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In an ever-changing world, we need to handle topics at the ready. If you roll over and give in to the mindspeak without lending a voice of your own, you might as well hand over your civil liberties. We have real voices that should be connected to true conscience. Unify on these issues and put your petty dramas aside. If you knee-jerk react wth every issue lurking out there that clutches your neck, you will fall victim to your own apathy and ignorance in your pathetic cries for justice. You've been distracted with trinkets to appease your fickle, feeble minds. Wake up!


"It amazed me how truth was often suffocated in minutes, but lies were given sufficient air to breathe indefinitely."

"You are all better than you think you are, you are just designed not to believe it when you hear it from yourself."

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"...lasting art is never anything more than a mathematical expression of the relations that exist between the internal and the external, the self [le moi] and the world." -Jean Metzinger

Time to reinvent, remap, and redress my approach to writing & life...before it's too late!
Reinventing myself from start to finish. I couldn't continue on the path I was on and needed a fresh start. This time around I want to put the focus on writing and the world outside of this community as it affects my life.

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Congratulations on winning the Grand Overall Prize in  [Link To Item #2164876]  with your beautiful poem, [Link to Book Entry #933358]. This poem really moved me. Great writing!

Rachel *^*Heartv*^*

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August 13, 2020 at 12:05am
August 13, 2020 at 12:05am

It does what now? To the brain? It's an old article. Not surprised I missed it, or got buried in an internet stack of thousands of articles of it's kind

I want to break the internet every time I see another Coronavirus story that make me want to become a hypochondriac. These researchers releasing results before publishing in medical journals make me want to crawl up a wall and sit atop a lampshade. Everybody repeat after me: "Covid19 gives you cooties!" Okay? Class dismissed.

We get it. We don't want to get this virus. If we do, consult a physician, not all of these unsubstantiated articles floating around. Is there a disinformation warfare going on out there in this political season? What is going on, world? We go from hydroxychloroquine as remedy to gotcha! We have the don't wear masks. No, wear masks. Now, we're not allowing masks here, we're mandating masks there. We have some hand sanitizers made with chemicals that could kill you. What's the current count on the number of symptoms associated with the virus? A screener essentially asked me today in one question, 'Do you got it?' 'Nope.' 'Okay, head on in.'

It can affect your heart, your lungs, internal organs, and probably long term or life long. We'll see. If you did get it, well you might get it again. You see, they're not positive, but maybe those immunities are not permanent. More like, they'll last about 12 weeks. Allllssssoooo, if you have the right blood type, Hey, you're less susceptible; the wrong kind, and you're more likely to succumb (sorry A types *Sad*). And, in case you've forgotten: it's airborne, people!

But that's not all...

If you bite on a bullet after an old Western doc ties a bandana around an open wound, letting you've suck down a shot of grain alcohol he used to sterilize, you're still likely to get Covid19. In fact, the last projections has 80% of our country suffering from it before next spring. And, while we're not bunkering like we did before it got this bad, because restaurants gotta make a buck and money makes the world go round, even in a pandemic, I'm sorry, where was I going with this? Yeah, we're screwed!

Gawd Wall Street, take a break! You too, NBA, MLB and NHL. Am I leaving anyone out? I know Vegas suspending betting...on college sports. Do you know if they are taking any bets on Tesla mass producing affordable cars anytime? Hmm? Seriously, we're going to ignore fuel cell tech over plug-in autos that draw energy from coal and nuclear power plants? Well, it's sort of a step in the right direction.

But seriously, to all the agoraphobics, people who got evicted for lack of rent money or street skills, hermits, 20-somethings still shacking up with ma and pa; I feel your pain. Well, not the hermits. I really can't imagine living like that, but maybe writing a really sweet manifesto!

We have western medicine at our side and they're doing the best they can; but WHO fucked up, the CDC got gagged, Donald Trump is playing some kind of disinformation game where he contradicts every position his advisor Dr. Fauci takes. Trump fires like half his cabinet every day but not White House mouth pieces (including Birx) with unquestionable medical degrees posted on every wall wherever they roam for inspection (got a sweet deal at Kinkos, no doubt). They are undeterred in their medical proclamations. What's that all about?

Oh, I'm going to add more to this rant in the morning before I link in newsfeed. Eeeeverybody is going to love me playing WDC ace news hound (yet again) with another insane bit of rambling about our current virus crisis.

