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I try to destroy this blog as I write, not wanting to be noticed or fit in. It's because I cannot live up to your expectations shadowing over my own, fading and forgotten and crying out while I stray and ignore self-evident truths.

I just write what I feel without the mind speak f---ing with my head.

[MY Chorus]
In your house, I long to be
Room by room, patiently
I'll wait for you there, like a stone
I'll wait for you there, alone


"It amazed me how truth was often suffocated in minutes, but lies were given sufficient air to breathe indefinitely."

"You are all better than you think you are, you are just designed not to believe it when you hear it from yourself."

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Rachel *^*Heartv*^*

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"...lasting art is never anything more than a mathematical expression of the relations that exist between the internal and the external, the self [le moi] and the world." -Jean Metzinger

Time to reinvent, remap, and redress my approach to writing & life...before it's too late!
Reinventing myself from start to finish. I couldn't continue on the path I was on and needed a fresh start. This time around I want to put the focus on writing and the world outside of this community as it affects my life.

Also, "BlackHole 💫 SuperNova Afterglow 🌑 nominated for:
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Congratulations on winning the Grand Overall Prize in  [Link To Item #2164876]  with your beautiful poem, [Link to Book Entry #933358]. This poem really moved me. Great writing!

Rachel *^*Heartv*^*

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July 22, 2020 at 9:26am
July 22, 2020 at 9:26am
I was inspired by Charlie's blog post based on a prompt about virtue today. Here's what I responded:

The goal is to be virtuous. Christianity teaches us to ask for forgiveness if we fail. True belief in something starts with oneself to do what feels right, as in 'do unto others...' It's easy to lose focus, falter and get back.

Christians can be examples of some of the most virtuous people, because they have a guide book to follow. Most people just follow their whims, rather than their hearts. They stop listening to the nagging little conscience. Probably why we are divided rather than unified at this time in history.

Americans especially do not get it. Talk to some Europeans or Canadians who know we were raised to be selfish, callous people. Is it systematic? Whatever it is, it's destroying Christianity. Doors have been open to all kinds of beliefs and lifestyles by people who cannot comprehend how to follow anything but their own desires.

We all could use some time to step back and evaluate how important it is to be a good neighbor, contributor to humanity. Instead of being part of a system that preys on people's weaknesses, we could build strength through something more honorable...like the pursuit of virtue over happiness.

I'm capable of being selfish. I'm capable of great love. Whatever gets rewarded the most is most evident. When virtue goes unnoticed, unrewarded, we are hurt. Pride suffers and we might rampage, hurt the wrong people. The divisive nature of our current condition has man fighting with man than taking a step back, cool off and realize the true rewards of not letting the manipulation of our free will destroy the fabric of our lives.

Great blog post and very worthy subject to tackle. My two cents.


This post is inspired by my feeling that I could be a great contributor to any community I join. It's unfortunate that I am diminished by self-serving systems that do not honor virtue but condemn and punitively diminish participants who've had setbacks, but have also lent great support and virtuous acts along the way. The failure to recognize the balance struck only means that the machine does not feed you, but itself. Once your gifts have been harvested, it moves on.

The whole notion of nurturing a society starts with honoring all who take part in it. The idealistic should not seem threats to the narrative forcefully applied to rhetoric the machine spews, but part of the balance and truth (however subjective) needed for fairness. Because, it is also witnessed by those who are not participants who could also contribute to 'the cause.' Unfortunately, the goal is more totalitarian than socialist in our little republic. Democracy is not recognized or honored, though patronized as a measure of softening the harsh voices.

What does that mean?! *RollEyes*

It means people pretend to tolerate me (this) when they would rather I roll over or go away. They either shun you, act indifferently, or find little ways to diminish you through offerings connected most personally to your pride. Or, the feign an amen but never return to support your cause.

When they've exhausted all rhetoric and resources to guilt, shame or silence and you still stand? They ironically became the divisive, while I stand whole because I am alone and do not need anyone to hold me up. There are no expectations other than more ill will. I can remain guarded, but knowing they cannot do any more to reduce me is knowledge enough.
July 10, 2020 at 7:04am
July 10, 2020 at 7:04am
red, white and blue --
too faded pink and pastel blue for you

a fruitless journey of a life misdirected
you sit for an anthem, hat on like
Holden Caufield, ready to take aim --
snipe ignorance on social media
in a post-modern world of
internet warfare where
cancel culture shaming forms opinions
from the shallow pool of ignorance --
formings about the feet of the frozen
who cannot swim to save themselves --
from a puddle of rhetoric clinging

father taught you in the wading pool.
in this sea of life, you are cast adrift
with other capsized passengers
in floaties, drowning in virtual waters.

you could close out the window,
go home. but a new family lives there now.

five minute poem. reconsider later.
July 7, 2020 at 6:07pm
July 7, 2020 at 6:07pm

Drawing a circle around racism like truth. You can't argue because it's a trap.


