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The Lord doesn't always speak in an audible voice, but often in nudges, moving the heart.
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The Belt of Truth and How It Fits
For many years I've known about the Armor of God, but how to put it on my spirit man has often evaded me, simply because I am a concrete thinker, predominantly.

Matthew 18:3 has always comforted me in this regard because Jesus said, "Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven." Children tend to be concrete thinkers. This makes me feel like I'm in good company for fulfilling Jesus' mandate.

Now, I've said all that to say this, "Jesus loves to use concrete items as spiritual metaphors." He did this for the Jewish people of His earthly sojourn, especially for the children, and these illustrations still have application for those of us, who read the Bible, today.

The wise man and the foolish man of Matthew 7:24-27 in the Sermon on the Mount hits the target of the heart of our lives, today. The human, who builds the house of his or her life on the solid Rock of God's Truth will stand in the day of testing when the floodwaters of His Justice tests its value, according to the material upon which it has been built.

To understand the Belt of Truth, it helps me to understand the purpose of belts in this physical realm. For instance, I've been walking around my house all evening, wearing a pair of pants with no belt. Some people I've known seem to enjoy this state, I, on the other hand, do not. I feel incomplete. I feel concerned about keeping my pants up, even though my girth insures, that my pants falling down is really not a strong possibility.

In a word, when it comes to pants, a belt is a cinch for keeping life in order. As a belt, God's Truth keeps life from falling apart.

A couple of minutes ago I went a put on a belt for the first time this evening. I feel emotionally whole, properly put together, and ready to face the world. Though some may look at that last sentence, thinking that I'm just being silly, I can assure you, that I have worn a belt for so many days of my life, I feel unclothed without one.

Spiritually speaking, I'm the same way. Having memorized John 3:16 at age, three or four, having started to read the King James Version of the Bible at age, six, shortly after I was saved, and having studied The Bible, consistently, for much of my life so far, I can assure you, that when Life throws a question my way I feel unclothed, spiritually, if I don't have a Bible answer for the situation at the ready.

If Life asks, "Which came first the chicken or the egg?" my response is simple and quick. "The chicken came first because God created the chicken. That's found in Genesis 1, and John 1:1. God is the Creator. Jesus is integral to the Creation.

If Life asks, "How old is the Earth? Thousands or billions of years?" Again, that's simple, "The Earth is about 6,000 years old. I'm NEVER been willing to allow that it is older than 10,000 years." Why am I so certain of the young Earth? God created Adam. Adam could not have been created able to survive as an infant unless the Lord Himself was willing to change Adam's diapers. Since diapers are never mentioned in the Bible, but naming the animals shortly after his own creation is mentioned, then it is logical to assume, that Adam was created with apparent age. Adam had to have appeared to be at least 15 - 25 years old on the very first instant of his existence in order to accomplish all of the directives the Lord gave to him in the Garden of Eden, like naming the animals, while sustaining his own life from the fruit trees of the Garden. Therefore, if Adam had apparent age when he first began to exist in order to be in keeping with the Lord's Purposes, then isn't it equally probable, that the Lord could have created the Earth as well as all of Creation with apparent age for the purposes He had for them, too?

If atheists, scientists, and well-meaning Christians ask, "But science has proved the Earth is billions of years old through radiometric dating, then I will laugh right along with the Lord in Psalm 2, saying, "Fooled you. One does not leave his or her secrets out in the open for enemies to steal. Yet, the Truth is left out in the open in the very same place for One's children to find. The issue is not location, but perspective. Truth is often like a hologram. If you stand to the left of the hologram, then you may not see the image. However, if you stand to the right of the hologram, then the image is plainly seen. Let the reader make the application."

Every scientific experiment that "science" uses to disprove God, bears the exact same data I can use (with His Wisdom, of course) to prove the existence of God. It's all the holographic effect, that perspective colors conclusion. Both Science and Christianity are at the bottom line presuppositions of faith.

I believe "God created the Heavens and the Earth." Genesis 1:1, KJV, and cross-reference with John 1:1, KJV. My belief in this regard is admittedly, Faith. I cannot PROVE what I say I believe.

Scientists, who are atheists or evolutionists or both, believe the cosmos was formed after The Big Bang. However, since this presuppositional basis for their evolutionary metanarrative cannot be proved in any way, shape, form, nor fashion, then if we are to be honest, we must label this position to be categorically, Faith.

Science prides itself on the use of the Scientific Method, which purports, that all theories and hypotheses must be verified through "critical observation or exact (or nearly exact) recreation of the premise" under discussion. The Origin of the cosmos in macro and the Earth in micro CANNOT possibly be Observed, nor Recreated ever by any scientist. Therefore, the belief of scientists in The Big Bang as cosmological of our existence apart from One Lone Creator God is by definition of the Scientific Method, faith, presupposition, and not-able-to-be substantiated beyond a reasonable doubt.

Bottom Line: This is an issue of faith, which cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. It's one man's word against another's, which would be a toss-up if these were merely the words of humans, that we see on Earth, today. However, in reality, it is a matter of Man's word (evolution) against The Man's Word, (The Bible, the Word of the Man, Jesus Christ of Nazareth.) I'm sticking with Jesus.

I could go on for another hour if I were to discuss the intricacies of belt saws, which were used back in the Depression-era to cut lumber into usable strips. Without the belt, the saw couldn't work. Without God's Truth, Christians are powerless.

Using a similar principle, belts have been used in automobiles for many years to keep the engines cool and moving down the road. Cars can't run without fanbelts as well as the belts that rotate the drive shafts.

God's Truth is integral to the very core of our lives. We ignore God's Truth to our own detriment. May The Lord draw us to His Word (His Truth) with as much excitement as children are drawn to sugary breakfast cereals. May we study The Truth with that image in our hearts, this day and every day throughout Eternity.

by Jay O'Toole
on April 2nd, 2021

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