August 12, 2020 at 6:11pm
August 12, 2020 at 6:11pm
I've now begun the process of editing two books of poetry to self publish. I know I am not up to the task, but forcing myself to begin. I titled the books, but won't name since I will likely change. I know what I want each to be filled with. There are two defined sides to my writing, both freeverse.

I want one book to be about my sensitivities as they relate to people who struggle with oppression, self-worth and overcoming manipulation. It gets dark and heavy and isn't altogether pretty. Ironically it is not the title of the other book, which is temporarily titled, "Beauty Has Thorns." In that, it's nature poetry. It's not necessarily sunny day, walk my puppy or kiss the girl. Though, it will have elements of that with introspection. I think I'll leave out cutesy or humorous for a third book. That would take more poems to fill.

The process has got me crafting two new poems to start already. I felt a forward was necessary for one and it turned into a poem. I will not produce those poems here. I've plenty of content on display. It's really necessary to start building myself up as a writer in the real world, separate from this pond.

I've not been diligent in the process of putting myself out there, though I was told to submit for years. After I took a writing class in 2018, I knew I had to join the wine and cheese set. I was about to put the other foot forward this year when Covid19 happened.

I think I just need to keep doing for me. It means shit is going to get real. I need to stop acting a pushover and name my bullies and opponents one by one until each dragon is slayed. I will overcome obstacles as a legally blind writer who struggles with, as yet diagnosed, attention deficit disorder and other learning disabilities. Add this inner rage that keeps my nose to the grindstone and I could be a monster worthy of being chased by villagers will torches and pitchforks.

Not to worry, though. I have a civil tongue, not ignorance.

I will have my moments again. I will be quick to rage and act uncomfortably on anger. This process of trying to produce worthy writing since joining WDC in 2006 has been an eye-opening process. I just need to persevere, right or wrong in my judgments going forward. I value myself just a little bit more.

edit later
August 12, 2020 at 1:05pm
August 12, 2020 at 1:05pm
What's not being discussed here?


Police around the country don't want people wearing masks inside their buildings, number one. And why? For Transparency. Some people could do it to conceal identity.

There has been noted concern among law enforcement that behind the scenes that groups like Antifa have been up to something. There has been the riots and whether the 'anti-fascist,' or anarchist group, has sparked some violent outbreaks. There was concern in July plans were afoot involving the fourth. Leading up, police were getting a lot of false calls at departments in less densely populated areas around the country. It was assumed an attempt to judge police response time. There have been incidents where officers were dispatched to locations, outnumbered and ambushed.

I think what police departments are weighing, and allowing factor in their judgments in dealing with this pandemic, is people planning organized attacks with mask rules. While it is obviously safer to be protected with face coverings, there is growing fears about safety among masked marauders. Who hasn't wondered why more banks or robberies haven't occurred.

Just something I cobbled together on a whim. Further reflection on this later, or not. I do this news analysis thing my way. Especially, since I don't really have much of an audience with this blog. I could go to blogger or WordPress or something. I don't have time to get irons in every fire.

August 11, 2020 at 10:13am
August 11, 2020 at 10:13am
Sorry, you can't get away with being chic or trendy during this pandemic. You best bet at a personal statement is making your own cloth mask.

August 11, 2020 at 9:04am
August 11, 2020 at 9:04am
Another BKC (dis)jointed write

In other news and very concerning: a 90% increase in Covid among children?


I remember when my mom locked the doors on our house after a murder-suicide went down two blocks away when I was a kid. Sure, us 10-year-olds could gather and watch in an abandoned lot across the street while cops surrounded the shooter's home. But with the threat gone, the world was a different place for a short time that summer.

Now we have a virus that is spreading rapidly, known to be deadly. Let's go to the Mexican restaurant and order from that big plastic menu with about a hundred entrees to choose from, you have to flip through the pages a hundred times.

We got our state required masks. Wore them the negotiable 20 feet to the table. Nope, no killers in here while we suck down a pitcher of Strawberry Margarita, heavily laced with Tequila.

WTF? Nope, don't lock the doors. Go out, business as usual. Don't change your ways.

Forget to wash you hands until after you put something in your mouth when your plate of Chile Rellenos-covered burritos arrive. Mmmmm, community bowl of chips, with guac and salsa to dip. Yummm, I'm all buzzy. Let the kid drive us home and I'll sleep it off. What's summer good for, if we have to stay locked up inside? Let's make plans for our vacation. That virus should be gone by Spring Break. Uh-huh.