#DeSeanJackson will be the latest example.
July 5, 2020 at 12:51am
July 5, 2020 at 12:51am
Love him or hate him, he's right about totalitarianism and a movement afoot to get people to hate their country....so much so, they'll want to adopt a new form of government...


I guess burning the American flag outside the White House while Trump was in SD is emblematic of the ignorance and idiocy that is going to kill a good thing in our country. You realize that groups who want to see America fail are manipulating your emotions in a way that corrals you into a corner where you have to act in a way that supports a plan to destabilize a dominant country. Conquer from within?

Get knowledgeable about history. Racism existed among every nation, it's just not about blacks or Hispanics in our country. There are people far off worse than us, but we are so focused on ourselves rather than having a world view, we are going to do more than just shoot ourselves in the foot.

It's going to take time to uproot our democracy. I'm not saying Democrats are the devil. There is an element that is manipulating greed in our country, to take away fair paying jobs, freedom of speech, entitling others over Americans who already live here (to take low paying jobs) so we will eventually have to accept less (while the Billionaires keep raking it in) than what we had before to survive.

They talked for years about ending Social Security. Look how much money was just doled out in a pandemic. Yeah, deficit. Tell it to the U.S. leaders who put troops in strategic locations throughout the world, as a super power, to maintain peace and order on this planet and know no bill collector is rapping at our door, unless the liberal element that has been manipulated and eroding, for whatever reasons, makes us roll over like the French during WW2.

You can HATE politicians all you want. Dem or Pub they are all on the take. We can fight for democracy by not giving up on the principals and ideals that founded this country. If you let them Animal Farm our Constitution and laws to acquiesce, we're opening the door to something much bigger down the road that will tear the fabric of a once great nation. Wall Street doesn't care about you. They'll do business with China. You want to get paid less, live in a socialistic community with little to no freedom, keep it up.

Hate is divisive. Hate is not what politicians do, but manipulate your ignorant emotions to act on it. Need to get yourselves educated. Get tough. Get street smart, or take it in the behind. And really, it's your children that are going to suffer because we have been spineless rather than strong in the face of adversity.

Yeah, Trump can make me cringe, roll my eyes, think he should keep his mouth shut. Scramble his damn Twitter account. He's not a diplomatic leader. If he's smart, he'll get someone who can do it so he can focus on what he does best: keep our country economically strong. If we had a better alternative to Joe Biden, maybe more like Bernie Sanders, I'd consider flipping. I have to do what's right despite an arrogant type who is hard to support. But, you have to consider the lesser of two evils at this point. I don't want our country to plunge into darkness.


7.6.20 Addendum:

I'm also inflicted. I have known pain from discrimination. I also know that I will never be acknowledged alone. Without a moral majority there is (can be) no law? I'm not good at correctly recalling philosopher's quotes. Sir Thomas Aquinas? Anyway, if the people get fully behind the movement, government and politicians will bend to it.

Look how the Republicans caved just recently on wearing masks during this pandemic. Even Trump got behind it. It's because when we make our feelings known, unified, we are undeniable. The apathy in country comes from indulgence in all the distraction that Ayn Rand pointed out. Simple as sports to social media. We have a new generation that will essentially not know how to survive without their parents. Who did that? Parents?

Life got a lot harder by making it easier, somehow. And we are becoming more ignorant of history and our rights as citizens as long as we have convenience stores with overpriced coffee on tap and streaming media to take us away from all the ills we cannot solve alone. Driverless cars over mass transportation? *Laugh*

Apathy. Long knew of it. Have watched it envelop a jaded nation. You and I will leave this world with our idealistic visions, as they dumb it down for future generations who'll be satisfied in a virtual, meaningless existence. Maybe, we're headed toward socialism. I'll take that over a police state. But, I will not stand by the corruption of our freedom of speech. Which, if used ignorantly, will convince future morons they can do without, as long as they can blather on about their feelings in pointless social forums.

