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This is a page to request reviews for static items and books.
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Looking for an honest, helpful review of your static item or book?

*Penbl* To the authors: The purpose of this item is to match those Writing.Com authors who are looking for serious critiques with those Writing.Com members looking to give them. Items should only be posted here if the author is looking for honest and helpful reviews.

*Penr* To the reviewers: Please be as helpful and honest as possible. Authors posting here want your truthful opinion of their work because they know constructive criticism helps them improve. They want your opinion... good, bad or both!

*Note* NOTE: If you post work for critique on this page, do the right thing and review a few other works that you find on this page. Interaction through reviewing leads to more feedback for your own writing. If you have a question about this page or need to have an incorrect listing removed, please visit "Plug Page Help.

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*Penbl* Author: Sammy          [Apr 8, 2020]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Other :: None :: None
*Penr* Details: Hi, I would just like someone to read this really. I don't know if its any good.

 Crafting you.  (E)
In this poem I making someone. Whether that be a character. Or actual real person.
#2218499 by Sammy

*Penbl* Author: willy          [Apr 8, 2020]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Nature :: Other :: Other
*Penr* Details: You will have to decide how to interpret this short poem

 Walking in the woods  (E)
As it says on the tin
#2218450 by willy

*Penbl* Author: Charlie Carrol          [Apr 6, 2020]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Dark :: Horror/Scary :: Young Adult
*Penr* Details: My first short story published here! Reviews incredibly appreciated!
  [Short Story]

 magpies  (13+)
first short story in a while, first time with darkish theme
#2218299 by Charlie Carrol

*Penbl* Author: finalgirl          [Apr 5, 2020]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Horror/Scary :: Thriller/Suspense :: Mystery
*Penr* Details: chapter two of my spooky horror story for kids!! would love any feedback. thanks sooo much to anyone who has responded to chapter one

 kids horror book - chapter two  (E)
first draft of chapter 2 of my kids horror story :)
#2218178 by finalgirl

*Penbl* Author: Becky Winchester          [Apr 4, 2020]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Contest Entry :: Personal :: Other
*Penr* Details: Hi, I'd really appreciate honest and constructive feedback in any form.

 Summer  (E)
Any suggestions for a title are appreciated. 21 Lines
#2218064 by Becky Winchester

*Penbl* Author: finalgirl          [Apr 2, 2020]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Horror/Scary :: Thriller/Suspense :: Mystery
*Penr* Details: first attempt at writing a horror book for kids. would love opinions on first chapter!!!!! thanks so much guys :)

 Kids horror book - chapter one  (E)
first draft of chapter one
#2217911 by finalgirl

*Penbl* Author: BunnyBuddy_Tina          [Apr 1, 2020]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Contest Entry :: Animal :: Other
*Penr* Details: The objective it to write about a Pet's possible superstition. I'm attempting to convey that it is a black cat's superstition that crossing a human's path and invoking fear, is for them, good luck. Something seems to be missing though...
  [Short Story]

Black Cat Superstition  (E)
Superstitions can run both ways.
#2217742 by BunnyBuddy_Tina

*Penbl* Author: Octavius          [Mar 31, 2020]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Fantasy :: Dark :: Contest
*Penr* Details: Honest Reviews welcomed. Thank you.

 The Queen's Last Knight  (18+)
A Queen and her knight's last stand.
#2217661 by Octavius

*Penbl* Author: Hali          [Mar 29, 2020]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Drama :: Romance/Love :: Teen
*Penr* Details: I want to know if this pulls you in immediately, if it seems like a strong beginning, and if you'd turn the page by the end of it. Also if I need more rockstar-like details.

 Shake  (18+)
Can Harper &Garret find a way back to each other or will fame/mental illness destroy them?
#2217405 by Hali

*Penbl* Author: Kristina ~          [Mar 27, 2020]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Detective :: Drama :: Other
*Penr* Details: This is the beginning of Chap. 1 rewrite. All feedback welcomed and needed. Looking for comments on: content, presentation, mechanics, what's working & what's not, strengths, weaknesses, if the reader is drawn into the story and how it makes you feel.

 The Sixth Commandment  (18+)
A detective getting too close to the truth expects to be promoted to Chief Inspector
#2217110 by Kristina ~

*Penbl* Author: bob county          [Mar 26, 2020]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Friendship :: Emotional :: None
*Penr* Details: Looking for honest insight.

