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November 23, 2014
5:15pm EST

Rated: 18+ | Book | Biographical | #1317094
Enga mellom fjella: where from across the meadow, poems sing from mountains and molehills.

Enga mellom Fjella


                   as if you own me
I bow before the Bitterroots
and just like you
                   my rocky soil, my withered grass
                   lays prey to the empty sky.

© Kåre Enga 2007 "Sentinel

Reader's Choice of Poems:

"'heart's home'
"Where grows the compost heap
"In search of Iris
"Speak soft my name
"Mauve Mavis

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"Death of Jeannie New Moon
"Doing and don'ting. A scene in 2nd person.
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"Poems inspired by maps. Remember 1963?



Updated at the request of Thomas : Since 2014-10-13

Number of packets of poems offered: 1
Number of poems offered: 5 (unique = 5)
Number rejected: 5 (unique = 5)
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 Kåre *Delight* Enga

~ until everything was rainbow, rainbow, rainbow! And I let the fish go.
~ Elizabeth Bishop
The Fish
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November 21, 2014 at 5:27pm
November 21, 2014 at 5:27pm
Going to GrizCat Game...
...wish me luck.


It may be rainy and cold tomorrow for the GAME. UM is trying to get into the playoffs. If they lose they stay home. My perfect scenario? UM wins and Idaho State wins and ISU comes to Montana next Saturday. MSU and EWU will both get bids.

*Football* Nick messaged me asking whether I want to go to the game... feeling a little down and weak at the moment but I said yes. I like Nick's company and he's being generous and I have nothing else planned.

*Umbrellab* There will be about 26,000 at the game regardless. This is number 114. Unfortunately, rain doesn't help UM. They play poorly in the rain. But it is at home. Then again, they lost the last two times they played MSU at home.

*Countrymx* I do not understand the hysteria over immigration. Those that are opposed most vehemently are latter-day immigrants of European descent.

*Camera* Posted more photos of May 20th in Røros, Norway. Hopefully I'm done. Over 100 photos for a few hours. I still have lots of photos from Portugal to manage.

*Luggage* I wish... I really wish.

A bit depressed and tired. I'll be fine. Maybe take a nap? I mean... I ate a good meal, sat with a good friend... I have little or nothing to complain about. Day is dreary but I'm not in control of that. I'm sure my English friends could say much about that!

I should just be thankful.
November 20, 2014 at 5:39pm
November 20, 2014 at 5:39pm
Above freezing! ...
... for the moment. It looks like it's precipitating just north of here. Above freezing but now dropping. May get over 40º tomorrow; snow next Tuesday.


*Snow4* And lots of it! My mother said there's 5 foot where she lives in Amherst north-eat of Buffalo. More to the south where my sister lives and where my friend Gare lives in West Seneca it's much much worse.

*Badge* Been ages since I received one. It helps to do something that deserves one though! I keep promising I'll do more...

*Burstv* They lit up the old Van Buren Bridge last night. Emma Lommasson flipped the switch. She's hale and hearty and 102.

*Folderr* Need to sort out writing and travel brochures. The brochures help if I can't remember names of streets, sights, buildings, statues...

*Ringsgold* My friends who married in other states (Hawai'i, Washington, New York) are celebrating as Montana now recognizes same-sex marriages. Not much kerfluffle here.

But how am I? Saw a bug yesterday. Still, no insanity like before. My neighbors still see them so it'll take some time.

But how am I... really? Mostly okay, but I get tired. My temp goes up and down like a yo-yo.

BUT... Okay, okay. I take whatever joy there is in the moment. At Spanish circle, I met a young woman from Slovakia who has lived in Ireland and is a delight to talk to.

Reminds me that I need to book some travels. It takes time. If I want to go somewhere in mid-December I may be too late already and mid-January should be arranged now. If I could just take off today?

I'd visit Buffalo!
November 18, 2014 at 3:56pm
November 18, 2014 at 3:56pm

I may or may not do something for Thanksgiving. I don't like large crowds and I feel awkward at other people's events... So, we'll see.

Next Monday is the big dinner at the Senior Center. Price is right but the crowds...