Now, I have to write more meaningless words in this realm, hopeful and starving, to be discovered through some serendipitous fantasy by a greater audience, as I'm plagued by the complacency within.

I love input, keeping it real. We need more honesty and wisdom, as I value civil discourse above all. It purposes me here, at least.
July 4, 2020 at 1:14am
July 4, 2020 at 1:14am
Yes, COVID_19 has not been as tragic as the Spanish Flu of 1918. Consider: history teaches, global advances in approaches to infectious diseases, best practices of medicine today, more prepared to handle these outbreaks and lots of government dollars to throw at cures.
Where are we at? 130,000 US deaths and only four months in. Spanish Influenza took 20 months and roughly 675,000 lives. What's our over/under now?
And, you're worried about wearing a mask. It's life or death, you dehumanizing, ignorantly prideful people. They got the message about masks in 1918. Ignorance today makes it worse.
Get off the damn bar stools and go grill in your backyard. Do I have to tell you what to do next? Get creative without your precious routines of sports and alcohol.
July 3, 2020 at 9:00am
July 3, 2020 at 9:00am

This article is what I have been searching for and describes everything I struggle with on the home front. It has only one assertion I disagree with and one realization for me that makes me empathize with my abuser, that they also suffered childhood shame. And what the article doesn't fully realize, my abuser has employed my own offspring against me effectively. I see the patterns now and what I can do to approach these flaws in our relationship 25 years plus...

What I learned from the article is the relationship reached a new dynamic after we we're married, after we had kids. Things were said that saddened and worried me that made me feel we were losing a grip on a fun, unfettered relationship that was strong before our vows. In retrospect, there have been sign posts along the way that make me openly wonder about events that are new mysteries to me. Too personal to share here.

I'm just putting it out there, in here. You get to see my warts. I'm trying to help you see why I feel disenfranchised, angry, and act out toward authority because of my past and how it still haunts me now. I think you take too much credit for what you think being a part of this community has done to me, rather than for me. Being held out as a lowly black case has allowed me to process all that I've experienced through writing and putting it in perspective. Using whatever guilt, shame or indifference you employ to keep me out of your clubhouses only inspires me to investigate further.

I would love to expose all the manipulation to the world. All I have is this blog to warn others who have been abused that people in your life lurking may be using your kryptonite against you, employed for their own gain. It's okay to question their methods, their game, if something doesn't smell right to you. If they shame you or make you feel bad for these feelings, it's another sign that they are only kicking the dog and not the angels they proclaim themselves to be.

7.12.20 edited for one word (why can't original post date just appear at top?)
June 30, 2020 at 7:58am
June 30, 2020 at 7:58am
Assuming I'm not inclined to share any more poetry this month, an accounting of what I wrote in June:

from "Antithetical 📝 Jottings --

"Barren Home of Fruitless Desire
"Your Beast
"Lavender Buttons
"Your Sunlight
"When Distraction Takes Hold...Suck It
"Of Your Shores
"Strength For Two
"The Black Amid Demons
"They Are Not Fair
"Journey Of The Polarized Heart
""Church" and Not What I Need
"Evaporation Point (newly edited)

from "BlackHole 💫 SuperNova Afterglow 🌑 --

"It's Not Me, It's You
"Harsh Dreams of Utopia and Winter

Poems mostly available. Some go on lockdown under revisions and more; or, if you are not a member yet and want to read just sign up for a free account on this sequestered little pond collecting internet truants.

For all the links this year and previous..."🌸 2018-20 Poetry 🌺
June 29, 2020 at 2:36pm
June 29, 2020 at 2:36pm
People that call themselves winners don't realize there's a war going on
Don't take into account that it's war out there?

For those keeping score
It's me zero versus
Don't need to keep score
Don't need to score

#Fixed #life

Acknowledging this does not mean to say give up
It means play smarter
Maybe, not to win but to enjoy the game itself
Or find something that does reward
Does give back
Not in virtual honor
But in virtuosity

June 29, 2020 at 7:16am
June 29, 2020 at 7:16am
I write lengthy reviews that are unaffiliated. I seldom see the need to participate in group reviewing goals. Though, it might be good for encouraging writing and the feedback process. But, we can say what we want without worry of who or what we represent when we go solo and unacknowledged by others, except the true author...