So sick of being told what to do. I'm going out there. Hell, I might not wear a mask. But if I do, I'm going to get my grubby fingers all over it. And then, I'll touch other stuff and watch those people with spray bottles wiping down every surface behind me. Fools! Don't they know virus can't go through walls?

I'll be sick when I'm dead.

You're dead to me, bud.

I especially enjoy hearing people say, if one of us gets the virus, let's all get infected with it at the same time and get it over with. Uh-what? You know it's deadly, right? Even people my wife works with in healthcare, who are used to these flu-like scenarios, say that. I'm thinking, okayyyy, but you might get stuck with that shit forever like Herpes. You really want to mess with a bad MF disease that will get inside your cavity, with heart and lungs, and hope you got The DNA to drill it down? You want to carry that shit with you the rest of your life, not acknowledging it could be shortening your stay on this planet?

Ignorance. It's everywhere. They do not investigate or consider all the details. People need labels on things, because they cannot function with subjective truths. They need things to fit in their bewildered brains, tidy little boxes. If you can't figure it out, blissful ignorance is your indifferent friend.

We have to mill around people like that. No wonder I feel suffocated when I'm dining with my in-laws to celebrate their 50th and wondering how clean the chairs are at our table. Or, how do they disinfect these menus with binding that feel a bit tacky. I'm breathing the same air as everybody else still, but we're not worried about that despite recent reports of how the coronavirus spreads?

Oh, you got tested and you don't have it. Yeah, you're Superman. Okay, let's go out there and try again. The gym is still closed and they don't want me there. Some people know. They take your temperature at the hospitals, clinics and dentist office, but that's just precautionary. Have they really denied admittance to anybody? You're all Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, to all their screening questions. I ain't got nothing, now get outta my way. I have an appointment and I didn't come early enough for this.

Mask it, touch it, touch mask, touch it, adjust mask again, touch other parts of face and anatomy/clothes, touch more surfaces, the mask isn't on tight and air leaks in everywhere, and touch, touch, touch and out again. Oops, forgot to sanitize. Oh, well. I'll do it as soon as I get home. Touch car door handle. Touch seat. Touch steering wheel and gear shift, and what the heck, radio. Adjust clothes, mirrors, touch this and that and face after remembering to take mask off after getting on the road. Get home and touch every thing on way in through door and, oooo, what's in the fridge? Touch, touch, touch, and hey kids, touch, touch and back to my food, and oops, forgot to wash my hands. Soap, rinse five seconds, towel off and eat...and die.

That about right? Note to self: get the kids tested. They won't like having a swab in their nostrils. At least, they don't shove it up high anymore. Wonder if we can get them a cheek swab? Right, the NFL and other pro sports probably locked down all those kits. Anyway, the kids seem fine. It'll come back negative...or false negative. Whatever. When's school start? I'm sure we can squeeze in another visit to the in-laws before end of summer. Yes! Microwave burrito. Hmmm, might need another trip for groceries. No salsa.

8.11.20 News Unedited

Brian Keith Compton is an award-winning journalist (seriously), who hasn't been tooting his horn loud enough, apparently. But, that's okay, he has three colorful broadcasting awards in a box somewhere in the attic and memories of articles in print in various newspapers, magazines and journals at various points of his journalistic life (vacated after losing vision to glaucoma). He moines these little tidbits from the internet and around the world, applying his own homespun sensibilities to the offerings. Now on his own, with little aspiration, an active retiree of several aspects of writing, but apparent master of none. And that's the realistic aspect of his condition.
August 11, 2020 at 8:24am
August 11, 2020 at 8:24am
Now that Russia claims to have a vaccine and is using it on important dignitaries, I thought I would use my old conspiracy theory noggin and do some digging to see if the Kremlin has been linked to any conspiracies involving the virus. Because, my first thought was, how could they competently come up with a vaccine that would take 18 months (without fast-tracking) to produce? That is, unless they created Covid19 and were developing the vaccine at the same time.

Call me crazy, but the pissing war between the US and China would serve as the perfect distraction. I found an article, sort of related, but with info that would suggest Russia has been spreading misinformation on it's own. Sorry, disinformation (the difference?). The focus of the article was on the 5G development race and another theory putting Anti-Vaxxers in the mix.

