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This is a page to request reviews for static items and books.

Looking for an honest, helpful review of your static item or book?

*Penbl* To the authors: The purpose of this item is to match those Writing.Com authors who are looking for serious critiques with those Writing.Com members looking to give them. Items should only be posted here if the author is looking for honest and helpful reviews.

*Penr* To the reviewers: Please be as helpful and honest as possible. Authors posting here want your truthful opinion of their work because they know constructive criticism helps them improve. They want your opinion... good, bad or both!

*Note* NOTE: If you post work for critique on this page, do the right thing and review a few other works that you find on this page. Interaction through reviewing leads to more feedback for your own writing. If you have a question about this page or need to have an incorrect listing removed, please visit "Plug Page Help.

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*Penbl* Author: Wiwaxia          [Nov 16, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Philosophy :: Writing :: Teen
*Penr* Details: Dear Member of Please Review,

Hello, my name is Wiwaxia. I would be very grateful if someone is interested in reviewing my new work, The Third Eye. Hope you have a great day.

The Third Eye  (13+)
Short, interrelated sequence of fictions centered around the Third Eye.
#2140904 by Wiwaxia

*Penbl* Author: Boneash          [Nov 16, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Emotional :: None :: None
*Penr* Details: Any help with poetry structure or grammar is welcome

 Working on a title  (E)
Something that come to me in the middle of the night.
#2140907 by Boneash

*Penbl* Author: Felix O'Melany          [Nov 15, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Religious :: Dark :: Emotional
*Penr* Details: This is a first draft; I'm looking for any kind of feedback on how to improve the piece. Thanks!

 Tears  (ASR)
Learning to use the tools given me; a first draft poem
#2140650 by Felix O'Melany

*Penbl* Author: Naru          [Nov 14, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Drama :: Other :: None
*Penr* Details: Ignore grammar issues please

 Momo's feelings  (E)
Just a short sample of how Momo feels after the events of BoA
#2140699 by Naru

*Penbl* Author: Donkey Hoetay          [Nov 14, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Horror/Scary :: Dark :: Drama
*Penr* Details: It's amazing what a long drive south on I95 can conjure up with the radio off and the windows down. This I think is low calorie Dark fiction. Your opinion is solicited.
  [Short Story]

The Spinster Of Claiborne Parish, LA.  (13+)
A lawyer and an intuitive old woman have a chance meeting in a Louisiana town.
#2139270 by Donkey Hoetay

*Penbl* Author: A. N. Craddock          [Nov 13, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Action/Adventure :: Fantasy :: Romance/Love
*Penr* Details: I'm looking for honest opinions on the first chapter of a story that I've had floating around in my head for a while. Word Count: 1,167

 Vigilant | Chapter One  (13+)
Cira learns that her parents have been living a double life as members of a rebel group.
#2140625 by A. N. Craddock

*Penbl* Author: Ezra          [Nov 12, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Experience :: Other :: Other
*Penr* Details: This is a poem I'd like to polish to submit for publication, so I'm interested in serious feedback regarding the overall effect as well as details that you feel fall flat or work particularly well.

A Pilgrimage to the Grave of Oscar Wilde  (13+)
Free-verse poem in couplets relating a trip to the eponymous grave in Paris.
#2140509 by Ezra

*Penbl* Author: srwilson          [Nov 11, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Horror/Scary :: Other :: Other
*Penr* Details: Hoping for critiques, offering 500+ points.
  [Short Story]

Softener  (13+)
A visit to the theatre proves to be more than relaxing. (1563 words)
#2138184 by srwilson

*Penbl* Author: Flying Fox          [Nov 10, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Thriller/Suspense :: Dark :: Supernatural
*Penr* Details: This is the prologue and first chapter of my incoming supernatural/thriller series, Foxvalley. The story follows an FBI agent as hi investigates into the disappearances of three different people in the small mountain town of Foxvalley, Colorado.

 Foxvalley Prologue & Chapter 1  (18+)
(P.)A couple farmers come across a horrifying realization. (Ch.1) Agent Budsworth's case
#2112498 by Flying Fox

*Penbl* Author: Whitemorn          [Nov 8, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Animal :: Nature :: Experience
*Penr* Details: My inner child wrote this short poem. ;D

Into The Wild  (E)
A short poem about a morning visitor.
#2140158 by Whitemorn

*Penbl* Author: Jordyn Young          [Nov 8, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Dark :: Emotional :: Other
*Penr* Details: A very short piece that I'm hoping someone will check the flow of the story as I struggle with that sometimes.

 Power  (ASR)
Use what power you have to do good, even if you don't survive it. 100 word limit.
#2140136 by Jordyn Young

*Penbl* Author: Chasing Grace          [Nov 7, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Drama :: Inspirational :: Other
*Penr* Details: Please let me know what you think... any suggestions are welcome.