Review of "River’s Parallel"
"Dear Foolish Consistency ,

Just a note before you read this very long review, I learn as I go. I take things in directions I don't see before I set my fingers to keyboard. I was enlightened by your poem in the process of writing and deconstructing what I read. I will find flaws and joys in what you shared. I hope you have not given up on sharing your visions as a writer because of the underwhelming appeal of what you revealed in this little corner of the internet world. My review:

I had to contemplate this poem for awhile after reading because of the statements used to build imagery and emotion of a sunrise. But what got me googling first for answers was in that second stanza. Does a sunrise look like it is setting on the water's surface? I found no proof of this reversal, leading me to conclude that the expressions used in this poem overall do not bear fruit.

I think this poem does wax poetic and uses some unique expressions that when analyzed by this writer/reviewer didn't make enough sense. I note a theme of nostalgia, holding on, perseverance within some feeling of loss. When I found fault, each phrase came to bear under scrutiny, after reading:

We look to the rising sun, as it sinks into its last horizon...

Now, if you are implying end of days, then I might suggest a turn of that phrase to mean "before it sinks into its last horizon..." Other phraseology looked smooth and well written, but logic was forcing me to look deeper and question if these nicely constructed words just randomly flowed from the mind that did not consider their actual worth. However, I feel an idea was forming and writing is a process to fleshing out something that does have a leg to stand on.

I start from the beginning:

The gentle green reflection
brings forth its mirrored image, a world dwelt in shadow...

I puzzled over this, 'gentle green reflection.' A sunrise was being described over what I assumed was water, which is nicely alluded to indirectly with images like 'wavering in the depths' or describing a 'world born in water' later on. And here, the 'mirrored image' added to my thought something earthly is reflected in this world at sunrise. I have to assume it is an expression, not of place in the world but a place described inside the narrator. This person is dawning on something, because the rest of the stanza describes turmoil in this watery place:

"Beyond our ken is a light beyond sight
a realm sunk deep in the waters of our prayers,
the grief of our hearts and, the blood of our veins."

This internalizing is projected into a world view, an opinion of a world that surrounds a place in one's soul arriving. This is a poem that a writer is developing in real time to describe rising feelings like that sunrise, but a feeling that it will be the last. Or, that it does create a sinking feeling. But, in stanza two the first line that stopped me brought it to a halt. I had to keep reading to figure out if in summation we could get a better understanding of what is being devised here in the remaining lines:

"...We contemplate our image, wavering in the depths,
and see a smiling face shimmering, fading, falling,
only to rise again.

A world born in water, birthed from its earthly counterpart,
is not a farewell, but a parallel.
For every fall is risen, and every tear a smile.
There is no goodbye, only now and forever."

The rest of stanza two reads like a relation to people in general who feel like we can see our own selves where we should be struggling as something bright and hopeful and yet 'fading' because we are 'falling' and rising. It's like an eternal struggle of self to be more than who we are, to be accepted. We rise and fall in that deep water that holds us down. It made me wonder, do we surface? I believe some do, feel that they do.

This is where the poem in analysis is gaining enough introspect from me that I can see the sum of the parts, some coalescing while others fail to make the grade. It ironically mirrors what the poet is saying about how we can shine one moment and lose that grip to fall back down. And we had that first line in stanza three that stumbled again for me, getting me to reflect back on the first line of stanza two.

Does the poet go for unique expressions at the risk of sounding illogical? Does the poem make sense when held up to introspection? I feel there is enough truth within that we can overlook a few overlapping errors to observe some universal truths. We have commonalities as a world, as a writing community even. However, not all will acknowledge the struggle like the poet of this piece grapples with. I find a writer trying to divulge while still learning from the flaw in our genealogy and ideology as a race put on this planet.

I can only imagine that the summation to this poem is saying the earth bears more people like us to struggle. It might not be meant to be that broad. It could also be suggesting there are two parts to us. The parts this narrative wrestles with might be as simple as id and ego. The remainder of the poem discovers we are infinitely trapped to never really change in a process that seems like birth, death and resurrection. It could follow a biblical theme, but I don't think that was the attempt. I think religion is universal and has inspired most of the stories and cannot be separated from these simple, but revealing truths.

I'll sum it up. Wherever you go, there you are. It's more than that, but that is the basis. As a writer, I came to this writing community like taking a leap of faith into its waters. I floundered, learned to swim. But, was I doing it right? Like the poem suggests, during this epic battle to find worth (in my case through writing in this forsaken community), we seldom surface. I seldom find I am shining. It is my struggle to break surface, emerge from the water and connect with that sun on the setting horizon. I feel anchored in the depths. Who or what is holding me down?

