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An old acquaintance returns with an unbelievable tale and a seemingly impossible request.
         Some readers of the Beyond the Rails stories had been suggesting for some time that I place those characters into a novel. I was initially resistant on the grounds that they weren't designed to drive a novel. But they eventually convinced me that quality characters work anywhere, so I spent most of 2016 producing the Beyond the Rails novel. Unlike the short stories, this hasn't been in the public eye long enough to garner a body of reviews, so I'll open with the dust jacket blurb. How did I do?

*          *          *

         It’s March of 1883, and the inhabitants of the east African colony of Kenya are preparing for the Long Rain. The crew of the Kestrel, a small cargo blimp, are no exception, trying to squeeze in the last few paying runs before two months of high winds and constant rain sweep the airships from the sky. Arriving in their midst is an old acquaintance, an Australian woman of uncertain background who brings an unbelievable story, and asks them to aid her in what seems to be an impossible task. She offers to pay them well, but can the money she offers be nearly enough to compensate for the danger she plans to place them in? And what business could the mysterious team of international bounty hunters be engaged upon? Join the crew of the Kestrel for their longest journey yet, a thrill-packed, suspenseful ride through a world of shadowy operators that could prove to be their last.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2108143