  (ASR)
The discord in America is greatly a result of racial profiling & not only by white people.
#2126630 by Crissy

*Penbl* Author: Whitemorn          [Jun 28, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Activity :: Entertainment :: Pets
*Penr* Details: A little shorty for your amusement ... or not. You decide.
  [Short Story]

A Pig Named Snorty  (13+)
A little amusement at the pig pen.
#2126584 by Whitemorn

*Penbl* Author: bubblebear          [Jun 28, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Experience :: Romance/Love :: Environment
*Penr* Details: A poem I wrote - any feedback appreciated

 Silent Night  (E)
A walk in the evening
#2126300 by bubblebear

*Penbl* Author: A E Willcox          [Jun 28, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Fantasy :: Drama :: Contest Entry
*Penr* Details: Thorough nit-picky critiques welcomed and well rewarded
  [Short Story]

The Gate of Golphameth  (13+)
To become a Magiker, the adept Vanatir must pass through the gate. Contest entry.
#2125786 by A E Willcox

*Penbl* Author: C. Foley          [Jun 28, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Fantasy :: Friendship :: None
*Penr* Details: Hello, I'm looking for feedback on a short story of mine - what works and where I can improve!
  [Short Story]

 The Seven Minute Duties of Reaper #357  (18+)
Charlie – Reaper #357 – has become incredibly cynical about their job and life itself.
#2126411 by C. Foley

*Penbl* Author: BIG BAD WOLF          [Jun 27, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Western :: Action/Adventure :: Crime/Gangster
*Penr* Details: Ballard of a Western-Type Story

 Ballad of Outlaw Rath  (18+)
Ballad of a Western-Type Story
#2126464 by BIG BAD WOLF

*Penbl* Author: elizjohn          [Jun 27, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Family :: Experience :: Other
*Penr* Details: Hello! This was written for the Cramp today; I've expanded it by about 600 words. Just looking for general feedback; it's been a while since I've written anything, especially prose. Will return with a review of your item of comparable length.Thx!

 About Granddad Irwin...  (E)
A woman and her sister explore a surprising aspect of their grandfather's past.
#2126417 by elizjohn

*Penbl* Author: Delia Bradley          [Jun 27, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Philosophy :: Self Help :: Spiritual
*Penr* Details: A Candle to Light the Darkness is a series of philosophies for every day living. Based on my experiences through life I have found these invaluable at times when I need to find peace the most.

 A Candle to Light the Darkness  (E)
A book you can dip into on any page and find uplifting and encouraging philosophy's.
#2109905 by Delia Bradley

*Penbl* Author: ~ Lady Aqua of Martell ~          [Jun 27, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): War :: Emotional :: Romance/Love
*Penr* Details: All feedback welcome!

Dear Laurel  (13+)
A soldier writes a letter to his newlywed wife.
#2126299 by ~ Lady Aqua of Martell ~

*Penbl* Author: Elle          [Jun 26, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Paranormal :: Romance/Love :: Supernatural
*Penr* Details: Looking for feedback on opening and general flow and pace.

 Immortal Danger - Chapter One   (18+)
Lily's POV
#2126346 by Elle

*Penbl* Author: Elefterious          [Jun 26, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Sci-fi :: Horror/Scary :: Comedy
*Penr* Details: Sci-Fi, Horror, Comedy, Food Critic's monologue. Interested if anyone will enjoy.

- Paul
  [Short Story]

 A Taste of Superbia  (13+)
Food Critic Jean-Baptiste De Richemont embarks on a quest to review new restaurant, Sinful
#2126345 by Elefterious

*Penbl* Author: Hope's Twisted Tales          [Jun 26, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Mythology :: Fantasy :: Romance/Love
*Penr* Details: This is the prologue for a short story I am working on. There will probably be two or three more chapters. I am planning to self-publish this story in the next couple of weeks. Any and all reviews are appreciated, and I am happy to return reviews! Thanks!
  [Short Story]

Envy: The Fallen Goddess - Prologue  (13+)
Short story about the fall of Psyche, a modern day sequel to the myth of Eros and Psyche.
#2126291 by Hope's Twisted Tales

*Penbl* Author: Bryce Raffle          [Jun 24, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Steampunk :: Action/Adventure :: Fantasy
*Penr* Details: I'm looking for some honest feedback on a newly added scene from my steampunk novel.

The Battle of Yemoja River  (E)
An excerpt from Dead London, a steampunk novel.
#2126144 by Bryce Raffle

*Penbl* Author: ponkacheese          [Jun 23, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Spiritual :: Inspirational :: Young Adult
*Penr* Details: Enjoy! =)

The Journey  (E)
We can do anything in Him.
#2064419 by ponkacheese

*Penbl* Author: ~ Lady Aqua of Martell ~          [Jun 23, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Psychology :: Dark :: Relationship
*Penr* Details: Written for a contest. I would love to get feedback from you. GPs will be rewarded to reviewers.

It's My Turn to Live  (18+)
What more can you do than what you are already doing to me in our abusive relationship?
#2126037 by ~ Lady Aqua of Martell ~

*Penbl* Author: Stephanie- Training for 5k          [Jun 23, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Pets :: Family :: Other
*Penr* Details: Just a quick story about losing our family dog. Going to be using this as a contest entry so reviews are welcome.
  [Short Story]

Saying Goodbye  (E)
Quotation Contest entry ~ The loss of a pet.
#2124566 by Stephanie- Training for 5k

*Penbl* Author: Sew-no-more 🤗          [Jun 23, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Children's :: Drama :: Thriller/Suspense
*Penr* Details: Please review my short children's story.. The Bronco Riding Rooster..
Looking for critiques about this story.. For my grandson Kody.. 😘 🤗
  [Short Story]

The Bronco Riding Rooster  (13+)
Tom Leghorn has to make a decision to ride a dangerous horse. Which will he choose.
#2067386 by Sew-no-more 🤗

*Penbl* Author: Sew-no-more 🤗          [Jun 23, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Biographical :: Children's :: Health
*Penr* Details: Please review my bio from the 70's..

Growing Up Diabetic  (E)
A true story about having Type 1 Diabetes for the past 40 years and how much has changed
#1987044 by Sew-no-more 🤗

*Penbl* Author: John Yossarian          [Jun 23, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Political :: Dark :: Sci-fi
*Penr* Details: Looking for comments especially plot holes and grammar.
  [Short Story]

Final Solution  (18+)
Trump's Final Solution for the unwanted doesn't go as planned.
#2126009 by John Yossarian

*Penbl* Author: Eogin          [Jun 22, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Young Adult :: Fantasy :: Mystery
*Penr* Details: Any feedback appreciated.

Barnaby, son of the traitor (01)  (13+)
The son of the "Traitor King" is trying to rebuild his family's former glory.
#2124998 by Eogin

*Penbl* Author: KatVon          [Jun 22, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Death :: Fantasy :: Other
*Penr* Details: Please review!!

Tranquil   (E)
A new year..
#2125932 by KatVon

*Penbl* Author: S.z.kamoonpuri          [Jun 22, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Young Adult :: Activity :: Biographical
*Penr* Details: Busybee me

Pls read or comment.

Busy bee me.  (E)
I feel the daytime ends too fast, life is too fast paced, time's never enough
#2125641 by S.z.kamoonpuri

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