That might be another question to ask of the writer. Do we hold ourselves down, or are we made to eternally struggle because we do not have some kind of super power to actually achieve. I think it might be the former. But, in this writing community there is another element that shuns idealism and the belief that one can move on from this realm into a larger perspective. Someone or something is holding our head under water. Fortunately, there are other domains and parallel universes in the internet construct. Unfortunately, we ascribe our worth to those we allow rule over us in this realm.

I went beyond the scope of this poem in analyzing it with my comparative. I saw an opportunity personally to show others this poem has worth where many others don't even come close. But, a poem like this is forgotten, overlooked and sinks to the depths of time because no one noticed, was not incentivized to pay attention, or did not have the ability to comprehend, overcome the poem's shortcomings to see it's real value.

I'm rating this poem five stars for it's potential. It can observationally be corrected, though I think it is cast in stone for time because this community does not value writers with scope for great potential in writing. It would rather manipulate the few that could fit into the domain's short-sighted goal to be self-reliant with the fear that acknowledging good writing over bad is not good for business. Delusional dreamers are greater than writers who figure out they don't need this place.

Sorry again for using this poem as a tool to figure out as I review how this poem fits in a current spectrum that I call my world. There is enough in this review to see what I have discovered and what the poet could take away as feedback. There is a larger picture within a smaller world view about how we need to acknowledge one another as people and be treated with equal respect. We have this commonality within us that should bond us and make us stronger as a community without the manipulation and division within, sacrificing our personal ethos for some 'greater good' as it may be falsely ascribed.

Circumpolar Reviewer *Star* (a review so long, I can't go back over it to edit, sorry)

This review is not a middle finger to the man. It is a statement of beliefs from circumstantial evidence compounding over a decade of exposure to a separatist world falsely presented to manipulate well-meaning writers (especially the introspective ones) with ideals and intentions to purpose their words. If anyone is offended, they certainly need a little introspection -- valuate whether they have unfairly judged others in support of a hollow 'cause' in this exclusive world. It is a plea to respect writing first and foremost and stop milking a cow."

*Laugh* I didn't even acknowledge the poem's title in my review.

I do not write jibberish. I think you can acknowledge, but through indifference or tired of the same theme repeated...

I have some new theories on this. It takes time away to develop introspective thought.
June 24, 2020 at 5:26pm
June 24, 2020 at 5:26pm
Write 500 times:
If I'm not kind, I have been evil.

If I have not been kind, I must be evil.

Do not suggest someone else is bad, because then you are evil.

Be direct, or someone will mischaracterize your comments to mean you have said something evil.

Are we ready for Propaganda 201?

Words from my mouth taste bitter
I did not want them there
I did not want to have them form from thoughts gathering
I want to believe in utopia,
with a kind and gentle people who encourage
and want to hear words from my mouth forming
thoughts like beautiful flowers, hopefully
not thorny rosebuds.
yet, I would bleed for you if that is what you want to see
until I am bled dry, as the dry air changes
and petals flutter from my head to lawn
reveal beauty lost to the collected ground.
Pink, they melt and slide below the green blades
to gather at my buried feet like winter slippers
before I die to grow anew, sleep to dream and
not utter again to you, until I recycle through
another harsh season. Even in your pearly frost,
I bear fruit.
June 20, 2020 at 10:19pm
June 20, 2020 at 10:19pm
48 of last 64 reviews were for newbies over about a month's time.
Not one newbie returned a review.
I'm not sure what that is, but I remember returning reviews when I first started.
Not complaining, just saying.
I think if this community is to thrive, I hope new members are reciprocating.
I can think of a few new members that I've given more than one review to.
Not even getting friends from these review interactions.
This is new, because I'm giving some of my best reviews.
Usually, I form new associations out of this.
I do think I traded some emails with some people on the Covid19 pandemic over a month ago, but that faded.

Not going to overanalyze it. Just note and move on. Maybe, stop reviewing newbies.
June 20, 2020 at 10:30am
June 20, 2020 at 10:30am
You should know this, 101 regarding grammar:

by Sandy Chung and Geoff Pullum

What Is Grammar?

People often think of grammar as a matter of arbitrary pronouncements (defining 'good' and 'bad' language), usually negative ones like “There is no such word as ain't” or “Never end a sentence with a preposition.” Linguists are not very interested in this sort of bossiness (sometimes called prescriptivism). For linguists, grammar is simply the collection of principles defining how to put together a sentence.

