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About Web Hosting

Deciding where to host your web site is difficult.
Price is a concern, but so are performance, reliability and support. Many web hosting providers compete on price, but providing the "lowest" price leads to poor customer service and site performance. Many first timers to web hosting find themselves left with a slow web site and no help from their host.

Writing.Com is different. Our hosting solution utilizes our proprietary, easy to use Portfolio System. Anyone who can publish content within our community has already mastered the tools that will allow them to create and maintain a web site of their own. Creating and adding a Message Forum to your web site is point and click easy. Setting up a guestbook is simple using our In & Out format and getting feedback from your visitors with our Survey Forms is a snap! We also provide an online handbook and forum for supporting your account.

Here are a few sample sites using our system:
Vamp.Com *Bullet* CanadaHomeTutoring.Com *Bullet* WriterU.Com

Writing.Com's Web Hosting offers the following features:

*Bullet* www.YourDomainName.Com

*Bullet* Integrated Web Hosting

*Bullet* Mass File Upload Utility

*Bullet* Basic Community Features

*Bullet* Maximum Total WebSite Members

*Bullet* Host Multiple Site/Domain Names

*Bullet* Domain Name Email Forwarding

*Bullet* Quick Surf

A year of Premium Plus Membership with Web Hosting
is less than $35.00 per month!

Please see "Compare Free and Paid Membership Benefits for more details
on our memberships or visit our store to purchase one.

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About Web Hosting

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Writing.Com is your best resource for web hosting, web site hosting, site hosting, web hosting and more. When you need to host a website, educate yourself first! Remember that the company that provides your web hosting services must be stable, reliable and helpful. Make the right web hosting choice and don't be left out in the cold.

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