Russia was lagging on cellphone technology and apparently looking at ways to catch up with the leading competition. I'm thinking the motive to create the vaccine is overlooked by the author, but intriguing, nonetheless. Read with your own eye. I'm just reading a bit between the lines with some intrigue at how countries are currently at each others throats for world domination through enterprise. It's a different kind of war that could include this kind of chemical warfare. Who would cheat the most to get ahead? Hmm? Redirect your attention to that Putin guy, seemingly harmless, flying under the radar.


August 10, 2020 at 10:55am
August 10, 2020 at 10:55am
Find this interesting, in light of the U.S. President having signed an executive order to minimally extended jobless benefits. It's not to incentivize people to redecorate their dens, but rather return to work.

How the big July jobs report affects the 2nd big coronavirus stimulus package

Fire up the grill... The July jobs report came in hot Friday. The country eagerly awaited to learn whether economic recovery continued, slowed or reversed in the face of rising COVID19 cases. Before that, let's take a walk down memory lane:

• April 2019: The only masks we've ever worn are charcoal face masks, and the unemployment rate is 3.6%.
• April 2020: Lockdowns hit. The US economy loses a record 20.5M jobs, and unemployment hits 14.7% (a post-WWII high).
• May: The US shockingly adds 2.5M jobs and unemployment dips to 13.3%. Customized face masks are in (and finally, in ample supply).
• June: The US adds back 4.8M jobs as lockdowns ease and businesses reopen. Unemployment falls to 11.1%. Then, COVID cases surge again (and some businesses re-close).
• The big July report: US employers added 1.8M jobs and unemployment fell for the 3rd month straight to 10.2%. The economy chugged a celebratory (light) beer.

Which pill, Neo?... Despite positive momentum, the US still hasn't quite refilled half of the 22M jobs lost since the March downturn. The extra $600/week unemployment benefit, which has been propping up consumer spending ran out last month. So far, Congress has failed to agree on details of the 2nd Stimulus Package. On Friday, President Trump signed executive orders in an effort to force action:
• #1: Enhance unemployment benefits with an extra $300/week federal booster.
• #2: Suspend payroll taxes for anyone earning $100K/year or less.
• #3: Defer federal student loan payments and temporarily forgive interest.


Everyone's confused, and we can't afford to waste time... Republicans think generous benefits will disincentivize people from returning to work — Democrats believe the jobs aren't there to return to, so $3.5T in aid is needed to support people while containing the virus. Congress controls federal spending, so Trump's executive orders (which are loaded with federal spending) could get sued in court. With all this uncertainty, one thing remains clear: the virus controls the economy, and it's still out of control in the US.

What I'm getting from all this is you can cheat the government. I've heard stories of people milking those unemployment benefits for that sweet weekly bump over going back and help their employers get back on their feet. Consider, many businesses have struggled how to be fiscally responsible and operate with the virus, keep employees (and public) safe to earn enough money to float. Consider also tricky public consumption altering the situation, so that call up to come back and work wasn't always being responded to.

I've heard just this weekend of people who finally milked that teat dry, then couldn't get their jobs back because their bosses had to move on. That means during this pandemic, to remain functional, businesses also had the task of training new staff. It stands to reason; when I walked into a buffet (yes, I did!) and there were no clean tables, no one at the register, the buffet was not resupplied and messy work stations throughout. Do you suppose no one wanted to come back to work? Did this restaurant have green newbies who couldn't comply with job demands? It was not a safe or good dining experience. *record scratch*

There are so many pieces to the puzzle we can't fathom yet. It's clear to me the government is trying to stimulate the economy without overincentivizing workers to stay home. I thought $600 additional weekly benefits was a bit much. How many people do you think will save about 40% of that windfall to pay back next April? More economic crises looming?

Reducing the weekly benefits will help businesses maintain staffing that can still work up to half or their original hours without losing jobless benes. From what I've heard, employees aren't finding the same pay or as many hours at their old job as they had in March.

It's clear the government did more harm as hero rescuing a nation and wants to be more responsible this time around. Why not just tell people they won't be taxed on a lower benefit amount? No double jeopardy. Tell the nation, we want you to work and take our money?