*Flipflops4* I'm not a beach person. Don't like barefoot but sandals? I grew up preferring to walk in socks (on heated floors).

*Sanddollar* I'm not a beach person 2: but I like walking along the beach collecting, observing, taking photos.

*Mailo* I really need to send out some of my This and Every November chapbooks; but to whom? Who would like one?

*Pig* As in pig-out? Ribs for lunch. One main meal for $3 and I'm mostly satisfied. I get enough meat 5 lunches a week I really don't need anymore.

*Rollingpin* I don't bake. As a child I made breadsticks and pies. It would be nice...

It's been a wee milder here. Back east in Western New York they are getting clobbered. I'll probably call tomorrow to hear the stories. Big storms were an event when I was a child. We all had Snow Stories.
November 17, 2014 at 3:53pm
November 17, 2014 at 3:53pm
To be ignored...
...isn't bliss.


I went to the Second Wind reading last night. Max read poetry and Richard read a first chapter from his book that will come out in 2016.

Went well. But... not one person said hello me! Max did wave as I was leaving. But I sat there in silence alone.

Montana writers... one needn't fear that they will come over and talk to you...

I've been going to these events for years.

No real snews:

*Beakerp* Nice to visit with a student studying Chemistry yesterday and read a vampire story to her.

*Poison* Bugs? What bugs? Haven't seen any. I mentioned this oddity to my landlord today. It's been a week. Very odd.

*Teapotv* All I have at home is Lapsang Souchong tea. Not bad.

*Tempcold* It went below freezing on the 10th. It has not been over freezing since. Last night put on my below-zero hat with flaps that Mandy sent me years ago. That cold... Right now it's 24º and may, I say may, go above freezing come Friday.

*Computer* The new computers at the Senior Center have issues... 'nough said. If I say anything nasty I'm afraid they'll retaliate.

I do like silence. Quiet is restful; but, I am perplexed by the MFA students here... and the professors... and many of the authors... Maybe it's just me but they seem to lack certain social skills.

Which on an individual level I strive to understand. But when there's an event I find it past annoying. If I wanted cold pricklies...
November 15, 2014 at 6:59pm
November 15, 2014 at 6:59pm
There comes a softening...
...of the heart...


I had to get up and write thoughts down in the middle of the night. "There comes a softening..." Then I made a list of hard things that go soft (X rated even, but I need to go beyond cliché). I felt like my inner Emily Dickinson was coming out... but, in the middle of the night?

*Reading* Lilith:a snake in the grass by Jack. L Chalker. A bit of sci-fi fantasy.

*Dollar* I took $200 out of the bank and my receipt said I could take more... Only spent $20 in phone calls since September 25th. Not bad.

*Hotair* If I could just hitch a ride... somewhere... cheap... warm...

*Teddy* The Griz of UM won today 35-17 so the town is calm and looking forward to next weeks HUGE game against MSU.

*Mustache* Beard is growing a bit long... folks are starting to call me Santa.

The bank thermometer read 23º, which is as warm as it's been recently. My rooms have been cold (I don't turn on the heat or it's too hot). I bought a bedspread yesterday and that helps tremendously. I even wore the bathrobe too and fro the tub. Nothing like a good hot soak. Took my throwaway paperback with me. Should take a candle!
November 14, 2014 at 4:31pm
November 14, 2014 at 4:31pm
I shan't be someone else... I'll just have to be me.

Me... simply me...

Of course, I still have to figure out who I am. At my age you'd think that that would be easy. And... may I say... it is easier in a way. But so many years of having to conform to other people's expectations... and worse, my own... at times, I not so sure.

*Snow2* Woke up to very light snow in the air. Big flakes are lovelier but I shan't complain.

*Waterdrop* The north channel of the river that flows past my place is clogged. The water is flowing down the south channel where it seldom does. Channels might shift. I shan't worry much.

*Camera* I just posted 70 photos from Barga, Portugal at facebook. Even if I don't get to travel this winter, I still have thousands of photos to remind me of voyages past. I shan't be bored.