One sometimes hears people say that such-and-such a language 'has no grammar', but that is not true of any language. Every language has restrictions on how words must be arranged to construct a sentence. Such restrictions are principles of syntax. Every language has about as much syntax as any other language. For example, all languages have principles for constructing sentences that ask questions needing a yes or no answer, e.g. Can you hear me?, questions inviting some other kind of answer, e.g. What did you see?, sentences that express commands, e.g. Eat your potatoes!, and sentences that make assertions, e.g. Whales eat plankton.

Word Order

The syntactic principles of a language may insist on some order of words or may allow several options. For instance, English sentences normally must have words in the order Subject-VerbObject. In Whales eat plankton, 'whales' is the subject, 'eat' is the verb, and 'plankton' is the object. Japanese sentences allow the words to occur in several possible orders, but the normal arrangement (when no special emphasis is intended) is Subject-Object-Verb. Irish sentences standardly have words in the order Verb-Subject-Object. Even when a language allows several orders of phrases in the sentence, the choice among them is systematically regulated. For example, there might be a requirement that the first phrase refer to the thing you're talking about, or that whatever the first phrase is, the second must be the main clause verb.

Not only does every language have syntax, but similar syntactic principles are found over and over again in languages. Word order is strikingly similar in English, Swahili, and Thai (which are utterly unrelated); sentences in Irish are remarkably parallel to those in Maori, Maasai, and ancient Egyptian (also unrelated); and so on.

Word Structure

However, there is another aspect of grammar in which languages differ more radically, namely in morphology, the principles governing the structure of words. Languages do not all employ morphology to a similar extent. In fact they differ dramatically in the extent to which they allow words to be built out of other words or smaller elements. The English word undeniability is a complex noun formed from the adjective 'undeniable', which is formed from the adjective 'deniable', which is formed from the verb 'deny'. Some languages (like German, Nootka, and Eskimo) permit much more complex word-building than English; others (like Chinese, Ewe, and Vietnamese) permit considerably less.

Languages also differ greatly in the extent to which words vary their shape according to their function in the sentence. In English you have to choose different pronouns ('they' versus 'them') for Subject and Object (though there is no choice to be made with nouns, as in Whales eat plankton). In Latin, the shapes of both pronouns and nouns vary when they are used as subjects or objects; but in Chinese, no words vary in shape like this.

Although we have identified some differences between syntax and morphology, to some extent it is a matter for ongoing research to decide what counts as morphology and what counts as syntax. The answer can change as discoveries are made and theories improved. For instance, most people—in fact, most grammarians—probably say that 'wouldn't' is two words: 'would' followed by an informal pronunciation of 'not'. But if we treat 'wouldn't' as one word, then we can explain why it is treated as one word in the yes/no question Wouldn't it hurt? Notice that we don't say Would not it hurt? for Would it not hurt?, or Would have he cared? for Would he have cared? In each case, the bad versions have two words before the subject. The syntactic principle for English yes/no questions is that the auxiliary verb occurs before the subject.

If this is correct, by the way, then 'ain't' certainly is a word in English, and we know what kind: It's an auxiliary verb (the evidence: We hear questions like Ain't that right?). English teachers disapprove of 'ain't' (naturally enough, since it is found almost entirely in casual conversation, never in formal written English, which is what English teachers are mostly concerned to teach). But linguists are generally not interested in issuing pronouncements about what should be permitted or what should be called what. Their aim is simply to find out what language (including spoken language) is like. Even if you learned all the words of Navajo, and how they are pronounced, you would not be able to speak Navajo until you also learned the principles of Navajo grammar. There must be principles of Navajo grammar that are different from those of other languages (because speakers of other languages cannot understand Navajo), but there may also be principles of universal grammar, the same for all languages. Linguists cannot at present give a full statement of all the principles of grammar for any particular language, or a statement of all the principles of universal grammar. Finding out what they are is a central aim of modern linguistics.


But, how apply it to poetry?
Perhaps, lamely.

June 13, 2020 at 12:51pm
June 13, 2020 at 12:51pm
(Advanced Peek)
As yet to be fully realized and edited:

George Floyd was a drug user?


I had to Google cause of death and understand what fentanyl is and learn from my wife its used in combination with methamphetamines (also listed in coroner's report).

She knew this before me (not a sharer) and I was floored.

I was checking to see if the officer held responsible for Floyd's death has spoken or entered a plea. Chauvin's lips are sealed. I want to understand how he could not see what was happening to the victim. The Floyd family had their own autopsy done but do not mention drugs in their report.

