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Rated: 13+ · Folder · Fantasy · #1965274
Witchcraft and Cock Crow

Santa Clause lay unconscious on the floor of Fredir's apartment .
Fredir was a practicing Moslem and wanted nothing to do with Christ-mass.
"We have to call the police and an ambulance." his wife Rose pleaded.
Fredir looked nervously at his wife, "They will arrest me for assaulting Santa Clause.
Just push him out the window."
Santa fell out the seven story window to the pavement below. His sack landed beside him.
Paul looked at the bloody pool forming under Santa and snatched the sack.
He ran to his cab and threw the sack in the trunk, then he called in the accident.
The police arrived with an ambulance and questioned Paul, who pointed the window Santa fell from.

Fredir was arrested, as a practicing Moslem he could not lie.
His family was evicted.

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