 It Hurts Me Too  (13+)
How do you heal the hurting when you hurt too?
#979220 by Neal Greene

*Penbl* Author: Miss303          [Mar 25, 2020]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Death :: Environment :: Philosophy
*Penr* Details: This is a first letting people read my stuff. I have gotten back some amazing feedback and constructive criticism and love to provide the same for anyone else.

 Just Another Walk  (E)
Pondering my city at dusk
#2216886 by Miss303

*Penbl* Author: Redtowrite          [Mar 25, 2020]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Medical :: Political :: Cultural
*Penr* Details: I am just getting back to writing. I wanted to pick something simple. and relevant. Thanks for an honest review.

The Indivisible Enemy  (E)
a poem about this corona virus and the controversy over what works, lives are at stake
#2216912 by Redtowrite

*Penbl* Author: Hektor Thillet          [Mar 23, 2020]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Children's :: Environment :: Fantasy
*Penr* Details: Book #1 of Enviromental Fantasy Book Series for Children.
  [Short Story]

 Bunni Boo And The Ghosts Of The Birds  (E)
Enviromental Fantasy Series for Children.
#2216452 by Hektor Thillet

*Penbl* Author: Not Suki          [Mar 22, 2020]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Fantasy :: Other :: Other
*Penr* Details: This is only a sample but I realized I should get some criticism while it's still in its early phases. Your honest and critical reviews are most welcome!

 The Sinner: Sample  (18+)
A character, warts and all in a story about angels and creatures
#2216451 by Not Suki

*Penbl* Author: JMRobison          [Mar 21, 2020]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Fantasy :: Young Adult :: Other
*Penr* Details: I am looking to review swap with someone with a novel of near equal length to mine. You review mine and I'll review yours.

The Lost Gods - Evermore, book one  (E)
"We never should have touched the earth."
#2211408 by JMRobison

*Penbl* Author: Luckie 🍀          [Mar 21, 2020]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Mystery :: Writing :: Dark
*Penr* Details: This originally started as a contest entry but I've been tweaking it and could use some insight on my style, structuring, readability, as well as the overall strength of the story itself and whether it was engaging or not.
  [Short Story]

Ironic Despair  (13+)
A vagrant sees the light of day from within the darkness of his irony.
#2204180 by Luckie 🍀

*Penbl* Author: Sammy          [Mar 19, 2020]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Ghost :: Other :: Other
*Penr* Details: Opening to a ghost tale.

 As yet untitled   (E)
A story about an old man that has made a terrible mistake.
#2216313 by Sammy

*Penbl* Author: Ari Lox          [Mar 18, 2020]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Drama :: Young Adult :: Friendship
*Penr* Details: A little flash story on the challenges of entering college midyear

Be Brave  (18+)
College years are a time of great learning, yet not all lessons are academic. 1500 words
#2187120 by Ari Lox

*Penbl* Author: Jogan Writes          [Mar 18, 2020]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Romance/Love :: Emotional :: Relationship
*Penr* Details: A short story that I just finished redrafting, I have some questions about the clarity of the narrative and how easily some plot points are to understand. If you have a few minutes to spare, it'd be a huge help to me :)
  [Short Story]

 Her  (E)
She was everything I could ask for
#2215996 by Jogan Writes

*Penbl* Author: Mina~          [Mar 17, 2020]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Nature :: Other :: Other
*Penr* Details: Would you be willing to take a few minutes to leave a review. Thank you so much in advance for taking time to share your comments. I appreciate it very much!

 On the arrival of Summer  (E)
The arrival of summer
#2216020 by Mina~

*Penbl* Author: icsjohn          [Mar 12, 2020]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Sci-fi :: Action/Adventure :: None
*Penr* Details: This is the first draft of chapter 1 in my next book. I'm giving 2,000 pts for each review. I will be leaving writing.com so the points will be distributed until they're gone.

 WIP Chapter 1  (E)
A man meets a woman on a cruise liner, but neither person is who they appear to be.
#2215615 by icsjohn

*Penbl* Author: free writer          [Mar 11, 2020]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Action/Adventure :: Dark :: Gothic
*Penr* Details: Chapter 2! It may have taken a while but feel free to read and any feedback is greatly encouraged as always!

 The Thrill of the Hunt  (18+)
This is just a test of the first chapter of a novel I want to work on.
#2211878 by free writer

*Penbl* Author: Roberts89          [Mar 8, 2020]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): History :: Religious :: None
*Penr* Details: I would like to know if the story sounds historically correct and has engaging characters and plot.
This is only part I of a short story.