Notice Trump's executive order does not carry the individual payouts that we had the first time around. A lot of money was already floated out there and tax returns will be a nightmare next year, if irresponsible Americans just take the acorns and hide from the phone ringing. It also means laid off workers are lying to overburdened unemployment offices, when they say there was no job to return to. How many people will be on the hook to return ill-gotten money, or if the state governments have the resources to go after those cheats?

Greedy, lazy citizens of this country: you only see what's right in front of you. You have so many freedoms in this country, fewer people want to pull their own weight to keep it together. Yes, some of you finally put on a face mask for the five minutes you were in that public building. The minimal compliance that you were forced into is not enough. I get there is so much rhetoric out there between Mommy and Daddy that you don't know who to trust.

This situation shows a disconnected country that reacts to every little thing, rather than inform itself. The ignorance will play out however it will. We will still keep chasing carrots on strings until too exhausted cry out to get another bottle. It's about the welfare of a once great nation that would do everything to support it's citizenry to remain strong during WW2. And now, it's this mess. I finally got my head out of my ass to see where others are parking their brains. It's not such a dark reality, if everyone would just take a look around and evaluate.


Further consideration for edits forthcoming. In the meantime, public in this community for about 3-5 people to see.

Thanks to Robinhood Snacks for the tidbits to fuel this treat.
August 9, 2020 at 7:30pm
August 9, 2020 at 7:30pm
Fleeting Farwell

"It is useless, gentlemen.
I think we ought to have prayer."
Relatives and friends gathered around the death bed.
The First Lady sobbed over him,
"I want to go, too. I want to go, too."
Her husband replied, "We are all going,
we are all going. God's will be done, not ours"
and with final strength put an arm around her.
He may also have sung part of his favorite hymn,
"Nearer, My God, to Thee", although
other accounts have her singing it softly to him.


historical Poetic Fiction in Dramatization

August 8, 2020 at 9:00am
August 8, 2020 at 9:00am
Coffee tastes like hope but not freedom
and why am I telling you with your Kombucha
or whatever you’ll be sipping next season?
Drink bleach much? Coffee is classic
and while I need antacids for gut rot;
can’t savor the flavor of overpriced fare,
adjusted to each on a never ending lazy Susan
to alter the taste of whatever recipe to sate.

I’ll take a Cronut though, and revisit Coke.
Better make it Zero.
Fuck it! I won’t have what they’re having,
nothing ever tastes like democracy.
Give me something that tastes like...Conspiracy.
Add Splenda laced with lethal virus of hypocrisy.
You know what...

You can’t walk off set!
before this wraps up.

Written whatever GD day this was.

(aside) Do you have to ram everything down my neck so hard? I’m not in training for masochism, you sadist.
August 5, 2020 at 9:30pm
August 5, 2020 at 9:30pm
It's always a joy to be featured in a WDC newsletter, even when the item chosen is not a personal favorite. I relate to the building theme this week that lead to the inclusion of one of my writes in the poetry newsletter:

"Emotional poetry, the kind that digs clear through to the soul and wraps a fist around a heart, can be some of the best poetry. Why? Because it pulls at you, triggers emotions in the reader forging an instant connection between author and reader. It is different than commentary, storytelling or epiphanic poetry.

It is one that works well for spoken poetry where the writer can add a vocal layering to the words building on the punch of the words themselves. I'm a big fan of poetry readings, where you've memorized your work and you lead with your heart, locking eyes with your audience and dragging them into your world.

It gives an immediacy to the work, the sounds and shapes of the words forming a bubble where the feeling/events of the poem are in and of the moment and where the listeners are a part, become a shadow in that universe. Because the emotional poetry tugs at the shared emotions, similar circumstances and shared experiences, it can be terribly powerful, absolutely engaging and it can reinforce the importance of poetry in general in a world where it is often considered something one is forced to read in school and is generally thought to be incomprehensible. (Sad, I know!)

Now, I am not saying that story poems or any kind (for that matter) don't work when spoken, because the same can apply to them as well, but the emotional ones really benefit.

To this end, even if one isn't the sort to get up and read at a gathering, reading your words aloud is still beneficial. If you stumble over a line or word combination, chances are your reader will too. It helps you to see where a line should end or where punctuation would be helpful to guide both a speaker and a reader. For the reader as well, say, when reviewing, reading a poem out loud may give the reader both a deeper appreciation of the words and the way the poem sounds or resonates."

