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Welcome to my blog: I intend to share heartfelt writing about anything that comes to mind.
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Law Of Liberty

Picture to use in feasting on the word of God

Feasting On The Word of God   (E)
This is for a Bible study group.
#2245217 by Marvelous Friend

We are discussing and studying the armor of God. Next week, we will take a look at our enemy and purpose of the armor. In the following weeks, we will go into specific details about each piece of Armor. I hope to see you there! πŸ‘€πŸ›‘βš”οΈ


Poetry Topic of the Month Contest  (13+)
Win up to 5,000 GPs. It ends at midnight at the end of each month. Suggest the topic.
#2216416 by Sharmelle Expressions

I am a guest judge of this contest for March, April, and May. Prompts can be found towards the bottom of the contests page. One of the prompts is for today. Today is a great day to write a poem about St. Patrick's Day! I only have one entry so far. Come and submit an entry or two. Make it a challenge for me. I want to read some great poems.πŸ˜‰


picture for forum

Take Up Your Cross

James 1:25
But whoso looketh into the perfect law of liberty, and continueth therein, he being not a forgetful hearer, but a doer of the work, this man shall be blessed in his deed.

What does it mean to look into the perfect law of liberty? How do we avoid being a forgetful hearer?

James 1:22-24 answers these questions.
22 But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.
23 For if any be a hearer of the word, and not a doer, he is like unto a man beholding his natural face in a glass:
24 For he beholdeth himself, and goeth his way, and straightway forgetteth what manner of man he was.

To not be a forgetful hearer means we must act upon what we hear. We must hear the word of God and do what it says. I find it interesting that James uses a mirror as an example of looking into the law of liberty. To understand this comparison, we must first understand that one of the purposes of the Word of God is to reveal sin. When we look at ourselves in the mirror, it typically doesn't lie to us about how we look. We can see exactly what we look like, flaws and all. When we read/ hear the Word of God, it can be like looking into a mirror. We begin to be even more aware of our flaws. This is what verses 23 and 24 are talking about. When we are a forgetful hearer, we see our flaws and do nothing to try to fix them. It is like looking in a mirror, seeing our hair is messy, and not brushing or combing it.

Looking into the perfect law of liberty is looking into God's Word.

Take up Your Cross  (E)
This will be a daily blog forum.
#2225667 by Chris Breva AKA Marvin Schrebe

Scripture writing - Psalm 62:1-5

1 Truly my soul waiteth upon God: from him cometh my salvation.
2 He only is my rock and my salvation; he is my defense; I shall not be greatly moved.
3 How long will ye imagine mischief against a man? ye shall be slain all of you: as a bowing wall shall ye be, and as a tottering fence.
4 They only consult to cast him down from his excellency: they delight in lies: they bless with their mouth, but they curse inwardly. Selah.
5 My soul, wait thou only upon God; for my expectation is from him.

Verse 1- My soul has no choice but to wait upon God for my Salvation.
Verse 2- He is my security and defense, and there is no other God like him. I might be shaken up a little bit, but I am securely positioned in him.
Verse 3- If you imagine evil against your fellow man, you will be like a wall or fence that is rotten or not in good repair.
Verse 4- people who imagine evil against others, only want to bring the good men down, they love lying and lies and they are two-faced. They have evil thoughts inwardly while pretending to be friendly outwardly.
Verse 5- It may appear these people are getting away with evil thoughts and deeds, especially when we are currently suffering as a result of them, but God will judge them in the end. We can expect God to deliver us and take vengeance upon them in his good timing.

It may seem like people are getting away with acting and thinking evil, but we must remember God is patient and long-suffering. He expects us to be that way also. Sometimes people endure abuse (like a wife of an abusive husband) for years and wonder why God is allowing this evil to happen. He is definitely aware of what is going on. He isn't pleased about it especially if the wife is a believer. God gives us all time to repent. How do you think he feels when we abuse and reject him? We must learn to wait upon God. He looks at the heart and the bigger picture. We can only see a little bit of the whole picture. His mercy endures forever, and it sometimes feels like it too. πŸ˜‰ Even if someone has evil thoughts towards you secretly, but acts like a saint in front of your face, God will be their judge, and he always has your back.

Dear God our Father,
Thank you for your protection. Thank you for your mercy. Help me to show your mercy to others even when they sin against me. Help me to forgive them as you have forgiven me. You are my security and the permanent anchor of my soul. I love you.
In Jesusβ€˜s mighty name,

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Prompt: Write about St. Patrick's Day.

If I am part of Irish, why do I have to where green to not get pinched? I have always wondered about that. I also hate it when people feel the need to pinch you even if you are wearing green. Life is so unfair sometimes. Lol

Gratitude List

1. Clothes
2. Communication
3. Prayer
4. Recognition
5. Restaurants
6. Nail Polish
7. Colors
8. Love
9. Mercy
10. Spiritual Revelation

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