 Voices calling  (E)
From calling to mission, the story of St. Patrick and what his life may have been. Part I
#2212973 by Roberts89

*Penbl* Author: S.z.kamoonpuri          [Mar 8, 2020]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Animal :: Entertainment :: None
*Penr* Details: 2215211

 Invalid Item 
This item number is not valid.
#2215211 by Not Available.

*Penbl* Author: Mina~          [Mar 8, 2020]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Women's :: Tribute :: None
*Penr* Details: please review my new poem I wrote for women's day

 Women's Day  (E)
A poem for Women's Day
#2215207 by Mina~

*Penbl* Author: Ari Lox          [Mar 7, 2020]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Political :: Writing :: Relationship
*Penr* Details: Political gurus say what they believe, don't they?

This Pen for Hire  (E)
This story arose after taking the opponent's position in a debate. 1250 words
#2215149 by Ari Lox

*Penbl* Author: Kuriba          [Mar 4, 2020]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Business :: Writing :: None
*Penr* Details: Looking for critique of the points made

 A problem with customer support  (E)
Exploring a problem of customer service inefficiency to give urgent help
#2214753 by Kuriba

*Penbl* Author: kzn          [Mar 3, 2020]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Romance/Love :: Action/Adventure :: Thriller/Suspense
*Penr* Details: Please review - 2000 Gp's per review
Thank you

A cold front drifted in from the northwest, thick and gray, and blanketed the loch in ...
#2212853 by kzn

*Penbl* Author: krichmond86          [Mar 1, 2020]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Personal :: Experience :: Family
*Penr* Details: Short true story about a move I had to make. Literally. Please review when you get the chance. Thank you.

The Move  (E)
True story about a big choice that was made.
#2214630 by krichmond86

*Penbl* Author: Zen          [Mar 1, 2020]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Sci-fi :: Action/Adventure :: War
*Penr* Details: Looking for input on the characters as well as the mood and atmosphere, especially during Chapters 0 and 1. Thanks in advance!

Incursion  (GC)
This is the first draft of a work-in-progress that is being updated regularly.
#2214237 by Zen

*Penbl* Author: The White Flower          [Mar 1, 2020]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Psychology :: Spiritual :: Nonsense
*Penr* Details: I know this is free form and doesn't conform to any of the conventions of poetry but I would like it if you could give me some tips and more importantly give me your thoughts on the ideas discussed. Thank you in advance.

 Silly Billy  (18+)
A poem about a silly boy named billy.
#2214514 by The White Flower

*Penbl* Author: Brian Informed By Silence Too          [Feb 27, 2020]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Romance/Love :: Nature :: Spiritual
*Penr* Details: Seeking to improve sentence structure and punctuation for this freeverse poem about young love.

LoveBound   (E)
Celebrating life, nature and new-found, blossoming love with innocence.
#2214292 by Brian Informed By Silence Too

*Penbl* Author: Somik Bandopadhyay          [Feb 25, 2020]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Romance/Love :: Relationship :: Emotional
*Penr* Details: This is one of the most popular shortest forms of the syllabic poem which is known as 'Whitney form'. This is a romantic poem.

 Your Magic  (18+)
Romantic poetry in the Whitney syllabic poetic form.
#2213833 by Somik Bandopadhyay

*Penbl* Author: kzn          [Feb 25, 2020]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Action/Adventure :: Thriller/Suspense :: Drama
*Penr* Details: Please review - 2000 Gp's per review
Thank you

The Dark Wild Waters - Chapter 1  (E)
Peter turned again dropping his shoulder into the wind with the face of the cliff only ...
#2213210 by kzn

*Penbl* Author: Wizard          [Feb 23, 2020]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Fantasy :: Action/Adventure :: Travel
*Penr* Details: looking for serious critiques

 Phantasy Perspective|ChapterI pt1|DRAFT2  (13+)
A wizard and a merchants first encounter.
#2213647 by Wizard

*Penbl* Author: krichmond86          [Feb 21, 2020]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Personal :: Drama :: Psychology
*Penr* Details: Hello All. This is my third portfolio item and I'm hoping for some honest feedback. Thank you!
  [Short Story]

Sunrise Apartments  (E)
True story of a guy I once knew
#2213617 by krichmond86

*Penbl* Author: Fifthwood          [Feb 16, 2020]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Action/Adventure :: Fantasy :: Other
*Penr* Details: This is the 2nd chapter of Oneka. I would like to know what you think of the story and the characters.