Pain  (E)
We afford ourselves the luxury of indulgent, emotional quests for pity. Or, is it just me?
#2046065 by 🌜 brian k compton 🌞

Written during a time when I fully felt an outcast in this writing community. Bittersweet.

It's important to share our journey as writers, not only to leave sign posts to our past, but reveal our human nature and common relevancy in an otherwise dehumanizing, indifferent world. As we have voices, people need our words to (in)form voice.

Forever be in the shadows here with a limited voice, shouting firm and clear as need -- coalesce true with beauty as a writer, without bending to indifference, manipulation and forms of hate that restrain expression as a writer purifying a lost soul. A black heart is strong, not dead.
August 5, 2020 at 1:38pm
August 5, 2020 at 1:38pm
Updated: 3:20pm

So, interesting tidbit from my wife at work today: Her hospital is out of COVID tests, "so we are treat everyone like they are positive." That doesn't tell me they are ceasing operations in Green Bay, but proceeding with caution.

Interesting note, something I've been observing. Pro sports return has reaped nearly two million tests for the rest of the year. They generally test daily and have locked down designated testing facilities. News stories report that the number of tests is a mere fraction of what constitutes total daily tests in America. Maybe, that's changed. No hard figures to report on that.

What this makes me wonder is if someone is lying. Hospitals running out of test kits while pro sports hog an insane number of test kits only tells me the numbers do lie.

Now, hopefully it's not a lack of kits but mismanagement at my wife's hospital.


Pro sports are a billion dollar industries and there is the associated betting that goes along with it. Add in that sports will distract our country, maybe keep more people at home, it can somehow shift the focus. I think it benefits the economy, but at the risk of the safety of those in hospitals or needing tests? It stands to reason why the president is downplaying the virus and wants the country to move forward.

Let's see where this goes from here.

It appears this hospital's employees have to go to N95 masks for all procedures (for some, the less effective PAPR, if your face doesn't fully conform [wife]). ..just like when the COVID19 concerns began. Which means, N95 shortage can be expected shortly. Would imagine and unwelcome added cost, but also wonder if hospital will go back to eliminating elective procedures.

My surgery managed to get in between the crests of this wave. I noticed my physical therapists were wearing face shields in addition to surgical masks last week, but they did not offer a reason why. It might be suspected the hospital knew of the upcoming test shortage.

I will also note, rural areas like my home Upper Michigan was finally allotted a large number of tests to get a cross section of regional residents to isolate areas affected by the virus. If rural areas throughout the country were finally getting massive testing, it could help explain a draw down in coronavirus kits. It could mean the country knew all along it had to mete out tests, following that wave into the more isolated areas last.

Hopefully, the limited tests will be temporary and unaffected by other large resources sucking down the supply demand. We can't count out major corporations and more in the public sector securing the welfare of their employees and businesses in a strategy to ride out this wave for economical fitness. Unfortunate, if the rest of the country, especially low income areas, are hardest hit. It can only be assumed.
August 5, 2020 at 10:18am
August 5, 2020 at 10:18am
Time for a remix

July 22, 2020 at 9:26am
July 22, 2020 at 9:26am
I was inspired by Charlie's blog post based on a prompt about virtue today. Here's what I responded:

The goal is to be virtuous. Christianity teaches us to ask for forgiveness if we fail. True belief in something starts with oneself to do what feels right, as in 'do unto others...' It's easy to lose focus, falter and get back.

Christians can be examples of some of the most virtuous people, because they have a guide book to follow. Most people just follow their whims, rather than their hearts. They stop listening to the nagging little conscience. Probably why we are divided rather than unified at this time in history.

Americans especially do not get it. Talk to some Europeans or Canadians who know we were raised to be selfish, callous people. Is it systematic? Whatever it is, it's destroying Christianity. Doors have been open to all kinds of beliefs and lifestyles by people who cannot comprehend how to follow anything but their own desires.

We all could use some time to step back and evaluate how important it is to be a good neighbor, contributor to humanity. Instead of being part of a system that preys on people's weaknesses, we could build strength through something more honorable...like the pursuit of virtue over happiness.

I'm capable of being selfish. I'm capable of great love. Whatever gets rewarded the most is most evident. When virtue goes unnoticed, unrewarded, we are hurt. Pride suffers and we might rampage, hurt the wrong people. The divisive nature of our current condition has man fighting with man than taking a step back, cool off and realize the true rewards of not letting the manipulation of our free will destroy the fabric of our lives.