 A Petulant Life  (E)
Violet lived life on the edge... No one would get the best her... no one except herself..
#2096571 by Chasing Grace

*Penbl* Author: Christy Mahon          [Nov 6, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Romance/Love :: Drama :: Dark
*Penr* Details: Any and all comments are requested. Hope for dislikes and likes to be specifically stated. Thank you kindly.

Caged  (13+)
Limitless Ltd.
#2136537 by Christy Mahon

*Penbl* Author: BIG BAD WOLF Is Thankful          [Nov 6, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Fantasy :: Sci-fi :: Horror/Scary
*Penr* Details: Would like a review of my entry "Aliens are Here". Of course, reviews of the other entries are welcome.

Non-Humans R Us Newsletters  (18+)
Book for the Group’s Newsletters.
#1887426 by BIG BAD WOLF Is Thankful

*Penbl* Author: BIG BAD WOLF Is Thankful          [Nov 6, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Writing :: Fantasy :: Other
*Penr* Details: Looking for a review of my most recent entry "Samurai Quack Parody" which is a Samurai Quack story (al-la Duck Dodgers) set during the 5th season of "Samurai Jack". Reviews of other entries welcome.

 Short Stories and poems  (18+)
A collection of various short stories and poetry.
#1670440 by BIG BAD WOLF Is Thankful

*Penbl* Author: Hannah-Meg Knight          [Nov 5, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Occult :: Dark :: Thriller/Suspense
*Penr* Details: I've had a stellar idea for a story for quite some time now, and a lot of the story comes from the history that is behind the founders of the town where the story is set. Here's Part 1 - I'm honestly just looking for your views and thoughts. Thanks!

 The Founders of Natureville  (13+)
A four-part special. More to come!
#2139684 by Hannah-Meg Knight

*Penbl* Author: Pernell Rogers          [Nov 3, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Horror/Scary :: Dark :: Supernatural
*Penr* Details: This is a very different type of story for me. I was trying to write from an emotional standpoint of the character. I'm curious with the story's flow and the emotional content. Is it too much? Did I spend too little time on the description of the setting?

 See You In Hell!  (13+)
Exploring ghost towns should be a fun past-time until you encounter IT.
#2135434 by Pernell Rogers

*Penbl* Author: dizzydreamer          [Oct 31, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Romance/Love :: Emotional :: None
*Penr* Details: I've been trying to restructure this poem for a while, as I know the rhyming pattern isn't the same throughout, but I'm struggling with it, as I am rather attached to every line. I would love any suggestion on how I could improve it. Thank you!

 No more you  (E)
A poem about losing true love.
#2139360 by dizzydreamer

*Penbl* Author: srwilson          [Oct 31, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Horror/Scary :: Supernatural :: Other
*Penr* Details: Any critical reviews please.
  [Short Story]

Black Words  (18+)
A writer gets inspiration from a mysterious source (1700 words)
#2137300 by srwilson

*Penbl* Author: Eogin          [Oct 30, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Fantasy :: Young Adult :: Other
*Penr* Details: I'd love some general opinions. :)

 Blood good, magic bad  (13+)
Tom returns as a vampire, though many wish he did not.
#2139314 by Eogin

*Penbl* Author: Brad J Shaw          [Oct 30, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Action/Adventure :: Detective :: Mystery
*Penr* Details: Would appreciate some insightful views & reviews. Cannot award many GPs, because I am still building up, but each review will get a little something. I know your time is just as precious as mine

 The Crow's Nest Mysteries  (18+)
The first chapter of the latest and last revision of this story.
#2136261 by Brad J Shaw

*Penbl* Author: Crissy ~ Happy, Joyous, Free          [Oct 30, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Relationship :: Family :: Spiritual
*Penr* Details: Free verse. Please tell me how the message comes across, and what I can do to improve the form. Thanks!

Why I Should Not Love You  (E)
The things I have learned about how to deal with that dysfunctional relationship.
#2139013 by Crissy ~ Happy, Joyous, Free

*Penbl* Author: Robert E Baker Shush! NaNoing!          [Oct 29, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Crime/Gangster :: Action/Adventure :: Political
*Penr* Details: Hi! I've just written this short story and would love some feedback. Please tell me how I might improve on it. :)
  [Short Story]

Mike's Fondest Desire  (18+)
Mike finally does something he's dreamed about for a long time.
#2139191 by Robert E Baker Shush! NaNoing!