Oneka: Chapter 2  (13+)
Lord Toyotomi rants about his failure in battle. Introduced to Eizo and Tamamo No Mae.
#2213168 by Fifthwood

*Penbl* Author: Fifthwood          [Feb 16, 2020]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Action/Adventure :: Fantasy :: Death
*Penr* Details: I have done some revisions to this first chapter. I would like to know what you think. Does it catch you attention and start to invest you in the characters?

Oneka: Chapter 1  (13+)
The birth of a future ruler of the Tokugawa Clan is wrought with war and despair.
#2192209 by Fifthwood

*Penbl* Author: thesuperpapagai          [Feb 16, 2020]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Action/Adventure :: Paranormal :: Drama
*Penr* Details: This a script for an idea for a TV Show, staring three siblings who go on supernatural adventures that I'd like feedback on. You may want to check out the pilot before reading this, but I don't think it's required to understand this episode.

 Meet the Parents  (13+)
The trio's parents come for a visit, leading to a custody argument over Greg.
#2212841 by thesuperpapagai

*Penbl* Author: Bruce.          [Feb 16, 2020]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Romance/Love :: Military :: Relationship
*Penr* Details: An exercise in 1st person conversion. The story follows the troubled life of Jane who is abandoned by her birth mother, then shunned by her adoptive parent after the birth of their own daughter. Forced to join the Air Force, she meets Terry.

 Red Moon. Ch 9.  (18+)
Jane and Terry meet up in the Air Force bar.
#1983192 by Bruce.

*Penbl* Author: Danger Mouse          [Feb 13, 2020]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Romance/Love :: Other :: Other
*Penr* Details: I am wondering if I got the form of this poem right.

The form of love  (18+)
An attempt at Villanelle for a love poem
#2212790 by Danger Mouse

*Penbl* Author: B-T          [Feb 12, 2020]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Sci-fi :: Fantasy :: War
*Penr* Details: Hey! I've toyed with this beginning for so long, I have no clue how to read it without being either my best fanatic or my worst critic.

 Overshot  (13+)
Ty is thrust into a galactic war that only she--and a stolen armor bracelet--can win
#2212836 by B-T

*Penbl* Author: Wrath.of.Khan          [Feb 12, 2020]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Young Adult :: Sports :: Friendship
*Penr* Details: Spring is just around the corner! This is a subtle ode to high school graduations and tying loose ends. Please read and review. GP naturally.
  [Short Story]

 The Track Meet  (13+)
track meet championship
#1875941 by Wrath.of.Khan

*Penbl* Author: The Dark Faery Queen          [Feb 6, 2020]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Spiritual :: Religious :: None
*Penr* Details: Looking for honest and helpful reviews. This poem was written by a good friend of mine.

 The Scars Will Heal  (ASR)
A spiritual poem written by a good friend
#2212246 by The Dark Faery Queen

*Penbl* Author: Melisscious          [Feb 6, 2020]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Sci-fi :: Religious :: Comedy
*Penr* Details: My only request is honest feedback in any form. Whatever you notice, is probably something I didn't . This is my first short story and it accidentally became a sci-fi. The same way I accidentally just bought myself a cordless Dyson. That I love!

 For Better or Words  (13+)
Rediscover your soul! The real you. Simple as watching a movie, and there's FREE popcorn!
#2212139 by Melisscious

*Penbl* Author: Bruce.          [Feb 5, 2020]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Romance/Love :: Ghost :: Other
*Penr* Details: Is the suspension of disbelief credible?

 Carver's Hollow Chapter 2  (18+)
Ghost intro'
#2177461 by Bruce.

*Penbl* Author: Joto-Kai          [Feb 4, 2020]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Friendship :: Emotional :: Inspirational
*Penr* Details: One hundred eight words at current count.

A subtle character arc in that length.

 The Moment I Knew  (E)
Flash fic. Can't I just be alone right now?
#2211937 by Joto-Kai

*Penbl* Author: Apologizing Adolescent          [Feb 3, 2020]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Environment :: Nature :: Community
*Penr* Details: The lakefront through my eyes

The Lakefront  (E)
How I see the lakefront
#2111669 by Apologizing Adolescent

*Penbl* Author: CrisMiss          [Jan 28, 2020]
*BookStack3* Genre(s): Music :: Romance/Love :: Relationship
*Penr* Details: Hi! I'd appreciate honest, kind critiques.I'd really like to turn this into a song. I know the tempo changes several times. Thank you all! Blessings.

Gemstone Heart  (E)
Lyrics about a woman whose treasured gems are not valued since her man has gone astray.
#2211455 by CrisMiss

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