Great blog post and very worthy subject to tackle. My two cents.


This post is inspired by my feeling that I could be a great contributor to any community I join. It's unfortunate that I am diminished by self-serving systems that do not honor virtue but condemn and punitively diminish participants who've had setbacks, but have also lent great support and virtuous acts along the way. The failure to recognize the balance struck only means that the machine does not feed you, but itself. Once your gifts have been harvested, it moves on.

The whole notion of nurturing a society starts with honoring all who take part in it. The idealistic should not seem threats to the narrative forcefully applied to rhetoric the machine spews, but part of the balance and truth (however subjective) needed for fairness. Because, it is also witnessed by those who are not participants who could also contribute to 'the cause.' Unfortunately, the goal is more totalitarian than socialist in our little republic. Democracy is not recognized or honored, though patronized as a measure of softening the harsh voices.

What does that mean?! *RollEyes*

It means people pretend to tolerate me (this) when they would rather I roll over or go away. They either shun you, act indifferently, or find little ways to diminish you through offerings connected most personally to your pride. Or, the feign an amen but never return to support your cause.

When they've exhausted all rhetoric and resources to guilt, shame or silence and you still stand? They ironically became the divisive, while I stand whole because I am alone and do not need anyone to hold me up. There are no expectations other than more ill will. I can remain guarded, but knowing they cannot do any more to reduce me is knowledge enough.
July 10, 2020 at 7:04am
July 10, 2020 at 7:04am
red, white and blue --
too faded pink and pastel blue for you

a fruitless journey of a life misdirected
you sit for an anthem, hat on like
Holden Caufield, ready to take aim --
snipe ignorance on social media
in a post-modern world of
internet warfare where
cancel culture shaming forms opinions
from the shallow pool of ignorance --
formings about the feet of the frozen
who cannot swim to save themselves --
from a puddle of rhetoric clinging

father taught you in the wading pool.
in this sea of life, you are cast adrift
with other capsized passengers
in floaties, drowning in virtual waters.

you could close out the window,
go home. but a new family lives there now.

five minute poem. reconsider later.
July 7, 2020 at 6:07pm
July 7, 2020 at 6:07pm

Drawing a circle around racism like truth. You can't argue because it's a trap.


#DeSeanJackson will be the latest example.
July 5, 2020 at 12:51am
July 5, 2020 at 12:51am
Love him or hate him, he's right about totalitarianism and a movement afoot to get people to hate their country....so much so, they'll want to adopt a new form of government...


I guess burning the American flag outside the White House while Trump was in SD is emblematic of the ignorance and idiocy that is going to kill a good thing in our country. You realize that groups who want to see America fail are manipulating your emotions in a way that corrals you into a corner where you have to act in a way that supports a plan to destabilize a dominant country. Conquer from within?

Get knowledgeable about history. Racism existed among every nation, it's just not about blacks or Hispanics in our country. There are people far off worse than us, but we are so focused on ourselves rather than having a world view, we are going to do more than just shoot ourselves in the foot.

It's going to take time to uproot our democracy. I'm not saying Democrats are the devil. There is an element that is manipulating greed in our country, to take away fair paying jobs, freedom of speech, entitling others over Americans who already live here (to take low paying jobs) so we will eventually have to accept less (while the Billionaires keep raking it in) than what we had before to survive.

They talked for years about ending Social Security. Look how much money was just doled out in a pandemic. Yeah, deficit. Tell it to the U.S. leaders who put troops in strategic locations throughout the world, as a super power, to maintain peace and order on this planet and know no bill collector is rapping at our door, unless the liberal element that has been manipulated and eroding, for whatever reasons, makes us roll over like the French during WW2.

You can HATE politicians all you want. Dem or Pub they are all on the take. We can fight for democracy by not giving up on the principals and ideals that founded this country. If you let them Animal Farm our Constitution and laws to acquiesce, we're opening the door to something much bigger down the road that will tear the fabric of a once great nation. Wall Street doesn't care about you. They'll do business with China. You want to get paid less, live in a socialistic community with little to no freedom, keep it up.

Hate is divisive. Hate is not what politicians do, but manipulate your ignorant emotions to act on it. Need to get yourselves educated. Get tough. Get street smart, or take it in the behind. And really, it's your children that are going to suffer because we have been spineless rather than strong in the face of adversity.