*Penbl* Author: J Dan Francis          [Oct 29, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Drama :: Other :: Other
*Penr* Details: A review of this story would be greatly appreciated. This is another installment to a collection of fictional short stories I am doing about the Adirondacks called "Along the Road Through the 46"
Thank you for your consideration.
  [Short Story]

The Cabin in the Valley  (13+)
A lost dream
#2139200 by J Dan Francis

*Penbl* Author: J. Robert Kane          [Oct 25, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Horror/Scary :: Folklore :: Action/Adventure
*Penr* Details: Another Halloween story wanting reviews. Thanks!
  [Short Story]

The Truth About Werewolves  (18+)
A young woman on a weekend getaway encounters a werewolf.
#2138856 by J. Robert Kane

*Penbl* Author: Naru          [Oct 22, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Tragedy :: Action/Adventure :: Fantasy
*Penr* Details: You can comment on the grammar and word choice too please.

 The destruction of the kingdom  (13+)
One queen loses everything she worked for in an instant
#2138543 by Naru

*Penbl* Author: J Dan Francis          [Oct 22, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Drama :: Other :: Other
*Penr* Details: A review of this piece would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your help

The Woman at Chapel Pond  (ASR)
A brief encounter, an act of kindness.
#2138541 by J Dan Francis

*Penbl* Author: Anthurnherr          [Oct 22, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Mythology :: Family :: Writing.Com
*Penr* Details: Please review my first post ever, a short story on how hope came into our world.
  [Short Story]

 Hope  (E)
A short creative allegory on how hope became a part of this world.
#2138535 by Anthurnherr

*Penbl* Author: Just me          [Oct 20, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Contest Entry :: Comedy :: Nonsense
*Penr* Details: This is my first attempt at writing something cheerful. I appreciate any type of review as long as it is honest and encouraging.
  [Short Story]

The Chocolate world!  (E)
For the PersonITfication Contest
#2136113 by Just me

*Penbl* Author: {relentlessly restless}          [Oct 19, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Experience :: Personal :: Biographical
*Penr* Details: Looking for a review of the flow and content of my poem. Would be happy to return the favor!!

 Intertia  (E)
A life at rest is never at rest
#2138245 by {relentlessly restless}

*Penbl* Author: Bruce.          [Oct 19, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Nonsense :: Other :: Other
*Penr* Details: Some limericks. Which is best?

 Limericks.  (18+)
8 Limerick Place.
#2115522 by Bruce.

*Penbl* Author: Yesmrbill          [Oct 18, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Political :: Cultural :: Community
*Penr* Details: Transcript of a Press Conference with a Demonic Woman, who's running as a Candidate, for a seat on the Town Council, of a Sanctuary Community for Demons, standing in opposition to Wussyism.

Demonic Woman Candidate  (13+)
Press Conference with a Demonic Woman running for a position in the Local Government.
#2137691 by Yesmrbill

*Penbl* Author: J. Robert Kane          [Oct 17, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Horror/Scary :: Contest Entry :: Occult
*Penr* Details: Hoping for some reviews of this new story. Written for the SCREAMS HALLOWEEN CONTEST
  [Short Story]

The Scarecrow Whispers  (18+)
Created for the Third Annual "Screams" Halloween Contest. Prompts: Scarecrow, Witch, Mask
#2137668 by J. Robert Kane

*Penbl* Author: R. Michael Wood          [Oct 16, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Sci-fi :: Fantasy :: Other
*Penr* Details: A short story combining sci-fi and fantasy worlds...and highlighting the devastating effects.
  [Short Story]

 Magic and Machinery  (ASR)
When a technologically advanced world tries to bring in a mystical hero...
#2137848 by R. Michael Wood

*Penbl* Author: Bruce.          [Oct 16, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Experience :: Romance/Love :: Other
*Penr* Details: Retro.

Pre-Adult Days.  (13+)
Those innocent days. Rhyming verse.
#2111372 by Bruce.

*Penbl* Author: Leif the Lucky          [Oct 12, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Sci-fi :: History :: War
*Penr* Details: Six months after the island of Britain is mysteriously transported a thousand years back in time, Scotland is the last bastion of democracy. War is brewing, and the future of the world is at stake... Awarding more than 1,000 GDPs per review!
  [Short Story]

The Battle of Hadrian's Wall  (18+)
Part 2 of "The Halloween Event."
#2137511 by Leif the Lucky

*Penbl* Author: Delia Bradley          [Oct 12, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Philosophy :: Inspirational :: None
*Penr* Details: Please review the second chapter of the book I am currently writing. It contains a daily philosopy for each day of February. It is based on an emotional, mental and spiritual view on life. Did you find it interesting and was it helpful.