*Ringssilver* The landscape of marriage in the U.S. is changing day-to-day. But unless someone offers... I shan't be scared.

*Bookstack3* I'm writing on page 3.892 in Book 44 of my journal (a neverending letter to a friend started December 9, 2003). I shan't stop yet.

I can become scattered brained and start tasks and not complete them. Also, I'm an idea person more than an accomplisher. I note my successes when I can. Since I often become depressed, this helps.
November 13, 2014 at 5:46pm
November 13, 2014 at 5:46pm
A day of calling

*Tempcold* Called Joyce here in Missoula. 1º according to her this morning.
*Sun* Called Gare in Buffalo. He's my ray of sunshine. Sunny here.
*Snow2* Called my mother in Buffalo. About an inch at 9 a.m.
*Treefall2* Called my aunt in North Carolina. Leaves were lovely last weekend.
*Phone* My day to make calls. Who's next?

My place is slowly going back to normal, but this is a great opportunity to make changes, so I will.

Must go... lost entry as I was about to post and now they are closing... *Frown*

November 12, 2014 at 5:11pm
November 12, 2014 at 5:11pm
...went to bed early, got up early after tossing and turning, lay down for a few minutes, almost missed lunch!

Me mE Me mE:

I didn't do much yesterday. At home I got a few books out of the freezer and put a few more in them. The outdoors freezer should last a week.

*Coffeer* A late evening coffee is suspect #1 in tossing and turning.

*Angry* Unresolved issues is #2.

*Flower5* I remembered to slightly water the geraniums. They are blooming. I've neglected watering while I focused on other issues.

*Penr* I actually wrote a ditty last night; "Extermination" is it's provisional title.

*Cross1* Edited photos of a church courtyard in Braga, Portugal.

I'm at the Senior Center again. Chatted with friends. Catching up on-line. It's still sunny and very cold outside. It was 3º this morning; now 15º.
November 11, 2014 at 5:32pm
November 11, 2014 at 5:32pm
Sunny and 16º... :-) ...
...Fahrenheit. *Sun* but *Tempcold*


Sunday night the storm came in around 11:30. It was already cold, 40s I figure; but slight breeze. When the winds came howling down Hellgate canyon that all changed. The horizontal rain looked kinda white... it was.

So... *Snow5*

No sleep Sunday night. Wanted to be done with my room by midnight, then 4, then 8... got "done" in time. They sprayed Monday morning and I had to wait until noon.

But I needed to eat. Then I took a nap. Must've been about 3 when I got back. Window was open...

So I closed it.

*Reading* Whatever I can. Most of my books are in storage.

*Sleep* Went to bed last night around 8. Didn't get up till after 9...

*Rain* ...except for a very hot shower sometime during the night. I was cold.

*Flower5* All gone with the deep freeze. The City left the flowers out longer this year instead of arbitrarily killing them. My geraniums need re-potting. They'll be the only blooms around.

*Pumpkin* I'm looking forward to more pumpkin pie this Late Autumn (a.k.a. Early winter).

I hope everyone's day is going well. Feeling much better than last week. I have lots of rearranging, putting things back where they belong. But, didn't see one bug last night, a surprise. I thought I would. I suspect I will.

November 7, 2014 at 1:37pm
November 7, 2014 at 1:37pm
... as in bedbugs, not Bugs Bunny.


*Trash* Everything needs to be bagged to be frozen or stored or... boiled socks last night.

*Medicalblack* Legs are not improving much, still swollen. Bites aren't healing either.

*Poison* Bug man, Gary is scheduled for my place Monday. He was doing two other rooms today.

*Leaf2r* Almost all gone. Mild but windy.

*Snow5* In the forecast for Monday with temps below freezing for three days.


14:00 Notice someone has stolen paintings I put up by my door.

I noisily informed my neighbors. They know I'm NOT happy.

23:45 Talking to Zach when this man came around the corner acting strangely. He grabbed Zach's hand and wouldn't let go. I yelled for help... which actually worked... Zach was shaken.

Landlord has been informed. Neighbors will be too. There have been problems historically where I live. It's been mostly quiet since I moved in 6 years ago, though worse the last couple years.

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