Yeah, Trump can make me cringe, roll my eyes, think he should keep his mouth shut. Scramble his damn Twitter account. He's not a diplomatic leader. If he's smart, he'll get someone who can do it so he can focus on what he does best: keep our country economically strong. If we had a better alternative to Joe Biden, maybe more like Bernie Sanders, I'd consider flipping. I have to do what's right despite an arrogant type who is hard to support. But, you have to consider the lesser of two evils at this point. I don't want our country to plunge into darkness.


7.6.20 Addendum:

I'm also inflicted. I have known pain from discrimination. I also know that I will never be acknowledged alone. Without a moral majority there is (can be) no law? I'm not good at correctly recalling philosopher's quotes. Sir Thomas Aquinas? Anyway, if the people get fully behind the movement, government and politicians will bend to it.

Look how the Republicans caved just recently on wearing masks during this pandemic. Even Trump got behind it. It's because when we make our feelings known, unified, we are undeniable. The apathy in country comes from indulgence in all the distraction that Ayn Rand pointed out. Simple as sports to social media. We have a new generation that will essentially not know how to survive without their parents. Who did that? Parents?

Life got a lot harder by making it easier, somehow. And we are becoming more ignorant of history and our rights as citizens as long as we have convenience stores with overpriced coffee on tap and streaming media to take us away from all the ills we cannot solve alone. Driverless cars over mass transportation? *Laugh*

Apathy. Long knew of it. Have watched it envelop a jaded nation. You and I will leave this world with our idealistic visions, as they dumb it down for future generations who'll be satisfied in a virtual, meaningless existence. Maybe, we're headed toward socialism. I'll take that over a police state. But, I will not stand by the corruption of our freedom of speech. Which, if used ignorantly, will convince future morons they can do without, as long as they can blather on about their feelings in pointless social forums.

Now, I have to write more meaningless words in this realm, hopeful and starving, to be discovered through some serendipitous fantasy by a greater audience, as I'm plagued by the complacency within.

I love input, keeping it real. We need more honesty and wisdom, as I value civil discourse above all. It purposes me here, at least.
July 4, 2020 at 1:14am
July 4, 2020 at 1:14am
Yes, COVID_19 has not been as tragic as the Spanish Flu of 1918. Consider: history teaches, global advances in approaches to infectious diseases, best practices of medicine today, more prepared to handle these outbreaks and lots of government dollars to throw at cures.
Where are we at? 130,000 US deaths and only four months in. Spanish Influenza took 20 months and roughly 675,000 lives. What's our over/under now?
And, you're worried about wearing a mask. It's life or death, you dehumanizing, ignorantly prideful people. They got the message about masks in 1918. Ignorance today makes it worse.
Get off the damn bar stools and go grill in your backyard. Do I have to tell you what to do next? Get creative without your precious routines of sports and alcohol.
July 3, 2020 at 9:00am
July 3, 2020 at 9:00am

This article is what I have been searching for and describes everything I struggle with on the home front. It has only one assertion I disagree with and one realization for me that makes me empathize with my abuser, that they also suffered childhood shame. And what the article doesn't fully realize, my abuser has employed my own offspring against me effectively. I see the patterns now and what I can do to approach these flaws in our relationship 25 years plus...

What I learned from the article is the relationship reached a new dynamic after we we're married, after we had kids. Things were said that saddened and worried me that made me feel we were losing a grip on a fun, unfettered relationship that was strong before our vows. In retrospect, there have been sign posts along the way that make me openly wonder about events that are new mysteries to me. Too personal to share here.

I'm just putting it out there, in here. You get to see my warts. I'm trying to help you see why I feel disenfranchised, angry, and act out toward authority because of my past and how it still haunts me now. I think you take too much credit for what you think being a part of this community has done to me, rather than for me. Being held out as a lowly black case has allowed me to process all that I've experienced through writing and putting it in perspective. Using whatever guilt, shame or indifference you employ to keep me out of your clubhouses only inspires me to investigate further.

I would love to expose all the manipulation to the world. All I have is this blog to warn others who have been abused that people in your life lurking may be using your kryptonite against you, employed for their own gain. It's okay to question their methods, their game, if something doesn't smell right to you. If they shame you or make you feel bad for these feelings, it's another sign that they are only kicking the dog and not the angels they proclaim themselves to be.

7.12.20 edited for one word (why can't original post date just appear at top?)

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