 A Candle to Light the Darkness  (E)
Chapter 2 of A Candle to Light the Darkness and the month of February.
#2134921 by Delia Bradley

*Penbl* Author: Fifthwood          [Oct 11, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Sci-fi :: Action/Adventure :: Other
*Penr* Details: I would please like to hear what thoughts, comments, critiques, and ideas you have about this story. Any criticism will help. I pay 4000 GPs.

Corporate Wars: Undercover  (18+)
John goes undercover to find the organization trying to bring down the corporations.
#2131698 by Fifthwood

*Penbl* Author: Floyd Roots          [Oct 10, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Family :: Supernatural :: Emotional
*Penr* Details: I have been working at polishing this short tale. If you have time, please read and review.
Thank you,
  [Short Story]

 Emile and Jamie  (13+)
A tale of love and supernatural melding of the souls of twin sisters, and of the sadness.
#2009279 by Floyd Roots

*Penbl* Author: Glynis Jolly          [Oct 9, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Health :: Self Help :: Educational
*Penr* Details: I know this piece is not long enough. I would like some ideas as to how I can lengthen this non-fiction article in hopes of submitting it to a magazine or newspaper. Also, I welcome all constructive criticism. Anything to improve my skills.

 Self Realization  (E)
An article about self-betterment.
#2136692 by Glynis Jolly

*Penbl* Author: Perhaps          [Oct 8, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Community :: Cultural :: History
*Penr* Details: Please review.

 Serpent lies...  (E)
How do you begin to explain something so reality shattering?
#2110735 by Perhaps

*Penbl* Author: Perhaps          [Oct 8, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Mythology :: Inspirational :: Community
*Penr* Details: I ask your humble services.

 Insert title here  (E)
Free your mind
#2105379 by Perhaps

*Penbl* Author: lillyp2016          [Oct 8, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Detective :: Drama :: Thriller/Suspense
*Penr* Details: Hi everyone. First I would like to introduce my PI character, Nick Katapoulis. Looking for feedback on my piece. it's one I am doing for nano prep and would like feedback on my main character. ty in advance

Nano contest. OUTLINE REVISION 1
#2136187 by lillyp2016

*Penbl* Author: Noni Bird          [Oct 8, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Contest Entry :: Comedy :: Romance/Love
*Penr* Details: A comedic retelling of a "how I met your mother" story given by a couple to their married son and his wife. The couple, now married for 40 years, were young students at the Boston Conservatory in the 1970's. I'd appreciate any feedback. Thank you!
  [Short Story]

Jack and Joan's Story (2,500 words)  (18+)
Parents relate a "how I met your mother" story to their married children
#2136997 by Noni Bird

*Penbl* Author: Steven Cleamer          [Oct 8, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Horror/Scary :: Death :: Dark
*Penr* Details: I have been working on this for a while and any feedback is very much appreciated.
Thank you for taking the time.

 Wendigo witch   (18+)
A unspoken evil is taking a slow grip on the human population
#2136807 by Steven Cleamer

*Penbl* Author: wonderfulwriting3          [Oct 5, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Action/Adventure :: Comedy :: Drama
*Penr* Details: This is a play about 2 pets who run away from their owners. It's more interesting than you think :) I would love someone who's specialty is creative writing to review my play. Thank you!

 The Lost Pets  (E)
A play about two pets that ran away from their owners.
#2129532 by wonderfulwriting3

*Penbl* Author: Glitter Pen          [Oct 5, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Action/Adventure :: Fanfiction :: Other
*Penr* Details: I'm looking for an honest critique. I'm willing to review in return (maybe next week, after the Canadian Thanks Giving weekend).
  [Short Story]

 The Necklace of Majlaa  (18+)
Lara Croft must use her wits to obtain a magical artifact.
#2136580 by Glitter Pen

*Penbl* Author: anxious geek - bi, fluid, mum          [Oct 3, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Death :: Dark :: Drama
*Penr* Details: Day three of OctPoWriMo is my favourite so far but I would love any criticism you have to offer in improving it.

 Sheila  (13+)
OctPoWriMo - Day 3 - Taste of mental.
#2136499 by anxious geek - bi, fluid, mum

*Penbl* Author: Angus          [Oct 2, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Contest Entry :: Psychology :: Supernatural
*Penr* Details: An extremely short piece looking for some explanation.
It wrote itself when I wasn't looking, so I'm really not sure what happened.
Do you?
  [Short Story]

 The Two Sided Window  (E)
A 74 word story for The BLINK contest about a dark and stormy night...oh, and a window!
#2119107 by Angus

*Penbl* Author: Timothy Sam          [Oct 1, 2017]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Family :: Death :: Experience
*Penr* Details: Non-Fiction.
17 year old writer recollecting his first experience with death.
True Story.

When Death is Appreciated More than Life  (E)
Remembering the life of my grandmother
#2136229 by Timothy Sam

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