Chauvin should fry for what he did. But, this complicates my sympathy for Floyd, a man who has sparked a long-needed movement that now memorializes his untimely death with strangely awkward sit downs mimicking the last nine minutes of his life. How must the family feel about this, above the violence and riots?

Can we assume whether Floyd was above the law, contributing erroneously to his own demise? Is defense council going to raise this issue? Dangerous court days ahead. I think the nation would not accept a plea deal, but the family should. And, could tell a nation they do it out of respect of memory of their loved one.

It diminishes for me the unified movement, by not acknowledging Floyd's weakness. Outrage for murderous police brutality, deserved. But, tempered when you consider everything that could fuel an ugly court case.

I need to empathize with Mr. Floyd, if indeed he had a drug dependency. And, that's before a trial that could daringly reveal two conflicting autopsy reports. Very sensitive this issue of drugs complicating heart failure, which he knew he struggled with.

Fentanyl killed Michael Jackson, too.

And on a related matter:

I agree that taking a knee is NOT about the flag.

I believe SITTING (that first time in 2016) during the national anthem was about getting benched (losing one's starting job).

"(Colin Kaepernick) The former Super Bowl starting quarterback's decision to go public (about stand on systematic racism in America) comes while he is fighting for his football life with the (San Francisco) 49ers, who drafted him in the second round in 2011. He lost his starting job last season after being one of the most promising players in the NFL during his run under former coach Jim Harbaugh.

Over the past few months, his relationship with management has turned sour. He requested a trade last spring, which never came. He also has spent most of the offseason rehabilitating from operations to his left (non-throwing) shoulder, his hand and knee. His recovery left him unable to fully compete with Blaine Gabbert for months and has him seemingly in a bind to regain his starting job." 8/26/2016


Colin still has good intentions. The NFL should have never shunned him. I learn shunning is a common practice among those who want to diminish another for whatever reasons.

June 12, 2020 at 3:13pm
June 12, 2020 at 3:13pm
If you have a disability and laid off from your job as a result of this pandemic, it sucks to be you. That is, if you collect SSDI from the government, also. You probably heard the federal CARES Act was going to drop an additional $600 a week in your lap. But, because you live in Wisconsin, the state said ‘none for you.’

Sure, people who can’t claim a disability like you can get at least a hundred bucks a week from state unemployment, plus another $600 bump from CARES. So, that’s $700 weekly, about 28-hundred monthly. And what do you get? Zero. But, you have that cushy SSDI that amounts to about, what? Half that? I’ll bet you’re extra lucky if you have dependents.

How is it, post COVID-19 for you? Can you go out in public without greater fear than the others? Among those who defiantly won’t wear a mask? Are you able to travel? Require assistance? Use public busing? And where do you go to meet these maskless villains who don’t know you live with a handicap? Make it hard to conveniently shop in these stores like war-torn battlefields for the last of some necessities? Do you get those supplies all home safely through whatever means of transpiration?

Okay, you’re supplied, you're hunkered down. Fears of inflation? Fears of trips to hospital? Can you know what the future holds? Will your employer ever call you back? Do you consider no job will be waiting for you when this is over? Who will take you on with your special needs? Who will train you? What security do you have? A monthly check from the federal government?

You don’t want to beg for help. You don’t want to be a charity case. You learn 48 of 50 states give people with a disability a shot at additional federal assistance in these times. And you think, why isn’t Wisconsin and it’s Governor doing something to lift this restriction?

If you don’t get an at bat, you don’t get a stat.

Right? Baseball had these odd rules for negating plate appearances. It equates to when jobs reports come out. Right? No state is going to tout how many claims were rejected. If you’ve been denied, the jobless rate goes down. A law has diminished you, negated you. Impressive Governor, Wisconsin, you tromped on about 175,000 workers so you can look good. Who gets hurt?

In 2013, when this legislation to block ‘double-dipping’ was enacted, a certain Governor was cutting all kinds of stuff to make the budget float. Questionable, the way they went about it? Somebody benefits. And those nasty, no-account-for disabled workers can’t ‘double-dip’ now. Didn’t see coronavirus coming? Do politicians care?

Ahem. Scott Walker. You’re the double dipper.

WISCONSIN, look sharp. I’m talking to you. Are you collecting unemployment insurance from those that employ the handicapped? Where does that money go? Do I have to dig and find out? Rebate to employers who hire disabled? What??

But, the feds earmarked money to distribute to the laid off. Did you get that extra portion for EVERY worker? Or, were the handicapped conveniently left out? Hmm.

This is systematic. Disabled Lives Matter. I’m coining it.

They struggle. They have special needs -- the feds recognized that through a serious vetting process that may have involved attorneys. Where are the lawyers now? Litigators? No. They don’t want to take on your law.

Wisconsin agencies/programs to assist this handicapped sector just recite the 2013 law and back off. No help there. Bunch of sycophants. You got a sector of the workforce cornered, demeaned, nullified. And the CARES Act is just a huge taunt to people who dared make ends meet and find security. And the world goes on lock down and they are systematically treated like lazy, worthless people whose lives DON’T matter. Yeah. You got a law. Nice going.

Get your act together legislators. You have not breathed one word publicly on this subject. Go ahead. Hide behind the headlines.

I know I will get calls from concerned citizens after reading this. I would rather you call, write or email your legislators to rescind the 2013 law immediately. Tell them what matters.

Tony Evers:
E-mail: EversInfo@wisconsin.gov
Phone: 608-266-1212

Senate Bill (SB) 200 passed the Wisconsin Senate on June 11, 2013 by a 17-15 vote, with all Republicans voting in favor of it and all Democrats against.
June 7, 2020 at 9:12am
June 7, 2020 at 9:12am
Irony: the movement to support police, fire and military post-911, Today, the coronavirus scourge that had us honoring healthcare workers for their bravery is in the shadows of a defund police movement meant to rile rather than unify a nation on the ills of police brutality and the cries of racism. Whether it was the blue light illuminating a porch stoop or blue hearts displayed in our windows, what I feel growing out of this is an attempt to shame and fool people into believing humanity is not being served:


Stop reading just the headlines and ask questions -- why we are inundated in an election year with so much stuff that you want to shrink from the very presence of triggering words? Answers aren't necessarily being offered. Plenty of accusations made. No true leader can rise above this to lead us to some promise land. America functions. It's not perfect. We have freedoms. We risk losing what we have if we cannot understand the need for proper civil discourse.

Read the provided article. Mind you, it comes with a bias, but some serious evidence that you are being put in a position to question something that actually serves us better than you've been lead to believe. Also, related to Minnesota:


Stay informed, even if you feel you don't have a voice. Just, don't get led around by your nose. You have eyes and ears.

Extra reading, because I'm so tired of the ignorance right down to a 15-year-old proclaimed transgender I love who tried lecture me about all things on the spectrum but did not know difference between confederate flag and communist (both I condemn):


I think if you feed anything called truth on a plate, people will partake and maybe rave about it. Ignorance is real. I have a right to be sick and done with it. And, if someone educated uses information to mislead, I have a little bit more contempt for you. I see you.

And what happened to George Floyd publicly is sad and perplexing. But, imagine living in a true, racist environment your whole life In a sundown town in Texas. As one man describes at a rally for Black Lives Matter honoring Floyd in a small Texas town, he ducked bottles and jumped away from cars rolling over curbs...


Racism does exist in much scarier places. It takes bravery ever day to be true to who you are, no matter where.

Final Thought:
Perhaps, the defund movement is sponsored by those who want to scrap the constitution. Careful, it could mean totalarianism and not your beloved socialism.
June 4, 2020 at 4:51pm
June 4, 2020 at 4:51pm
I guess we're all struggling to say the right thing. There are a lot of pieces to this puzzle. Collectively, the white majority is either ignorant, complacent, afraid or feels their voice is unwanted or doesn't matter. I think white shame got lumped in there and that is on our forefathers who founded this country.

Let's not forget this an election year and politicians are really stirring it up. The elected lay it in our lap so we will vote for them. whether Republican or Democrat; but what change has been made? These politicians don't mend fences, they keep race separated so this division will stand between their aisles.

if black and white stood arm in arm and told Washington you will not divide us, what would they do? I'm white. I don't favor racism. But, by keeping us from agreeing as a nation what type of leadership we want, we'll always feel helpless to join together. Integrating races/culture in our country is hard to do without a bold leader to unify.

Look what's happened to religion in our country. I rooted for Rev. Jesse Jackson. I thought he could do it. Fleeting at best. We're stuck as a nation, repressed. So, we find distraction when we feel our voice is just one and doesn't matter. and then, we don't vote.

That's as best I can put it.

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